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Visits Kindred, ND, Farm Forum again, Receives another donation

Spends a page letter requesting advice regarding a package that was accidentally delivered to him with a shipment of pamphlets.

Requests more pamphlets. Handwritten note indicates that he will speak before the "Fine Arts Club" and the P.T.A.

Given a talk to the Kindred, ND, Farm Forum. Requests 50 copies of pamphelts for them and 1000 copies of each ECAS pamphlet for upcoming lectures.

Long, heartfelt letter. Discusses buisness first, including "North Dakota Pushes for Peace." Then discusses lectures and family life. His wife, two children and dog, he says, all support him.

Asks Ray about rumors of a rift in ECAS. Posin is meditative since "I am giving everything I have for the work of the Committee." Suggests a new program involving 1000's of scientists going to the American public with personal appeals for funding.…

Relates interaction with a Prof. Munk, who is a "liberal Methodist." Munk would like literature for a presentation he is giving and is interested in increased cooperation with Posin.

Expresses gratitude that Einstein has read his manuscript "I Have Been to a Village."

Very lively letter. He describes his lectures and how emotionally involved they get, he concludes, "I sweat like a horse, but they listen." Informs Ray that he will be at AAAS in Chicago in December. That might be an opportunity to reach scientists…

Encloses a check of $50 from North Dakota Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology