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Ten Rivers Food Web Records, 1996-2017

By Helena Egbert and Elizabeth Nielsen

Collection Overview

Title: Ten Rivers Food Web Records, 1996-2017

Predominant Dates: 2006-2016

ID: MSS TenRivers

Primary Creator: Ten Rivers Food Web (Corvallis, Or.)

Extent: 5.8 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Ten Rivers Food Web Records are arranged in 8 series: 1. Ten Rivers Food Web Board Materials, 2006-2017; 2. Organizing and Event Materials, 1996-2016; 3. Community Food Land Trust, 2011-2017; 4. Benton County Food Freedom, 2013-2016; 5. That's My Farmer, 2008-2017; 6. Funding, 2004-2015; 7. Publications and Reference Material, 1999-2016; and 8. Executive Director and Staff Electronic Records, 2008-2016.

Date Acquired: 00/00/2018

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Ten Rivers Food Web Records document the establishment, leadership and administration, and extensive programs and activities of this local community organization in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties of western Oregon.  The Ten Rivers Food Web was formally established in April 2005 as a result of a Food Summit held in Corvallis, Oregon, in late 2004 that brought together individuals involved with and concerned about food and its production and distribution.  The energy and desire to strengthen local food security led to the formation of the Ten Rivers Food Web with a goal of seeing more of the food grown in the local “foodshed” (roughly Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties) processed and consumed locally.

The collection includes extensive born-digital materials, which are available for use in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center Reading Room or upon request.  Born-digital videos are available for viewing online.

Scope and Content Notes

The Ten Rivers Food Web Records document the establishment, leadership and administration, and extensive programs and activities of this local community organization in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties of western Oregon.  The records provide a local perspective on community organizing, addressing food insecurity and hunger, promoting healthy eating and nutrition based on local foods and food sources, and fostering sustainable agriculture.

The records document the leadership and administration of the organization primarily through board materials, which include agendas and minutes, chapter and board policies, handbooks, staff reports, and strategic plans.  The collection includes extensive documentation of events and programs sponsored by Ten Rivers Food Web to educate and inform the community, raise funds, and promote local food sources.  These events and programs were held throughout Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties.  Records pertaining to the establishment of a community food land trust and the organization’s support of a 2015 ballot measure in Benton County prohibiting the cultivation of genetically engineered organisms are also included.  Reference materials and publications on hunger in Oregon and community health and food assessments by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon as well as files pertaining to generational land transfer are part of the collection.

Materials documenting That’s My Farmer – a program of Ten Rivers Food Web to connect community members with local farmers and encourage purchasing of local food – form a substantial component of the collection.  Educational programs and Ten Rivers Food Web’s involvement in assisting SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) recipients buy food from their local farmers’ markets and the fundraising to provide incentive matching funds are documented extensively.  Fundraising to support all the programs and activities of the organization – through grant applications, special events to raise money, and direct donations – were a major effort of the Board and are documented in these records.

Of particular note in the collections are materials pertaining to the establishment of the Emergency Food Pantry at Oregon State University, which is now a program of the Human Services Resource Center, and documentation of the roles of Oregon State faculty Joan Gross and Nancy Rosenberger in providing research support during the establishment of the organization and serving in volunteer leadership positions.

The collection includes a substantial component of born-digital records (43.5 Gbytes in more than 30,000 digital files) – some of which are also available in the collection in analog (printed) form.  The bulk of these born-digital files are described as Series 8; however, born-digital records are described as part of other series as well.  The born-digital files provide extensive documentation of the organization beginning in about 2011.  In addition to documents (primarily *.doc and *.pdf), the collection includes digital photographs.  All of the born-digital records, including digital photographs, are available for use in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center Reading Room or upon request.  Born-digital videos are available for viewing online.

The records were created and assembled by multiple individuals with different roles in the organization, including founders, volunteers, board members, staff, and executive directors.  The following people were identified in the records and are referenced in the detailed description of the collection:  Xan Augerot, Kate Dolkas Joan Gross, Harry MacCormack, Lynn Martin, Jen Christion Myers, Cassie Peters, Chloe Rico, and Nancy Rosenberger.  Because of the manner in which the records were assembled and transferred, there is substantial duplication within and between analog and digital materials.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Ten Rivers Food Web was formally established in April 2005 as a result of a Food Summit held in Corvallis, Oregon, in December 2004 that brought together individuals involved with and concerned about food and its production and distribution – farmers, educators, hunger activists, realtors, seed companies, food retailers, students, government officials, and consumers.  The energy and desire to strengthen local food security expressed at the Summit led to the formation of the Ten Rivers Food Web (TRFW) with a goal of seeing more of the food grown in the local “foodshed” (roughly Benton, Linn, and Lincoln Counties) processed and consumed within the foodshed.  The organization is named for the ten rivers that are present in this local area:  the Siletz, Yaquina, Alsea, Luckiamute, Marys, Long Tom, Willamette, Calapooia, North Santiam, and South Santiam Rivers.  Community conversations and open forums which had begun in the late 1990s, continued in the early 2000s regarding increasing hunger and food insecurity, and formed a strong foundation for the 2004 Food Summit, which served as the launch point for establishment of TRFW.

The primary goals and projects of the Ten Rivers Food Web were focused on issues of food literacy;, local farm coordination; revival and establishment of community processing facilities; bringing together farms and institutional kitchens (schools and restaurants); and increasing food security and access to fresh, locally-grown food for low-income communities.  Oregon State University faculty Joan Gross and Nancy Rosenberger provided research assistance and later served as officers and members of the TRFW board.  TRFW was instrumental in the establishment of an Emergency Food Pantry at OSU, which is now a program of the Human Services Resource Center.

The organization was approved for  tax-exempt status in 2007; received grants to support outreach, organizing and research; and offered a variety of programs and activities including That’s My Famer SNAP incentives for purchases at local farmers’ markets; Fill Your Pantry; Seed to Supper;  FEAST: Food, Education, Agricultural Solutions Together; Farm to Fork; Cooking Matters; Chef’s Show Off; and Terra Madre.

In 2011, Ten Rivers Food Web was one of 4 organizations selected by the Meyer Memorial Trust to receive a $300,000 grant over 3 years.  This funding allowed TRFW to hire staff to serve as community food organizers in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties as well as an Executive Director to oversee operations and development.  Programming expanded significantly during this period.

Harry MacCormack, organic farmer and co-founder of the organic certifier Oregon Tilth, is a founder and Board member of Ten Rivers Food Web.

Author: Elizabeth Nielsen and Helena Egbert

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 8 boxes, including 1 oversize box; 43.5 Gbytes (30,549 files, including ~1000 digital photographs, 7 digital videos, and 13 digital sound recordings)

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: These records were donated by the organization, Ten Rivers Food Web, to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in 2018.

