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Underground Newspapers, circa 1965 - 2002View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1968-1971
The Underground Newspapers consist of publications, primarily written and produced by Oregon State University students, that were intended as alternatives to the mainstream press.  Most of the publications were issued during the period of student unrest in the 1960s and early 1970s.  The predominant topics are civil rights, specifically racial incidents at Oregon State University, and the war in Vietnam. All of the items in this collection are available online in the Oregon State University Student Protest and Underground Publications digital collection.
ID: PUB 013-3
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Statement on Access: The collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Underground Newspapers (PUB 013-3), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: These publications were acquired by the University Archives and later the Special Collections and Archives Research Center from the 1970s through 2000s.  The Scab Sheet was transferred from the Memorabila Collection in 2017 at the time this guide was prepared.  Several of the publications were formerly part of the Student Affairs Records (RG 102) and were also transferred to this collection in 2017.
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Series 1: Biweekly Daily Planet, 1970-1971 Add to Shelf

The Biweekly Daily Planet was a community publication not directly connected with Oregon State University.  It lists many campus events and, according to the paper, was sponsored on campus by "A.C.T.S.".  In addition to pieces protesting the war in Vietnam and calling out civil rights issues, it includes articles critical of Oregon State University administrators and listings of OSU Experimental College classes.  Ten issues were published between November 1970 (no. 1) and May 1971 (no. 10).  This collection includes two copies of numbers 1 and 2.

In 2016, one of the editors of the Daily Planet identified himself (Mike Warwick) and the other editors -- Daniel Bergsvik, Carl Stomsens, and Linda Bays.  The editors are pictured on page 2 of issue  no. 4 (left to right:  Bergsvik, Warwick, Stomsens, and Bays).

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Series 2: Scab Sheet, 1969-1970 Add to Shelf

The Black Student Union printed and circulated this mimeographed underground newspaper during the Black Student  Union protests and walkout in spring 1969.  The publication was in response to "biased coverage of events" by the mainstream student newspaper, The Barometer. Publication was sponsored by the Student Action Committee; authors remained anonymous to prevent retaliation citing a "fear of harassment and repressive action".

Fourteen issues of the Scab Sheet were published -- eleven in March-May of 1969 (volume I) and three in the spring of 1970 (volume II).  This collection includes multiple copies of all issues.The issues of volume I are focussed on racial issues at Oregon State University, specifically the Fred Milton incident and the resulting Black Student Union walk-out over racial controversies in the Oregon State University athletic department. The issues of volume II address the Vietnam War and American military action in Cambodia.

A 2012 blog post about The Scab Sheet describes the publication and its digitization.

Box-Folder 1.2: Issues for March 4 - May 3, 1969 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.3: Final two issues in May, 1969 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.4: 1970 Add to Shelf
Series 3: Spark, circa 1970 Add to Shelf
Series 3 consists of 2 issues of Spark, a mimeographed publication that describes anti-war protests and events on campus in the spring of 1970 and  includes announcements of upcoming events.  These two issues are undated and no authors are identified.
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Series 4: Élan, 1976 Add to Shelf
Series 4 consists of one issue of Élan issued in May 1976 by the Literary Magazine Production Class of the OSU Experimental College.  The 48-page publication includes original unpublished poems, short stories, and drawings.
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Series 5: The Fact Sheet, circa 1970 Add to Shelf
Series 5 consists of a one-page mimeographed publication, The Fact SheetThe Fact Sheet  is not dated, but appears to be from the early 1970s.  It appeals to Oregon State University students to stand in opposition to protest movements on the Oregon State campus.
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Series 6: Mutha, undated Add to Shelf
Series 6 consists of one issue of Mutha -- a 2-page dittoed copy publication produced on a spirit duplicator.  The issue is undated; it includes references to the Black Bag, Oregon State University President Jensen, and LBJ suggesting it was published in the mid-late 1960s.
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Series 7: Poor Jensen's Almanac, undated Add to Shelf
Series 7 consists of 2 copies of a one-page publication, Poor Jensen's Almanac.  This publication is a dittoed copy produced on a spirit duplicator.  With the sub-title, The Uppercrust of the Undergound, the sheet mentions other recent underground student newspapers (Mutha, The Predawn Leftist, and Gadfly).  This publication is undated; the title's reference to Oregon State University President Jensen suggests it was published in the mid-late 1960s.
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Series 8: Pensée, 1971 Add to Shelf
Series 8 consists of 3 of the first 4  issues of Pensée, published in February, March, and June 1971.  Pensée was initiated as "an alternative to prevailing campus journalism" and was distributed free to students on all major Oregon campuses.  Editorial work was based in Portland, Oregon.  The magazine was published by Now Publications, based in Bellevue, Washington.  Beginning with the October 1971 issue, the magazine was published by the Student Academic Freedom Forum in Portland, Oregon.
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Series 9: Rye Grass, 1969 Add to Shelf
Series 9 consists of the spring 1969 issue of Rye Grass: The Magazine of Agrarian Reform.  The 50-page magazine includes essays, satire, poetry, photographs, and drawings that address racism, student protests, the military draft, local and national politics, and campus life and regulations.  Submissions were accepted from students and faculty.
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Series 10: The Tin Can, 1968 Add to Shelf
Series 10 consists of one issue of The Tin Can, published in February 1968.  The 4-page publication includes poetry and drawings.  This issue indicates that submissions for future issues were to be submitted to the English Department.
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Series 11: OSU This Weak, 1990-1993 Add to Shelf
Series 11 consists of 7 issues of OSU This Weak which satirizes the Oregon State University administration, especially President John Byrne and Provost  Graham Spanier.  OSU This Weak was published irregularly by Kevin Ahern, an Oregon State University employee, as a spoof of the weekly staff newsletter, OSU This Week.  During this time, Ahern was Business Manager and Research Coordinator for the OSU Biochemistry and Biophysics Department.
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Series 12: The Underachiever, 2002 Add to Shelf
Series 12 consists of 4 issues of The Underachiever, a zine lampooning Oregon State University as well as Corvallis and Oregon.  It includes references to Tonya Harding, Oregon State University President Paul Risser, the Portland Trailblazers, and Steve Fenk in OSU athletics.
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