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Memorial Union Records, 1922-2012

By Helena Egbert and Karl McCreary

Collection Overview

Title: Memorial Union Records, 1922-2012

Predominant Dates: 1922-2003

ID: RG 099

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Memorial Union

Extent: 17.6 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Memorial Union Records are arranged into 15 series: 1. Annual Reports, 1949-2009; 2. MU Board Records, 1924-2011; 3. Committees/Councils, 1923-2011; 4. Financial Records, 1925-1993; 5. Facilities, 1964-2010; 6. Student Membership, 1968-1992; 7. Art/Exhibits, 1954-2003; 8. Curriculum and Instruction, 1961-1999; 9. George Stevens Materials, 1956-1988; 10. Publications, 1929-2006; 11. Anniversary Materials, 1966-1989; 12. Subject Files, 1922-2012; 13. Sound Recordings, 1977-1985; 14. Artifacts, 1978-2007; and 15. E.C. Allworth Records, 1927-1957.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Memorial Union Records document the administration of this organization and its role in managing services and events at the two student union facilities at Oregon State University: the Memorial Union and the Memorial Union East (also known as Snell Hall). Spanning the years 1922 to 2012, these records include: annual reports, correspondence, course materials, digital files, financial records, flyers, handbooks, meeting minutes, photographs, posters, publications, scrapbooks, and sound recordings. The Memorial Union has served as OSU's official student union facility since 1928.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital. All of the collection's audiocassettes have likewise been migrated to digital format and are available upon patron request. Additionally, the contents of box-folder 9.30 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Scope and Content Notes

The Memorial Union Records document the administration of the Memorial Union (MU) and the management of services and events as Oregon State University's official student union facility since 1928. Among the records in this collection include: annual reports, correspondence, course materials, digital files, financial records, flyers, handbooks, meeting minutes, photographs, posters, publications, scrapbooks, and sound recordings.

These records are primarily focused on the administrative operation of the Memorial Union (MU) and document annual reporting, financial operations, facilities management, policy development, and MU Board activity. The work of various university committees, both based in the MU and campus wide, associated with this administration are also documented in these records. Records about events in the MU are illustrated in publications. Most of the events documented relate to art exhibit installations and activities organized to celebrate the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the building. Perspectives on the historical development of the MU are reflected in correspondence, speeches, and other materials generated by past MU Directors Edward Allworth and George Stevens. Other documentation of the MU's history is illustrated in sound recordings of interviews with Stevens and other staff associated with the MU conducted in 1983.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital. All of the collection's audiocassettes have likewise been migrated to digital format and are available upon patron request. Additionally, the contents of box-folder 9.30 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Memorial Union (MU) was built in dedication to the men who fought and died in the Spanish American War and World War I. Initial brainstorming for the building began as early as 1919; final construction was completed in 1928. The architect, Lee Arden Thomas visited other Memorial Unions, both for style inspiration, and to observe how they were run. All of these observations contributed to the final design of Oregon Agricultural College’s MU in 1928. For the first 20 years the MU acted more as a convention center than a hub for student activities. Primarily it was used to host dances, and a few publications had offices in the building. In late 1947, a compulsory student operational fee was applied to support the MU. This brought in needed funds to transform the MU into a recreational center for the Oregon State College campus. Recreational activities included hospitality, social dancing, games, and arts and crafts. This ultimately led to the Student Activity Center and the MU to join together under one administrative unit. With these changes came increased use of the MU, which lead to additions to the MU's physical space. The Memorial Union has continued to change and adapt to student needs over the years.

Author: Helena Egbert and Karl McCreary

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 112 photographic prints; 22 boxes, including 2 oversize and 1 map folder. 81 Mbytes and 6 files.

Statement on Access: Access to term papers and reports in Series 8 is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist. All other material in this collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: These materials were transferred in numerous accessions from the 1960s through 2015 by the Oregon State University Memorial Union Business Office, the Associated Students of OSU, the Office of Student Involvement, the Office of Student Affairs, the College Student Services Administration Program, and the OSU Women's Center.

Related Materials:

There are other collections that contain documentation about the Memorial Union, its origins, services, and the building itself.

The fund raising campaign that resulted in the construction of the Memorial Union building is illustrated in the Memorial Union Campaign Records (RG 281).

The Facilities Services Records (RG 193) and the Memorial Union Building Records (RG 283) detail of the physical management of the Memorial Union building and its various additions, renovations, and alterations. Information about the Memorial Union in brochures, event programs, and other published media can be found in the Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection (MSS MC).

