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Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection, 1893-1959

By Anna Brecheisen, Hope Glenn, and Elizabeth Nielsen

Collection Overview

Title: Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection, 1893-1959

Predominant Dates: 1905-1945

ID: P 323

Primary Creator: Williams, Gerald W.

Extent: 0.5 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection is arranged in 9 series: 1. Oregon, 1893-1958; 2. Washington, 1904-1956; 3. California, 1898-1954; 4. Other States and International, 1895-1959; 5. Oregon Trail Monument Expedition Series, 1906-1911; 6. Unidentified Scenic Postcards, 1914-1937; 7. Advertisements and Greeting Cards, 1905-1927; 8. Native American Culture, 1912-1954; and 9. U.S. Presidents and Politicians, 1902-1948.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection consists of postcards acquired and assembled by Williams in the course of his work as a Forest Service sociologist and historian and due to his avocational interest in the regional history of the Pacific Northwest. The bulk of the collection consists of scenic views and natural landmarks in Oregon, Washington, and California.  Forestry, logging, fishing, and other rural activities are predominant topics in the collection. Gerald Williams worked for the U.S. Forest Service from 1979 to 2005 as a sociologist (1979-1998) and historian (1998-2005).  Items from the collection are available online in the Gerald W. Williams Collection.

Scope and Content Notes

The Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection consists of postcards acquired and assembled by Williams in the course of his work as a Forest Service sociologist and historian and due to his avocational interest in the regional history of the Pacific Northwest.  The bulk of the collection consists of images of Oregon, Washington, and California; images of Oregon comprise half of the collection and depict all regions of the state.  The collection depicts numerous scenic views and natural landmarks and therefore most of the collection is arranged geographically.

Predominant topics in the collection are forestry, logging, fishing, and other rural activities.  Images of bridges, highways, and dams as well as lakes, rivers, waterfalls, river rapids, and hot springs are represented throughout the collection.  Multiple images of the Cascade Range, Crater Lake, Columbia River region, Oregon Coast, McKenzie River basin, Willamette River Valley, and Mount Shasta are included.  A set of postcards commemorating the 1906 Oregon Trail Monument Expedition by Ezra Meeker and a selection of images of Native Americans in the western United States are also part of the collection.  Several dozen postcards depicting humorous or holiday greetings round out the collection.

The collection includes many photographic postcards made by Frank Patterson – especially of southern Oregon, Crater Lake, and northern California.  Frank Patterson was a prolific photographer who worked in studios in Medford, Oregon and Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California during the 1920s-1950s.

Most of the postcards were created in the first half of the 20th century.  Dates are included in the container list when available.  Undated postcards fall with the dates provided for the series in which they are included.

The collection includes both picture postcards and photographic postcards (also known as real photo postcards), with the latter comprising the bulk of the collection.  Most of the postcards were not mailed; approximately a quarter to a third of the postcards in the collection include handwritten messages that were mailed to friends or family.

Items from the collection are available online in the Gerald W. Williams Collection.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Gerald W. Williams worked for the U.S. Forest Service from 1979 until his retirement in 2005. From 1979 to 1993, he was a sociologist with the Umpqua and Willamette National Forests in Oregon; in 1993-1998, he served as the regional sociologist for the Pacific Northwest Regional Office in Portland; and from 1998 until his retirement in 2005 he was the national historian for the U.S. Forest Service in Washington, D.C. Williams designed and implemented a regional and national history program for the Forest Service which culminated in his appointment as national historian and his authorship of the centennial history of the Forest Service, The USDA Forest Service -- The First Century, in 2000. He has published extensively on a variety of historical topics such as the Native American use of fire to manage environments, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the U.S. Army's Spruce Production Division during World War I.

Williams was a native of Oregon and earned degrees from Southern Oregon University (B.A., Sociology; M.A. General Studies Social Science) and Washington State University (Ph.D., Sociology).  Gerald W. ("Jerry") Williams died on January 3, 2019.

Author: Chris Petersen and Elizabeth Nielsen

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 1176 postcards; 2 boxes

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: These materials were acquired by the former University Archives and the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in multiple accessions in 2007-2016.  They were originally described as a component of the Gerald W. Williams Collection and were separated for description as this collection in 2016.

Related Materials:

The core of Gerald Williams' research materials are maintained as the Gerald W. Williams Papers (MSS Williams).  Other materials that were collected by Williams have been described as separate collections; some of  these have overlap of format or subject matter with this collection, specifically:  Gerald W. Williams Regional Albums (P 303), Gerald W. Williams Prints and Postcards of Native Americans Collection (P 317), and Frank Patterson Photographic Postcards (P 312).

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center's holdings include numerous collections with extensive imagery of Oregon landscapes and natural features.  Of special note are the Benjamin A. Gifford  (P 218 - SG 1) and the Ralph I Gifford (P 218 - SG 2) Photographs.

Preferred Citation: Gerald W. Williams Postcards Collection (P 323), Special Collection and Archives Research Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: The postcards were arranged by processors into groupings by location or topic.


Williams, Gerald W.
Patterson, Frank, 1883-1961.

People, Places, and Topics

Cascade Range
Columbia River
Columbia River Gorge (Or. and Wash.)
Columbia River Highway (Or.)
Crater Lake (Or.)
Forests and forestry--Oregon.
Indians of North America -- West (U. S.)
Logging--Washington (State)
McKenzie River (Or.)
Natural Resources
Oregon National Historic Trail--Pictorial works.
Shasta, Mount (Calif. : Mountain)
Willamette River Valley (Or.)

