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Valley Library Art Collection Records, 1948-2018

By Maya Bergmann and Elizabeth Nielsen

Collection Overview

Title: Valley Library Art Collection Records, 1948-2018

Predominant Dates: 1996-2013

ID: RG 297

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Libraries

Extent: 5.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Valley Library Art Collection Records are arranged in 5 series: 1. Artists Biographical Information, 1960-2004; 2. Publications and Reference Materials about Artists, 1948-2004; 3. Administrative Records, 1956-2007; 4. Photographs, 2005; and 5. Betty LaDuke, 1989-2018.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Valley Library Art Collection Records document the artists and art represented in the Northwest Art Collection as well as the work of Betty LaDuke.  The Northwest Art Collection consists of more than 140 pieces of artwork that were installed in the Valley Library as part of the Oregon Percent for Art program at the time of major renovations of the Oregon State University Library in the late 1990s. Films held in this collection have been digitized and made available online.

Scope and Content Notes

The Valley Library Art Collection Records document the artists and art represented in the Northwest Art Collection as well as the work of Betty LaDuke.  The bulk of the records consist of biographical information about the artists whose works were selected for the Northwest Art Collection as well as reference materials and publications about the artists and their pieces in the Valley Library collection.  Administrative records that were created or assembled by Oregon State University librarians and administrative staff in the course of overseeing and promoting the Northwest Art Collection and documentation of the selection process for items in the Northwest Art Collection are available in the collection.  Photographs of all the pieces in the collection as well as images of cleaning and repair of two textiles in 2005 are included.

This collection also includes materials created by and pertaining to Betty LaDuke -- predominantly her work to document the Eritrean-Ethiopian War through art and documentary videos.  One of the videos -- Eritrian Artists in War and Peace -- is available online.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Northwest Art Collection was established and installed in the Valley Library as part of extensive renovations of the Library that were completed in 1999. This collection features more than 140 pieces of artwork by Northwest artists, and includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, lithographs, prints and other forms of media. This collection was selected in collaboration with the Oregon Art Commission through the Oregon Percent for Art law. This law states that 1% of the construction funds that go towards working on any state facility be set aside for the commissioning and acquisition of public art. The aim of this law is to improve the character and quality of state buildings to inspire, challenge and intrigue all those who view the pieces. The Northwest Art Collection houses works by over 50 artists, including Bonnie Hall, Michael Brophy, and Rick Bartow.  More information about specific pieces is available on the OSU Libraries website.

Betty LaDuke graduated from California State University - Los Angeles with a Master’s Degree in Printmaking, as well as a secondary art teaching credential. LaDuke taught at Southern Oregon University from 1964 to 1996 in the Art Department and was, at that time, the only woman in the department. In 1994, LaDuke traveled to Eritrea as part of a teaching trip. She continued to travel to Eritrea annually until 2001. During the period of these trips, she created the pieces that became “Surviving War, Dreaming Home” documenting her observations of life during the Eritrean-Ethiopian War.  During the same time, LaDuke also created  “Eritrea, Ethiopia: Prayers for Peace” and “Africa: From Eritrea with Love.” LaDuke also produced multiple documentaries, including “Persistent Women Artists” and “Eritrean Artists in War and Peace.” LaDuke now resides in Ashland Oregon with her husband Vincent LaDuke.

Author: Maya Bergmann

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 3 videotapes, 1 DVD, and 174 photographs; 5 boxes, including 3 oversize boxes; 137 Mbytes (44 files)

Statement on Access: The collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The Betty LaDuke materials were donated to the Oregon State University Libraries in 2013-2014 and were transferred to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center's holdings in 2018 with administrative records pertaining to the Valley Library Art Collection that had been assembled by librarians Ruth Vondracek and Loretta Reilly in the course of overseeing the collection.

Related Materials:

Extensive documentation of the Oregon State University Libraries facilities and programs is available in the Library Records (RG 009).  The Special Collections and Archives Research Center also holds the Bonnie B. Hall Botanical Prints (MSS HallB) which includes prints by Hall in addition to those that are part of the Northwest Art Collection.

The papers of other artists -- Marian Field, Helen M. Gilkey, and Roger Hayward -- as well as the records of the Water Color Society of Oregon are available in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center.

The Betty LaDuke Papers are held at the Williamette University Pacfic Northwest Artists Archive.