Photographic views of activities in the MU, that range from organized events to informal shots of students in the lounge, can be found in a number of collections, including: the Memorial Union Photographs (P 198); the News and Communication Services Photograph Collection (P 057); the Gwil Evans Photographic Collection (P 082); the Harriet's Photographic Collection (P HC); Oregon State University Historical Photographs (P 025); and the Robert W. Henderson Photographic Slides Collection (P 098-SG 1).

Film and other moving image footage relating to the Memorial Union is available in the Memorial Union Videotapes (FV 198).

Records of units operating under the administrative umbrella of the Memorial Union include: the Memorial Union Program Council Records (RG 275) and the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement Records (RG 232).

There are collections documenting Edward C. Allworth, the first manager of the Memorial Union: the Edward C. Allworth Papers (MSS Allworth) and the Edward C. Allworth Photograph Collection (P 072). The papers of Memorial Union Program Director Leone S. Johnson are also available.

Preferred Citation: Memorial Union Records (RG 099), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information:

Technical accessioning of digital media received with the Memorial Union records resulted in 2.83 Mbytes (64 files) of born-digital materials.  These were reviewed and appraised for long-term administrative and historical value.  This review resulted in a 2.39 Mbytes (4 files) of archival born-digital materials that are described as part of the Memorial Union Records.

The Memorial Union Records include one reel of microfilm (6 feet total) that was made in 1967.  As part of the processing of this collection and preparation of this finding aid, the microfilm was digitized.  The digital files (PDFs) are available to researchers in the Reading Room.


Oregon State University. Memorial Union
Allworth, Edward C. (1895-1966)
Oregon State College. Memorial Union
Oregon State University. College Student Services Administration Program
Oregon State University. Memorial Union Business Office
Oregon State University. Office of Student Affairs
Oregon State University. Student Activities Center
Oregon State University. Student Involvement.
Oregon State University. Women's Center

People, Places, and Topics

Allworth, Edward C., 1895-1966.
College students--Oregon--Corvallis.
Oregon Multicultural Archives
Oregon State College. Memorial Union
Oregon State University. Memorial Union
Oregon State University. Memorial Union. Business Office
Stevens, George F.
Student activities--Oregon--Corvallis.
Student unions--Oregon--Corvallis.
University History

