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Rachel Grisham Oral History Interview, February 14, 2018

Oregon State University
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00:00:28 - Early Life

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Partial Transcript: So where were you born?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of early life in Salem, childhood interests, as well a passion for music that led to initial exposure to Oregon State University at the LaSells Stewart Center and Reser Stadium. Influenced her decision to attend Oregon State University.

Keywords: Band; Childhood; Creative; Curiosity; Dolls; Drawing; Drum Major; Hobbies; Jazz; LaSells Stewart Center; Learning; Marching band; Music; Reading; Reser Stadium; Salem; Saxophone; Section leader; Symphony; Wind ensemble

00:04:06 - Education at Oregon State University

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Partial Transcript: You were a Public Health Major, right? What made you choose Public Health?

Segment Synopsis: A discussion of Grisham's decision to switch from Biology to Public Health and the myriad of opportunities a degree in Public Health can offer

Keywords: Biology; Classes; Community; Country; Degree; Health; Health Disparity; Major; Opportunities; Policy; Politics; Public Health; Science

00:05:30 - Sigma Delta Omega Membership

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Partial Transcript: "So you were a member of Sigma Delta Omega, the science sorority here on campus, do you want to talk about that?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses her time as a member in Sigma Delta Omega. Sigma Delta Omega was created in 2006 at Oregon State University and is characterized a sisterhood of scientists. The sorority has become a larger presence since she first joined, and she believes that it has the potential to go national.

Keywords: Changes; Comfortable relationships; Community; Community Service; Expand; Expectations; Fundraising; Growing presence; Leadership; Oregon State University; Passion; Philanthropy; STEM; Science; Sigma Delta Omega; Sorority; Women

00:09:01 - ASOSU: Associated Students of Oregon State University

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Partial Transcript: "How did you start participating in ASOSU?

Segment Synopsis: A discussion of how Grisham first became involved with ASOSU by volunteering in various campaigns, eventually being elected to become Senator, President Pro Tempore, Executive Director of Operations, and then President.

Keywords: ASOSU; ASOSU Senate; Executive Director of Operations; Giving back; Involved; President; President Pro Tempore; Snell Hall; Sophomore; Statewide; Student Experience Center; Student Government; Student Resources; Students; Volunteer; Voter Education Campaign; Voter Registration Campaign; Voter Vote Campaign

00:11:57 - ASOSU Presidency

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Partial Transcript: "What made you want to run for president?"

Segment Synopsis: A discussion of why Grisham choose to run for ASOSU President.

Keywords: Better candidate; Change; Commitment; Determination; Energy; Give back; Involved; No regrets; Opportunity; Potential candidates; Service; Tenacity; Worth it

00:14:28 - ASOSU Highlights

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Partial Transcript: "What were some main highlights?"

Segment Synopsis: A discussion of Grisham's main highlights of ASOSU with an emphasis on the Shared Governance Agreement/Edward J. Ray Doctrine and Survivor Amnesty, Grisham's experience working with administration on tuition, and the direction Grisham wishes the university will take in the future.

Keywords: Accountability; Administration; Balance; Board of Trustees; Budgets; CAPS; Clarification; Constitutional amendments; Dear OSU; Deficit; Disagreement with administration; Diversity; Drama; Edward J. Ray Doctrine; Equal voices; Executive Director of Operations; Freedoms; House Floor; Impeachment of past president; Issue Brief; Legislation; Lobby; MIP; Oregon Law; Power; Presence; Professional; Relationship with student body; Respectful; SafeRide; Safety; Senate; Senate Floor; Senator Gelser; Sexual Assault Prevention; Shared Governance Agreement; State; Statutes; Student Bill of Rights; Student Services; Student agreement; Student issues and ideas; Subpoena; Success; Survivor Amnesty; Tuition; Unique; WTF OSU; Zero tolerance for hate

00:34:10 - Sigma Delta Omega: Community Outreach & Personal Balance

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Partial Transcript: "What programs did SDO work with?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses the external programs Sigma Delta Omega is involved in, how the sorority is different from other organizations on campus, changes made during Grisham's time as a member, and balancing responsibilities.

Keywords: AWSEM; Associate members; Balance; Bylaws; Changes; College; Elementary school; Encouragement; Fraternity; High school; Interests; It’s On Us; Leadership; Mentor; Middle school; National; Non-Panhellenic; President; Recruitment chair; Responsibilities; STEM Academy; Science; Sorority; Standards committee; Student Committee; Student Government Regional Advisor; Young girls

00:43:17 - It's On Us

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Partial Transcript: "So before we go forward, let's talk about your other commitments"

Segment Synopsis: A discussion concerning Grisham's involvement in the It's On Us campaign and Student Advisory Committee, the states Grisham represented, and how Grisham integrated this program into Oregon State University's campus.

Keywords: 2014; Administration; Alaska; Arizona; California; College campus; Colorado; Evolving; Greek life; Hawaii; It Ends Here; It’s On Us; Nevada; New Mexico; Obama administration; Oregon; PAC-12; PSA; Phone; Prevention; Sexual assault; Sexual violence; Student Advisory Committee; Student government; Summit; Utah; Washington; Washington, D.C.; White House