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Thanks for the letter; recalls that she wrote to the Common Council for American Unity about some statements they made about ECAS; states that she also wrote to her attorney; encloses material

Corrects omissions from her previous letter

Transcribes a letter she sent to her congressman; writes about opinions on political affairs and affiliations with Russia

Expresses that she feels reassured ECAS is trying to make a difference; states she cannot donate because she is a student studying music and physics; explains connection between musical phenomena and nuclear energy; states that if Einstein is…

States that she made a mathematical error in her last letter, and corrects it; encloses the newspaper report of the demonstration; explains research on the seven-tone diatonic scale expressed as a mathematical function; donation

Shares that the Christian organization she is involved with does not support ECAS out of fear; states that their beliefs are pragmatic, though irrational

Donation from two contributors

Discusses request for speaker at The Choate School. Clarifies intent of upcoming conference of the Association of Cambridge Scientists.

References previous donation; requests literature

Requests 50 copies of Einstein's letter and "The Last Hour Before Midnight" for distribution to friends