Related Materials: The Special Collections and Archives Research Center's holdings include numerous collections documenting farming and food in Oregon.  These include several collections that are aligned with and complementary to the Ten Rivers Food Web Records -- the Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Market (MSS CAFM), Extension Family and Community Health Program (RG 252), and Oregon Tilth (MSS OrTilth) Records.  An oral history interview of Harry MacCormack conducted in 2017 is available online.

Preferred Citation: Ten Rivers Food Web Records (MSS TenRivers), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: Electronic records summing to 56.3 Gbytes (93,843 files) on 38 digital storage media, including an external hard drive, were received with the donation of these records in 2018.  In the course of review, arrangement, and description, the total quantity of processed records was reduced to 43.5 Gbytes (30,549 files) by removal of some duplicated files and files that were not appropriate for long-term retention.


Ten Rivers Food Web (Corvallis, Or.)
Augerot, Xanthippe
Gross, Joan
MacCormack, Harry (1942-)

People, Places, and Topics

Agriculture--Oregon--Benton County.
College students--Oregon--Corvallis--Economic conditions.
Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets
Farmers' markets--Oregon--Albany.
Farmers' markets--Oregon--Corvallis.
Farmers' markets--Oregon.
Food security--Oregon.
Natural Resources
Oregon State University--Students.
Sustainable agriculture--Oregon.
Ten Rivers Food Web (Corvallis, Or.)
University History

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Digital audio formats.
Digital moving image formats.
Digital photographs.
Information artifacts.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Ten Rivers Food Web Board Materials, 2006-2017
Series 1 documents the organization, administration, and governance of the Ten Rivers Food Web and consists of materials produced by and for the organization's board. The records include agendas and minutes, board binders, board member agreements, chapter and board policies, an organizational handbook, staff reports, and strategic plans.  This series includes Board materials assembled by founder and long-time board member, Harry MacCormack.  Series 1 includes both analog and born-digital materials. The born-digital materials includes records assembled and created by Xan Augerot, Joan Gross, and the Board Secretary that are arranged in 3 sub-series.
Box-Folder 1.01: Board Minutes, 2006
Box-Folder 1.02: Board Minutes, 2007
Box-Folder 1.03: Board Minutes, 2008
Box-Folder 1.04: Board Personnel, 2008-2010
Box-Folder 1.05: Board Minutes, 2009
Box-Folder 1.06: Board Minutes, 2010
Box-Folder 1.07: Board Minutes, 2011
Box-Folder 1.08: Ten Rivers Food Web Board Training, 2011
Box-Folder 1.09: Board Binder Documents, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 1.10: Meeting Notes, 2012
Box-Folder 1.11: Board Minutes, 2012
Box-Folder 1.12: Board of Directors, 2013
Box-Folder 1.13: Board Meeting Minutes, 2014
Box-Folder 1.14: Committees Sign Up Sheet, 2013
Box-Folder 1.15: Board of Directors Material, 2014
Box-Folder 1.16: Board of Directors Materials, 2014-2015
Box-Folder 1.17: Board Meeting Minutes, 2015
Box-Folder 1.18: Board of Directors Materials, 2015-2016
Box-Folder 1.19: Board of Directors Material, 2015-2017
Box-Folder 1.20: Staff Board Reports, 2012
Box-Folder 1.21: Treasurer's Report, 2009
Box-Folder 1.22: Finance Committee, 2008-2014
Box-Folder 1.23: Executive Committee Notes, 2008-2009
Box-Folder 1.24: Board Member Agreements, 2011-2016
Box-Folder 1.25: Board Confidentiality Agreement Policies and Procedures, undated
Box-Folder 1.26: Organizational Handbook, 2006
Box-Folder 1.27: Strategic Plan, 2007-2009
Box-Folder 1.28: Tax Exempt, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 1.29: Conflict of Interest, 2006
Box-Folder 1.30: Board of Director Information, undated
Box-Folder 1.31: Board of Directors, 2006-2013
Box-Folder 1.32: Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 2006
Box-Folder 1.33: Board Meeting Minutes, 2001-2009
Box-Folder 1.34: Temporary Local Food Coordinator Contract Agreement, 2010
Box-Folder 1.35: Committee Action Plan, 2008
Box-Folder 1.36: Harry MacCormack Material and Notes, 2017
Sub-Series 1: Xan Augerot Files, 2008-2011
Sub-Series 1 consists of digital files created and assembled by Xan Augerot in her role as a board member and officer (Vice-Chair and Treasurer) during this time period.  This sub-series consists of 664 files (0.19 Gbytes) arranged in 21 digital folders.  Printed versions of some of these files are likely part of this series and duplicate versions of some of these files may exist in Series 8.  The primary focus of this sub-series is the financial operation of the organization, including fundraising.
Digital Folder 01: Board, 2008-2011
40 files; 2.53 Mbytes; includes agendas, minutes, and lists of directors and staff.
Digital Folder 02: Budgets, 2009-2011
33 files; 1.44 Mbytes
Digital Folder 03: By-Laws, 2008-2010
9 files; 5.34 Mbytes
Digital Folder 04: Community Food Assessments, 2010
2 files; 0.06 Mbytes; assessments for Linn and Lincoln Counties.
Digital Folder 05: Community Food Systems, 2009
101 files; 2.27 Mbytes; documents for a Community Food Project CSREES Grant -- Toward a Vibrant Food System: Faith Communities and Low-Income Leadership (Interfaith Food and Farms Partnership).
Digital Folder 06: Contracts, 2010
3 files; 6.02 Mbytes.
Digital Folder 07: Chefs' Show-Off, 2011
1 file; .03 Mbytes
Digital Folder 08: Dun and Bradstreet, 2009
2 files; 0.08 Mbytes; pertains to Central Contractor Registration database information required for Ten Rivers to receive federal grants
Digital Folder 09: Fiscal Sponsorship, 2009-2010
3 files; 0.08 Mbytes; documents Ten Rivers Food Web serving as Fiscal Sponsor for the OSU Food Pantry.
Digital Folder 10: Food Summit, 2009
2 files; .07 Mbytes.
Digital Folder 11: Funders, 2008-2010
283 files; 87.9 Mbytes; information about potential sources of funding including instructions for funding requests/proposals; also include proposals submitted to potential funders.
Digital Folder 12: Grants Committee, 2008-2009
17 files; 0.66 Mbytes.
Digital Folder 13: History Project, 2009
3 files; 0.08 Mbytes
Digital Folder 14: Institutional Landscape, 2009
1 file; 0.06 Mbytes; document lists other organizations working on local food issues.
Digital Folder 15: Organization Handbook, 2009-2010
2 files; 0.23 Mbytes
Digital Folder 16: Reports and Literature, 2008-2010
40 files; 41.1 Mbytes
Digital Folder 17: Staffing, 2010
2 files; 0.06 Mbytes
Digital Folder 18: Strategic Plan, 2008-2010
40 files; 3.15 Mbytes; the strategic plan was adopted in 2009.
Digital Folder 19: Treasurers' Documents, 2008-2011
49 files; 31.5 Mbytes; includes files pertaining to insurance, invoices, IRS filings, and reimbursement requests
Digital Folder 20: Treasurers' Reports, 2009-2011
24 files; 4.07 Mbytes
Digital Folder 21: Volunteers, 2008-2010
7 files; 0.97 Mbytes
Sub-Series 2: Joan Gross Files, 2007-2011
Sub-Series 2 consists of digital files created and assembled by Joan Gross in her role as board member and president of the board during this time period.  In addition to Board materials, this sub-series includes materials pertaining to fundraising, special events, grants, and the relationship between Ten Rivers Food Web and the OSU Emergency Food Pantry. This sub-series consists of 596 files (0.29 Gbytes), including 62 digital photographs.
Digital Folder 01: Agendas, 2009-2010
11 files; 616 Kbytes
Digital Folder 02: Board of Directors, 2007-2010
24 files; 0.99 Mbytes; includes biographies of board members and nomination information.
Digital Folder 03: Budgets and Treasurers' Reports, 2009-2010
30 files; 2.14 Mbytes
Digital Folder 04: Correspondence, 2009-2010
9 files; 756 kbytes
Digital Folder 05: Donors, 2009-2010
9 files; 640 kbytes
Digital Folder 06: Fundraising, 2008-2010
75 files; 109 Mbytes; includes 54 digital photographs of special events with Larry Korn (January 2010) and Gary Nabhan (December 2009)
Digital Folder 07: Grants, 2007-2011
143 files; 30.3 Mbytes; includes information from granting agencies; proposal (final and draft); and grant reports.  Funders represented include the Meyer Memorial Trust, McKenzie River Gathering, Oregon Community Foundation, and the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund.
Digital Folder 08: Interns, 2009
5 files; 296 Kbytes
Digital Folder 09: Jobs - Staff, 2010
29 files; 3.34 Mbytes; job descriptions, interview questions, and orientation materials.
Digital Folder 10: Minutes, 2009-2010
11 files; 660 Kbytes; board meeting minutes.
Digital Folder 11: Miscellaneous, 2009-2010
15 files; 1.23 Mbytes
Digital Folder 12: MOUs, 2010
4 files; 112 Kbytes; memoranda of understanding (MOU) with the OSU Emergency food Pantry and the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC).
Digital Folder 13: Organizational Documents, 2008-2011
35 files; 2.34 Mbytes; includes by-laws, strategic planning documents, contracts, policies, and insurance documents.
Digital Folder 14: Other Organizations, 2008-2009
23 files; 19.3 Mbytes; Food for Thought and Action
Digital Folder 15: Reports, 2007-2011
59 files; 5.79 Mbytes; includes reports of Ten Rivers Food Web programs and initiatives
Digital Folder 16: Research, 2008-2009
11 files; 18.3 Mbytes
Digital Folder 17: TRFW Publicity, 2008-2010
19 files; 71.7 Mbytes
Digital Folder 18: Website, 2010
3 files; 180 KIbytes
Digital Folder 19: Wheat Fleet, 2010
8 files; 19.8 Mbytes; 8 digital photographs of an event to transport wheat by river to the Corvallis Farmers Market and grind it at the market
Digital Folder 20: Other Documents, 2008-2011
73 files; 261 Mbytes
Sub-Series 3: Board Secretary Files, 2006-2009
Sub-Series 3 consists of digital files created or assembled by the Secretary of the Board of Directors.  Lynn Martin and Nancy Rosenberger served as secretary during this time period.  This sub-series consists of 305 files (0.04 Gbytes).
Digital Folder 1: Board of Directors Documents, 2008-2009
8 files; 2.1 Mbytes; Board of Directors agreements and policies; organization handbook; strategic plan; and Board member information.
Digital Folder 2: Minutes and By-Laws, 2006-2009
137 files; 15 Mbytes; minutes of Board Meetings for 2006-2008; reports submitted to the Board; 2007 Ten Rivers Food Web annual report; and by-laws.
Digital Folder 3: Minutes and Correspondence, 2009
149 files; 21.2 Mbytes; minutes, reports, and associated documents arranged by month.
Digital Folder 4: Templates, 2008-2009
11 files; 0.93 Mbytes; forms and templates for board member nominations, donor acknowledgements, and other administrative activities of the organization.
Series 2: Organizing and Event Material, 1996-2016

