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Fun Facts

Waldo Hall was the first building on campus to have indoor plumbing


Women attended basketweaving classes as part of their Domestic Science courses in 1910


When Waldo Hall was built, it was the largest and most modern structure of its kind in the Pacific Northwest


As a regent Clara Waldo worked with the likes of James K. Weatherford, John T. Apperson, B.F. Irvine, E.E. Wilson, and finally Walter M. Pierce.


"Choral singing for a quarter of an hour daily is made obligatory on the whole school."  From page 28 of the 1891-1892 Annual Catalogue

 "Students residing, by permission, in Corvallis will not be allowed to be on the streets of the city after 9 P.M."  In addition, if a student was caught "being in Corvallis during College hours," he or she earned 5 demerits.  Fifty demerits in one term, for twenty-five in a month could earn a student suspension.  From page 33 of the 1891-1892 Annual Catalogue

Fifty-seven years after she entered college in 1893, Miss Carrie Lyford recalled, "That these memories of the Gay Nineties still live vividly in mind testifies to their value and to the impact that they made on the student of the day." (RG141 "NOTES FROM WHICH MISS CARRIE LYFORD SPOKE")

This bell was rung to signify curfew to summon residents to classes or formal dinners on Sunday.

Allison Holding the Bell

Student and Waldo Hall researcher Allison Burr rings "the bell."