Forms of Material

Photographic postcards.
Picture postcards.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Oregon, 1893-1958
Series 1 comprises half of this collection and consists of 589 postcards depicting scenes from all regions of Oregon. The postcards depict scenic views and natural landmarks; bridges, highways, and dams; lakes, rivers, waterfalls, river rapids, and hot springs; logging operations; fishing; and hops processing.  Many of the images of southern Oregon were made by Frank Patterson.  Most of the postcards are photographic postcards.  Series 1 is arranged in 9 sub-series:  1.  Columbia River Area; 2. Willamette Valley; 3. Cascade Range; 4. Crater Lake; 5. McKenzie River Highway Area; 6. Oregon Coast; 7. Southern Oregon; 8. Central Oregon; and 9. Eastern Oregon.
Sub-Series 1: Columbia River Area, 1908-1949
Sub-Series 1 consists of 60 postcards primarily of the Columbia River and Gorge.  Most of the items are photographic postcards.  Images in this sub-series depict dams, bridges, and the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway; waterfalls; fishing on the river; and ships and boats.  Postcards of the Willamette River in Portland and ships at dock in Portland are also included.
Box-Item 1.001: Entrance to Bonneville Dam
Box-Item 1.002: Bonneville Dam
Box-Item 1.003: Bonneville Dam
Box-Item 1.004: Columbia River Bonneville Project, 1934
Box-Item 1.005: Bonneville Dam - $75,000,000 Bonneville Power and Navigation Dam on the Columbia River
Box-Item 1.006: Bonneville Dam - Columbia River - Between Washington and Oregon
Box-Item 1.007: Bonneville Dam - Aerial View; Columbia River Highway, Oregon
Box-Item 1.008: Bonneville Dam Aerial View, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.009: Fingerling Bypass at Bonneville
Box-Item 1.010: Fish Ladders, North Side of Bonneville Dam, 1941
Box-Item 1.011: Cascade Locks, 1910
Box-Item 1.012: Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.013: Oneonta Bluff and Tunnel, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.014: Horse Tail Falls, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.015: Horse Tail Falls (208 feet high), Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.016: Eagle Creek Bridge, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.017: Columbia River Highway near Eagle Creek
Box-Item 1.018: Moonlight from Mitchell Point, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.019: Vista House at Crown Point, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.020: Interstate Bridge, Columbia River
Box-Item 1.021: Latourell Bridge, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.022: "A viewpoint of surpassing beauty," Columbia River Highway, 1911
Box-Item 1.023: "Figure Eight", Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.024: Rowen's Point, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.025: Shepard's Dell, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.026: Inspiration Point, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.027: Rooster Rock from Crown Point, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.028: Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.029: Youngs River and Saddle Mountain
Box-Item 1.030: Memaloose Island, 1908
Box-Item 1.031: Mitchells Point Tunnel, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.032: Mitchell Tunnel, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.033: Interior Mitchell's Point Tunnel, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.034: Tunnel at Bonneville, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.035: Tunnel S.P.S. R.R. (Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railroad), Lower Columbia River
Box-Item 1.036: West Linn - Oregon City Bridge, Portland's Graphic Auto; Oswego, 1949
Box-Item 1.037: Morrison Street Bridge, Portland, 1912
Box-Item 1.038: Steamboats in the rapids approaching Cascade Locks, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.039: U.S.S. Indianapolis, Fleet Week Portland, Oregon
Box-Item 1.040: Naval steamship in Portland
Box-Item 1.041: Ocean Steamer in Dry Dock, Portland, 1901
Box-Item 1.042: Landing at "The Oaks" on Willamette River, Portland, 1908
Box-Item 1.043: Excursion Boats on Columbia River
Box-Item 1.044: Grain Ships loading at Portland, 1909
Box-Item 1.045: High Water, Portland, 1948
Box-Item 1.046: Columbia River Gorge between Hood River and The Dalles
Box-Item 1.047: Sunset on the Columbia Slough
Box-Item 1.048: Celilo Falls History Sign
Box-Item 1.049: Celilo Falls in Winter
Box-Item 1.050: Celilo Falls, Columbia River
Box-Item 1.051: Fish Hatcheries at Bonneville, Columbia River Highway
Box-Item 1.052: Seining for Salmon, Columbia River, 1914
Box-Item 1.053: Seining for Salmon, Columbia River
Box-Item 1.054: Indian Spearing Fish at Celilo Falls, 1945
Box-Item 1.055: Salmon Jumping Rapids
Box-Item 1.056: Salmon Jumping Rapids
Box-Item 1.057: Salmon Fishing
Box-Item 1.058: Salmon Traps
Box-Item 1.059: Fish Wheel at Castle Rock
Box-Item 1.060: Fish Wheel