Series 2 consists of extensive documentation created and assembled by the Ten Rivers Food Web in order to organize, coordinate, promote, and administer events and programs of the organization.  The primary focus of the events was outreach to the community --  to educate and inform, provide a locally-sourced meal, raise funds, encourage cooking, and gather information on needs and issues regarding food in local communities.  Events were held throughout Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties in Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, and Newport as well as Yachats, Sweet Home, Alsea, Siletz, Scio, Brownsville, Philomath, and Monroe .  Some events were held in multiple locations.  Events represented in this series include: Seed to Supper; FEAST: Food, Education, Agricultural Solutions Together; Farm to Fork; Cooking Matters; Chef's Show Off; and Terra Madre..  Materials pertaining to community gardening events, film showings, food security and hunger educational sessions, farming and rural resources, generational land transfer, and local food resources are included. Substantive documentation of the establishment of the OSU Food Pantry is part of this series. The series includes meeting notes, correspondence, events plans and agendas, research materials and notes, handouts and publicity, financial information, surveys, presentations, and reports.

Series 2 includes 1193 born-digital files (3.6 Gbytes) of which 886 are digital images (described as Sub-Series 2), primarily depicting Ten Rivers Food Web events.  Born digital documents in the series pertain to the Food Systems Coalition, the OSU Food Pantry, and events sponsored by Ten Rivers Food Web.  Series 2 also includes 5 born-digital videos of special events which are described as Sub-Series 1 and are available to view online.

