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Brad Clack Oral History Interview, March 22, 2017

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0:01 - Introduction and family life growing up

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Partial Transcript: I'm Brad Clack, born 12/22/48 in Logston Oregon and yesterday is March 17, 1917--or 2017. I'll get it out.

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about his family, their history in Oregon as migrating harvesters and his early life.

Keywords: Brad Clack; family history; farming; hops; hops yards; logging; Logston, Oregon; migrant harvesting; Siletz river; SOD ranch; Willamette Valley

Subjects: Brad Clack family history farming hops hops yards logging Logston, Oregon migrant harvesting Siletz river SOD ranch Willamette Valley

8:04 - Going to high school in Salem

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Partial Transcript: What high school did you go to?

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about going to high school in Salem, some of the changes that occurred in Salem over his lifetime there, and about the agriculture around Salem.

Keywords: agriculture; North Salem high school; Salem; South Salem high school

Subjects: agriculture North Salem high school Salem South Salem high school

12:14 - Career in hops

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Partial Transcript: So what--When you were graduating from high school and thinking about what you were going to do next, what were some of the things you consider or did you feel kind of drawn to agriculture?

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about how he got started working for SS Steiner Inc. and about what working with the hops farmers in Oregon was like.

Keywords: Bob Coleman; drying hops; hand picking hops; hops; hops community; hops farmers; hops farms; hops growing; hops harvesting; machine picking hops; New Jersey; New York; SS Steiner Incorporated

Subjects: Bob Coleman drying hops hand picking hops hops hops community hops farmers hops farms hops growing hops harvesting machine picking hops New Jersey New York SS Steiner Incorporated

26:35 - Changes in hops farming practices/Differences in hops farming practices

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Partial Transcript: I was thinking about this after talking to Michelle's great uncle about this idea of handing down knowledge over generations.

Segment Synopsis: Brad discusses how picking and drying hops has changed over the years with advancing technology as well has how farming practices in Grant's Pass differ from farming in the Valley.

Keywords: changes in hops harvesting; cluster hops; downy; drying houses; Grant's Pass; hand picking hops; harvesting hops; hops storage; hops warehouses; Independence, Oregon; machine picking hops; moisture meter; picking hops; top cutters

Subjects: changes in hops harvesting cluster hops downy drying houses Grant's Pass hand picking hops harvesting hops hops storage hops warehouses Independence, Oregon machine picking hops moisture meter picking hops top cutters

34:15 - Hops marketing orders

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Partial Transcript: What about Marketing orders and market control?

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about market orders and how that affected the growing of hops in Oregon and about how buying and selling base.

Keywords: base; buying base; craft brewery; hops market; hops market orders; market control; market orders; selling base; spot market

Subjects: base buying base craft brewery hops market hops market orders market control market orders selling base spot market

43:32 - Business relationships with people buying hops/ New York SS Steiner office and international hops selling

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Partial Transcript: So what was your relationship like with the people who were buying the hops?

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about what his role in SS Steiner was and how he worked and got on with the hops farmers in Oregon.

Keywords: business relationships; distributors; hops brokers; hops buyers; hops sellers; international hops distribution; New York; SS Stiner Inc.; teletype; Washington

Subjects: business relationships distributors hops brokers hops buyers hops sellers international hops distribution New York SS Stiner Inc. teletype Washington

49:01 - Differences in Idaho hops farming and Oregon hops farming/The hops commission

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Partial Transcript: So what about Idaho? We've talked a lot about here. What were some of the differences the growers or the climate?

Segment Synopsis: Brad discusses the differences between Oregon and Idaho farming practices and relationships as well as the similarities. He also talks about the Hops commission in Oregon and in Idaho and his role on the Commission as a representative of the hops dealers.

Keywords: dealer representative; Growers Association; hops; hops commission; hops dealer; hops families; hops farmers; hops farms; Idaho; irrigation; Oregon

Subjects: dealer representative Growers Association hops hops commission hops dealer hops families hops farmers hops farms Idaho irrigation Oregon

54:46 - Multi generational hops families

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Partial Transcript: So I'm thinking about the fact that your son now works here. So how did that--did he grow up here and it, again it's interesting to me that it becomes a multi generational, even though you're not handing farms downn you're handing that knowledge down.

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about his son getting a job at SS Steiner Inc as well as his own semi-retirement.

Keywords: Brad Clack's son; family farms; hops families; Willamette Valley

Subjects: Brad Clack's son family farms hops families Willamette Valley

58:52 - Successes/Technological changes and differences in hops plants

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Partial Transcript: I want to know what was one of your biggest successes working here over the time--and I remember you working here when I was this tall.

Segment Synopsis: Brad talks about his success in the hops industry and about the change in technology he's seen over the years as well as some of the differences between varieties of hops.

Keywords: changing technology; hops dealer; hops family; hops harvest; infrared scanning; mechanization; moisture meter; rejection rate; relationships; Willamette petals

Subjects: changing technology hops dealer hops family hops harvest infrared scanning mechanization moisture meter rejection rate relationships Willamette petals

63:56 - Changes in hops drying technology

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Partial Transcript: And how Brad was saying drying is a really, really vital point.If somebody don't care you're going to have a wet floor and that causes a lot problems.

Segment Synopsis: Specifically about the lack of change in drying technology over the course of Brad's lifetime, the lack of innovation due to the small nature of the market and possible solutions.

Keywords: birds; drying units; hops drying; kilns; lack of innovation; nixed use dryers; small industry

Subjects: birds drying units hops drying kilns lack of innovation nixed use dryers small industry

70:06 - Changes due to craft brewing boom in Oregon/Memories and retirement

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Partial Transcript: Did you see a change once craft brewing in Oregon really took off?

Segment Synopsis: What changed after the rise of craft breweries in Oregon, increased tours of hops farms, and Brad's memories and things he misses since retiring.

Keywords: agro tourism; competition; craft brewing; hop yard yours; hops farmers; hops growers; hops history; hops market; memories; retirement; sanitation practices; tours

Subjects: agro tourism competition craft brewing hop yard yours hops farmers hops growers hops history hops market memories retirement sanitation practices tours