Preferred Citation: Valley Library Art Collection Records (RG 297), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: Betty LaDuke prints were removed from the frames in which they were received.


Oregon State University. Libraries
LaDuke, Betty

People, Places, and Topics

Artists--Northwest, Pacific
Eritrean-Ethiopian War, 1998-2000
LaDuke, Betty.
Oregon State University. Libraries
Public art--Oregon--Corvallis.
University History

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Color transparencies.
Digital photographs.
Slides (photographs).
Video recordings (physical artifacts)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Artists Biographical Information, 1960-2004
Series 1 consists of biographical information on the artists that were chosen for inclusion in the Northwest Art Collection. Information on the pieces that are part of the Collection are also included in this series.  The original order of this series, alphabetical by artist, was maintained.
Box-Folder 1.001: Mark Abrahamson, 2001-2003
Box-Folder 1.002: Katherine Ace (Bio), 1999-2003
Box-Folder 1.003: 117. "September-The Call" (K. Ace), 1996
Box-Folder 1.004: Thomas Anderson, 1996-2004
Box-Folder 1.005: Gary Andolina, 2001-2004
Box-Folder 1.006: Gary Andolina (Bio), 2001
Box-Folder 1.007: 73. "Stake" (G. Andolina), 1993
Box-Folder 1.008: Rick Bartow, 1989-2003
Box-Folder 1.009: Rick Bartow (Bio), undated
Box-Folder 1.010: 26. "Ship of Fools II" (R. Bartow), 1993
Box-Folder 1.011: Weltzen B. Blinx, undated
Box-Folder 1.012: Frank Boyden (Docent's Choice), 1985-2003
Box-Folder 1.013: Frank Boyden (Bio), 1996
Box-Folder 1.014: 110. "Crow 2, 4, 5" (F. Boyden), 1995
Box-Folder 1.015: Ken Brauner, 1996-2003
Box-Folder 1.016: Drex Brooks, 2003
Box-Folder 1.017: Michael Brophy, 1995-2004
Box-Folder 1.018: Clint Brown (Bio), 2001-2003
Box-Folder 1.019: 66. "Hounding" (C. Brown), undated
Box-Folder 1.020: 65. "Dog's Feast" (C. Brown), undated
Box-Folder 1.021: 64. "Forsaken" (C. Brown), undated
Box-Folder 1.022: Kay Buckner, undated
Box-Folder 1.023: Sean S. Cain, 2003-2004
Box-Folder 1.024: Berkley Chappel, 2003
Box-Folder 1.025: Sally Cleveland, 2004
Box-Folder 1.026: Dennis Cunningham, undated
Box-Folder 1.027: Dennis Cunningham (Bio), 1998-2004
Box-Folder 1.028: 112. "The Same but Different" 113. "Wet Hands Wild Future" 114. "Trout Need Trees" (D. Cunningham), undated
Box-Folder 1.029: Marita Dingus, 1996-2003
Box-Folder 1.030: Jonathan Dukehart (Bio), 1996
Box-Folder 1.031: 10. "Station to Station" (J. Dukehart), 1996
Box-Folder 1.032: Kim Foren, 1989-2003
Box-Folder 1.033: Kay French, 1994-2003
Box-Folder 1.034: Gordon Gilkey (Bio), 2001-2003
Box-Folder 1.035: 55. "Unclassified Reflections" (G. Gilkey), undated
Box-Folder 1.036: Cie Goulet (Bio), 2001
Box-Folder 1.037: 59. "Valley Ariel" (C. Goulet), 1996
Box-Folder 1.038: David Green, 2003
Box-Folder 1.039: George Green (Bio), 1995-2003
Box-Folder 1.040: 81. "Spell of the Magic Play" (G. Green), undated
Box-Folder 1.041: Tyson Grumm, 2001
Box-Folder 1.042: Tyson Grumm (Bio), 1998-2001
Box-Folder 1.043: 105. "Kampher's Lot" (T. Grumm), 1997
Box-Folder 1.044: Paul Gunn (Bio), 2000
Box-Folder 1.045: 116. "Fog Bank" (P. Gunn), undated
Box-Folder 1.046: Sally Haley (Bio), 1995-2003
Box-Folder 1.047: 115. "Untitled" (S. Haley), 1994
Box-Folder 1.048: Bonnie Hall, 1998-2000
Box-Folder 1.049: Audrey Hatfield, 2001
Box-Folder 1.050: Audrey Hatfield (Bio), undated
Box-Folder 1.051: 13. "Watching the Moon Set" (A Hatfield), 1997
Box-Folder 1.052: 12. "Salmon Prince" (A. Hatfield), 1997