Box-Folder 1.37: Roots to Rivers Fundraiser, 2014
Box-Folder 1.38: Rogue Valley Food System Vision and Action Plan Executive Summary, 2013
Box-Folder 1.39: Seed to Supper Corvallis, 2014
Box-Folder 1.40: Seed to Supper - End of Course Survey - Philomath, 2014
Box-Folder 1.41: Seed to Supper Monroe, 2014
Box-Folder 1.42: Seed to Supper Sweet Home, 2014
Box-Folder 1.43: Seed to Supper Lebanon, 2014
Box-Folder 1.44: Seed to Supper Applications, 2014
Box-Folder 1.45: Seed to Supper Satellite Information, 2013
Box-Folder 1.46: Seed to Supper General, 2014
Box-Folder 7.01: Posters, circa 2010s
Includes two posters.  One is for the 2017 Fill Your Pantry Event; the other poster is an undated general poster about the issues that Ten Rivers Food Web addresses.
Box-Folder 1.47: Alsea Survey - Generational Land Transference, 2016
Box-Folder 1.48: Sweet Home Surveys - Generational Land Transference, 2016
Box-Folder 1.49: Scio Surveys - Generational Land Transference, 2016
Box-Folder 1.50: Brownsville Survey, 2016
Box-Folder 1.51: Generational Land Transference - Summit Oregon Survey, 2016
Box-Folder 1.52: Generational Land Transference - Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties, 2015
Box-Folder 1.53: Generational Land Transference notes, 2015
Box-Folder 1.54: Generational Land Transference Survey Summary, 2015-2016
Box-Folder 1.55: Generational Land Transference - Quarterly Report, 2016
Box-Folder 1.56: Generational Land Transference - Mary's River Grange Venue, 2016
Box-Folder 1.57: Generational Land Transference - Lincoln County, 2016
Box-Folder 1.58: Generational Land Transference - Food Land - Harry MacCormack, 2016
Box-Folder 1.59: Generational Land Convenings, 2013-2014
Box-Folder 1.60: Generational Land Transference - A Milestone Evaluation, undated
Box-Folder 1.61: Generational Land Transference Project, 2015
Box-Folder 1.62: Generational Land Transference Project, 2016
Box-Folder 2.01: Designing the Food Web - Lincoln County, 2014
Box-Folder 2.02: Designing the Food Web - Benton County, 2016
Box-Folder 2.03: Designing the Food Web - Benton County, 2013
Box-Folder 2.04: Farm and Business Strategies, 2006
Box-Folder 2.05: Farm Marketing and Income, 2006
Box-Folder 2.06: Community Food Security Group, 2006
Box-Folder 2.07: Linn and Benton County Food Security Events and Resources, 2003-2004
Box-Folder 2.08: Food Security and Food Initiatives, 1996-2008
Box-Folder 2.09: Community Food Security Group, 2004
Box-Folder 2.10: Community Food Security, 2006
Box-Folder 2.11: Food System Coalition Design Team, 2005
Box-Folder 2.12: Food Systems Coalition of the Mid-Valley, 2005-2006
Digital Folder 1: Food Systems Coalition, 2005
1 file; 719 Kbytes; PowerPoint presentation of the Food Systems Coalition of Benton County, which was formed to provide strategic leadership to build economically and environmentally sustainable local food systems in Benton County.
Box-Folder 2.13: Food Systems Coalition Logo, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 2.14: Food Distribution Communication, 2017
Box-Folder 2.15: Benton County Food Summit, 2004
Box-Folder 2.16: Community Food Security Workshop, 2004
Box-Folder 2.17: Community Food Projects, 2005-2009
Box-Folder 2.18: Local Food Security, 2003-2005
Box-Folder 2.19: Senior Hunger Forum Presentation, 2011
Box-Folder 2.20: Siletz Community Food Security Project, 2012
Box-Folder 2.21: Ending Hunger Summit, 2012
Box-Folder 2.22: Community Food Assistance, 2011
Box-Folder 2.23: Community Food Assessment Training, 2005
Box-Folder 2.24: Community Food Assessment Institutional Review Board, 2005-2006
Box-Folder 2.25: South Corvallis FEAST, 2011
Box-Folder 2.26: Pancake Breakfast, 2013
Box-Folder 2.27: South Corvallis FEAST, 2011
Box-Folder 2.28: Alsea Feast, 2013
Box-Folder 2.29: Summit FEAST, 2011
Box-Folder 2.30: Albany FEAST, 2011
Box-Folder 2.31: Lincoln County FEAST, 2010-2011
Box-Folder 2.32: FEAST Breakout Sessions/Groups, undated
Box-Folder 2.33: FEAST: Food Education Agriculture Solutions Together - Planning material, 2013
Box-Folder 2.34: Chef's Show Off, 2010
Box-Folder 2.35: Chef's Show Off Benefit, 2011
Box-Folder 2.36: Chef's Show Off Benefit, 2012
Box-Folder 2.37: Chef's Show Off, 2010-2013
Digital Folder 2: Chef's Show Off, 2006-2013
170 files; 225 Mbytes; includes 17 digital photographs of the 2011 Chef's Show Off, posters, programs, and promotional materials including graphics
Box-Folder 2.38: Food Literacy Committee, 2006-2010
Box-Folder 2.39: Lincoln County Foods Group, 2014
Box-Folder 2.40: East Linn Chapter, 2013
Box-Folder 2.41: Albany Community Food Group, 2013
Box-Folder 2.42: Sweet Home/Brownwsville Working Group, 2008-2009
Box-Folder 2.43: Community Food Organizing Resources, 2010-2012
Box-Folder 2.44: Farm to Fork, 2006
Box-Folder 2.45: Farm to Fork Dinner Yachats, 2012
Box-Folder 2.46: Lincoln County Consumer Survey, 2011
Box-Folder 2.47: Benton County Consumer Surveys, 2006
Box-Folder 2.48: OSU Food Pantry Fiscal Sponsorship - A project, 2009
Box-Folder 2.49: OSU Emergency Food Pantry - End of year report, 2009-2010
Box-Folder 2.50: Memorandum of Understanding OSU Food Pantry - Ten Rivers Food Web, 2009-2010
Digital Folder 3: OSU Food Pantry, 2008-2011
177 files; 118 Mbytes; Includes 28 image files (graphics and digital photographs).  The folder consists of a variety of documents pertaining to the OSU food pantry, including advertising, donations, food orders and recalls, images, funding, reports, and minutes.  Of special note is a 2011 report on how to establish a campus food pantry.
Box-Folder 2.51: Lincoln County Childhood Obesity, 2010-2012
Box-Folder 2.52: Linn County Childhood Obesity, 2013
Box-Folder 2.53: Summit-Childhood Obesity Planning Meeting, 2013
Box-Folder 2.54: Healthy Eating, 2005
Box-Folder 2.55: Assessing Latinos in the Local Food System: Community Partners Meeting, 2012
Box-Folder 2.56: Latino Families' Experiences with Local Food in Linn, Benton and Polk Counties, 2012
Box-Folder 2.57: Ecuador Food Sovereignty, 2013
Box-Folder 2.58: Rural Business Enterprise Grant Final Report, 2007
Box-Folder 2.59: Rural Grocery Store Owner Survey: Rural Community Food Systems Assessment Project, undated
Box-Folder 2.60: Cooking Matters, 2011
Box-Folder 2.61: Cooking Matters Facilitator Talking Points, 2013
Box-Folder 3.01: Food Day, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 3.02: Food Day Corvallis, 2013
Box-Folder 3.03: Albany Food Film Series, undated
Box-Folder 3.04: Film Food Series Resources, circa 2011