Forms of Material

Architectural drawings (visual works)
Information artifacts.
Oral histories (literary genre)
Photographic prints.
Sound recordings.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Annual Reports, 1949-2009
Series 1 is made up of annual reports documenting the administration of the Memorial Union and Student Activities.
Box-Folder 1.01 - 1.24: MU and Student Activities Annual Reports, 1949/50 - 1977/78
24 folders.
Box-Folder 2.01 - 2.19: MU and Student Activities Annual Reports, 1977/78 - 1983/84
20 folders.
Box-Folder 3.01 - 3.29: MU and Student Activities Annual Reports, 1983/84 - 2008/09
29 folders.
Series 2: MU Board Records, 1924-2011
Series 2 is made up of materials generated by the Memorial Union (MU) Boards of Directors and Governors that primarily reflect their meetings. In addition to meeting minutes, this series also contains correspondence and notes.
Box-Folder 4.01 - 5.08: MU Board of Directors Minutes, 1926-2011
29 folders.
Box-Folder 5.09: MU Board of Governors Minutes, 1924-1933
Box-Folder 5.10: Aldrich - Board of Governors, 1925-1929
Box-Folder 5.11: Cupper - Correspondence Board of Governors, 1925-1934
Box-Folder 5.12: Nelson - Board of Governors, 1925-1935
Box-Folder 5.13: Clark - Board of Directors, 1925-1936
Box-Folder 5.14: Riley - Board of Governors, 1925-1936
Box-Folder 5.15 - 5.18: MU Board of Governors Minutes, 1928-1938
4 folders.
Box-Folder 17.01: Uncompleted Contracts, 1927-1933
Box-Folder 17.02: Change of Name, 1927-1940
Series 3: Committees/Councils, 1923-2011
Series 3 reflects the work of various university committees and councils. About half of this series documents the work of the Educational Activities Board and the Student Activities Committee. Other committees represented in these records reflect the management of campus operations and activities such as: student health insurance, cultural centers, catalog distribution, student broadcast media, convocations and lectures, and Memorial Union planning.
Box-Folder 5.19: Committee Appointment Recommendations, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 5.20: Aquatic Facility Study and Development Committee, 1977-1986
Box-Folder 5.21: ASOSU Student Health Insurance, 1987-1990
Box-Folder 5.22: Broadcast Media Committee, 1968-1982
Box-Folder 6.01: Broadcast Media, 1975-1979
Box-Folder 6.02: Broadcast Media, 1976-1981
Box-Folder 6.03: Broadcast Media Reorganization, 1982
Box-Folder 6.04: Catalog Distribution Committee, 1980-1987
Box-Folder 6.05: Convocation and Lecture Committee, 2000-2002
Box-Folder 6.06: Convocations and Lectures, 2011
Box-Folder 6.07: Cultural Centers Advisory Committee, 1989-1990
Box-Folder 6.08 - 6.32: Educational Activities Board/Committee, 1923-1969
25 folders.
Box-Folder 6.33: Election Committee, 1990
Box-Folder 6.34: ASOSU Senate Committee, 1973-1990
Box-Folder 6.35: Educational Media Services Training, 1974
Box-Folder 6.36 - 7.01: Liberal Arts Student Council, 1989-1990
3 folders.
Box-Folder 7.02: MU Activity Committees, 1949-1950
Map-Folder 1.1: Food Service, circa 1975
1 sheet
Box-Folder 7.03 - 7.08: MU Planning Committee, 1970-1983
6 folders.
Map-Folder 1.2: MU Planning Committee - Plans for Bike Racks, 1978
2 sheets
Digital File 1: Memorial Union Tours Committee, circa 1955
This digital file consists of a flyer for the Memorial Union Tours Committee, which provided tours of the Memorial Union building for prospective students and campus guests.  This document was digitized from microfilm.  It is available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Box-Folder 7.09: Space Allocation Committee, 2008
Box-Folder 7.10 - 8.08: Student Activities Committee, 1965-1995
17 folders.
Box-Folder 8.09: Student Activities Committee Registered Student Activities, 1991-1992
Box-Folder 8.10: Student Affairs Committee Minutes, 1924-1944
Box-Folder 8.11 - 9.01: Student Life Committee, 1944-1965
6 folders.
Box-Folder 9.02: Student Publications Committee, 1975-1982
Box-Folder 9.03: University Committees, 1988
Box-Folder 9.04 - 9.05: University Student Media Committee Minutes, 1977-1990
2 folders.
Series 4: Financial Records, 1925-1993
Series 4 contains documentation about the financial management of the Memorial Union (MU) and is mostly made up of financial reports and statements. Information listed in these reports include: Incidental Fees, Administrative Funds, Educational Activities Funds, MU Recreational Sports Fund, and Dixon Recreation Center.
Box-Folder 9.06: Estimated Figures and Reports, 1925-1932
Box-Folder 9.07: Auditors Report, 1938-1940
Box-Folder 9.08: Account Journals Adjustments, 1940-1963
Box-Folder 9.09: Audit Reports, 1956-1962
Box-Folder 9.10: Account Journals, 1956/57
Box-Folder 9.11: Account Journals, 1957-1958
Box-Folder 9.12: Account Journals, 1958-1959
Box-Folder 9.13: Managers Monthly Statements To Board of Governors, 1960-1961
Box-Folder 9.14: MU Financial Statements, 1962
Box-Folder 9.15: MU Financial Reports, 1971-1973
Box-Folder 9.16: Financial Reports, 1973-1975
Box-Folder 9.17: Fiscal Operations, 1975-1976
Box-Folder 9.18: Financial Reports, 1977-1978
Box-Folder 9.19: Financial Reports, 1978-1979
Box-Folder 9.20: Student Activities Handbook, 1979-1980
Box-Folder 9.21: ASOSU Senate and Executive Officers, 1983-1985
Box-Folder 9.22: Review of Incidental Fees, 1984
Box-Folder 9.23: Review of Incidental Fees, 1979
Box-Folder 9.24: MU Funds - Unaudited Financial Statements, 1987
Box-Folder 9.25: MU Administrative Fund, 1991
Box-Folder 9.26: MU Educational Activities Fund, 1991
Box-Folder 9.27: MU Recreational Sports Fund, 1991
Box-Folder 9.28: MU Administrative Fund Statements, 1991-1993
Box-Folder 9.32: Dixon Recreation Center, 1976-1990
Series 5: Facilities, 1964-2010

Series 5 relates to the facilities management of the Memorial Union and documents the administration of the various service centers residing in the MU as well as the handling of structural maintenance issues (space allocation planning, building accessibility, remodel projects). Among the different organizations and offices reflected in this series include: the OSU Cultural Centers, the Barbershop, the Craft Center, food services, KBVR TV, and the OSU Bookstore.

