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Oregon Trail Brewery Records, 1951-2020

Predominant Dates: 1985-2015

The Oregon Trail Brewery Records document the brewing and company operations, finances and shareholder involvement, transitions to new ownership, marketing and promotion, and reporting about the brewery in the press.

The Oregon Trail Brewery Company was incorporated as Brewing Northwest, Ltd. on March 20, 1985 in Corvallis, Oregon and began beer production on July 15, 1987. When Oregon Trail Brewery opened in 1987, it was the first new brewery in the Willamette Valley outside of Portland since Prohibition was repealed.

ID: MSS OregonTrail
Extent: 2.0 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Oregon Trail Brewery Records (MSS OregonTrail), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: These materials were donated to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center by J.D. Pickett in 2021.
Acquired: 2021.
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Series 1: Brewing Records, 1996-2020 Add to Shelf
The majority of the brewsheets are from 2004-2014. Numbering resets intermittently without explanation. 1996 and 2001, brewsheets were labeled Brewing Northwest, Ltd.; for those years there are only five sheets and they brewed White, Brown, and IPA. There were beers regularly brewed (White, Brown, IPA, Witbier), new beers added and then regularly brewed (Ginseng Porter, Beaver Tail, Smoke Signal, Bourbon Barrel Porter), and some brewed only for a short time (Gringo, Hop Doctor, Frog). Some brewsheets have notes to Dave Wills about issues or supply needs. The last beer was Witbier brewed August 13, 2020.
Box-Folder 1.01: Brewsheets, 1996 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.02: Brewsheets, 2001 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.03: Brewsheets, 2003 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.04: Brewsheets, 2004 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.05: Brewsheets, 2005 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.06: Brewsheets, 2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.07: Brewsheets, 2007 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.08: Brewsheets, 2008 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.09: Brewsheets, 2009 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.10: Brewsheets, 2010 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.11: Brewsheets, 2011 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.12: Brewsheets, 2012 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.13: Brewsheets, 2013 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.14: Brewsheets, 2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.15: Brew logs from multiple tanks, 2015-2016 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.16: Brewsheets, 2016 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.17: Brewsheets, 2017 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.18: Brewsheets, 2018 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.19: Brewsheets, 2019 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.20: Brewsheets, 2020 Add to Shelf
Series 2: Operational Records, 1985-2020 Add to Shelf

This series contains materials and records related to the creation, administration, and operations of the Oregon Trail Brewery. This includes correspondence, meeting minutes, shareholder lists, licensing and financial information, trademarks, distribution, building documentation, and state and federal alcohol production reports. Of note are materials related to the creation of the Oregon Brewers Guild. The materials in folders 1.21 and 1.22 were removed from a binder titled Brewing Northwest, Ltd: Minute Book and split in two folders for space purposes. Folders 2.01 - 2.06 includes bank statements, cancelled checks, invoices (supplies, equipment, sales), and OLCC summary statements (production, inventory, taxes).

The Oregon Brewers Guild was founded in 1992 and is a non-profit trade, marketing, and lobbying association that represents the Oregon craft brewing industry. Its mission is to protect the brewing industry of the state and the interests of Guild members through education, advocacy, and events.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) administers Oregon's Liquor and Cannabis Act and the Adult and Medical Use of Cannabis Act. It promotes the public interest through the responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages and recreational marijuana products. In 2021, the name was changed from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to reflect the addition of cannabis under the commission's purview.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, statutorily named the Tax and Trade Bureau and frequently shortened to TTB, is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, which regulates and collects taxes on trade and imports of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms within the United States.