Sub-Series 2: Willamette Valley, 1907-1956
Sub-Series 2 consists of 62 postcards depicting towns and rural scenes in the Willamette Valley and the nearby foothills, the Willamette River and tributaries, and logging operations.  Of note are several images of hops processing in the Willamette Valley.  Most of the items in this sub-series are photographic postcards.
Box-Item 1.061: Willamette River at Oakridge
Box-Item 1.062: Salmon Fishing on Willamette
Box-Item 1.063: Ferry on the Willamette River, Corvallis, 1909
Box-Item 1.064: Balancing Rock on Willamette River, 1908
Box-Item 1.065: Unloading Logs onto the Willamette, North of Oregon City, 1913
Box-Item 1.066: Salt Creek Falls
Box-Item 1.067: Willamette Highway, 1907
Box-Item 1.068: New Willamette Highway, 1944
Box-Item 1.069: Lake Odell near Summit Lodge, New Willamette Highway, 1944
Box-Item 1.070: Hairpin Loop near Mt. Sexton
Box-Item 1.071: Pacific Railroad and Navigation Co. Bridge in Washington County
Box-Item 1.072: Willamette Falls, Oregon City
Box-Item 1.073: Salmon Jumping the Fishway at Willamette Falls
Box-Item 1.074: Clackamas River, 1913
Box-Item 1.075: Fort Hoskins, established in 1856, circa 1920s
Photographic reproduction by Ball Studio of a painting or drawing of Fort Hoskins.
Box-Item 1.076: Hotel, Bruckman's Breitenbush Springs
Box-Item 1.077: Bruckman's Breitenbush Springs, 1936
Box-Item 1.078: Bruckman's Breitenbush Springs, 1941
Box-Item 1.079: Boulevard Facing West, Gearhart
Box-Item 1.080: Baling Famous Oregon Hops, McMinnville, 1911
Box-Item 1.081: The People's Store, Summit
Box-Item 1.082: Springfield
Box-Item 1.083: Weyerhauser Timber Co., Springfield
Box-Item 1.084: High Street, Eugene, 1908
Box-Item 1.085: Early Days on Willamette Street, Eugene
Box-Item 1.086: The Booth-Kelly Mill, Coburg
Box-Item 1.087: Cascadia Mineral Springs, Cascadia, 1911
Box-Item 1.088: Hotel, Cascadia Mineral Springs, Cascadia
Box-Item 1.089: A&C Excursion Train, Portland to Seaside, 1908
Box-Item 1.090: In a Rose Garden, Portland
Box-Item 1.091: Simmons' Hillvilla, Terwilliger Boulevard, Portland, 1947
Box-Item 1.092: Interior View Assembly Building, Oregon Shipping Corporation
Box-Item 1.093: Federal Building, Portland
Box-Item 1.094: Birdseye View of Portland and Mt. Hood
Box-Item 1.095: Night Scene on the Trail, Portland
Box-Item 1.096: A Schoff's Mountain Home, 1909
Box-Item 1.097: Lake Oswego
Box-Item 1.098: Street Scene, Hillsboro
Box-Item 1.099: Street Scene, Hillsboro
Box-Item 1.100: Hood River Apple Orchard and Mt. Hood
Box-Item 1.101: Lower South Falls
Box-Item 1.102: South Silver Creek Falls, 1906
Box-Item 1.103: North Silver Creek Falls, near Silverton, 1907
Box-Item 1.104: Beautiful Oregon Ranch, Silverton, 1914
Box-Item 1.105: Log Jam, Silver Creek, Silverton, 1909
Box-Item 1.106: Old Schoolhouse, Salem, 1956
Box-Item 1.107: Marion-Polk Intercounty Bridge Over Willamette River, Salem
Box-Item 1.108: State Fair Grounds, Salem, 1915
Box-Item 1.109: Supreme Court Building, Salem
Box-Item 1.110: The E.M. Waite Memorial Foundation, Salem, 1920
Box-Item 1.111: Oregon State Capitol and Grounds, Salem
Box-Item 1.112: Sweet Home
Box-Item 1.113: Wagon Bridge Across the Willamette River, Albany, 1912
Box-Item 1.114: Chantauqua Falls, Albany
Box-Item 1.115: Along Fourth Street, Albany
Box-Item 1.116: First Street, Albany
Box-Item 1.117: Portrait of Men Eating Watermelon on the Willamette, Albany, 1916
Box-Item 1.118: Shady Nook Cataqua Park, Albany, 1912
Box-Item 1.119: Hop Houses Seaey Hop Yard, Corvallis
Box-Item 1.120: Hop Yard, Independence
Box-Item 1.121: Virgin Forest in Oregon
Box-Item 1.122: Inside of 12 ft. Log in Oregon
Sub-Series 3: Cascade Range, 1907-1955
Sub-Series 3 consists of 54 postcards depicting the peaks and lakes of the Cascade Range in Oregon with the bulk of the items depicting Mount Hood and Diamond Lake; multiple images of Mt. Jefferson and Three Sisters are also included.  Several of the images of Diamond Lake were made by Frank Patterson.
Box-Item 1.123: Broken Top, 1947
Box-Item 1.124: Broken Top
Box-Item 1.125: Eel Lake and Mt. Bachelor, 1928
Box-Item 1.126: Mt. Washington from Big Lake, 1945
Box-Item 1.127: Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and the Crater
Box-Item 1.128: Mt. Jefferson, Detroit
Box-Item 1.129: Mt. Jefferson from Battle Axe Lookout
Box-Item 1.130: Mt. Jefferson and Marion Lake
Box-Item 1.131: Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt. Washington at a Distance
Box-Item 1.132: Mt. Jefferson and Metolius River
Box-Item 1.133: Cow Horn Mt. and Crescent Lake
Box-Item 1.134: Three Sisters from Clear Lake
Box-Item 1.135: Three Sisters and Mt. Washington from Santiam Highway
Box-Item 1.136: Three Sisters and Scott Lake
Box-Item 1.137: Three Sisters and Columbia River
Box-Item 1.138: Mt. Thielsen, 1921
Box-Item 1.139: Mt. Thielsen from Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.140: Mt. Thielsen and Diamond Lake, 1944