The contents of box-folder 9.30 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Box-Folder 9.29: Asian Cultural Center, 1980
Box-Folder 9.30: Barbershop Lease, 1979-1991
The contents of this folder have been digitized and are available upon request.
Box-Folder 9.31: Black Cultural Center, 1972-1985
Box-Folder 17.03 - 17.04: OSU Bookstore Lease, 1965-1985
2 folders.
Box-Folder 10.01: MU Crafts Facility Proposal, 1965
Box-Folder 10.02: Adapting Craft Center for Limited Mobility Access, circa. 1990
Box-Folder 10.03: Craft Center, 1987-1988
Box-Folder 10.04: Food Service, 1972
Box-Folder 10.05: Food Service Adv., 1992
Box-Folder 10.06: International Center Forum, 1992
Box-Folder 10.07: KBVR-TV, 1974-1990
Box-Folder 10.08: McAlexander Fieldhouse, 1970-1973
Box-Folder 10.09: Minority Cultural Centers, 1973-1975
Box-Folder 10.10: MU East Dedication Nov. 5, 1977, 1970-1978
Box-Folder 10.11: MU East - Snell Remodeling, 1973-1981
Box-Folder 10.12: MU East, 1974-1989
Box-Folder 10.13: MU Procedural Manual, 1975
Box-Folder 10.14: MU Renovation, 1994
Box-Folder 10.15: MU Space Allocation, 1991-1994
Box-Folder 10.16: MU West Expansion, 1977-1983
Box-Folder 10.17: Native American Cultural Center, 1977-1992
Box-Folder 10.18: OSU Student Experience Center, 2010
Box-Folder 10.19: Student Activity Center Office Facilities, 1964-1965
Box-Folder 10.20: Varsity House, 1992-1993
Box-Folder 21.03: OSU MU East Scrapbook, 1977
Dedication ceremony for the opening of the MU East (currently known as Snell Hall). Includes dedication program and photographs.
Box-Folder 21.05: Floor Plan OSU Cooperative Child Development Center, 1997
Series 6: Student Membership, 1968-1992
Series 6 contains information on students appointed to various university committees. Primarily made up of membership lists and correspondence, these records are arranged by the academic unit responsible for making the committee appointments. The students serving on these committees all appear to be members of the Associated Students of OSU (ASOSU).
Box-Folder 10.21: President, 1974-1992
Box-Folder 10.22: VP for Finance Administration, 1970-1991
Box-Folder 10.23: VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, 1972-1991
Box-Folder 10.24: VP Student Affairs (Folder 1/2), 1974-1991
Box-Folder 11.01: VP for Student Affairs, 1974-1991
Box-Folder 11.02: VP for Research and Graduate Studies, 1987-1989
Box-Folder 11.03 - 11.04: Faculty Senate, 1970-1990
2 folders.
Box-Folder 11.05: Athletics Director, 1974-1990
Box-Folder 11.06 - 11.09: Special Committees, 1968-1990
4 folders.
Series 7: Art/Exhibits, 1954-2003
Series 7 documents art exhibit installations in the Memorial Union (MU) as well as management of the MU art collection. There are also materials relating to Henk Pander's murals painted above the main entryway rotunda in the MU.
Box-Folder 11.10: Art Brochures, circa. 1968
Box-Folder 11.11: Exhibit Records - Commentary Iraq War, 2003
Box-Folder 11.12: International Art Exhibit, 1962-1963
Box-Folder 11.13: Indian Art Invitational - Organized by Program Council, Bill Ray and V. Taylor, 1975-1976
Box-Folder 11.14: Indian Art Exhibit, 1974-1976
Box-Folder 11.15: Exhibit: Commentary on the Iraqi Way, 2003
Box-Folder 11.16: Florentine Mosaics - Richard Blow, 1978
Box-Folder 11.17: Art Exhibits on Loan Insurance, 1957-1974
Box-Folder 11.18: Wall/Murals, 1984-1985
Box-Folder 11.19: W.H. Price Paintings, 1943-1962
Box-Folder 11.20: Exhibit Centers "Sources of Inspiration", 2006
Box-Folder 11.21: Art Collection - Correspondence, 1954-1975
Box-Folder 11.22: Correspondence: Rotunda Mural, 1985
Box-Folder 11.23: Carrie Gilbert Indian Art Collection, 1974-1996
Box-Folder 11.24: Art - Biographical Sketches MU Art Collection, 1960-1966
Box-Folder 11.25: Art Collection - Insurance Protection and Security, 1954-1976
Box-Folder 11.26: Palmer Memorial Fund Artwork Student Lenders Fund, 1978
Box-Folder 11.27: Permanent Collection Loan Program, 1975-1987
Box-Folder 21.04: Exhibit Records - Commentary on Iraqi War, 2003
Box-Folder 21.05: MU Concourse Exhibits Poster, 1993
Series 8: Curriculum and Instruction, 1961-1999
