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States that they were pleased to know ECAS was doing somthing about the issue of atomic weaponry; donation; suggests a non-profit magazine written by the scientists

States that she made a mathematical error in her last letter, and corrects it; encloses the newspaper report of the demonstration; explains research on the seven-tone diatonic scale expressed as a mathematical function; donation

Donation. Expresses reservations regarding man's ability to reason, and suggests a focus on cooperation with the will of God in order to take on this task.

Donation. Inquires about the progress of the ECAS.

Donation and expresses support for Committee.

Donation. Suggests contacting the Champaign-Urbana Committee on Atomic Energy.

Donation and expresses support for ECAS. Suggests statement of ECAS should be consolidated and expressed in simple terms, or, create a slogan, to elicit wide appeal.

Donation and request for additional copies of literature to send to friends.

Donation. Wishes amount could be larger. States he shared Einstein's appeal with friends and offers their questions regarding committee for consideration.

Donation. Asks to be on mailing list and for additional copies of "Only then shall we find courage." States she will spread the message to others.