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Nuclear Free America Records, 1945-2003

By Trevor Sandgathe and Anne Bahde

Collection Overview

Title: Nuclear Free America Records, 1945-2003

Predominant Dates: 1983-1995


Primary Creator: Nuclear Free America (Organization)

Extent: 19.0 cubic feet. More info below.


The Nuclear Free America Records are divided into 9 series: Series 1: Administrative Records, 1981-2000; Series 2: Nuclear Free Zones Project, 1981-1995; Series 3: Weapons Maker Database, 1986-2001; Series 4: Other Initiatives and Projects, 1979-1995; Series 5: Related Organizations, 1983-2000; Series 6: Subject Files, 1988-2000; Series 7: Artifacts and Memorabilia, 1945-1996; Series 8: Video Recordings, 1979-2003; Series 9: Electronic Records, circa 1985-1995.

Series 1 is further divided into 4 subseries: Subseries 1: General; Subseries 2: Grant Funding; Subseries 3: Fundraising Initiatives; Subseries 4: Conferences.

Series 2 is further divided into 4 subseries: Subseries 1: Project Records; Subseries 2: United States Zones; Subseries 3: Native Lands (United States) Zones; and Subseries 4: International Zones. These records are arranged geographically, alphabetically by state, and localities within each state.

Date Acquired: 00/00/2016

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Nuclear Free America Records document the activities of this nonprofit resource center throughout the lifetime of the organization. Nuclear Free America facilitated a worldwide antinuclear movement to create "nuclear free zones"  (NFZs) or communities where nuclear production, testing, waste, and transportation activities were banned. During its 15 years of operation, more than 200 NFZ declarations were passed by 4,500 local governments in 26 nations worldwide. The collection includes administrative records, records of nuclear free zone declarations by localities around the world, and extensive files related to affiliated antinuclear organizations.

Scope and Content Notes

The Nuclear Free America Records document the activities of this nonprofit antinuclear organization during its most active years.

Series 1: Administrative Records covers all general operational functions of Nuclear Free America (NFA) including staffing, administration, finance, outreach and promotion, and organizational contacts. Series 1 is further divided into 4 subseries. Subseries 1: General includes financial records, meeting minutes, and staffing records. Subseries 2: Grant Funding and Subseries 3: Fundraising demonstrate the funding efforts by this small organization through different means, including local initiatives and private donations. Subseries 4: Conferences contains several folders of meeting minutes from the Nuclear Free Local Authorities international conferences, which shed further light on NFA's work.

Series 2: Nuclear Free Zones contains the majority of materials in the collection and documents the efforts by NFA to create "nuclear free zones" (NFZs), or communities where nuclear production, testing, waste, and transportation activities were banned. The series is arranged geographically and contains documentation of NFA's work with each locality or community organizing toward an NFZ declaration. While some efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, most declarations happened successfully due to the liaising and guidance provided by Nuclear Free America. Some communities, including those in New York, Ohio, and California used the NFZ effort to successfully protest nearby nuclear waste disposal plans. Within this series, Subseries 3: Native Lands contains important documentation of efforts by tribal leaders to eradicate nuclear presence from various native reservations. Of particular note are materials including correspondence, meeting minutes, and legal documents related to NFA's partnership with the National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans to help fight the U. S. Department of Energy's plan to site 'temporary' high-level radioactive waste dumps on native lands. The international zones represented in Subseries 4 include documentation of efforts by NFA to include nuclear issues in international discussions related to protecting the Arctic and other remote regions.

Series 3: Weapons-Maker Database shows how NFA became the sole source of information on U.S. companies that make or support nuclear weapons, in order to support socially conscious investing, boycott efforts, and divestment campaigns. The Weapons Maker Database and its various datasets were provided to buyers from 1990 to 1995 and the series contains client information sheets, compiled lists, and correspondence. Series 4: Other Initiatives and Projects demonstrates fundraising and other outreach efforts undertaken by the organization, including significant boycotting activity and documentaries. The collected materials in Series 5: Related Organizations offer a window into both national and international antinuclear and peace activism during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and show grassroots activist efforts addressing a number of nuclear concerns through publications, activities, events, and outreach. The similar materials in Series 6 were grouped by NFA according to topic rather than organization. Series 7: Artifacts and Memorabilia contains ephemera such as stickers, buttons, and placards from a wide body of antinuclear events and organizations. Series 8: Video Recordings contains over 20 VHS tapes about a variety of topics, including the Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregon and environmental impacts on the Columbia River. Series 9: Electronic Records contains various electronic formats that are not currently processed and inaccessible to researchers.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Nuclear Free America (NFA) was an international clearinghouse and resource center founded in 1982, primarily to serve communities in the United States wishing to declare themselves nuclear free zones (NFZs) as part of a worldwide movement. NFA closed its doors in 1997. During its fifteen years of operation, more than 200 NFZ declarations passed within the territory of the United States, as part of over 4,500 declarations passed by local governments in 26 nations worldwide.