Box-Folder 3.05: Ten Rivers Food Web Film Screening Nights, 2012-2014
Box-Folder 3.06: Lincoln County Film Series, undated
Box-Folder 3.07: East Linn Film Series, 2013
Box-Folder 3.08: Roots to Rivers Fundraiser, 2014
Box-Folder 3.09: Community Supported Fisheries, 2012
Box-Folder 3.10: Local Seafood Day, 2012
Box-Folder 3.11: Sea to Table, 2012
Box-Folder 3.12: Down to Earth Youth Garden, 2013
Box-Folder 3.13: Planting Seeds of Change: Edible Educational Endeavor, 2010
Digital Folder 4: Planting Seeds of Change, 2008-2010
4 files; 120 Mbytes; PowerPoint presentations about the Planting Seeds of Change program in the Lebanon (Or.) School District in association with the Community Health Improvement Program (CHIP).
Box-Folder 3.14: Community Food Systems Gathering, 2009
Box-Folder 3.15: Garden Resources, 2012
Box-Folder 3.16: Food Summit Debriefing, 2004
Box-Folder 3.17: Retreat Meeting, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 3.18: Rural Grocery Store Initiative, 2012
Box-Folder 3.19: Tunison Block Party Sign in, 2011
Box-Folder 3.20: Extension Small Farms and Farm Direct Marketing Conference Packet, 2007
Box-Folder 3.21: Extension, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 3.22: Bean and Grain Project, 2007-2011
Box-Folder 3.23: Bean and Grain Project, 2007-2008
Box-Folder 3.24: Gleaner Programs, 2012
Box-Folder 3.25: Benton County Food Summit, 2011
Box-Folder 3.26: Resources for Farmers, Producers and Fishermen, 2013
Box-Folder 3.27: Preserve the Harvest, 2013
Box-Folder 3.28: Fall Food Preservation Fair, 2012
Box-Folder 3.29: Food Processing, 2006
Box-Folder 3.30: Food Demonstration in the Marketplace, 2011
Box-Folder 3.31: Nonprofit Trainings: Ten Rivers Food Web Retreat, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 3.32: Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, 2005-2006
Box-Folder 3.33: Oregon Food and Farm Economy Data by Ken Meter, 2005-2007
Box-Folder 3.34: Food, Faith and Fellowship in Corvallis, 2012
Box-Folder 3.35: Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root, 2009
Box-Folder 3.36: The Wheat Fleet, 2010
Box-Folder 3.37: Terra Madre Day 2014 Event, 2014
Box-Folder 3.38: Postering Sites, undated
Box-Folder 3.39: Lebanon Downtown Farmers Market, 2012-2013
Box-Folder 3.40: Local Farm Directory Resources, 1999-2008
Box-Folder 3.41: Food Policy, 2004
Box-Folder 3.42: "Where Does Our Food Come From?" Talk by Nabhan and Morton, 2009
Box-Folder 3.43: Larry Korn Talk, 2010
Box-Folder 3.44: Fall Food Series, 2009
Box-Folder 3.45: Low Income Committee, 2007-2010
Box-Folder 3.46: Local Food Acreage, 2017
Box-Folder 3.47: Local Food Project, 2008
Box-Folder 3.48: Website Notes, 1999-2013
Box-Folder 3.49: Ten Rivers Food Web History, 2004-2009
Box-Folder 3.50: TRFW: Brand Revitalization Duality, 2012
Box-Folder 3.51: Stakeholder Interviews, 2010
Box-Folder 3.52: Good Samaritan Building Healthier Communities, 2013-2014
Box-Folder 3.53: TRFW: Blank Farmer/Grower Surveys, 2014
Box-Folder 3.54: Letter from the Benton County Food Systems Coalition, 2005
Box-Folder 3.55: Benton County Farmers Market, 2006-2011
Box-Folder 3.56: Farmers Market Partner, 2012
Box-Folder 3.57: Proposal for the Benton County Food Coalition Coordinator (AmeriCorps VISTA), 2005
Box-Folder 3.58: Building Bridges: AmeriCorps VISTA Program, 2006
Box-Folder 3.59: Project Proposals, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 3.60: The Garden House: A Gathering Place Proposal, 2013
Box-Folder 3.61: Community Kitchen Ideas and Information, 2000
Box-Folder 3.62: Letters of Support Towards Ten Rivers, 2006-2008
Box-Folder 3.63: Community Food Center Project, 2010-2011
Sub-Series 1: Videos of Special Events, 2005-2011
Item 1: Chef's Show Off Video, 2005
This video can be viewed online.
Item 2: Chef's Show Off, 2011
The video can be viewed online.
Item 3: Food Summit, 2013
This video is available online.
Item 4: Oregon Food Bank, 2010
The video is available online.
Item 5: Seeds of Change, undated
This video is available online.
Sub-Series 2: Photographs of Special Events, 2008-2013
Sub-Series 2 consists of 841 digital photographs of special events that were sponsored by Ten Rivers Food Web or in which the organization participated.  Images of fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers were taken for publications and promotions.  The sub-series consists of 841 files (3.14 Gbytes).  These images are likely duplicated in Series 8.
Digital Folder 01: Chef's Show Off, 2010
44 digital photographs
Digital Folder 02: Chef's Show Off, 2011
192 digital photographs
Digital Folder 03: Chef's Show Off, 2013
45 digital photographs
Digital Folder 04: Fair Share Glean, 2010
123 digital photographs; includes images of presentation of a grant from the Siletz Tribe, a haunted house event, gleaning corn, and gleaning watermelon.
Digital Folder 05: Farmers Market, 2008-2009
33 digital photographs
Digital Folder 06: FEAST, 2011
37 digital photographs
Digital Folder 07: Goat Farm, 2008
37 digital photographs
Digital Folder 08: Larry Korn Talk, 2010
47 digital photographs
Digital Folder 09: Plants, Vegetables, and Flowers, 2013
84 digital photographs
Digital Folder 10: Sweet Home Farmers Market, 2012
85 digital photographs
Digital Folder 11: Terra Madre, 2010
114 digital photographs
Series 3: Community Food Land Trust, 2011-2017
Series 3 documents the Community Food Land Trust (CFLT) program created by Ten Rivers Food Web.  The mission of this program was to acquire and hold land in a public benefit land trust to grow food in perpetuity.  This would provide new farmers with affordable access to food production land and allow the local community to directly support its food growers.  Through the work of its Land Access Committee, materials from the Oregon Community Food Systems Network are also part of this series.  The series includes correspondence, notes, and directly-related reference material.
Box-Folder 3.64: Community Food Land Trust, 2016-2017
Box-Folder 3.65: Community Food Land Trust, 2017
Box-Folder 3.66: Oregon Community Food System Network, 2016-2017
Box-Folder 3.67: Willamette Valley Food System Reports, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 3.68: County Presentation, undated
Series 4: Benton County Food Freedom, 2013-2016