Box-Folder 1.21: Brewing Northwest, Ltd: Company Binder (part 1), 1985-2014 Add to Shelf
Included is information about the company and its operations, changes to the Board of Directors, meeting minutes, correspondence, transfers of company shares, and brewers. Issues and materials by year include the following. 1985: certificates of incorporation, Board of Directors (Dave Thomson, Gerald Shadomy, Vernon Kim Kutsch). 1986: stock subscriptions, Board of Directors (Jerry Shadomy, President; Nancy Shadomy, Secretary), resignation letters from Dave Thomson and Kim Kutsch). 1987: correspondence, meeting minutes, resignations from board, new shareholders, financial statements, purity bonds, assets, OLCC brewery license, building lease agreement with Ted Cox. 1988: transfer of notes from Nancy Shadomy to Jerry Shadomy, distribution,  announcement about new board of directors (Vernan Kutch, President; Dave Wills, Vice President; Burk Brandt, Secretary and Treasurer; Jerry Shadomy, Brew Master). 1992: lawsuit between Jerry Shadomy and Cascades West Financial Services. 1993: Proposal for new brewpub by Carl Simpson (Dublin Pub, Portland) and alternate proposal by Dave Wills to buy out Jerry Shadomy, materials related to Wills purchase of Jerry and Nancy Shadomy shares. 1994: employment agreement for Jerry Shadomy, brewmaster job description. 1997: Dave Wills resignation as president and from Board of Directors. 1998: transfer of shares from Nancy Shadomy to daughter Jerika Allison, various share transfer documents. 1999: materials related to the resignation of Jerome Bockmore and the license cancellation; Bockmore took records related to OLCC and BATF tax documents, the Board of Directors was appealing for more time to collect records. 2013: shareholder form. 2014: materials related to efforts to sell brewery, shareholder correspondence. Undated: list of Board of Directors (Jerry, president; Nancy, secretary; John Beuter, chairman).
Box-Folder 1.22: Brewing Northwest, Ltd: Company Binder (part 2), 1985-2014 Add to Shelf
See Brewing Northwest, Ltd: Company Binder (part 1) for description.
Box-Folder 1.23: Shareholders, 1985-2020 Add to Shelf
Stock and shareholder information and correspondence (some overlap with Brewing Northwest, Ltd. binder); 1994 offering circular with history of the company, details about the business, management, market strategy, finances, shareholder list.
Box-Folder 1.24: Building plans, OLCC records of incorporation, Oregon beverage records, 1986-1987 Add to Shelf
Alcohol measurements of Oregon Trail beer, OLCC procedures for posting beer and retail sales information, Oregon Beverage Container Act, incorporation and certification documents for OLCC (1987), building and brewery construction (1987), meeting minutes, materials related to Board of Directors and shareholders.
Box-Folder 1.25: TTB and ATF: recipes, forms, notes, 1985-2003 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.26: Trademarks and legal cases, 1986-2014 Add to Shelf
Certificates of registration from U.S. Patent Office, correspondence, materials related to lawsuit with Oregon Trail Mountain Spring Water over trademark of phrase "Oregon Trail."
Box-Folder 1.27: Ripley Stainless Steel: invoices and Correspondence, 1988-1989 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.28: Notes and Correspondence general, circa 1990-1995 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.29: Building lease, 1994 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.30: Distribution and beer pricing lists, 1986-1996 Add to Shelf
Correspondence to and from distributors.
Box-Folder 1.31: Distribution: Oregon Trail Brewery, 1993-1996 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.32: Financial and taxes, 1987-1993 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.33: Brewer bonds, licenses, correspondence, 2000-2004 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.34: Oregon Brewers Guild, 1987-1992 Add to Shelf
Includes articles of incorporation (1987), by-laws (1991 and 1992), meeting minutes, correspondence, membership applications, agendas, newsletter. Of note is a 1988 proposal for the formation of a craft brewers' cooperative. Originally called the Greater Oregon Brewers Association.
Box-Folder 1.35: Brewery manual by Sean Martin, 2011 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.36: Tank cleaning procedures, 2012 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.01: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1987 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.02: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1988 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.03: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1989 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.04: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1990 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.05: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1991 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.06: Banking, invoices, summary statements, 1992-2005 Add to Shelf
From years 1992, 1994, 2005.
Series 3: Marketing, 1951-2015 Add to Shelf
Marketing and promotional materials including labels and beer information sheets, label submission forms for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), three issues of the Oregon Trail Brewery newsletter, and materials related to trademarking the name "Oregon Trail."
Box-Folder 2.07: Labels and beer information sheets, circa 1990-2015 Add to Shelf
Labels, beer information sheets, draft labels (includes negatives), coaster, information about 1994 and 1995 silver medal beer awards.
Box-Folder 2.08: TTB label submissions and forms, 1987-2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.09: Label maker companies, 1995 - circa 2005 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.10: Oregon Trail Brewery history, newsletters, articles, 1987-1995 Add to Shelf
Oregon Trail Brewery newsletter (3 issues: 1988, 1993, 1995), articles about brewery by beer writer Hubert Smith (1989-1990), company history (1987).
Box-Folder 2.11: Oregon Trail history, 1951 - circa 2005 Add to Shelf
Book and pamphlets about the Oregon Trail used for brewery marketing and design.
Box-Folder 2.12: Marketing for other regional breweries, circa 1995 Add to Shelf
Series 4: Photographs, circa 1995-2010 Add to Shelf
1 folder with photographs of events, Dave Wills, and operations.
Box-Folder 2.13: Photographs, circa 1995-2010 Add to Shelf
Series 5: Newsclippings, 1987-2008 Add to Shelf
Clippings and articles documenting Oregon Trail Brewery and the brewing industry in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, conference materials and articles for a 1995 "Business of Beer," and cartoons.
Box-Folder 2.14: Clippings: Oregon, 1987-1989 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.15: Clippings: Oregon, 2002-2007 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.16: Clippings: General, 1987-2008 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.17: The Business of Beer: conference materials and articles, 1995 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.18: Cartoons: Brewhaha and Mitch Scheele, circa 2005 Add to Shelf
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