Series 8 relates to instruction of coursework in coordination with the Memorial Union. The two classes represented in this series are: Student Activities Administration (HIED 585) managed through the OSU College Student Services Administration program and a field training class for members of the Associated Students of OSU (PS 406). Student term papers and assignments in this series may contain confidential information and are restricted. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.
Box-Folder 12.01 - 12.13: Course Material - HIED 585, 1961-1990
13 folders.
Box-Folder 12.14: ASOSU Field Training Class Fall PS 406H (1/1), 1983
Box-Folder 12.15: Course Material HIED 585 (2/2)
Box-Folder 22.01: RESTRICTED: Term Papers and Reports, 1965-1970
Box-Folder 22.02: RESTRICTED: 406H Term Projects Fall Terms, 1976-1986
Box-Folder 22.03: RESTRICTED: Term Papers and Reports, 1971-1972
Box-Folder 22.04: RESTRICTED: PS 406H Term Projects Fall Terms, 1984-1987
Box-Folder 22.05: RESTRICTED: PS 406 Term Projects Fall Terms, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 22.06: RESTRICTED: MU Restaurant Pitches, 1999
Box-Folder 22.07: RESTRICTED: Restaurant Pitches, 1999
Box-Folder 22.08: RESTRICTED: Cooperative Sponsorship, Who Wins? Student Papers
Box-Folder 22.09: RESTRICTED: Student Papers: MU Crafts, 1965
Box-Folder 22.10: RESTRICTED: Student Paper Proposals for "Late Night Cafe," "Creekside"
Series 9: George Stevens Materials, 1956-1988
Series 9 is made up of correspondence and speeches generated and collected by MU Director George Stevens.
Box-Folder 12.16: Correspondence George Stevens, 1963-1965
Box-Folder 12.17: Correspondence George Stevens, 1976-1978
Box-Folder 12.18: Correspondence George Stevens, 1976-1978
Box-Folder 12.19: Correspondence George Stevens, 1977-1979
Box-Folder 12.20: Correspondence George Stevens, 1963-1964
Box-Folder 13.01: Speeches by George Stevens, 1956-1988
Box-Folder 13.02: Speeches by George Stevens, 1961-1988
Digital Folder 1: Speech by George Stevens, circa 1988
One born-digital file (wpd format) of a speech given by Stevens at the Association of College Unions-International conference. The presentation is titled, "Re-energizing Ourselves: How to Stay Alive and Alert in this Field after 40".
Series 10: Publications, 1929-2006
Series 10 is comprised of publications containing information on activities and services provided by the Memorial Union that is made up of a combination of handbooks, informational brochures, newsletters, class schedules, directories of student organizations, and calendars of events. Activity Guide Posts, described as a sub series within this series, were produced as guides for particular staff positions within the Memorial Union organization. The class schedules list offerings for the OSU Craft Center and the ASOSU Experimental College.
Sub-Series 1: Activity Guide Post, 1965-1970
Several of the Activity Guide Posts are available online in Oregon Digital.
Box-Folder 13.03: Beaver Chairman, 1965-1966
Box-Folder 13.04: Beaver Chairman, 1969-1970
Box-Folder 13.05: Beaver Chaperon, 1965-1968
Box-Folder 13.06: Beaver Committee Chairman, circa. 1965,1968
Box-Folder 13.07: Beaver Faculty Advisor and Rec. Sport Coach, circa. 1966
Box-Folder 13.08: Beaver Faculty Advisor, 1968-1970
Box-Folder 13.09: Beaver Presiding Officer, 1966,1968
Box-Folder 13.10: Beaver Rec. Sports, 1969-1970
Box-Folder 13.11: Beaver Social Chairman, 1966-1967
Box-Folder 13.12: Beaver Social Chairman, 1968-1970
Box-Folder 13.13: Benny's Union Wire, 1929-1990
Box-Folder 13.14: Brochures, 1944-1990
Box-Folder 13.15: MU - Brochures and Handbooks, 1970-1990
Box-Folder 13.16: Craft Center, 1993-1994
Box-Folder 13.17: ASOSU Experimental College, 1981-1983
Box-Folder 13.18 - 13.24: OSU MU Handbook, 1968/69 - 1976/77
7 folders.
Box-Folder 13.25 - 13.36: MU Program Council Handbook, 1977/78 - 1988/89
12 folders.
Box-Folder 13.37: Programs and Publications, 1968-1969
Box-Folder 13.38: Student Clubs Handbooks, 2005-2006
Box-Folder 13.39: Student Activities Administration Annotated Bibliography, 1976
Box-Folder 13.40: Student Organization Directories, 1964-1970
Box-Folder 14.01: Student Organization Officers Directory, 1967-1968
Box-Folder 14.02: Directory of Student Organizations, 1973-1982
Box-Folder 14.03: Study of the Status of Women in the Union Field and their Attitudes, 1974
Box-Folder 14.04: Your Passport to Hospitality, 1987
Box-Folder 14.05: OSU Students Organizations Officers Directory, 1968-1969
Box-Folder 21.01: MU Campus Calendars, 1949-1969
Box-Folder 21.02: Memorial Union Calendars, 1949-1969