Box-Folder 1.053: Yuji Hiratsuka, 1995-2003
Box-Folder 1.054: Manual Izquierdo, 1992-2003
Box-Folder 1.055: Dometrios G. Jameson, undated
Box-Folder 1.056: George Johanson, 1983-2003
Box-Folder 1.057: 62. "Night Games" (G. Johanson), 1995
Box-Folder 1.058: Shelley Jordon, 2000-2003
Box-Folder 1.059: Mary Josephson, 1990-2003
Box-Folder 1.060: Kacey Joyce, undated
Box-Folder 1.061: Kenin Kadar (Bio), 2001-2003
Box-Folder 1.062: 76. "Fig. 180" (K. Kadar), 1996
Box-Folder 1.063: 74. "Grazing" (K. Kadar), 1996
Box-Folder 1.064: 75. "Nataki" (K. Kadar), 1996
Box-Folder 1.065: 77. "Original Inclination" (K. Kadar), 1995
Box-Folder 1.066: Lee Kelly, 1994-2004
Box-Folder 1.067: 11. "Naga" (L. Kelly), 1997
Box-Folder 1.068: "Sulawesi I" (L. Kelly)
Not on display in the Northwest Art Collection
Box-Folder 1.069: James Lavadour, 1989-2008
Box-Folder 1.070: Richard D. Laycock, undated
Box-Folder 1.071: John Maul, 2008
Box-Folder 1.072: Nancy Mee, 1992-2003
Box-Folder 1.073: Thomas Miller, 1994-2003
Box-Folder 1.074: Tom Morandi, 1974-2003
Box-Folder 1.075: Carl Morris, 1960-2003
Box-Folder 1.076: Carl Morris (Bio), 1983
Box-Folder 1.077: 63. "Silver Creek '584'" (C. Morris), 1988
Box-Folder 1.078: Hilda Morris (Bio), 1984-2003
Box-Folder 1.079: 95. "Sumi-e 89-12" (H. Morris), 1989
Box-Folder 1.080: Royal Nebeker, 1988-2004
Box-Folder 1.081: David Nez (Bio), 1996-2004
Box-Folder 1.082: 24. "Hermes Bird" (D. Nez), 1997
Box-Folder 1.083: 23. Vessel #1" (D. Nez), 1996
Box-Folder 1.084: 22. "Homunculus" (D. Nez), 1997
Box-Folder 1.085: Walt Padgett, undated
Box-Folder 1.086: Henk Pander, 1995-2008
Box-Folder 1.087: Lucinda Parker, 1987-2003
Box-Folder 1.088: 72. "Toccata" (L. Parker), 1996
Box-Folder 1.089: Barry Pelzner, 1987-2003
Box-Folder 1.090: Danny Perkins, 1992-2003
Box-Folder 1.091: Jack Portland, 1989-2003
Box-Folder 1.092: Michele Russo, 1981-2003
Box-Folder 1.093: 67. "Orange Hat" (M. Russo), 1997
Box-Folder 1.094: Nelson Sandgren, undated
Box-Folder 1.095: Susan Seubert, 1993-2003
Box-Folder 1.096: Arvie Smith, 1990-2003
Box-Folder 1.097: 30. "Ile Gorie" (A. Smith), 1997
Box-Folder 1.098: Shelly Socolofsky, 2003
Box-Folder 1.099: Shelly Socolofsky (Bio), undated
Box-Folder 1.100: 106. "Crease" (S. Socolofsky), undated
Box-Folder 1.101: Scott Sonniksen, 1992-2003
Box-Folder 1.102: Allan Stephenson, 1998-2003
Box-Folder 1.103: Angelita Surmon, 2003
Box-Folder 1.104: Phil Sylvester (Bio), 1995-2001
Box-Folder 1.105: Phil Sylvester, 2001
Box-Folder 1.106: 9. "Alice's Stray Hair" (P. Sylvester), undated
Box-Folder 1.107: Melinda Thorsnes (Bio), 1996-2001
Box-Folder 1.108: 28. "Good Ol' Boys" (M. Thorsnes), undated
Box-Folder 1.109: Terry Toedtemeier (Bio), 1992-2002
Box-Folder 1.110: 47. "Contraction Fracture" (T. Toedtemeier), undated
Box-Folder 1.111: 46. "Pothole Erosion" (T. Toedtemeier), undated
Box-Folder 1.112: 45. "Basalt Clastics" (T. Toedtemeier), undated
Box-Folder 1.113: 44. "Palomino Lake" (T. Toedtemeier), undated
Box-Folder 1.114: Larry Walker, 1998
Box-Folder 1.115: Morgan Walker (Bio), 2001-2004
Box-Folder 1.116: 70. "Be Careful What You Wish For" (M. Walker), 1997
Box-Folder 1.117: 69. "Puppetta" (M. Walker), 1997
Box-Folder 1.118: 71. "Missing Espresso Roma" (M. Walker), 1997
Box-Folder 1.119: Terri L. Warpinski, 1997-2003
Box-Folder 1.120: Martha Wehrle, undated
Box-Folder 1.121: Robert Weller, undated
Box-Folder 1.122: Bruce West, 1999-2003
Box-Folder 1.123: Sherries Wolf (Bio), 2000-2003
Box-Folder 1.124: 80. "Parrot Tulips II" (S. Wolf), undated