Local NFZs were established in solidarity with international treaties covering the Antarctic, Outer Space, the Sea-Bed, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Central Asia.

NFA, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and, from 1993-1997, with a second office in Salem, Oregon, served as the US affiliate and United Nations representative of the International Secretariat of the Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Primary organizers were Chuck Johnson and Albert Donnay.

The early focus of NFA was assisting mostly symbolic declarations against nuclear weapons - part of national and international efforts to protest Cold War nuclear weapons policies of the US and its allies.

After the Cold War, fears about nuclear weapons waned, but concerns about storage of nuclear waste from more than 100 commercial nuclear power plants grew as proposed nuclear waste sites proliferated throughout the country.  NFA assisted communities in developing NFZ declarations that served as symbolic buffers - or real barriers in the case of laws passed by sovereign Native American Nations.

To assist several communities that wished to end investment or purchase from nuclear weapons manufacturers, NFA researchers, working with Eagle Eye Publishers, developed an annual database of US nuclear weapons contractors that eventually expanded to include several specific definitions of weapons production and was used as the definitive measure by socially responsible investment companies and others to boycott weapons makers.  This service continued in an attenuated form until 2003.

Author: Chuck Johnson and Albert Donnay

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 20 boxes, including 1 oversize box; 50 photographs and 26 VHS tapes

Statement on Access: The collection is open for research, excepting Series 9: Electronic Records, which contains unprocessed material.

Physical Access Note: Some materials in this collection were exposed to water damage and dusty conditions; all materials in the collection have been cleaned and some materials were photocopied and discarded.

Acquisition Note: Chuck Johnson and Albert Donnay donated these materials to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in 2016.

Related Materials: The Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, Series 12: Peace, documents the Paulings' decades of antinuclear activism in detail. The History of Atomic Energy rare book collection has strengths in activist movements, as well as materials on radioactive waste disposal, nuclear energy, and nuclear weapons production. The David Marcus Letters show the effects of a smaller activist effort. The Paul J. Persiani Papers, Series 3 is comprised of a small group of materials related to Persiani's work on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which sought to place limits on the development and stockpiling of nuclear arms by the United States and the USSR. The Chih H. Wang Papers include materials on anti-nuclear campaigns in Series 6.

Preferred Citation: Nuclear Free America Records (MSS NFA), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: The collection was processed in 2018-2020.


Nuclear Free America (Organization)
Donnay, Albert (1958-)
Johnson, Charles K.

People, Places, and Topics

Antinuclear movement.
History of Science
Nuclear-weapon-free zones
Nuclear disarmament.
Nuclear energy--Environmental aspects--United States.
Nuclear industry.
Nuclear nonproliferation.
Nuclear weapons--Moral and ethical aspects--United States.
Nuclear weapons--Social aspects.
Nuclear weapons plants--Environmental aspects--United States.
Radioactive waste disposal.