Box-Item 1.141: Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.142: Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.143: Mt. Bailey and Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.144: Mt. Bailey and Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.145: Diamond Lake and Mt. Bailey, 1920
Box-Item 1.146: The Spirit of Diamond Lake poem
Box-Item 1.147: Diamond Lake from South Shore
Box-Item 1.148: Diamond Lake from South Shore
Box-Item 1.149: Diamond Lake from South Shore
Box-Item 1.150: Diamond Lake from South Shore
Box-Item 1.151: Diamond Lake from South Shore
Box-Item 1.152: Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.153: The Medford-Diamond Lake Highway, 1936
Box-Item 1.154: Diamond Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.155: Diamond Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.156: Squirrel at Diamond Lake, 1936
Box-Item 1.157: Mt. Hood at Twilight
Photograph by Gifford.
Box-Item 1.158: Summit at Mt. Hood
Box-Item 1.159: Mt. Hood from Mt. Hood Skiway
Box-Item 1.160: Mt. Hood from the road to Timberline Lodge
Box-Item 1.161: Mt. Hood from Laurel Hill-Loop Road, 1941
Box-Item 1.162: Mt. Hood from Summit Meadows
Box-Item 1.163: Mt. Hood, 1915
Box-Item 1.164: Mt. Hood
Box-Item 1.165: Summit of Mt. Hood, 1907
Box-Item 1.166: Crevasses in Eliot Glacier, Mt. Hood
Box-Item 1.167: Diamond Peak from Odell Lake, 1954
Box-Item 1.168: Detroit Dam and Lake on the North Santiam River
Box-Item 1.169: Camp Grounds, Wilhoit Springs
Box-Item 1.170: Along Santiam Highway
Box-Item 1.171: Highway 58 in Winter near Cascade Summit, 1951
Box-Item 1.172: Mt. Hood Skiway from Upper Terminal, 1955
Box-Item 1.173: Looking Toward Lower Terminal of Mt. Hood Skiway
Box-Item 1.174: Support Tower of Mt. Hood Skiway from Upper Terminal
Box-Item 1.175: Front Terrace, Timberline Lodge, 1949
Box-Item 1.176: St. Bernards at Timberline Lodge
Sub-Series 4: Crater Lake, circa 1915 - circa 1935
Sub-Series 4 consists of 22 postcards, primarily photographic postcards, of Crater Lake and the Crater Lake Highway.  Several of the images were made by Frank Patterson.
Box-Item 1.177: Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.178: Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.179: Crater Lake in Winter
Box-Item 1.180: Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.181: Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.182: Foot of the Trail, Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.183: Phantom Ship in Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.184: Phantom Ship of Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.185: Phantom Ship Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.186: Llao Rock, Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.187: Wizard Island, Crater Lake
Box-Item 1.188: Prospect Bridge on Crater Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.189: Cliff on Crater Lake Highway, the Site of a Car Accident
Box-Item 1.190: Union Creek Resort, Crater Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.191: Opalized Wood Fire Place at Union Creek Resort, Crater Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.192: Dining Room at Union Creek Resort, Crater Lake Highway
Box-Item 1.193: Deer at Union Creek Resort
Box-Item 1.194: Union Creek Auto Park
Box-Item 1.195: Bridge Creek, Crater Lake National Park
Box-Item 1.196: Pinnacles, Crater Lake National Park
Box-Item 1.197: Spirit of the Mountain, Crater Lake National Park
Box-Item 1.198: Baby Bear at Crater Lake National Park, 1930
Sub-Series 5: McKenzie River Highway Area, 1906-1955
Sub-Series 5 is comprised of 80 postcards of the McKenzie River basin and McKenzie Pass.  Most of the images depict the McKenzie River, especially waterfalls and rapids as well as fishing and boating on the river.  Several images of Clear Lake and postcards of dams, bridges, fish hatchery operations, lodges, resorts, and hot springs are also included.
Box-Item 1.199: Salmon Jumping, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.200: McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.201: McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.202: McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.203: Autumn McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.204: McKenzie River, 1909
Box-Item 1.205: Headwaters of McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.206: View of River at McKenzie Bridge, 1935
Box-Item 1.207: River View Lodge, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.208: Clover Point, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.209: Martin Rapids
Box-Item 1.210: Fishing on McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.211: McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.212: Death Ball Mt.
Box-Item 1.213: Boating on McKenzie