Box-Folder 1.125: 86. "Cobra Tea Set" (S. Wolf), undated
Box-Folder 1.126: Northwest Art Collection Artist Bios and Contact Information (1 of 3), 1989-2004
Box-Folder 1.127: Northwest Art Collection Artist Bios and Contact Information (2 of 3), 1979-2004
Box-Folder 1.128: Northwest Art Collection Artist Bios and Contact Information (3 of 3), 1992-2004
Series 2: Publications and Reference Materials about Artists, 1948-2004
Series 2 consists of publications and reference materials that pertain to the artists whose work is included in the Northwest Art Collection. These reference materials include newspaper clippings, photocopies from publications, printouts from online resources, and catalog records for books and other publications in the Valley Library and other library collections with information about the artist.  The materials are arranged alphabetically by artist name.
Box-Folder 1.129: Reference Materials (1 of 2), 1992-2004
Box-Folder 1.130: Reference Materials (2 of 2), 1965-2003
Box-Folder 2.01: Unidentified Artist Publications, 1990-2004
Box-Folder 2.02: Multiple Artist Publications, 1968-2004
Box-Folder 2.03: Northwest Rising Clippings, undated
Box-Folder 2.04: Mark Abrahamson Publications, 2002-2004
Box-Folder 2.05: Katherine Ace Publications, 1995-2003
Box-Folder 2.06: Thomas Anderson Publications, undated
Box-Folder 2.07: Rick Bartow Publications, 1986-2004
Box-Folder 2.08: Weltzin Blix Publications, 1974-1981
Box-Folder 2.09: Tom Blodgett Publications, 1970-1982
Box-Folder 2.10: Frank Boyden Publications, 1981-2004
Box-Folder 2.11: Michael Brophy Publications, 1999-2004
Box-Folder 2.12: Clint Brown Publications, 1974-1993
Box-Folder 2.13: Kay Buckner Publications, 1970-1989
Box-Folder 2.14: Sean Cain Publications, 1996-1997
Box-Folder 2.15: Berkley Chappel Publications, 1969
Box-Folder 2.16: Sally Cleveland Publications, 1996-2004
Box-Folder 2.17: Dennis Cunningham Publications, 1972-2004
Box-Folder 2.18: Marita Dingus Publications, 1998-2004
Box-Folder 2.19: Jonathan Dukehart Publications, undated
Box-Folder 2.20: Kay French Publications, 1991-2000
Box-Folder 2.21: Cie Goulet Publications, 1990-1998
Box-Folder 2.22: David Green Publications, 1997
Box-Folder 2.23: George Green Publications, 1982-1987
Box-Folder 2.24: Tyson Grumm Publications, 2000-2002
Box-Folder 2.25: Paul Gunn Publications, 2004
Box-Folder 2.26: Sally Haley Publications, 1948-1993
Box-Folder 2.27: Yoji Hiratsuka Publications, 1994-2001
Box-Folder 2.28: Manuel Izquierdo Publications, 1959-2004
Box-Folder 2.29: Demetrios Jameson Publications, 1982-2004
Box-Folder 2.30: George Johanson Publications, 1969-2003
Box-Folder 2.31: Shelley Jordon Publications, 1996-2003
Box-Folder 2.32: Mary Josephson Publications, 1990-1997
Box-Folder 2.33: Kevin Kadar Publications, 1991-1998
Box-Folder 2.34: Lee Kelly Publications, 1960-1994
Box-Folder 2.35: James Lavadour Publications, 1990-2004
Box-Folder 2.36: Nancy Mee Publications, 1993-2004
Box-Folder 2.37: Thomas Miller Publications, 2003
Box-Folder 2.38: Carl Morris Publications, 1950-1986
Box-Folder 2.39: Hilda Morris Publications, 1977-1991
Box-Folder 2.40: Royal Nebeker Publications, 1989-2004
Box-Folder 2.41: Henk Pander Publications, 1980-2004
Box-Folder 2.42: Lucinda Parker Publications, 1972-2004
Box-Folder 2.43: Barry Pelzner Publications, 1991
Box-Folder 2.44: Jack Portland Publications, 1985-1998
Box-Folder 2.45: Michele Russo Publications, 1968-2004
Box-Folder 2.46: Arvie Smith Publications, undated
Box-Folder 2.47: Angelita Surmon Publications, 1987-2004
