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Bradley Boovy Oral History Interview on the Corvallis Queer Film Festival, March 7, 2019

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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Segment Synopsis: Dr. Bradley Boovy introduces himself by giving the spelling of his name and sharing of his pronouns.

00:00:55 - The LGBTQ+ Community

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Partial Transcript: How and why did you get involved with the LGBTQ+ community?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy discusses his personal connection to the LGBTQ+ community and his motivation for getting involved in creating a new queer space in Corvallis, Oregon.

Keywords: Identity; LGBTQ; Motivations; Queer

00:02:32 - Interest in film

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Partial Transcript: How did your interests transfer over to film?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy discusses his background in cultural studies and German language that examined how media tells stories. Also living in such a small town like Corvallis inspired him to create a space for queer folks that was not part of the bar culture so underage people or those who don't consume alcohol could have a space to build community.

Keywords: Community; Dialogue; Film; Queer; Resources

00:08:00 - Austin, Texas

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Partial Transcript: What sort of queer spaces existed in Austin when you were living there?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy discusses coming out as a gay man at 24 years of age in Austin and how the spaces there affected his self perception. He also talks about which types of bodies were included in the gay bar spaces and which were invisible.

Keywords: Bar Culture; Body Image; Identity; Queer; Visibility

00:12:45 - Corvallis Queer Film Festival

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Partial Transcript: How has the festival evolved since it's start? What were the original goals?

Segment Synopsis: 2013 and 2015 were the years that Dr. Boovy was active in planning the festival but it has since moved into the hands of another colleague.
Dr. Boovy also discusses his move from the Queer Film Festival to focusing on the creation of the Queer Archives in the Valley Library at OSU.

Keywords: Community; Film; Queer; Visibility

00:19:55 - Planning the film festival

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Partial Transcript: What roles did you take in planning the festival? How were films selected?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy talks about working alongside student workers, film distributors, and fundraising. He also discusses how the films selected are mainly personal stories but they are not meant to be representative of the entire LGBTQ+ experience.

Keywords: Collaborating; Community; Film; LGBTQ+; Marginalized Voice; Queer; Story-Telling; Visibility

00:28:44 - Favorite Films

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Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy discusses films that have been important to him at different times in his life. He also discusses the types of films he would like to be shown at future Corvallis Queer Film Festivals.

Keywords: Accessibility; Film; Fundraising; Queer; Queering Film; Support

00:35:45 - Future of the festival and final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Would you like to return to planning the festival?

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Boovy talks about how it would be nice to see the planning of the film festival return to the original idea of it being a WGSS course with students actively participating in the planning process. He also talks about how this festival has allowed OSU to be more involved in the surrounding community by being good neighbors and providing a positive space to have dialogue for LGBTQ+ people.

Keywords: Collaboration; Community; Dialogue; Future Plans; LGBTQ+; Queer