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Photographic prints.
Video recordings (physical artifacts)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Administrative Records, 1981-2000
Series 1 documents the administrative activities of the organization, and includes summary reports, financial records, funding proposals, grant applications, contact lists, and outreach records. Evidence of the organization’s donor outreach activities, including mailer campaigns and donor approaches, is ample in this series. Notable in this series are records of several events sponsored jointly with other local anti-nuclear nonprofit organizations, including two dance marathon fundraisers, which show the organization’s network and community reach. Also notable is an incomplete run of The New Abolitionist, the newspaper produced by Nuclear Free America from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. Content includes reports from national and international Nuclear Free Zones, progress reports from campaigns underway, and related nuclear and disarmament news.
Sub-Series 1: General, 1983-2000
Box 1
Folder 1: Administrative notes, undated
Folder 2: Board meeting minutes, 1989-1994
Folder 3: Correspondence, 1983-2000
Folder 4: Financial records - banking and investment accounts, 1984-1990
Folder 5: Financial records - income and expenses, 1987-1995
Folder 6: Financial records - operating expenses and agreements, 1990-1995
Folder 7: Program activity reports, 1989-1995
Folder 8: Outreach and promotion - advertising and news coverage, 1983-1990
Folder 9: Outreach and promotion - direct mail campaigns, 1984-1987
Folder 10: Outreach and promotion - direct mail campaigns, 1985-1989
Folder 11: Outreach and promotion - direct mail campaigns, 1985-1994
Folder 12: Outreach and promotion - drafts and samples, 1984-1995
Folder 13: Outreach and promotion - literature and articles, 1987-1995
Folder 14: Outreach and promotion - mailers and brochures, 1987-1994
Folder 15: Outreach and promotion - non-NFA samples, 1984-1988
Folder 16: Outreach and promotion - press releases, 1989-1993
Folder 17: Outreach and promotion - The New Abolitionist, 1985-1994
Folder 18: Professional contacts, 1989-2000
Folder 19: Staffing, 1987-1993
Folder 20: Tax and trademark records, 1983-1990
Sub-Series 2: Grant Funding, 1981-1998
Box 1
Folder 21: 1983 general funding proposal, 1983
Folder 22: 1984 general funding proposal, 1984
Folder 23: 1985 general funding proposal, 1985
Folder 24: 1987 general funding proposal, 1987
Folder 25: 1989 general funding proposal, 1989
Folder 26: 1990 general funding proposal, 1990
Folder 27: Sample funding proposals, 1981-1990
Folder 28: American Friends Service Committee, 1982-1983
Folder 29: Boehm Foundation, 1985-1989
Folder 30: C.S. Fund, 1983-1993
Folder 31: Capp Street Foundation, 1987-1988
Folder 32: CarEth Foundation, 1983-1993
Folder 33: Citizen Action for Lasting Security, 1984-1986
Folder 34: Earth Care Paper, 1986-1990
Folder 35: Exchange Project, 1984
Box 2
Folder 1: Grant-making organizations: M, 1982-1993
Folder 2: Grant-making organizations: N, 1983-1987
Folder 3: Grant-making organizations: O, undated
Folder 4: Grant-making organizations: P, 1983-1990
Folder 5: Grant-making organizations: R, 1985-1991
Folder 6: Grant-making organizations: S, 1983-1988
Folder 7: Grant-making organizations: T, 1985-1990
Folder 8: Grant-making organizations: U, 1984-1996
Folder 9: Grant-making organizations: W, 1986-1991
Folder 10: Grant-making organizations: Y, 1981-1987
Folder 11: Grant-making organizations and private donor contact lists, undated
Folder 12: Grant and donation income records, 1982-1998
Sub-Series 3: Fundraising Initiatives, 1983-1995
Box 2
Folder 13: Affinity fund profit sharing, 1992-1995
Folder 14: Corporate Partners for Peace campaign, 1995
Folder 15: Fundraising ideas and non-NFA fundraising materials, 1984-1985
Folder 16: Fundraising resources, 1984-1993
Folder 17: Give Peace a Dance, undated
Folder 18: Give Peace a Dance, 1985-1986
Folder 19: Give Peace a Dance, 1985
Folder 20: Home phonebanking project, undated
Folder 21: Private donors, 1983-1988
Folder 22: Rock Against the Clock, 1985
Folder 23: Save Our Cities March, 1992
Sub-Series 4: Conferences, 1982-1995
Box 2
Folder 24: 1st International Conference of Local Authority Nuclear Free Zones. Manchester, England, 1984
Folder 25: 5th International conference of Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Glasgow, Scotland, 1990
Folder 26: 5th International conference of Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Glasgow, Scotland, 1990
Folder 27: 6th International Conference on Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Kanagawa, Japan., 1992
Box 3