Box-Item 1.214: McAllister Rapids, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.215: Martin Rapids, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.216: Martins Rapids, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.217: Upper Falls, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.218: Upper Falls, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.219: Middle Falls, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.220: Lower Falls, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.221: Lower Falls, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.222: Old McKenzie Bridge
Box-Item 1.223: Eugene Power Dam, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.224: Chuting Logs into McKenzie River, 1910
Box-Item 1.225: Government Fish Propagation, McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.226: Springfield Arch from McKenzie River Highway
Box-Item 1.227: Seymour's Chateau, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.228: Lost Creek Ranch, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.229: Lost Creek Falls, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.230: McKenzie River Highway through Pines of Eastern Oregon, 1932
Box-Item 1.231: Hotel in McKenzie Bridge, 1909
Box-Item 1.232: Holiday Farm, McKenzie River Highway, 1953
Box-Item 1.233: Finn Rock, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.234: Mt. Washington from the Lookout, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.235: Cascade Resort, McKenzie Drive
Box-Item 1.236: Craig Pass, McKenzie Pass
Box-Item 1.237: Geo. H. Moody, Packer and Guide, McKenzie Bridge
Box-Item 1.238: Dining Room, McKenzie Guest Ranch
Box-Item 1.239: In the Lava Beds, McKenzie Pass Highway, 1932
Box-Item 1.240: Lava Beds, McKenzie Highway
Box-Item 1.241: Lava Field Black Crater, McKenzie Pass
Box-Item 1.242: Lookout on McKenzie Pass
Box-Item 1.243: McKenzie Pack Train
Box-Item 1.244: Flying Over McKenzie Bridge, 1919
Box-Item 1.245: Lake Creek Outlet of Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.246: Fish at Diamond Lake
Box-Item 1.247: Triangle Lake
Box-Item 1.248: Waldo Lake, 1927
Box-Item 1.249: Cabin at Clear Lake, Head of McKenzie River
Box-Item 1.250: Clear Lake
Box-Item 1.251: Boat Dock Store, Clear Lake
Box-Item 1.252: Blue River
Box-Item 1.253: Belknap Hot Springs
Box-Item 1.254: Belknap Springs Hotel, 1949
Box-Item 1.255: McCredie Springs Resort
Box-Item 1.256: Scene at McCredie Hot Mineral Springs
Box-Item 1.257: McCredie Springs
Box-Item 1.258: Swimming Rink at Foley Springs
Box-Item 1.259: McKenzie Trout Hatchery, Leaburg
Box-Item 1.260: Scene at Vida, 1914
Box-Item 1.261: The Stockade, McKenzie Highway, Vida
Box-Item 1.262: Thompson's Lodge, Vida
Box-Item 1.263: Gate Creek Ranch, Vida
Box-Item 1.264: Gate Creek Ranch, Vida
Box-Item 1.265: Gate Creek Ranch, Vida
Box-Item 1.266: Gate Creek Ranch, Vida
Box-Item 1.267: Wendling, 1912
Box-Item 1.268: Dam at Wendling, 1914
Box-Item 1.269: Saginaw
Box-Item 1.270: Pleasant Hill
Box-Item 1.271: Dining Room, Log Cabin Inn
Box-Item 1.272: London Springs Hotel, 1906
Box-Item 1.273: Scenes Around Blachly, 1915
Box-Item 1.274: Kitson Hot Springs, Oakridge
Box-Item 1.275: Kitson Hot Springs, Oakridge
Box-Item 1.276: Bath House Lobby, Kitson Hot Springs, Oakridge, 1955
Box-Item 1.277: Advertisement on a Rock, Lane Co.
Box-Item 1.278: Ernest Covered Bridge
Sub-Series 6: Oregon Coast, 1893-1949
Sub-Series 6 consists of 99 postcards of the Oregon Coast, the Coast Range, and the Oregon Coast Highway.  Of special note are images of bridges along the coast, fishing boats, and many scenes of beaches and headlands.  This sub-series also includes images of logging in the Oregon Coast Range as well as views of the Siletz, Rogue, and Umpqua Rivers.  The items in this sub-series are arranged geographically from north to south.
Box-Item 1.279: Douglas Fir Log, Astoria
Box-Item 1.280: Astor Column, Astoria
Box-Item 1.281: Logging Scene, near Astoria
Box-Item 1.282: Hammond Lumber Mills, Astoria
Box-Item 1.283: Oregon Spruce, from Astoria, 1907
Box-Item 1.284: Oregon Timber, grown near Seaside
Box-Item 1.285: Peter Iredale shipwreck, Gearhart, 1906
Box-Item 1.286: Scene on Cannon Beach, 1916
Box-Item 1.287: The Mouth of Elk Creek, the Trout Stream, Cannon Beach
Box-Item 1.288: Hug Point on Cannon Beach
Box-Item 1.289: Rockaway Chicken Roost
Box-Item 1.290: Tillamook Bay near Bay City
Box-Item 1.291: Sunset on Tillamook Bay, 1931
Box-Item 1.292: Tillamook Burn Lee's Camp
Box-Item 1.293: 120 ft. Tree, Tillamook
Box-Item 1.294: U.S. Fish Trap, Trask River, Tillamook, 1909
Box-Item 1.295: Garibaldi Beach
Box-Item 1.296: Himb Bow Park Neah-Kah-Nie Road, 1920
Box-Item 1.297: Coastline from Neah-kah-nie Trail, 1924
Box-Item 1.298: Spouting Horn, Depoe Bay
Box-Item 1.299: Alsea
Box-Item 1.300: Coast at Newport, 1913
Box-Item 1.301: Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, 1940
Box-Item 1.302: Agate Beach, 1940
Box-Item 1.303: Siletz River, East from Shingle Mill
Box-Item 1.304: Siletz River Valley Farms
Box-Item 1.305: Siletz River, above Chinook Bend
Box-Item 1.306: Siletz River, Snag Alley
Box-Item 1.307: Siletz River, below Shirttail Point
Box-Item 1.308: Siletz River, Sijota Rock
Box-Item 1.309: Siletz River
Box-Item 1.310: Siletz River Flounder Beds
