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Chuck Williams Photographs

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Title: Chuck Williams Photographs

ID: P 345

Extent: 0.0

Date Acquired: 00/00/2016

Languages of Materials: English [eng]



Scope and Content Notes

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Biographical / Historical Notes

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Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest
Sub-Series 1: Committees and Councils
Sub-Series 2: Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Sub-Series 3: Clinics and Indian Health Services
Sub-Series 4: General
Sub-Series 5: Grand Ronde
Sub-Series 6: Klamath
Sub-Series 7: Nez Perce
Sub-Series 8: Umatilla
Sub-Series 9: Wapato Valley
Sub-Series 10: Warm Springs
Sub-Series 11: Yakima
Series 2: U.S. and International Travel
Sub-Series 1: Great Plains
Sub-Series 2: National Parks
Sub-Series 3: Northeast
Sub-Series 4: Outside the Continental U.S.
Sub-Series 5: International
Sub-Series 6: Pacific Northwest
Series 3: Scenery and Geography of the Pacific Northwest
Sub-Series 1: Southeast
Sub-Series 2: Southwest
Sub-Series 3: West Coast
Sub-Series 4: Central Oregon
Sub-Series 5: Columbia River Gorge
Sub-Series 6: Eastern Oregon
Sub-Series 7: North Central Oregon
Sub-Series 8: Northeast Oregon
Sub-Series 9: Washington
Sub-Series 10: Willamette Valley
Series 4: Fairs and Celebrations of the Arts
Sub-Series 1: Art Celebrations
Sub-Series 2: Concerts
Sub-Series 3: Fairs
Sub-Series 4: Music
Series 5: Oregon Festivals and Celebrations
Sub-Series 1: Bite of Oregon
Sub-Series 2: Cherry Festival, The Dalles
Sub-Series 3: Health and Harmony
Sub-Series 4: Festivals and Celebrations in Surrounding Areas
Sub-Series 5: Huckleberry Festivals
Sub-Series 6: Notable Visits to Oregon
Sub-Series 7: Pendleton Round-up
Sub-Series 8: Various Events and Celebrations
Series 6: Cultural Celebrations
Sub-Series 1: African Celebrations
Sub-Series 2: Asian and Pacific Islander Celebrations
Sub-Series 3: European Celebrations
Sub-Series 4: General
Sub-Series 5: Latinx Celebrations
Sub-Series 6: Native American

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