Folder 1: 6th International Conference on Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Kanagawa, Japan, 1992
Folder 2: 6th International Conference on Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities. Kanagawa, Japan, 1992
Folder 3: Nuclear Free Local Authorities, 1986-1988
Folder 4: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1982
Folder 5: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1983
Folder 6: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1984
Folder 7: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1985
Folder 8: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1986
Folder 9: Nuclear Free Local Authorities Meeting Minutes, 1987
Folder 10: Nuclear Free Local Authority International Secretariat Meeting. Amadora, Portugal, 1991
Folder 11: Nuclear Free Local Authority International Secretariat, 1987-1993
Folder 12: Nuclear Free Local Authority International Secretariat, 1987-1992
Folder 13: United Nations 3rd Special Session on Disarmament (SSOD-III), 1988
Folder 14: United States Nuclear Free Zone Association Executive Committee Meeting. Washington D.C., 1990
Folder 15: Second Global Radiation Victims Conference. Berlin, Germany, 1992
Folder 16: 51st Annual Convention of the National Congress of American Indians, 1993-1994
Folder 17: Environmental Justice Symposium. St. John's University, 1994
Folder 18: Miscellaneous conferences, undated
Series 2: Nuclear Free Zones Project, 1981-1995
Series 2 documents the primary campaign of Nuclear Free America, to create Nuclear Free Zones around the world. Grouped by geographical area, the files in this series show how NFA worked with grassroots activists at each locality to advance this goal. In addition to correspondence with these activists and data sheets detailing the nature of the local campaign, these files include fundraising materials, promotional materials for the campaign such as event flyers, advertising posters, and petitions; local news and press coverage, including newspapers and clippings, letters to the editor, and editorials; text of proposed ordinances and resolutions; correspondence with local authorities; handwritten notes; literature from pronuclear organizations and individuals; city council agendas and minutes; minutes and related materials from partner organizations; speeches, and more. These document the organizing activities at the grassroots level and can be used to show how the presence of nuclear materials, waste, or energy production affected specific localities and communities.
Sub-Series 1: Project Records, 1988-1990
Box 3
Folder 19: International contacts, undated
Folder 20: News coverage and reference materials, undated
Folder 21: NFZ campaign lists, undated
Folder 22: NFZ Divestiture Subcommittee, undated
Folder 23: Organization literature, undated
Folder 24: Organizing packet, undated
Box 4
Folder 1: Project files, undated
Folder 2: Project files, 1988-1990
Sub-Series 2: United States Zones, 1982-1995
Box 4
Folder 3: Alabama, 1988
Folder 4: Alaska, 1986-1987
Folder 5: Alaska, 1989-1993
Folder 6: Alaska - Greater Juneau, 1988
Folder 7: Alaska - Kenai Peninsula - Homer, 1989-1992
Folder 8: Alaska - Ketchikan Gateway, 1986-1988
Folder 9: Arizona, 1988-1989
Folder 10: Arkansas, 1985
Folder 11: California, undated
Folder 12: California (counties), 1984-1987
Folder 13: California - Alameda County, 1985-1989
Folder 14: California - Alameda County, undated
Folder 15: California - Alameda County - Berkeley, undated
Folder 16: California - Alameda County - Oakland, 1989
Folder 17: California - Alameda County - Oakland, 1988-1991
Folder 18: California - Alameda County - Oakland, 1989-1992
Folder 19: California - Butte County, 1983-1986
Box 5
Folder 1: California - Fresno County, 1984-1987
Folder 2: California - Humboldt County, undated
Folder 3: California - Los Angeles County, 1984-1986
Folder 4: California - Los Angeles County - Santa Monica, 1984-1986
Folder 5: California - Marin County, 1987-1990
Folder 6: California - Marin County, 1989-1993
Folder 7: California - Marin County, 1984-1991
Folder 8: California - Mendocino County, 1983-1984
Folder 9: California - Napa County, undated
Folder 10: California - San Bernardino County, 1991-1993
Folder 11: California - San Diego County, 1984-1989
Folder 12: California - San Francisco County, undated
Folder 13: California - San Francisco County, 1985-1989
Folder 14: California - San Luis Obispo County, 1985-1987
Folder 15: California - San Mateo County, 1986-1987
Folder 16: California - Santa Barbara County, undated
Folder 17: California - Santa Clara County, 1983-1987
Folder 18: California - Santa Clara County - Palo Alto, undated
Folder 19: California - Santa Cruz County, undated
Folder 20: California - Sonoma County, 1984-1987