Box-Folder 2.48: Terry Toedtemeier Publications
Box-Folder 2.49: Terri Warpinski Publications, 7986-1998
Box-Folder 2.50: Sherrie Wolf Publications, 1986-2004
Series 3: Administrative Records, 1956-2007
Series 3 consists of administrative records created and assembled by Oregon State University librarians and administrative staff in the course of overseeing and promoting the Northwest Art Collection.  The series also includes information about the selection of art pieces for the Northwest Art Collection and assembled reference materials.
Digital File 1: Art Presentation, 2003
Powerpoint presentation prepared by Kevin Bokay for the Academy for Lifelong Learning about the art in the Valley Library; 11.8 Mbytes; 1 file.
Box-Folder 2.51: General Library Information, 2001
Box-Folder 2.52: Selection Criteria, undated
Box-Folder 2.53: 'What is Art?' Essays, 2001
Box-Folder 2.54: Terms List, undated
Box-Folder 2.55: Oregonian Web Search, 2001
Box-Folder 2.56: Art Indexing, 2003
Box-Folder 2.57: Art Indexing Searches, 2003
Box-Folder 2.58: Accession List, 2003
Box-Folder 2.59: Working Bibliography, 2004
Box-Folder 2.60: Working Bibliography, 2004
Box-Folder 2.61: Art Reproduction Records, 2003
Box-Folder 2.62: Gallery Representatives List, undated
Box-Folder 2.63: Correspondence Received, 2004
Box-Folder 2.64: Artist Price Information, undated
Box-Folder 2.65: Marita Dungus "Waste Not" Sales Invoice, 2004
Box-Folder 2.66: Northwest Art General Information, 1956-2007
Box-Folder 2.67: Art Abstracts, 2001-2003
Box-Folder 2.68: Northwest Art Collection Photos and Information, undated
Box-Folder 2.69: Art Collection Maps, undated
Box-Folder 2.70: Library Art Tour, undated
Series 4: Photographs, circa 2003 - 2005
Series 4 consists of photographs of all the art pieces that are displayed in the Valley Library as part of the Northwest Art Collection as well as digital photographs documenting work on two pieces in the collection that was done as part of the Oregon Textiles Workshop in 2005.
Digital Folder 1: Oregon Textile Workshop, 2005
126 Mbytes; 43 files; images of the Dingus and Socolofsky textiles before and after cleaning
Box-Folder 2.71: Photographs of Northwest Art Collection pieces, circa 2003
130 color 35 mm slides and 1 4x5 color transparency
Series 5: Betty LaDuke, 1989-2018
Series 5 consists of materials created by and pertaining to Betty LaDuke. This includes administrative files, fliers from her various art exhibits, reprints of some of her work, as well as four videos in which she is featured.  Of special note are 24 Giclee color prints of LaDuke's "Surviving War, Dreaming Home" series.  One of the video recordings, Eritrean Artists in War and Peace, has been digitized and is available online.
Box-Folder 2.72: Betty LaDuke Library Correspondence, 2013
Box-Folder 2.73: Celebrating Life, 2013
Box-Folder 2.74: "Honor the Earth", undated
Box-Folder 2.75: Exhibit Photos and Information, 2000-2004
Box-Folder 2.76: Jackson State University Exhibit Poster, 2005
Box-Folder 2.77: "Surviving War, Dreaming Home", undated
Box-Folder 2.78: Eritrea Material, undated
Box-Folder 2.79: Kofi Annan Correspondence, 2018
Box-Folder 2.80: Publications, 2000-2008
Box-Folder 2.81: Sales Work Order, 2013
Box-Folder 2.82-2.83: Video Recordings, 1996-2006
3 VHS videotapes and 1 DVD
Item 1: Persistent Women Artists, 1997
VHS videotape. Digitized and available online.
Item 2: Betty LaDuke: An Artist's Journey From the Bronx to Timbuktu, 1996
VHS videotape. Digitized and available online.
Item 3: Eritrean Artists in War and Peace, 1997