Box-Item 1.311: Siletz River Chinook Bend
Box-Item 1.312: Flycasting on Siletz River
Box-Item 1.313: Siletz River, West from Sijota Rock
Box-Item 1.314: Ocean and River Front at Yachats
Box-Item 1.315: Sunset at Cape Perpetua
Box-Item 1.316: Elkton, 1911
Box-Item 1.317: Heceta Head Lighthouse
Box-Item 1.318: Heceta Head
Box-Item 1.319: Heceta Head Lighthouse and Tunnel, 1949
Box-Item 1.320: Heceta Head Lighthouse
Box-Item 1.321: Interior View, North Entrance of Sea Lion Caves
Box-Item 1.322: Sea Lion Caves
Box-Item 1.323: Sea Lion Caves, 1948
Box-Item 1.324: Pigeon Guillemots, Sea Lion Caves
Box-Item 1.325: Showing Lake Tahkenitch from Highway 101
Box-Item 1.326: Loon Lake
Box-Item 1.327: Umpqua River Bridge, Reedsport, 1948
Box-Item 1.328: At the Jetty, Mouth of the Umpqua River, Reedsport
Box-Item 1.329: Umpqua River, Reedsport
Box-Item 1.330: Ten Mile Lake, Lakeside
Box-Item 1.331: Sand Dunes, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.332: Sand Dunes on the Oregon Coast
Box-Item 1.333: Myrtle Trees, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.334: Myrtle Trees, Coos County, 1941
Box-Item 1.335: Myrtle Trees, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.336: Log Jam on Coos River, Coos County
Box-Item 1.337: Golden Falls, Coos River
Box-Item 1.338: Coos Bay Bridge, Coos Bay
Box-Item 1.339: Cantilever on the Coos Bay Bridge
Box-Item 1.340: Coos Bay Bridge
Box-Item 1.341: Fishing Fleet, Coos Bay
Box-Item 1.342: Harding School, Marshfield
Box-Item 1.343: Bandon, 1907
Box-Item 1.344: Bandon Beach, Roosevelt Highway
Box-Item 1.345: Profile Rock, Bandon Beach, 1941
Box-Item 1.346: Bandon Beach, Roosevelt Highway, 1930
Box-Item 1.347: S.S. Elizabeth, Coquille, 1907
Box-Item 1.348: Coquille
Box-Item 1.349: Log Rafts on the Coquille River
Box-Item 1.350: Cape Blanco
Box-Item 1.351: Rogue River Bridge, Oregon Coast Highway, 1949
Box-Item 1.352: Rogue River Bridge at Gold Beach, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.353: Rogue River at Gold Beach
Box-Item 1.354: Redwoods near Brookings
Box-Item 1.355: Coast at Brookings
Box-Item 1.356: Coast at Brookings
Box-Item 1.357: Chetco River near Brookings
Box-Item 1.358: The Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.359: Cape Sebastian State Park, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.360: Arch Rock, Oregon Coast Highway, 1949
Box-Item 1.361: Oregon Coast Highway, 1934
Box-Item 1.362: Myrtle Trees, Oregon Coast Highway, 1938
Box-Item 1.363: Among the Towering Giant Redwoods, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.364: Oregon Coast Highway, 1940
Box-Item 1.365: Rhododendrons, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.366: Surf and Rocks, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.367: From Carpenterville, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.368: Log Hauling on Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.369: Pacific Highway near Wolf Creek, 1893
Box-Item 1.370: Scenic Drive on the Oregon Coast Highway, 1950
Box-Item 1.371: From the Oregon Coast Highway, 1947
Box-Item 1.372: Azaleas in Bloom, Oregon Coast Highway, 1945
Box-Item 1.373: View from the Oregon Coast Highway, 1946
Box-Item 1.374: Looking South from Cape San Sebastine Park, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.375: Cape Creek Bridge, Oregon Coast Highway, 1933
Box-Item 1.376: De Lake
Box-Item 1.377: The Oregon Bear
Sub-Series 7: Southern Oregon, 1906-1958
Sub-Series 7 consists of 109 postcards depicting scenes of southern Oregon including multiple images of the Oregon Caves; the Rogue, Umpqua, and Klamath Rivers; Klamath Lake; and the city of Ashland.  Many of the image were made by Frank Patterson.
Box-Item 1.378: Oregon Caves Chateau
Box-Item 1.379: Chateau at the Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.380: Rustic Stairway, Oregon Caves Chateau
Box-Item 1.381: Guests Arriving at the Chateau, Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.382: New Chalet at Oregon Caves, 1953
Box-Item 1.383: Elijah Davidson, discoverer of the Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.384: The hole where the Oregon Caves were discovered
Box-Item 1.385: "The Butterfly", Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.386: Paradise Lost, Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.387: Cave Creek at Entrance to Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.388: Largest known Douglas Fir
Box-Item 1.389: Largest known Douglas Fir
Box-Item 1.390: Wishing Post, Oregon Caves
Box-Item 1.391: Falls on the Rogue, Gold Hill
Box-Item 1.392: Dam on the Rogue River
Box-Item 1.393: Rogue River
Box-Item 1.394: Cave near Natural Bridge in Rogue River
Box-Item 1.395: Copper Canyon, Rogue River
Box-Item 1.396: White Rocks Rogue River, Grants Pass, 1909
Box-Item 1.397: Near Singing Spring's Ranch, on the Rogue River, 1953
Box-Item 1.398: Rogue River between Gold Beach and Agness, 1947
Box-Item 1.399: Rogue River between Gold Beach and Agness
Box-Item 1.400: Rogue River on the Pacific Highway