Box 6
Folder 1: California - Ventura County, undated
Folder 2: California - Yolo County - Davis, 1988-1990
Folder 3: Colorado, undated
Folder 4: Connecticut, undated
Folder 5: Connecticut, 1986-1993
Folder 6: Delaware, undated
Folder 7: Florida, 1985-1987
Folder 8: Georgia, undated
Folder 9: Hawaii - Hawaii County, 1984-1988
Folder 10: Hawaii - Kauai County, 1985-1990
Folder 11: Hawaii - Maui County, 1983-1988
Folder 12: Idaho, 1983-1984
Folder 13: Illinois, 1985-1990
Folder 14: Illinois - Cook County - Chicago, 1985-1988
Folder 15: Indiana, undated
Folder 16: Iowa, 1986-1988
Folder 17: Kansas, 1985-1986
Folder 18: Kentucky, 1985-1986
Folder 19: Louisiana, undated
Folder 20: Maine, 1985-1995
Folder 21: Maryland (counties), 1982-1988
Folder 22: Maryland - Calvert County, 1993
Folder 23: Maryland - Montgomery County - Garrett Park, 1982-1983
Folder 24: Maryland - Montgomery County - Takoma Park, 1986-1992
Folder 25: Maryland - Montgomery County - Takoma Park, 1984-1990
Box 7
Folder 1: Maryland - Montgomery County - Takoma Park, 1984-1990
Folder 2: Maryland - Baltimore, 1992-1994
Folder 3: Maryland - Baltimore, 1992-1993
Folder 4: Maryland - Baltimore, undated
Folder 5: Maryland - Baltimore, 1989-1994
Folder 6: Maryland - Baltimore, undated
Folder 7: Maryland - Baltimore - City Council, 1991-1993
Folder 8: Maryland - Baltimore - City League of Environmental Voters, undated
Folder 9: Maryland - Baltimore - Ordinance, 1992
Folder 10: Maryland - Baltimore - South African uranium, 1982-1988
Folder 11: Massachusetts, undated
Folder 12: Massachusetts, 1983-1984
Folder 13: Massachusetts - Barnstable County, 1983-1987
Folder 14: Massachusetts - Barnstable County, 1985-1987
Folder 15: Massachusetts - Franklin County, 1983
Folder 16: Massachusetts - Hampshire County, 1984
Folder 17: Massachusetts - Middlesex County, 1983-1984
Box 8
Folder 1: Massachusetts - Middlesex County - Cambridge, 1983-1987
Folder 2: Massachusetts - Middlesex County - Cambridge, undated
Folder 3: Massachusetts - Middlesex County - Cambridge - Citizens Against Research Bans, 1983-1984
Folder 4: Michigan, 1985-1994
Folder 5: Minnesota, 1983-1992
Folder 6: Missouri, 1984-1988
Folder 7: Mississippi, undated
Folder 8: Montana, undated
Folder 9: Nebraska, 1986-1995
Folder 10: Nevada, undated
Folder 11: Nevada, undated
Folder 12: New Hampshire, undated
Folder 13: New Jersey, undated
Folder 14: New Jersey, 1982-1988
Folder 15: New Jersey - Sussex County, 1986-1987
Folder 16: New Jersey - Union County, 1985-1986
Folder 17: New Mexico, 1987-1994
Folder 18: New York, 1991-1993
Folder 19: New York, 1987-1988
Folder 20: New York - Monroe County - Rochester, 1988-1989
Folder 21: New York - New York City, 1983-1986
Folder 22: New York - New York Harbor, 1984-1990
Folder 23: New York - New York Harbor, 1984-1990
Box 9
Folder 1: North Carolina, 1985-1990
Folder 2: North Dakota, 1984-1986
Folder 3: Ohio, 1993
Folder 4: Ohio, 1994-1995
Folder 5: Ohio, 1992-1994
Folder 6: Ohio, undated
Folder 7: Ohio, 1993-1994
Folder 8: Ohio - Scioto, 1981
Folder 9: Oklahoma, 1985
Folder 10: Oregon, undated
Folder 11: Oregon, 1984-1989
Folder 12: Oregon - Columbia County - Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, 1992-1995
Folder 13: Oregon - Coos County, 1982-1984
Folder 14: Oregon - Lane County, undated
Folder 15: Oregon - Lane County - Eugene, 1987-1989
Folder 16: Oregon - Marion County - Salem, 1991-1995
Folder 17: Oregon - Multnomah County - Portland, 1991-1994
Folder 18: Oregon - Multnomah County - Portland, 1983-1990
Folder 19: Pennsylvania, undated
Box 10
Folder 1: Pennsylvania, 1985-1989
Folder 2: Pennsylvania, 1987-1992
Folder 3: Rhode Island, 1985-1986
Folder 4: South Carolina, 1987
Folder 5: South Dakota, 1983
Folder 6: Tennessee, 1980-1988
Folder 7: Texas, undated
Folder 8: Utah, undated
Folder 9: Vermont, 1983-1994
Folder 10: Virginia, 1985-1988
Folder 11: Washington, undated
Folder 12: Washington, 1984-1990
Folder 13: Washington, undated
Folder 14: Washington - Okanogan County, 1986-1988
Folder 15: Washington - Whatcom County, 1984-1989
Folder 16: Washington, D.C., 1985-1992
Folder 17: West Virginia, 1985-1988
Folder 18: Wisconsin, 1982-1987
Folder 19: Wyoming, undated
Folder 20: United States Virgin Islands, 1986
Sub-Series 3: Native Lands (United States) Zones, 1984-1995
Box 10
Folder 21: Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project, undated
Folder 22: Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project, undated
Folder 23: Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project, undated
Folder 24: Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project, undated
Folder 25: Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project, undated
Box 11
