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Reports that he spoke before a group of 1100 'rurual electrification people.' Requests more pamphlets.

Offers advice that it is time for a major push of scientists for one-world government. Tone is very urgen

Introduces Professor Arthur Munk, asking for bulletins

Long, heartfelt letter. Discusses buisness first, including "North Dakota Pushes for Peace." Then discusses lectures and family life. His wife, two children and dog, he says, all support him.

Lists organizations to whom he had distributed pamphlets. Also lists his speaking engagements from October 1946 to February 1947.

Given a talk to the Kindred, ND, Farm Forum. Requests 50 copies of pamphelts for them and 1000 copies of each ECAS pamphlet for upcoming lectures.

Reports that he spoke before three Methodist churches. They are "one of the strongest champions of world peace..." Encloses check for $25

Requests more pamphlets. Handwritten note indicates that he will speak before the "Fine Arts Club" and the P.T.A.

Informs ECAS of more lectures coming up in which he will discuss the "inescapable need of a wolrd government."

Encloses a check of $50 from North Dakota Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology