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Barley's Angels Records, 2010-2021View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 2012-2020

The Barley's Angels Records document chapter administration, marketing and promotion, financial and banking information, and events. This is primarily an electronic collection and consists of born-digital materials (.mp4 videos, photographs, documents, websites); however, club merchandise is also included.

The Barley’s Angels organization is a collection of individual chapters throughout the world that focuses on increasing craft beer appreciation for female consumers. It was originally founded in 2011 as the consumer education section of the Pink Boots Society organization.

Reference access to materials in Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 is available upon request.

ID: MSS BarleysAngels
Extent: 1.5 gigabytes
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Barley's Angels Records (MSS BarleysAngels), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: These materials were donated to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center by Christine Jump, Lisa Morrison, and Zoe Barker Jacobs in 2019, 2020, and 2021.
Acquired: 01/11/2019.
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Series 1: Administrative, 2010-2020 Add to Shelf
This series contains administrative records such as financial, tax, incorporation, and trademark documents, including those related to a cease and desist related to the Barley's Angels logo. Also included are merchandise sales records and operational documents such as office files, press and promotional materials, website design, and correspondence related to chapters and organizational management. Specifically, this series contains documentation for establishing a new chapter, including logos, applications, and information sheets. Reference access to materials in this series are available upon request.
Digital Folder 1: Chapters, 2012-2020 Add to Shelf
Forms and checklists, applications and information about establishing a chapter, chapter specific logo information.
Digital Folder 2: Financial, 2012-2018 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 2.01: Electronic Merchant Systems, 2016 Add to Shelf
Notes and accounting information.
Digital Folder 2.02: Expenses, 2012-2018 Add to Shelf
Expense ledger, receipts, ticket price calculator.
Digital Folder 2.03: Orders and Invoices, 2012-2018 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 2.04: PayPal, 2014-2016 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 2.05: Taxes, 2014-2017 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 2.06: WooCommerce, 2014-2015 Add to Shelf
Template and training information.
Digital Folder 3: Incorporation and Trademark, 2012-2020 Add to Shelf
Correspondence from Candace Moon regarding name and graphic identity for organization, certificate of copyright registration, examples of organizational charters, domain transfer notes.
Digital Folder 4: Merchandise, 2010-2018 Add to Shelf
Photographs and cost estimates of merchandise from different companies.
Digital Folder 5: Operational Documents, 2010-2020 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 5.01: Correspondence, 2010-2018 Add to Shelf
Correspondence related to Ales 4 FemAles, other regional events, and the trademark dispute; biographies for promotional materials related to the 2011 Barley's Angels launch; conference template; promotion ideas.
Digital Folder 5.02: Office Files, 2012-2018 Add to Shelf
2012 event notes, event checklists, letterhead, rules and membership information, merchant agreements, meeting and other event templates, 2015 organizer survey.
Digital Folder 5.03: Organization Logo, 2013-2017 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 5.04: Press and Promotional Materials, 2010-2018 Add to Shelf
FAQs and organizational mission statement, press release.
Digital Folder 5.05: Research, 2011-2017 Add to Shelf
Research on women and beer statistics, crafting a press release, fundraising, out of state shipping, how to use events for branding.
Digital Folder 5.06: Website Design and Maintenance, 2012-2016 Add to Shelf
Website domain registration information, technology resources, text and photographs for 2012 version of the website.
Series 2: Events and Education, 2010-2019 Add to Shelf
This series includes information about the 2013 International Women's Day fundraiser, events at Rogue Ales facilities in 2015, Women in Beer Conferences in 2012 and 2014; and events hosted by the Chicago Barley's Angels chapter. Reference access scans of materials in this collection are available upon request. Reference access to materials in this series is available upon request.
Digital Folder 6: Events, 2012-2019 Add to Shelf
Planning, marketing, and food and drink information for 2015 Rogue events in Portland with Matthew McClamont; Treasure Chest and Green Flash Brewing 2014 event in Portland; 2013 International Women's Day fundraiser; Chicago chapter Girl Scout Cookie menus for 2018 and 2019; and Women in Beer conferences in 2012 and 2014. The two conferences included tours and sessions by Teri Fahrendorf, Lisa Morrison, Julia Herz, Tammy Taggart, Christine Jump, Gail Oberst, Jackie Dodd, Nick Mallory, Pam McGee, and Josh Cronin.
Digital Folder 7: Beer Education, 2010-2016 Add to Shelf
Planning and research materials for beer education, including menus, tasting information, beer and food pairings, recipes.
Series 3: Photographs, 2011-2021 Add to Shelf
This series contains photographs from events and chapter meetings. Reference access scans of materials in this collection are available upon request. Reference access to materials in this series is available upon request.
Digital Folder 8: Events Photographs, 2012-2015 Add to Shelf
2012 Beer Chicks Book Signing, 2012 Women in Beer Conference at Rogue Hop Farm, 2013 International Women's Day, 2014 Women in Beer Conference, 2015 Rogue Flanders Matt McClamont by Ben Blair.
Digital Folder 9: Chapter Photographs, 2011-2021 Add to Shelf
Chapter photographs from Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Oregon, and other locations. Of note are Instagram posts from the Chicago chapter showing of tours, events, and online meetings held between 2015 and 2021.
Series 4: Ephemera, circa 2014 Add to Shelf
Three Barley's Angels t-shirts. Reference access to materials in this series is available upon request.
Box-Item 1.1 - 1.3: T-shirts Add to Shelf
Series 5: Barley's Angels Websites, 2019-2021 Add to Shelf

The Barley's Angels website was crawled in April 2019 and November 2020 using Archive-It and is available online. This website documents the full scope of Barley's Angels activities, including membership information, chapter information, events, and merchandise shop. The captured and preserved websites are available online.

The Barley's Angels Chicago chapter website and blog was crawled in January 2021 using Archive-It; both have photographs and information about past chapter events.

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