Folder 1: Native lands - Alaska, undated
Folder 2: Native lands - Arizona, 1991-1993
Folder 3: Native lands - California, 1994-1995
Folder 4: Native lands - Kansas, undated
Folder 5: Native lands - Minnesota, 1994
Folder 6: Native lands - Montana, 1984-1993
Folder 7: Native lands - New Mexico, undated
Folder 8: Native lands - New Mexico, undated
Folder 9: Native lands - Nevada, 1991-1995
Folder 10: Native lands - New York, 1994
Folder 11: Native lands - North Dakota, 1994
Folder 12: Native lands - Oklahoma, 1994
Folder 13: Native lands - Oregon, 1994-1995
Folder 14: Native lands - South Dakota, 1994
Folder 15: Native lands - Washington, undated
Folder 16: Native lands - Wisconsin, 1993-1994
Folder 17: Native lands - Wyoming, undated
Sub-Series 4: International Zones, 1961-1994
Box 11
Folder 18: African Zone, 1961-1994
Folder 19: Antarctic Zone, undated
Folder 20: Arctic Zone, 1992-1993
Folder 21: Arctic Zone, undated
Folder 22: Asian Zone, 1986-1993
Folder 23: Balkan Zone, 1985-1989
Folder 24: Eastern European Zone, undated
Folder 25: European Zone, 1990
Folder 26: European Zone, undated
Folder 27: Indian Ocean Zone, undated
Folder 28: Latin America Zone, 1984-1994
Folder 29: Mediterranean Zone, undated
Folder 30: Middle East Zone, 1992
Folder 31: Nordic Zone, 1983-1989
Folder 32: South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone, 1984-1989
Folder 33: Algeria, undated
Folder 34: Argentina, undated
Folder 35: Australia, 1994
Folder 36: Brazil, 1990
Folder 37: Canada, 1990-1994
Folder 38: France, 1993
Folder 39: Germany, 1990-1991
Folder 40: Japan, undated
Box 12
Folder 1: Japan, 1987-1994
Folder 2: Korea, 1992-1994
Folder 3: New Zealand, 1985-1994
Folder 4: Philippines, 1990-1991
Folder 5: Russia/USSR, 1990-1992
Folder 6: United Kingdom, undated
Series 3: Weapons-Maker Database, 1986-2001
Series 3 documents an important product of Nuclear Free America which was in high demand by activist groups for many years. The weapons-maker database compiled and cross-referenced numerous federal datasets to provide reports on the sources, materials, and makers of nuclear weapons in the United States. This database included Department of Defense and Department of Energy contracts for weapons systems and weapons systems support by contractor and parent company. These data were derived from the Federal Procurement Data Center’s Individual Contract Actions and Awards master file, and were combined with parent company data provided by Eagle Eye Publishers of Arlington, Virginia. Buyers of these data and reports, including individuals, organizations, and nonprofits, used them to prepare boycotts, educate consumers, and a variety of other legal and social uses. NFA published a top 100 and a top 50 nuclear weapons systems makers list annually, ranked by total contract amount from the U.S. government. Familiar corporations such as AT&T, Boeing, General Motors, General Electric, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed, and Westinghouse appear annually on each list ranked according to total amounts received. Materials include data sheets, correspondence with clients and data providers, a list of cross-reference codes, and compiled lists.
Box 12
Folder 7: Contract negotiations, 1990
Folder 8: Data clients, 1990-1994
Folder 9: Data clients, 1992-2001
Folder 10: Data clients, 1990-1995
Folder 11: Eagle Eye Publishers, Inc., undated
Folder 12: Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini, & Co., Inc., 1990-1993
Folder 13: U.S. Trust, 1991
Folder 14: NFA weapons codes, 1991
Folder 15: NFA weapons codes, 1991-1992
Folder 16: NFA weapons codes, undated
Folder 17: Weapons contractors reports, 1986-1995
Folder 18: Weapons contractors - reference materials, 1987-1997
Folder 19: Weapons contractors - boycotts, 1990-1995
Folder 20: Weapons contractor data, 1993-1994
Folder 21: Parent companies of U.S. military contractors, fiscal year 1993, 1993
Box 13
Folder 1: Parent companies of U.S. military contractors, fiscal year 1994, 1994
Series 4: Other Initiatives and Projects, 1979-1995
Series 4 compiles files on other Nuclear Free America projects, including those intended to increase public awareness of consumer links to the nuclear arms race and to provide people with simple ways of taking action against nuclear weapons contractors. The boycott of Morton Salt (whose parent company Morton Thiokol was the producer of solid rocket boosters for all U.S. nuclear weapons) was promoted through the media, direct mailings, and the efforts of hundreds of local campaigns, and was featured in the mainstream press via Newsweek, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and several radio talk shows. The boycott lasted for several years and had a notable impact on the company. Other projects include the Nuclear Free Home Project, which marketed lightbulbs and smoke detectors made by non nuclear-affiliated companies and contained no radioactive material.  Materials include project files, correspondence, promotional materials, budgets, and graphic design files.
Box 13
Folder 2: Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) conflict, 1989-1990
Folder 3: Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) conflict, 1989
Folder 4: Consumer Guide to the Nuclear Arms Race, 1985
Folder 5: "Free Zone" video project, 1989-1996
Folder 6: Morton Salt boycott, 1986-1987
Folder 7: Nuclear Free America international outreach, 1982-1992
Folder 8: Nuclear Divestment campaign, 1993-1995
Folder 9: Nuclear Free Home Project - lightbulbs, 1989-1990
Folder 10: Nuclear Free Home Project - smoke detectors, 1979-1992
Folder 11: Nuclear Free Zone Network, undated
Folder 12: Nuclear Waste Democracy Project, 1991-1992
Folder 13: Radio documentary on Nuclear Free Zones, 1984-1985
Folder 14: "Reach Out and Touch a Nuclear Weapons Contractor" project, undated
Folder 15: "Waste Land" video project, 1994
Folder 16: World Court Project, 1993-1994
Folder 17: World Court Project, undated
Folder 18: World Court Project, 1993-1995
Series 5: Related Organizations, 1983-2000
Series 5 collects materials from a number of affiliated activist and social justice organizations both small and large. These include Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Greenpeace, International Peace Bureau, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, NukeWatch, the Peace Boat, SANE/Freeze, and the World Information Service on Energy (WISE). Topics span a huge range of nuclear concerns, including waste disposal, power plant siting, construction, accidents, environmental protection, nonproliferation, disarmament, uranium mining, and international relations. Materials include newspapers, newsletters, white papers, flyers, brochures, conference papers, reports, and other ephemera. Many of the periodicals included are quite rare, as they were produced by small organizations with limited reach and a community focus; others are commonly available and produced by larger organizations with wider membership. Nuclear concerns are covered from many different angles, including legal, religious, and environmental directions.
Box 14
Folder 1: Organizations: A, 1984-1995
Folder 2: Organizations: A, 1989-1991
Folder 3: Organizations: B, 1990-1995
Folder 4: Organizations: C, 1985-1995
Folder 5: Organizations: C, 1990-1994
Folder 6: Organizations: C, 1990-2000
Folder 7: Organizations: D, 1988-1995
Folder 8: Organizations: E, 1990-1995
Folder 9: Organizations: F, 1983-2000
Folder 10: Organizations: G, 1985-1990
Folder 11: Organizations: I, 1990-1993
Folder 12: Organizations: I, 1989-2001
Folder 13: Organizations: J, 1983-1986
Folder 14: Organizations: L, 2000
Folder 15: Organizations: M, 1990-1994
Folder 16: Organizations: N, undated
Folder 17: Organizations: N, 1990-1996
Folder 18: Organizations: O, undated
Folder 19: Organizations: P, 1987-1995
Folder 20: Organizations: P, 1989-1990
Folder 21: Organizations: P, undated
Folder 22: Organizations: R, undated
Box 15
Folder 1: Organizations: S, 1990-1995
Folder 2: Organizations: S, 1989-1994
Folder 3: Organizations: T, undated
Folder 4: Organizations: U, 1987-1994
Folder 5: Organizations: V, 1983-1994
Folder 6: Organizations: W, undated
Folder 7: Organizations: W, undated
Folder 8: Organizations: Numerical titles, undated
Folder 9: Directories of allied organizations, undated
Folder 10: Grassroots Peace Directory: Midatlantic, March 1988, 1988
Folder 11: Grassroots Peace Directory: New England, March 1988, 1988
Folder 12: Grassroots Peace Directory: New York, March 1988, 1988
Folder 13: Grassroots Peace Directory: Upper Midwest, March 1988, 1988
Folder 14: Grassroots Peace Directory: Addenda, March 1989, 1989
Folder 15: Grassroots Peace Directory: Midwest, April 1989, 1989
Folder 16: Grassroots Peace Directory: Southwestern, April 1989, 1989
Folder 17: Grassroots Peace Directory: Western, April 1989, 1989
Series 6: Subject Files, 1988-2000
Series 6 contains similar materials to those found in Series 5, but are arranged by subject focus. Flyers, brochures, pamphlets, newsclippings, and articles on a number of areas of concern are in this series. Files on the Hanford Site and the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant document Pacific Northwest issues, and more general files on topics such as pro-nuclear campaigns and economic justice show the breadth and depth of Nuclear Free America's concerns.
Box 15
Folder 18: Activism, undated
Folder 19: Activism - petitioning of elected officials, undated