Series 4 consists of materials created by the Ten Rivers Food Web to support the Benton County Food Freedom campaign in Benton County, Oregon, in support of ballot measure 2-89 "Local Food System Ordinance" in the May 2015 election.  Measure 2-89 asked: "Should voters enact an ordinance prohibiting cultivation of genetically engineered organisms and creating rights relating to food production?"  The measure, which was defeated in the May 2015 election, would have prohibited corporations or government from planting transgenetic seed in the county.  Benton County Food Freedom argued that genetically modified organisms could cross-pollinate and reduce people's ability to save, replant, and adapt open pollinated seeds free from contamination.  The measure attempted to eliminate personal liability to any corporation claiming seed patent or ownership rights, or commercial infringement resulting from inadvertent infection of agricultural crops by genetically engineered organisms or other patented traits.  The materials in this series reflect outreach, research, and positions to support this measure as well as related outreach and events Ten Rivers Food Web was involved with at the time.  The series also includes born-digital sound recordings of a hearing pertaining to the measure at the Benton County Courthouse in February 2013 (13 files; 43.1 Mbytes).
Box-Folder 3.69: Benton County Food Freedom Petition Phase (1 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 3.70: Benton County Food Freedom (2 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 3.71: Benton County Food Freedom Legal Information (3 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 3.72: Benton County Food Freedom (4 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 4.01: Benton County Food Freedom (5 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 4.02: Benton County Food Freedom (6 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 4.03: Benton County Food Freedom Insurance Breakdown (7 of 8), 2014-2016
Box-Folder 4.04: Benton County Food Freedom (8 of 8), 2014-2016
Digital Folder 1: Recording of Hearing at Benton County Courthouse on February 15, 2013, 2013
13 files; 43.1 Mbytes  These audio files are .trm files created by FTR (FortheRecord) digital courtroom recording software.  They appear to be of a hearing at the Benton County Courthouse on February 15, 2013.
Series 5: That's My Farmer, 2008-2017
Series 5 documents the That's My Farmer (TMF) program of the Ten Rivers Food Web.  The program aimed to connect community members with local farmers and encourage purchasing of local food through incentives and educational opportunities, including SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), farmers' market tours, and Veggies Rx (Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program).  A substantial portion of this series documents Ten Rivers Food Web's involvement in assisting SNAP recipients buy food from their local farmers' markets  and fundraising to provide incentive matching funds.  The series includes surveys and questionnaires capturing information about how many SNAP recipients visited the farmers' markets, how much SNAP credit they spent, if they are interested in farmers' markets, and if farmers' markets are accessible to them.  The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (Veggies Rx) aimed to address barriers to healthy eating and promoted a sustained consumption of local fruits and vegetables.  In addition to surveys and questionnaires, the series includes handouts, informational materials, program binders, reports, and agendas.
Box-Item 8.1: Contribution Can for That's My Farmer SNAP donations, undated
Box-Folder 4.05: That's my Farmer Planning, 2008
Box-Folder 4.06: That's my Farmer History, 2010
Box-Folder 4.07: That's my Farmer Binder, 2013
Box-Folder 4.08: My Farmer SNAP Program Report, 2013
Box-Folder 4.09: Participant Materials, undated
Box-Folder 4.10: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 4.11: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Notes, 2012
Box-Folder 4.12: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Grant Application, 2012
Box-Folder 4.13: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Pilot Program, 2013
Box-Folder 4.14: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Recipes and Information, 2013
Box-Folder 4.15: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Patient Information, 2013
Box-Folder 4.16: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Check-in Information, 2014
Box-Folder 4.17: Vegetable and "Real Food" Prescription Program, 2015-2017
Box-Folder 4.18: Assessing Animal Foods Using Biogenic 12 Viewpoint, 2016
Box-Folder 4.19: Assessing Animal and Plant Based Food, 2016
Box-Folder 4.20: Oregon SNAP Information, 2011
Box-Folder 4.21: SNAP Data, 2012
Box-Folder 4.22: SNAP Tracking, 2013
Box-Folder 4.23: SNAP Data, 2013
Box-Folder 4.24: SNAP Memorandum of Agreement, 2012
Box-Folder 4.25: Corvallis Breakfast Fundraiser, 2011-2013
Box-Folder 4.26: That's my Farmer, 2011
Box-Folder 4.27: Albany Fundraiser, 2013
Box-Folder 4.28: Program Information, 2013
Box-Folder 4.29: Albany SNAP Dinner Fundraiser, 2012
Box-Folder 4.30: Farmers Market Tour Surveys, 2013
Box-Folder 4.31: Surveys, 2013
Box-Folder 4.32: Albany Irish Dinner SNAP Fundraiser, 2013
Box-Folder 4.33: The Lemonade Project SNAP Fundraiser, undated
Box-Folder 4.34: Cajun Dinner SNAP Fundraiser, 2011
Box-Folder 4.35: SNAP Incentive Fundraiser, undated
Box-Folder 4.36: Outreach Sites, 2013
Item 1: That's My Farmer SNAP Incentive Program slideshow, circa 2011
2 minutes; this video is available online.
Series 6: Funding, 2004-2015
Series 6 consists of documentation of applications submitted by the Ten Rivers Food Web for grant funding and grants received.  The bulk of the materials in this series reflect successful grant applications.  Organizations that provided grants to the Ten Rivers Food Web include the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, Meyer Memorial Trust, Benton County Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, and ConAgra Food Foundation.  Ten Rivers Food Web also received an Oregon Medicare Rural Hospital flex grant and a Rural Business Enterprise grant.  The series also includes educational materials pertaining to the process for seeking and applying for grant funding.
Box-Folder 4.37: OSU Food Pantry Financial Information, 2009-2011
Box-Folder 4.38: Fundraising School, 2004
Box-Folder 4.39: Grant Outcome History, 2012-2014
Box-Folder 4.40: Fred Meyer Foundation Grant Workshop, 2006
Box-Folder 4.41: Oregon Department of Agriculture EBT Grant Approval, 2007
Box-Folder 4.42: Rural Development Initiative Fundraising Training, 2011
