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Bryant Everett Oral History Interview, February 6, 2019

Oregon State University
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00:00:00 - Introduction and background

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Partial Transcript: Please share your name, pronouns and a little about yourself.

Segment Synopsis: Bryant introduces herself, shares about her bi-racial family, brief description of differences in parents.

Keywords: Family; Mixed Race; Oregon; Philomath; Pronouns; Rural Community

00:03:41 - Childhood, family life and Philomath, Oregon.

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Partial Transcript: What memories do you have of childhood and the community you grew up in?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how her childhood home was isolated from the small town of Philomath and she noticed at an early age that there was problems in her parent's marriage.

Keywords: Childhood; Family; Fears; Isolation; Memories; Small Town

00:07:55 - K-12 School Experiences

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Partial Transcript: Do you feel you had support while in the K-12 school system?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how living in a small community did not make it easy to stand out as different. She also shares how living temporarily in town helped her be more involved in campus activities such as the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

Keywords: Gay Straight Alliance; Isolation; K-12; School; Support

00:14:02 - The journey of finding herself. **Content Warning: Sexual Abuse/Assault**

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Partial Transcript: What were some of the early moments and experiences that were part of the journey in finding yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how sexual abuse at 14 years old destroyed her sense of self and this began a journey of experiencing with gender presentation until her early 20s.

Keywords: Gender; Gender Presentation; Middle School; Questioning; Sense of Self; Sexual abuse

00:19:47 - Family and community reactions to the sexual abuse/assault

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever share your sexual abuse/assault story with your family and/or community?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares the differences in how her parents responded to learning about the sexual abuse and how she dealt with it internally.

Keywords: Geography; Internalizing; Marginalization; Sexual Abuse; Sexual Assault; Support; Trauma

00:25:00 - High School Gay Straight Alliance and National LGBTQ Issues

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Partial Transcript: In the High School GSA did you feel you could be yourself and did national LGBTQ issues have an effect on you?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how her journey was very personal and how witnessing an openly gay boy at her school become a target of bullying without any support instilled fear in her.

Keywords: Bullying; Fear; Isolation; LGBTQ community

00:31:09 - Gender presentation as a form of protection

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Partial Transcript: In regards to changing how you presented your identity and gender, was that to find yourself or protect yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how the journey of self expression, especially at a young age was a form of personal protection. She shares how she would have to switch it up to not become a target for negative reactions in her small town.

Keywords: Gender Expression; Gender Presentation; Identity; Self Protection

00:33:19 - Life at the end of high school

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Partial Transcript: What were your plans after high school?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how at this point in her life she did not have a personal connection to plans for the future, she was depressed, and was a young runaway.

Keywords: Depression; Feeling Lost; First Job; Future Plans; Runaway

00:38:15 - Bryant's early 20's and employment experiences

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Partial Transcript: Were you able to find footing in employment and find things that you are good at?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how moving up the corporate ladder allowed her to travel all over the United States. Throughout all her work travels, maintaining relationships helped stabilize her self identity.

Keywords: Identity; Management; Parents Divorce; Work

00:47:01 - Work success and personal life

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Partial Transcript: Do you feel that you had personal life success while you were having success at work?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares her three big life stories, discusses how financial security both helped and provided hardship, and the beginning of a long term relationship.

Keywords: Moving; Moving in with roommates; Polyamory; Relationships; Romance

00:57:20 - The 8 year relationship **Content Warning: Domestic Violence and Suicide**

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Partial Transcript: Do you want to share what you learned during this 8 year relationship?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how the poly-amorous relationship with Dick evolved to him becoming physically abusive and suicidal. The abuse temporarily stopped but once it happened again, Bryant left that relationship for good.

Keywords: Domestic Violence; Family; Growth; Life Lessons; Suicide

01:16:48 - Life after the long relationship

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Partial Transcript: At the end of the relationship, was this when you began employment in Colorado?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses their move to Colorado in order to get away from the relationship. She also shares the first time she was introduced to the term 'gender dysphoria' in therapy and puberty when transitioning.

Keywords: Gender Dyshoria; Therapy; Transitioning

01:20:56 - Transitioning

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Partial Transcript: Once you began transitioning, were you able be open about it?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how in the beginning of her transition she still presented male Monday to Friday for work and female on the weekends. This felt like living two separate lives and she decided to change her gender marker to female at work sometime around 2015 or 2016. This lead to new experiences of sexism.

Keywords: Dual Identity; Gender marker; Sexism; Transition; Work relationships

01:29:32 - Experiences at work after transitioning

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Partial Transcript: How were you perceived at work?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how they once felt they had to hide their identity in order to advance in her career. While her direct bosses were accepting of her transition, she was aware that her identity could cause issues in the workplace/

Keywords: Acceptance; Discrimination; Employment; Identity; Societal Shifts

01:39:31 - Finding support after transitioning.

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Partial Transcript: Could you share the support part of your experience in transitioning and afterwards?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how their move back to Oregon was to be closer to her dad. Her father, stepmother, and brother have become a strong network of love for her but her relationship with her mom is now non-existent. Friends have also helped her navigate new areas of her feminine gender presentation.

Keywords: Oregon; community; family; femme; friends; gender presentation; love; relationships; support

01:56:33 - Being open with her identity

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Partial Transcript: How has being open with your identity affected your journey?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how her being open with her identity allows her to interact with the world in new ways. She now shares her journey because she realizes that representation is important and she is inspired by other outspoken trans individuals.

Keywords: Identity; Inspiration; Openness; Outspoken; Representation

02:07:14 - Future Systemic Changes

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Partial Transcript: Based on your experiences and activism, are you optimistic about future systemic changes?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses the systemic changes she has seen so far in her lifetime and what she feels lies ahead for LGBTQ community at large.

Keywords: Feeling Hopeful; Future; Gender Neutral Restrooms; Healthcare; Systemic Changes

02:10:28 - LGBTQ Community

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Partial Transcript: Are there aspects of being involved in the LGBTQ community that bring you joy?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how it feels to interact with other outspoken people in the LGBTQ community, joys in seeing people open up and watching the community band together to support one another.

Keywords: Community; Interaction; LGBTQ; Support

02:13:47 - Looking towards the future

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Partial Transcript: What are your hopes and dreams for your future?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how now in her early 30's she has more hope for the future than she did when she was in her early 20's. She discusses how she has returned to school and what are her educational aspirations.

Keywords: Dreams; Education; Future Plans; Goals; Hope

02:18:20 - Will you stay in Oregon?

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Partial Transcript: For the foreseeable future, do you feel you will stay in Oregon? Have you found a home here?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses how although she has a support network here in Oregon, she is flexible with her life plans; especially if she were to pursue a M.D.

Keywords: Home; Life Plans; Moving; Support Network

02:20:10 - Life Lessons

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Partial Transcript: Do you have life lessons to share?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant discusses the ways that mistakes, problems, failures and hurt are lessons.

Keywords: Growth; Lessons; Life

02:24:47 - Self Care

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Partial Transcript: Is self-reflection and conversation part of your self care journey?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares that finding others who have experienced similar pain and being able to talk with them has given her community. Conversation is a big part of her self care.

Keywords: Community; Conversation; Self Care

02:28:10 - Final Thoughts and Conclusion **Content Warning: Suicide**

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything else you would like to share or concluding thoughts?

Segment Synopsis: Bryant shares how she presents strong but has experienced moments of extreme loneliness or helplessness. She gives encouraging words to others to speak up and to not be alone with their feelings of sadness.

Keywords: Awareness; Community; Emotions; Finding hope; Mental Health; Moving forward; Self Care; Strength; Suicide; Survivor