Series 11: Anniversary Material, 1966-1989
Series 11 documents celebrations of the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the Memorial Union as well as the Oregon State University centennial in 1968. The bulk of these records relate to the observance of the MU's 50th anniversary in 1978 and include information about a time capsule, special publications, congratulatory letters from other universities, and two scrapbooks.  The scrapbooks include newspapers clippings, photographs, and descriptive texts.  The scrapbook contains 112 photographic prints in total.
Box-Folder 14.06: MU Golden Anniversary, 1978-1985
Includes information about a centennial time capsule created at the time of the 50th anniversary (in 1978) to be opened during the centennial in 2028.
Box-Folder 14.07: MU 50th Celebration Publications, 1974-1978
Box-Folder 14.08: Special Events - 50th Anniversary, 1978
Box-Folder 14.09: Oregon State University Centennial Committee, 1966-1969
Box-Folder 14.10: Congratulation Letters 50th Anniversary, 1978
Box-Folder 14.11: 60th Anniversary, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 20.01 - 20.02: 50th Anniversary Banquet Scrapbook, 1978
2 folders; 79 photographs
Box-Folder 20.03 -20.04: MU 50th Anniversary Scrapbook, 1978
2 folders; 33 photographs
Series 12: Subject Files, 1922-2012
Series 12 consists of files organized by topic that were collected for reference and informational purposes. In addition to documentation about procedures governing Memorial Union operations, these records address a variety of subjects including: alcohol use on campus, legal issues, the OSU AIDS policy, the Ceramics 80 conference, senior class gifts, activity grants, Title IX compliance, and student unrest. This series also contains Information on the Oregon Agricultural College students and faculty who served in World War I and the Spanish American War for whom the Memorial Union was dedicated.
Box-Folder 14.12 - 14.13: Activity Grants, 1972-1985
2 folders.
Box-Folder 14.14: OSU AIDS Policy, 1987-1989
Box-Folder 14.15: Alcohol Policies, 1958-1989
Box-Folder 14.16: Alcohol Use in College Unions, 1969-1976
Box-Folder 14.17: Alcoholic Beverages, 1972-1988
Box-Folder 14.18: Major Allworth, 1963
Box-Folder 17.07: E.C. Allworth Memorial and Remembrance, 1925-1995
Includes Allworth's 1925 contract with the Memorial Union Board of Governors to serve as Manager of the Memorial Union; remembrances and articles about Allworth; and a 1995 memorial service program for his widow,  Ethel E. (Peggy) Allworth.  Includes 10 color photographs. Three (3) of the prints are of the street sign for Allworth Court at Fort Carson (names for Allworth in 1974).  Seven (7) of the prints are of a 1988 program honoring Allworth that was held in the Memorial Union.
Box-Folder 14.19: Announcement - MU, 2006
Box-Folder 14.20: Anti-Abortion Poster Legal Case, 1986-1987
Box-Folder 14.21: Articles of Incorporation, 1924-1939
Box-Folder 17.06: Articles of Incorporation, 1924-1961
Box-Folder 14.22: ASOSU  Past Student Body Presidents, 1972-1990
Box-Folder 14.23: Bank Card Survey Summary, 2008
Box-Folder 14.24: Banquet and Special Occasions Planning Guide, 1971-1972
Box-Folder 14.25: Barber Shop Floor Plan, 1964
Box-Folder 14.26: Benny Beaver Photographs, circa 1952
3 photographic prints
Box-Folder 17.05: Black Student Union, 1968
Box-Folder 14.27 - 14.28: Board of Physical Recreation, 1974-1980
2 folders.
Box-Folder 14.29: Building Reserves, 1985-1989
Box-Folder 14.30: Campus Day Care Center, 1975
Box-Folder 14.31: Campus Development Plan, 1991
Box-Folder 14.32 - 15.01 : Ceramics 80 Conference, 1979-1982
4 folders.
Box-Folder 15.02: Congressman Dellums Incident Report to Faculty Senate January 11, 1973, 1972-1973
Box-Folder 15.03: Constitution Shrine, 1938-1951
Box-Folder 15.04: Contingency Operation - Strike, 1974-1981
Box-Folder 15.05: Convocation and Lectures - Minutes, 1981-1987
Box-Folder 15.06: Convocation and Lectures, 1985-1986
Box-Folder 15.07: Copyright Law, 1976-1988
Box-Folder 15.08: Correspondence General, 1965-1991
Box-Folder 15.09: CSSA Summer Workshop, 1989
Box-Folder 15.10 - 15.13: Desk Manual, 1991-1999
4 folders.
Box-Folder 15.14: Discussion of Student Unrest Policy Statement, 1968
Box-Folder 15.15: Dixon Recreation Center Budget, 1974-1975
Digital Folder 1: Employee Group Photographs, 2005