Eritrean Artists in War and Peace follows Betty LaDuke as she travels to Eritrea to speak with a group of artists that she first met on a teaching trip in 1994. All of these individuals fought in the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia that spanned for 30 years, which is what much of their art focuses on. In this video, LaDuke speaks with the artists about the pieces that they created during the war, as well as those they created after. LaDuke speaks with 12 artists, including: Elsa Jacob, Terhas Iyassu, Mikael Adonai, Brehane Adonai, Haile Michaiel Ogbu, Laine Blata, Abraham Mogos, Kiros Abebe, Woldu Afwari, Haile Berhe, Mussie Asgodam, and Danny Dafla.

Digitized and available online.

Item 4: Betty LaDuke:  Art Reflecting Life, 2006
DVD; a production of the Salem Art Association in the series "Preservation of Oregon's Artistic Heritage".
Box-Item 3.01: Kofi A. Annan Letter, 2001
Box-Item 3.02: Map of Africa, undated
Box-Item 3.03: Introduction to Betty LaDuke, undated
This folder contains two copies of 'Introduction to Betty LaDuke'
Box-Item 3.04: Eritrea and Ethiopia, undated
Box-Item 3.05: Print - Dreaming Peace, undated
Box-Item 3.06: Print - Eritrea: Refugees Dreaming Home, 2001
Box-Item 3.07: Print - Refugees Waiting, 2000
Box-Item 3.08: Print - Eritrea: Prayers for People (Priest), 1996
Box-Item 3.09: Print - Eritrea/Ethiopia: Praying for Peace, 1998
Box-Item 3.10: Print - Africa: Reshaping the Land, 1996
Box-Item 3.11: Posters, undated
Box-Item 4.01: Print - Eritrea: Celebration, undated
Box-Item 4.02: Print - Eritrea: Mandala for Peace, 1989
Box-Item 4.03: Print - Eritrea: Dreaming Home, 2001
Box-Item 4.04: Print - Eritrea: Saho Tree of Life, undated
Box-Item 4.05: Print - Eritrea: Relocation Camp, 2002
Box-Item 4.06: Print - Eritrea/Ethiopia: Grandmothers Dreaming Peace, 1999
Box-Item 4.07: Print - Eritrea: Millet Farm, undated
Box-Item 4.08: Print - Africa: Together One, 2001
Box-Item 4.09: Print - Eritrea: Life Cycle, 2001
Box-Item 4.10: Print - Eritrea/Ethiopia: Where Have all the Fathers Gone?, 2000
Box-Item 5.01: Print - Eritrea: Reshaping the Land, 1996
Box-Item 5.02: Print - Africa: Eritrea Tree of Life, 1996
Box-Item 5.03: Print - Eritrea: Coptic Alter, 1996
Box-Item 5.04: Print - Eritrea: Kunama War Harvest, undated
Box-Item 5.05: Print - Eritrea: Tea Dreams, 1998
Box-Item 5.06: Print - Eritrea: Refugees Dreaming Home, 2001
Box-Item 5.07: Print - Eritrea: Seven Sons, Three Martyrs, 2001
Box-Item 5.08: Print - Eritrea: Jump Rope, 2001
Box-Item 5.09: Print - Eritrea: Refugees Waiting, 2000
Box-Item 5.10: Print - Eritrea: Flight From Fear, 2000

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