Box-Folder 4.43: Farmers Market Promotion Program, 2011
Box-Folder 4.44: Grants, 2013
Box-Folder 4.45: Corvallis High School Grant, 2011
Box-Folder 4.46: Chambers Family Foundation Grant Application, 2013
Box-Folder 4.47: Northwest Health Foundation Awards Funding, 2013
Box-Folder 4.48: Proposal to Ben and Jerry's for Funding, 2014
Box-Folder 4.49: United Way Funding, 2015
Box-Folder 4.50: Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Proposal Application, 2014
Box-Folder 4.51: PacificSource Grant Award, 2012
Box-Folder 4.52: Northwest Health Foundation, 2008
Box-Folder 4.53: Ford Family Foundation, 2011
Box-Folder 4.54: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Grant, 2006
Box-Folder 4.55: Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, 2009-2012
Box-Folder 4.56: Spirit Mountain Community Fund, circa 2011
Box-Folder 4.57: Specialty Crop Block Grant, 2013
Box-Folder 4.58: Benton County Foundation, 2014
Box-Folder 4.59: ConAgra Food Foundation, 2012
Box-Folder 4.60: Share Our Strength Shopping Matters, 2012
Box-Folder 4.61: Samaritan Social Accountability Grant, 2013
Box-Folder 4.62: Rural Business Enterprise Grant, 2008
Box-Folder 4.63: Rural Business Enterprise Grant Supplemental Materials, 2008
Box-Folder 4.64: Rural Business Enterprise Grant, 2014
Box-Folder 4.65: Oregon Community Foundation, 2010-2011
Box-Folder 5.01: Local Grant Programs, 2016
Box-Folder 5.02: Small Business Legal Clinic, 2016
Box-Folder 5.03: OSU Folk Club, 2011-2014
Box-Folder 5.04: Samaritan Social Accountability Funding, 2012
Box-Folder 5.05: Spirit Mountain Community Fund, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 5.06: Farmers Market Promotion Program, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 5.07: USDA Community Food Projects Grant Program, 2009
Box-Folder 5.08: Meyer Memorial Trust, 2010-2011
Box-Folder 5.09: Meyer Memorial Trust, 2011
Box-Folder 5.10: Meyer Memorial Trust: Community Food Systems Implementation Grant Proposal, 2014
Box-Folder 5.11: Meyer Memorial Trust: Technical Assistance Plan, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 5.12: Meyer Memorial Trust: Grassroots Grant Application, 2010
Box-Folder 5.13: Meyer Memorial Trust, 2010-2013
Box-Folder 5.14: Oregon Department of Justice Registration CT-12, RF-C, 2007-2008
Box-Folder 5.15: 501(c)(3) Application, 2007
Series 7: Publications and Reference Material, 1999-2016
Series 7 consists of publications and reference materials acquired and assembled, but not created, by the Ten Rivers Food Web.  Many of the resources in this series were created by affiliated organizations and collaborators of the Ten Rivers Food Web.  Topics represented in this series include:  WIC (Women, Infants and Children) nutrition programs, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), farming and ranching, agricultural census data, hunger in Oregon, cookbooks, community food assessment, household economic security, and farm to school programs.  Other organizations represented in this series include Fresh Approach, a non-profit that published supporting materials for the Veggie Rx program; the Community Food Security Coalition; and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.
Box-Folder 5.16: Shopping Matters for WIC Parents, 2012
Box-Folder 5.17: Community Health Resources, 2012
Box-Folder 5.18: Congregational Health Index, 2010
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon.
Box-Folder 5.19: Emergency Food, 2013
Box-Folder 5.20: Food Storage Regulations, 2000
Box-Folder 5.21: Oregon Food Bank, 2010
Box-Folder 5.22: Real Food, Real Choice: Connecting SNAP Recipients with Farmers Markets, 2010
Box-Folder 5.23: A Citizen's Guide to Food Recovery, 1999
Box-Folder 5.24: Family Farmer and Rancher Resources, 2013
Box-Folder 5.25: Vegetable Prescription Fresh Approach, 2012
Box-Folder 5.26: Census of Agriculture, 2007
Box-Folder 5.27: The Oregon CSA Farmer's Guide to Accepting SNAP EBT Payments, 2013
Box-Folder 5.28: Community Food Security Coalition, 2006
Box-Folder 5.29: Community Food Security Informational Booklets, 2000-2015
Box-Folder 5.30: Community Food Security Coalition, 2004
Box-Folder 5.31: Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Against Hunger, undated
Box-Folder 5.32: Ending Hunger Resources, 2002-2004
Box-Folder 5.33: Hunger in Oregon, 2012
Box-Folder 5.34: Food Insecurity and Hunger in Oregon, 2001
Box-Folder 5.35: Guide to Measuring Household Food Security, 2000
Box-Folder 5.36: Benton County Resources, 2008-2010
Box-Folder 5.37: Lincoln County Resources, 2008-2010
Box-Folder 5.38: Lincoln County Resources, circa 2010
Box-Folder 5.39: Lincoln County Food System Summary, 2008
Box-Folder 5.40: State Resources, circa 2010
Box-Folder 5.41: USDA Oregon Program Guide and Activity Report, 2009
Box-Folder 5.42: Organic Production Survey, 2008
Box-Folder 5.43: Nutrition, 2013-2016
Box-Folder 5.44: Nutrition, 2003-2015
Box-Folder 5.45: Incubation Implementation Plan, 2012
Box-Folder 5.46: School Gardening, 2009
Box-Folder 5.47: Bearing Fruit: Farm to School Program, circa 2009
Box-Folder 5.48: Take Root, 2013
Box-Folder 5.49: Farming with the Wild, 2001
Box-Folder 5.50: Sugar Beet Agriculture Research, 2008
Box-Folder 5.51: Vineyard Site Selection in Linn and Benton Counties, circa 2000
Box-Folder 5.52: The Economics of Happiness, 2011
Box-Folder 5.53: Local and Regional News, 2002-2006
Box-Folder 5.54: Brochures and Handouts, undated
Box-Folder 5.55: Brochures and Pamphlets, undated
Box-Folder 5.56: Cooking Matters for Adults, 2011
Box-Folder 5.57: The Locavore's Winter Table Cookbook, 2013
Box-Folder 5.58: What's Cooking in your Food System?, 2002
Box-Folder 5.59: Diabetic Cookbook: Healthy Eating of a Budget, undated
Box-Folder 6.01: An Action Guide to Local Food Policy, 1999
Box-Folder 6.02: South Corvallis Community Food Center Feasibility Report, undated
Box-Folder 6.03: Community Food Project Evaluation Handbook, 2003-2006
Box-Folder 6.04: Community Food Assessment Ecumenical Ministries, 2005-2006
Box-Folder 6.05: Community Food Project Evaluation Toolkit, 2006
Box-Folder 6.06: Community Food Assessment Resource Guide, 2006-2009
Box-Folder 6.07: From Our Own Soil: Community Food Assessment, 2006
Item 1: Greenhorns documentary film, circa 2009
A documentary on young farmers produced and directed by Severine von Tscharner Fleming; 50 minutes.  This video is available online.
Series 8: Executive Director and Staff Electronic Records, 2008-2016

