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Cindy Konrad Oral History Interview, March 8, 2019

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Please tell us a little about yourself

Segment Synopsis: Cindy shares her name, employment position held at Oregon State University, and a brief history of where she is from.

Keywords: Activism; Queer; Teaching; WGSS

00:01:36 - To the West Coast from the Midwest

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Partial Transcript: What factors lead to your decision to leave the Midwest and move to the West Coast?

Segment Synopsis: Cindy discusses the importance of family and how their decision to move to Nevada is what encouraged her to look for jobs that were closer to them.

Keywords: Career; Community; Family; Moving

00:03:05 - Career Path

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Partial Transcript: How did you get into the work you are doing now at the Pride Center at Oregon State University?

Segment Synopsis: Cindy talks about her how degrees in literature focused on the intersection of queer identity and working communities. Although she originally planned to become a tenure track professor, her health lead her on a different path of working in cultural centers on college campuses which she now loves.

Keywords: Career; Identity; Intersectionality; Queer

00:10:30 - Favorite parts of career

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Partial Transcript: What have been your most rewarding experiences as a director? How are you able to help students?

Segment Synopsis: Cindy talks about how seeing the students grow and become successful is the best part of her work. She also talks about using strength based approaches instead of focusing on people's deficits.

Keywords: Community; Encouragement; Personal Growth; Pride Center; Strength; Students

00:16:15 - OSU and community

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Partial Transcript: What changes have you witnessed during your time so far at OSU?

Segment Synopsis: Cindy discusses the people on and off campus that are working to create queer/trans community in Corvallis.

Keywords: Changes; Community; Create; Culture; OSU; Queer; Trans

00:21:00 - Climate around the LGBTQ+ community

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Segment Synopsis: Cindy discusses the differences between the Midwest and Corvallis, OR. She also talks about the prevalence of white supremacy in Oregon.

Keywords: Basic Rights; Danger; Discrimination; Legislation; Marriage; Racism; Violence; White Supremacy

00:26:40 - OSU diversity and safety

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Partial Transcript: How do you think OSU can become more diverse and safe for marginalized identities? How can university administration be more supportive?

Segment Synopsis: Cindy discusses the individual work of analyzing privilege, the structural work needed in buildings at OSU, and unlearning the gender binary as a community.

Keywords: Advocates; Binary; Community; Gender; Inclusive; Privilege; Structural Work

00:33:51 - Community work and final thoughts

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Segment Synopsis: Cindy discusses how her current job has overlap with the community. She also discusses the importance of self-care and building on-going community relationships.

Keywords: Activism; Community; Corvallis; LGBTQ+; Relationships; Self-care