Three (3) born-digital photographs of the Memorial Union employees taken at the 2005 Christmas party. The employees are standing on the interior stairway of the Memorial Union.  One of the photographs shows the employees forming the letters O, S, and U, with their arms.
Box-Folder 15.16: Expanded Core Minutes, 1997
Box-Folder 15.17: Educational Activities - Physical Recreation, 1975-1976
Box-Folder 15.18: Experimental College, 1970-1984
Box-Folder 15.19: Food Consultant, 1965-1970
Box-Folder 15.20: Freedom of Expression and Accompanying Responsibilities, 1968-1969
Box-Folder 15.21: General Information Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group, 1971
Box-Folder 15.22: Gifts to MU, 1926-1955
Box-Folder 15.23: Gold Star Men Dedication, 1923-1928
Contains the names of Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) students and faculty who fought in World War I and the Spanish American War.  The lists indicate where the men fought, the cause of their death (illness or injury), and the year they attended OAC.
Box-Folder 15.24: Homecoming, 1976-1979
Box-Folder 15.25: Incidental Fee Budget - Summer, 1985
Box-Folder 15.26 - 15.27: Iota Delta Pi, 1979-1990
2 folders.
Box-Folder 15.28: Jardine's Report on the University of Michigan Student Union, 1922
Box-Folder 15.29: Legal Issues, 1968-1985
Box-Folder 15.30: Legal Issues, 1977-1988
Box-Folder 15.31: Marketing and Readership Survey, 1972
Box-Folder 15.32: Memoranda and Announcements, 2003
Box-Folder 15.33: Mom and Dads' Club, 1958-1960
Box-Folder 15.34: M.U. Board Correspondence, 1964-1971
Box-Folder 15.35: More than a Building at OSU, 1984
Book about the Memorial Union by Irwin Harris.
Box-Folder 16.01: "More than a Building" Material, 1984-1985
Box-Folder 16.02: MU Advisory Board, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 16.03: MU Assessment Report and Plan, 2005-2007
Box-Folder 16.04: MU By-Laws, 1988
Box-Folder 16.05: MU - History, 1926-1985
Box-Folder 16.06: MU Business Office Bookkeeping and Procedures Manual, 1982-1985
Box-Folder 16.43: Memorial Union Constitution, 1927-1998
Box-Folder 16.07: MU Mission Statement Final Draft, 1986
Box-Folder 16.08: MU Operations, 1985-1992
Box-Folder 16.09: MU Policies and Procedures Manual for Student Employees, circa 2000
Box-Folder 16.10: MU Ten Day Schedules, 1992-1993
Box-Folder 16.11: 'O' Club Restaurant License, 1945-1960
Stephen and Mary Reed.
Box-Folder 16.12: Order of the Orange Award, 1984-1993
Box-Folder 16.13: Oregon Department of Higher Ed. Administrative Code, 1959
Box-Folder 16.14: Oregon Higher Education Management Review and Analysis (OSU), circa 1970
Box-Folder 16.15: OSU Image Survey, 1989
Box-Folder 16.16: OSU Songs - Words and Music, circa 1960
Box-Folder 16.17: Palmer Fund, 1978-1992
Box-Folder 16.44: Outdoor Program Liability, 1983
Box-Folder 16.18: Physical Recreation Program, 1974-1975
Box-Folder 16.19: Political Activity Guidelines, 1972-1990
Box-Folder 16.20: President's Reception and Ball, 1963-1968
Box-Folder 16.21: Presidents Reports, 1985-1989
Box-Folder 16.22 - 16.23: Procedural Manual, 1975-1979
2 folders.
Box-Folder 16.24: Program for Feasibility Study of University Facilities, 1972
Box-Folder 16.25: Questions about the Memorial Union (Trivia), circa 1965
Answers included.
Box-Folder 16.26: Research: Graduation 4-6 year period, 1970
Box-Folder 16.27: OSU Reviews Student Incidental Fees, 1984
Box-Folder 16.28: Rock Concerts, 1969-1975
Box-Folder 16.29: Schedules of Campus Events, 1961-1963
Box-Folder 16.30: Schedules of Campus Events, 1951-1956
Box-Folder 16.31: Scranton Commission Report, 1968-1970
President's Commission on Student Unrest
Box-Folder 16.32: Senior Class Gifts, 1940-1966
Map-Folder 1.3: Senior Class Gifts - Plans for Walks at the Memorial Union Building Presented by the Classes of 1931 and 1932, 1931
3 sheets
Box-Folder 16.33: Solicitation, 1969-1977
Box-Folder 16.34: Special Meeting of Members, 1964
Box-Folder 16.35 - 16.36: Student Activities Center, 1984-1989
2 folders.
Box-Folder 16.37: Student Involvement, 2000-2001
Box-Folder 16.38: Student Officer Liability Coverage, 1982-1990
Box-Folder 16.39: Student Organizations Directory, 1976-1977
Box-Folder 16.40: Study of Other Student Union Buildings and Activities, 1948
Box-Folder 16.41: Survey of Student Use of the MU, 1997
Box-Folder 16.42: Title IX, 1972-1976
Series 13: Sound Recordings, 1977-1985