Series 8 consists of electronic records created and assembled by Ten Rivers Food Web Executive Directors and staff and is arranged in 4 sub-series -- one for each of those individuals.  The bulk of the digital files are *.doc; *.xsl, or *.pdf format; the series also includes digital photographs.  The records were created and assembled by Chloe Rico, Kate Dolkas, Cassie Peters, and Jen Christion Myers.  The digital files were captured from staff personal computers in  April 2016 and saved onto an external hard drive. These electronic records have been minimally processed and the original arrangement (by individual staff computer and thereunder in high-level root folders) has been retained.  The folder structure, especially of the Google Drive portions of each sub-series, is substantially the same for all the sub-series.  There is certainly extensive duplication of files between sub-series as well as with-in some sub-series.  The total quantity of electronic records in this series is 27,771 files (22.5 Gbytes).

The records document the administration and leadership of the organization, including Board minutes, annual reports, financial records, and personnel; programs and activities of the organization, including That's My Farmer, Fill Your Pantry, Veggies Rx, and Roots to Rivers; and materials documenting local and community endeavours regarding food.

This series likely includes born-digital forms of printed records that are part of other series in this collection.

Sub-Series 1: Chloe Rico, 2008-2015
3838 files; 3.57 Gbytes.  Sub-Series 1 consists primarily of documents created in 2013-2014. The bulk of the records are in Digital Folder 5 (Google Drive) and include administrative records; materials documenting programs and activities of Ten Rivers Food Web, and digital photographs.  Chloe Rico was the Lincoln County Food Organizer beginning in 2011.  There is likely duplication of records between this and other sub-series.
Digital Folder 1: Desktop, 2014-2015
3 files; 61.7 Mybtes; includes Master Gardener presentation and Board meeting minutes draft.
Digital Folder 2: Documents, 2013-2015
33 files; 2.35 Mbytes; includes documents for the 2015 Fill Your Pantry event.
Digital Folder 3: Downloads, 2014-2015
14 files; 1.4 Mbytes; includes various downloaded documents and files pertaining to the organization's programs and activities.
Digital Folder 4: Dropbox, 2011-2014
258 files; 186 Mbytes; includes documents pertaining to the Local Food Directory, That's My Farmer SNAP program and tours, the Veggies Rx program, and volunteers.
Digital Folder 5: Google Drive, 2008-2014
3511 files; 3.31 Gbytes; includes sub-folders for annual reports, budgets, fundraising, grants, marketing, newsletter, publicity, the Local Food Directory, programs and events, staff, strategic planning, and volunteers and interns.  This folder includes more than 800 digital photographs, dating from 2008 to 2014 depicting Ten Rivers Food Web events, farms, farmers markets, produce, programs and activities, staff, and interns.  There is likely duplication between this digital folder and other sub-series.
Digital Folder 6: Pictures, 2014
21 files; 5.6 Mbytes; includes digital photographs of farms, gardening, and Ten Rivers Food Web events and programs.
Sub-Series 2: Kate Dolkas, 2008-2014
6407 files; 6.12 Gbytes.  Sub-Series 2 consists of electronic records similar in arrangement, topic, and datespan to records in other sub-series.  These records document the administration and programs of the organization.  Kate Dolkas was the Chief Financial Officer for Ten Rivers Food Web until March 2013.  This sub-series includes documents created after Dolkas' position ended.
Digital Folder 1: Desktop, 2011-2014
2338 files; 2.11 Gbytes.  This digital folder includes a sub-folder, "Dan's google drive 4/17/14", that consists of similar folder structure and documents to the Google Drive digital folders in other sub-series.
Digital Folder 2: Documents, 2014
4 files; 220 Kbytes; includes documents and publications.
Digital Folder 3: Downloads, 2014
7 files; 1.63 Mbytes; includes images and documents pertaining to the organization's programs and activities.
Digital Folder 4: Dropbox, 2011-2014
500 files; 299 Mbytes; includes documents pertaining to the Local Food Directory, That's My Farmer SNAP program and tours, volunteers, and the Veggies Rx program.
Digital Folder 5: Google Drive, 2008-2014
3243 files; 3.11 Gbytes; includes sub-folders for annual reports, budgets, fundraising, grants, marketing, newsletter, publicity, the Local Food Directory, programs and events, staff, strategic planning, and volunteers and interns.  This digital folder includes about 800 digital photographs.  This digital folder includes a similar sub-folder structure and date-span as the Google Drive digital folder in other sub-series.  There is likely substantial duplication between this digital folder and Digital Folder 1 in this sub-series and with other sub-series.
Digital Folder 6: Pictures, 2012-2013
315 files; 596 Mbytes; includes digital photographs of Ten Rivers Food Web events and the Sweet Home Farmers Market.
Sub-Series 3: Cassie Peters, 2008-2016
11,057 files; 8.36 Gbytes.  Sub-Series 3 is comprised of similar electronic records to the other sub-series, but includes more accounting, financial, and administrative records than Sub-Series 1 and 2.  The bulk of the records in this sub-series are in digital folders 2 and 5; there is likely substantial duplication between and with-in these digital folders. Cassie Peters was an Executive Director for Ten Rivers Food Web.
Digital Folder 1: Desktop, 2015-2016
4 files; 272 Kbytes; includes *.doc files pertaining to financial matters and the Ten Rivers Food Web letterhead.
Digital Folder 2: Documents, 2008-2015
7573 files; 5.3 Gbytes; includes administrative and financial, tax, and payroll records as well as records of Ten Rivers Food Web programs and activities.  There is likely duplication within this digital folder and between this folder and Digital Folder 5 in this sub-series.  This digital folder includes materials pertaining to annual reports, the Ten Rivers Food Web Board of Directors, chapters of the organization, events, fundraising, grants, the Local Food Directory, publicity, staff, volunteers, and the organization website.  This digital folder includes about 760 digital photographs.
Digital Folder 3: Downloads, 2015-2016
87 files; 215 Mbytes; includes various downloaded files primarily pertaining to finances and other administrative matters of the organization.
Digital Folder 4: Dropbox, 2012-2015
336 files; 351 Mbytes; all of the files in this digital folder pertain to the Roots to Rivers and the Veggies Rx programs.
Digital Folder 5: Google Drive, 2008-2015
3057 files; 2.49 Gbytes; includes about 700 digital photographs depicting the organization's events and programs, farms, farmers markets, produce, staff, and interns.  This digital folder includes sub-folders specific to the organization's Executive Director, the Roots to Rivers program, and  annual reports, budgets, fundraising, grants, marketing, publicity, the Local Food Directory, programs and events, staff, strategic planning, volunteers, and interns.  The folder structure is similar to the structure of the Google Drive digital folder in other sub-series.
Sub-Series 4: Jen Christion Myers, 2008-2014
6469 files; 4.47 Gbytes.  Sub-Series 4 contains the bulk of the electronic records in digital folders 1-2 (Desktop and Dropbox) and, unlike previous series, has only a few files in digital folder 3 for the Google Drive.  This sub-series includes documents as well as photographs created prior to 2010.  There is likely duplication between digital folders 1 and 2 in this sub-series.  Jen Christion Myers was an Executive Director of the Ten Rivers Food Web beginning in 2012.
Digital Folder 1: Desktop, 2009-2014
3295 files; 2.04 Gbytes; includes files pertaining to administration and leadership of the organization, finances and fundraising, marketing,  programs, and staff as well as images and photographs
Digital Folder 2: Dropbox, 2011-2013
3052 files; 2.25 Gbytes; includes documents pertaining to Ten Rivers Food Web administration, programs, and events including The Lemonade Project (TLP) and That's My Farmer (TMF) . Materials documenting the Oregon Farmers' Markets Association (OFMA) and the annual Small Farms Conference are also included in this digital folder.
Digital Folder 3: Google Drive, 2012-2014
39 files; 32.6 Mbytes' includes documents for That's My Farmer program, the Small Farms Conference, and farmers markets in the region.
Digital Folder 4: Pictures, 2008-2011
83 files; 142 Mbytes; includes images of farms, produce, and a 2010 event (perhaps Fill Your Pantry).

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