Box-Item 1.401: Rogue River Gorge on road to Crater Lake, 1946
Box-Item 1.402: Pear Blossoms, Rogue River Valley, 1931
Box-Item 1.403: Fast Water on the Rogue River
Box-Item 1.404: Fishing in the Umpqua River, Southern Oregon
Box-Item 1.405: Umpqua River, 1935
Box-Item 1.406: Umpqua River, Oregon Coast Highway
Box-Item 1.407: The Narrows, North Umpqua River
Box-Item 1.408: The Narrows, North Umpqua River
Box-Item 1.409: Umpqua Reflections, 1940
Box-Item 1.410: Pacific Highway, Umpqua River
Box-Item 1.411: Mill Creek Falls
Box-Item 1.412: Mill Creek Falls
Box-Item 1.413: Table Rock
Box-Item 1.414: Houck Rapids, Gold Hill
Box-Item 1.415: A Forest Fire
Box-Item 1.416: Winchuck River, Roosevelt Highway, 1929
Box-Item 1.417: Snowplow at work in a canyon, near Prospect
Box-Item 1.418: At Nimrod Park
Box-Item 1.419: Nimrod Park
Box-Item 1.420: Klamath River
Box-Item 1.421: Pacific Highway on Klamath River
Box-Item 1.422: The Link River, Klamath Falls
Box-Item 1.423: Klamath Lake
Box-Item 1.424: Rainbow Trout caught in Upper Klamath Lake
Box-Item 1.425: Log Storage in Upper Klamath Lake
Box-Item 1.426: Klamath Lake and Mt. McLaughlin
Box-Item 1.427: Pelicans, Klamath County
Box-Item 1.428: Klamath Lake Pelican
Box-Item 1.429: Pelican Klamath Lake
Box-Item 1.430: Among the Pines, Crater Lake National Park
Box-Item 1.431: Mills at Klamath Falls
Box-Item 1.432: Snakes on a sunny day in Klamath, 1906
Box-Item 1.433: The Silver Frost in Klamath Falls, 1912
Box-Item 1.434: Klamath Falls
Box-Item 1.435: Klamath Falls
Box-Item 1.436: Mt. Ashland, Siskiyou Mountains, 1909
Box-Item 1.437: Top of Mount Ashland, 1910
Box-Item 1.438: Trailing Mt. Ashland
Box-Item 1.439: Balance Rock, Ashland Canyon
Box-Item 1.440: Ashland, 1941
Box-Item 1.441: Ashland, 1945
Box-Item 1.442: Ashland
Box-Item 1.443: Downtown Ashland
Box-Item 1.444: Troop Train, Ashland
Box-Item 1.445: Troop Train, Ashland
Box-Item 1.446: Ashland, 1907
Box-Item 1.447: Upper Intake Ashland Water Works
Box-Item 1.448: Upper Intake City Water Works, Ashland
Box-Item 1.449: Armory, Ashland
Box-Item 1.450: Washington School, Ashland, 1947
Box-Item 1.451: Helman Sulphur Bath, Ashland
Box-Item 1.452: High School, Ashland
Box-Item 1.453: Junior High, Ashland
Box-Item 1.454: Coubouqua Building, Ashland
Box-Item 1.455: In Lithia Park, Ashland
Box-Item 1.456: In Lithia Park, Ashland, 1947
Box-Item 1.457: In Lithia Park, Ashland
Box-Item 1.458: In Lithia Park, Ashland, 1943
Box-Item 1.459: Swan in Ashland
Box-Item 1.460: Memorial Statue, Ashland
Box-Item 1.461: Lithia Fountain, Ashland
Box-Item 1.462: Lithia Fountain, Ashland
Box-Item 1.463: Drinking Lithia Water, Ashland
Box-Item 1.464: Prune Ranch, Myrtle Creek
Box-Item 1.465: Fire at Myrtle Creek, 1911
Box-Item 1.466: Natural Bridge, Medford
Box-Item 1.467: Lake of the Woods, 1931
Box-Item 1.468: Roseburg, 1927
Box-Item 1.469: Deer Park Inn, Douglas County, 1927
Box-Item 1.470: City Park, Grants Pass, 1912
Box-Item 1.471: Grants Pass, 1919
Box-Item 1.472: Gladiola, near Grants Pass, 1938
Box-Item 1.473: Redwoods Hotel, Grants Pass, 1944
Box-Item 1.474: Sutherlin Timber Products Mill
Box-Item 1.475: Yoncalla Valley, 1910
Box-Item 1.476: Saw Mill in Southern Oregon, 1908
Box-Item 1.477: Kerby
Box-Item 1.478: Mine near Kerby, 1913
Box-Item 1.479: Fishing near Merlin
Box-Item 1.480: Scene near Williams
Box-Item 1.481: Rodeo near Wilbur
Box-Item 1.482: U.S. mail Boat approaching Singing Springs Ranch, Agness, 1958
Box-Item 1.483: Rogue River near Singing Springs Ranch, Agness
Box-Item 1.484: Page Fence Suspension Bridge, Agness, 1917
Box-Item 1.485: Sugar Pine Forests of Southern Oregon, 1909
Box-Item 1.486: Southern Oregon Normal School
Sub-Series 8: Central Oregon, 1910-1952
Sub-Series 8 consists of 27 postcards documenting central Oregon, especially the area near Bend.  Images of the lakes and rivers of Central Oregon are included; of note are several images of the Crooked  River Gorge and Bridge.
Box-Item 1.487: Main Entrance, Camp Abbott
Box-Item 1.488: Hotel, Wilhoit
Box-Item 1.489: Main Street, Madras
Box-Item 1.490: Shaniko Stages, Madras
Box-Item 1.491: Millican, 1940
Box-Item 1.492: Hoodoo Ski Bowl
Box-Item 1.493: Black Butte, Pacific Highway, 1930
Box-Item 1.494: Crescent Lake
Box-Item 1.495: Davis Lake
Box-Item 1.496: Elk Lake, Bend, 1943
Box-Item 1.497: East Lake, 1950
Box-Item 1.498: Santiam River above Sardeen Creek, 1910
Box-Item 1.499: Metolius River, 1952
Box-Item 1.500: Crooked River Canyon
Box-Item 1.501: Crooked River, near Bend
Box-Item 1.502: Trunk Bridge across Crooked River
Box-Item 1.503: A Settler's Home on the Deschutes
Box-Item 1.504: Mt. Jefferson from Hunts Lake
Box-Item 1.505: Harney Valley, 1911
Box-Item 1.506: Cattle on the Desert near Paisley
Box-Item 1.507: Sheep herd in Central Oregon
Box-Item 1.508: Central Oregon Irrigation Flume
Box-Item 1.509: Pine Sawmill, Bend
Box-Item 1.510: Sand Gardens in Lava Caves near Bend
Box-Item 1.511: Sand Gardens in Lava Caves near Bend
Box-Item 1.512: Three Fingered Jack, Bend
