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Donation. Inquires about the progress of the ECAS.

Expresses desire that recent contribution could have been larger, but " to not contribute at all to your program would seem to me to be almost treason to humanity itself." States he shared information about ECAS at the North Carolina Yearly Meeting…

Requests copies of material including Einstein's article and Gauss' article

Donation from the American Legion Auxialliary of Wadesboro Post 31

Requests ten copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage", and any other materials

Encloses a paper which he presented to the Wilmington Engineers Club; encloses other educational material; shares that the club was very interested in his pressentation

Copy of speech for the Wilmington Engineers Club; comments on the political state of the country; gives opinions on Presidential candidates and possible outcomes if they are elected; talks about foreign affairs and atomic weaponry; advocates for…

Donation; expresses that she considers being able to donate a great priveledge

Apologizes for writing directly to Einstein