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Donation in response to request for funds from Dr. Einstein and Dr. Urey on the radio

Donation; asks for 100 copies of the article "Atomic War or Peace" from the "Atlantic Monthly" to be used for the literature a week's special programs on World Government

Donation with expression of gratitude that ECAS is making an effort to save civilization

Donation with request for literature

Requests 75 copies of "Only Then Shall We Find Courage" for use in conjunction with upcoming sermon; states it is necessary to reconnect with God, and the only effective defense against atomic warfare is to not use the bombs

Shares that he can't contribute financially; offers assistance in any other way

Suggests investigating positive possibilities of atomic energy for industry rather than just focusing on it's dangers

Encloses Certificate for 34 shares of the common capital stock of Montgomery Ward & Company registered in the name of Edison Dick and endorsed by him in blank to contribute to ECAS