Series 13 consists of sound recordings of special events and interviews made in the 1970s and 1980s.  Recordings of a conference on holistic health and healing; dedications of the Memorial Union East (1977) and the Pander Mural (1985); and 50th anniversary events (1978) are included.  The interviews were conducted in 1983 with individuals associated with the Memorial Union - Peggy Allworth,  Duane Fitzgerald, Scram Graham, Leone Johnson, President Robert MacVicar, Dan Poling, Jack Porter, and George Stevens.  The sound recordings consist of 8 reel-to-reel audiotapes and 8 audiocassettes.

All of the audiocassettes described in Series 13 have been migrated to digital format and are available upon patron request.

Box-Item 18.01 - 18.04: Wholistic Health and Healing Conference, circa 1970s
Four reel-to-reel audiotapes (7-inch) that are recorded on both sides.
Box-Item 18.05: Memorial Union East Dedication Program, 1977
During homecoming weekend on November 5, 1977; 7-inch reel-to reel audiotape.
Box-Item 18.06 - 18.07: 50th Anniversary, 1978
Two 7-inch reel-to-reel audiotapes. Tape 18.06 includes parts 1 and 3; tape 18.07 includes parts 2 and 4.  Probably recorded on both sides of tape.
Box-Item 18.08: Memorial Union and Activities Slide Show, 1983
Probably the same program that is included with the Dean of Students Office Records (RG 285); 5-inch reel--to-reel audiotape.
Box-Item 18.09: Jack Porter Interview, 1983
March 7, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.10: Leone Johnson Interview, 1983
March 8, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.11: Peggy Allworth Interview, 1983
March 11, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.12: Duane Fitzgerald Interview, 1983
May 12, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.13: Scram Graham Interview, 1983
May 5, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.14: George Stevens and President MacVicar Interviews, 1983
Interview with Stevens on October 11, 1983; interview with President MacVicar on December 20, 1983; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.15: Poling Interview, 1983
February 24, 1983; probably Dan Poling; audiocassette.
Box-Item 18.16: Pander Mural Dedication, 1985
During homecoming on November 2, 1985; audiocassette.
Series 14: Artifacts, 1978-2007
Series 14 consists of artifacts commemorating the 50th anniversary year of the Memorial Union (in 1978) and an award issued in 2007. The three artifacts are made up of a plaque, medal, and button.
Box-Item 19.01: Award Plaque, 2007
An award of recognition to the Oregon State University Memorial Union for hosting ACUI (Association of College Unions International) Region 14 College Bowl, Leisure Activities, and Poetry Slam tournaments.
Box-Item 19.02: Golden Anniversary Medal, 1978
A medal commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Memorial Union (1928-1978) that depicts the Memorial Union East building.
Box-Item 19.03: Homecoming Button, 1978
Produced in 1978, the 50th anniversary year of the Memorial Union, this button commemorates the homecoming football game between Oregon State University and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with the theme, "Striking Gold".
Series 15: E.C. Allworth Records, 1927-1957
Series 15 consists of materials created and assembled by Memorial Union Director E.C. Allworth. Made up of correspondence and reports, this series documents the financing of the Memorial Union construction, communications from Allworth to the MU Board of Governors, and status reports on the Memorial Union Pledge Campaign. The bulk of the records are from the mid-1930s through 1940s. These documents (about 180 pages total) were digitized from microfilm and are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
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