Folder 20: Activism - Religion, undated
Folder 21: "Blue Ribbon" Commission on Nuclear Waste, 1993-1994
Folder 22: Cold War/Post Cold War, undated
Folder 23: Comprehensive Test Ban, undated
Folder 24: Economic justice, undated
Folder 25: Economic justice, undated
Folder 26: Environmentalism, undated
Folder 27: Foreign arms sales, undated
Folder 28: Hanford Site, 1989-1991
Folder 29: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), undated
Folder 30: Japan, undated
Folder 31: Legislation, undated
Box 16
Folder 1: Legislation - Clean Water Act, 1994
Folder 2: Legislation - Nuclear Waste Policy Act, 1995
Folder 3: Middle East, undated
Folder 4: Mixed oxide (MOX) fuels, undated
Folder 5: Monitoring of nuclear sites/production, undated
Folder 6: Non-nuclear energy sources, undated
Folder 7: Non-nuclear weapons, undated
Folder 8: Nuclear non-proliferation/disarmament, undated
Folder 9: Nuclear non-proliferation/disarmament, undated
Folder 10: Nuclear reactor designs, undated
Folder 11: Nuclear power, undated
Folder 12: Nuclear terrorism, undated
Folder 13: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 14: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 15: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 16: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 17: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 18: Nuclear waste management, undated
Folder 19: Nuclear weapons testing, 1990-1995
Folder 20: Philanthropy, undated
Folder 21: Political cartoons, undated
Folder 22: Pro-nuclear campaigns, undated
Folder 23: Public polling, undated
Folder 24: Radiation exposure, undated
Box 17
Folder 1: Radioactive materials mining, undated
Folder 2: Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), undated
Folder 3: Trojan Nuclear Power Plant, undated
Folder 4: Newspaper clippings, undated
Folder 5: Newspaper clippings, 1988-1994
Folder 6: Newspaper clippings, 1989-2000
Folder 7: Newspaper clippings, undated
Folder 8: Photographs, undated
Series 7: Artifacts and Memorabilia, 1945-1996
Series 7 is comprised of antinuclear ephemera, artifacts, and memorabilia collected by Nuclear Free America, including buttons, placards, posters, armbands, coffee mugs, stickers, and signs. Most are related to Nuclear Free Zones at various localities, but other national and international organizations represented include Bike for Peace and Movement de la Paix.
Box 17
Folder 9: Antinuclear buttons gathered by Albert Donnay, circa 1969-1996
Folder 10: Antinuclear stickers, 1980-1996
Includes stamps and bumper stickers.
Folder 11: Artifacts, 1945-1992
Two coffee mugs, and a roof tile found at Nagasaki after the bomb.
Box 20
Folder 1: Large signs and posters, circa 1985-1990
Series 8: Video Recordings, 1979-2003
This series contains VHS tape recordings of television productions and broadcasts related to nuclear issues. Notable items include an interview with spiritual leader Ram Dass in which he comments on nuclear free zones, as well as recordings related to tribal lands and nuclear activity.
Box 18
Item 1: "Free Zone: Democracy Meets the Nuclear Threat", 1989
Item 2: "Countdown to Meltdown", undated
Item 3: "Another Trojan Horse" CBS Saturday Morning, Nov. 26th 1995
Item 4: "Everything is Connected to Radioactive Reservations", undated
Item 5: Giveaway Songs, undated
Item 6: "What's the Deal with Yucca Mountain?", 1994
Item 7: "Free Zone: Democracy Breaks the Nuclear Cycle", 1989
Item 8: "Waste Land: The Nuclear Free Indian Lands Project", circa 1993
Item 9: "Radiation Hazards - Hero", 1987
Item 10: FFTF Public Testimony, 1997
Item 11: "Columbia's Troubled Waters", 2003
Item 12: Pluto's Fire, undated
Item 13: Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang, 1979
Item 14: "The Water in Our Backyard", undated
Item 15: Ram Dass on NFZ's, undated
Item 16: "My Name is Allegany County", undated
Item 17: '92 Masters (Couples) Part II, 1992
Item 18: Songs of Sovereignty, undated
Item 19: "California's Water & Radioactive Waste", undated
Item 20: "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes", 1990
Item 21: "Hiroshima: A Mother's Prayer", undated
Item 22: America's Defense Monitor, undated
Item 23: "Nuclear Power Industry Transportation Claims Debunked" 1992
Item 24: "Withdraw from U.S. Bases! Appeal from Okinawa", undated
Item 25: G. Smith Press Conference, 1995
Item 26: "How to Site a Dump with Roger Kasperson", 1989
Series 9: Electronic Records, circa 1985-1995
This series consists of floppy disks (both 5.5 inch and 3.5 inch), CD-ROMs, data tapes, and other electronic formats used in the administration of Nuclear Free America. These records are unprocessed and unavailable to researchers.
Box 19

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