Box-Item 1.513: Bridge near Bend
Sub-Series 9: Eastern Oregon, 1900-1955
Sub-Series 9 is comprised of 76 postcards depicting scenes of all parts of eastern Oregon, from The Dalles on the Columbia River east to the Wallowa and Blue Mountains and south to Steens Mountain and Lake County.  Several postcards of the John Day region and the Pendleton Round--Up are also included.
Box-Item 1.514: Camp Hilgard CCC, 1935
Box-Item 1.515: Fort Rock, near Lakeview
Box-Item 1.516: Fort Rock
Box-Item 1.517: Albert Rim and Albert Lake
Box-Item 1.518: Albert Rim and Albert Lake
Box-Item 1.519: Middle Fork, John Day River
Box-Item 1.520: Grant County Library, John Day
Box-Item 1.521: Magone Lake near John Day and Prairie City
Box-Item 1.522: Through Rock Cliffs, John Day Highway
Box-Item 1.523: John Day Highway
Box-Item 1.524: Grande Ronde River
Box-Item 1.525: Grande Ronde, 1908
Box-Item 1.526: Owyhee River
Box-Item 1.527: Warm Springs, Owyhee River
Box-Item 1.528: Wallowa Lake
Box-Item 1.529: Wallowa Falls and Wallowa Lake
Box-Item 1.530: Strawberry Lake, Grant County
Box-Item 1.531: Anthony Lake near Baker, 1949
Box-Item 1.532: Fishing on Suttle Lake
Box-Item 1.533: Hot Spring, Harney County, 1918
Box-Item 1.534: The Matterhorn, Wallowa Lake Wonderland, 1941
Box-Item 1.535: Wallowa Lake
Box-Item 1.536: Swimming Pool at Blue Mt. Springs
Box-Item 1.537: High in the Steens Mountains
Box-Item 1.538: Corrals in Blitzen Gorge in the Steens Mountains
Box-Item 1.539: Band of Cow Ponies at the Alvord Ranch, Steens Mountains
Box-Item 1.540: Map of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
Box-Item 1.541: Forest Service Office, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
Box-Item 1.542: Indian Ford Guest Ranch, Sisters
Box-Item 1.543: Forest Fire Lookout, Sisters
Box-Item 1.544: Sisters
Box-Item 1.545: Blue Mountains between Walla Walla and Pendleton
Box-Item 1.546: Jack Hart at Pendleton Round Up, 1927
Box-Item 1.547: Sheep business near Pendleton
Box-Item 1.548: Harvesting an Eastern Oregon Grain Crop, Pendleton
Box-Item 1.549: Pendleton Round Up
Box-Item 1.550: Pendleton Round Up
Box-Item 1.551: Roping, Pendleton Round Up, 1930
Box-Item 1.552: Sheep herd, Elgin
Box-Item 1.553: Burns, 1953
Box-Item 1.554: Edward Hines Lumber Co., Burns
Box-Item 1.555: Jordan Valley
Box-Item 1.556: Mountain Scene near Jordan Valley
Box-Item 1.557: Pioneer Day in Canyon City, 1940
Box-Item 1.558: Prospector and his burro, Canyon City, 1900
Box-Item 1.559: Part of Main Dining Room, Hot lake Sanatorium, Hot Lake
Box-Item 1.560: Nibley Mills Log Pond, La Grande, 1908
Box-Item 1.561: Hot Lake, La Grande, 1955
Box-Item 1.562: Court House and City Hall Building, La Grande, 1906
Box-Item 1.563: Eagle Valley
Box-Item 1.564: Joseph, 1906
Box-Item 1.565: Ione
Box-Item 1.566: Government Storage Dam, Hermiston
Box-Item 1.567: Indian Fishing for Salmon in Umatilla River near Hermiston
Box-Item 1.568: Hermiston Butte
Box-Item 1.569: Woodland Scene near Hermiston
Box-Item 1.570: Natatorium, Vale, 1945
Box-Item 1.571: Old Fort Dalles
Box-Item 1.572: H. Matthews at The Dalles Rodeo, 1914
Box-Item 1.573: Pulpit Rock, The Dalles, 1934
Box-Item 1.574: The Dalles aerial view
Box-Item 1.575: The Dalles, California Highway on Klamath Lake
Box-Item 1.576: Geyser at Lakeview
Box-Item 1.577: Geyser near Hunters Lodge, Lakeview, 1951
Box-Item 1.578: Canadian Honkers, Lakeview
Box-Item 1.579: Deep Creek Falls, Lake County
Box-Item 1.580: The Rim Rock Country, Lake County, 1940
Box-Item 1.581: Hart Mountain, Lake County
Box-Item 1.582: Floor Ranch at Hart Mountain, Lake County
Box-Item 1.583: Big Snow in Shaniko
Box-Item 1.584: Twin Pillars, Ochoco National Forest
Box-Item 1.585: Mitchell Aerial View
Box-Item 1.586: Railroad Yards and Ferry, Arlington
Box-Item 1.587: Snowy Egret in Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Box-Item 1.588: Typical Scene on the Oregon Trail
Box-Item 1.589: Wheat ready for shipment, Vida
Series 2: Washington, 1904-1956
Series 2 includes 100 postcards documenting all regions of Washington -- especially southwest Washington, the northern Cascades, and the Grand Coulee Dam area.  Most of the items are photographic postcards. Images of logging operations and scenic views comprise the bulk of the series.
Box-Item 1.590: Old Court House near Chehalis, 1908
Box-Item 1.591: Towing Log Rafts on Chehalis River, Aberdeen, 1916
Box-Item 1.592: Simpson Lumber Co., McCleary
Box-Item 1.593: Spruce Cottage, Cosmopolis
Box-Item 1.594: South Bend, 1906
Box-Item 1.595: Men standing with log, Lewis River
Box-Item 1.596: Log Drivers on Lewis River
Box-Item 1.597: Drivers on Lewis River
Box-Item 1.598: Parade Grounds, Vancouver Barracks, 1908
Box-Item 1.599: U.S. Post Office, Vancouver
Box-Item 1.600: Boulevard at Barracks, Vancouver
Box-Item 1.601: Main Street looking North, Vancouver
Box-Item 1.602: Saw Mill at Three Lakes, 1909
Box-Item 1.603: The Crane Lagoon near Whid-Isle Inn, Whidbey Island
Box-Item 1.604: Entrance to Moran Park
Box-Item 1.605: Whidbey Island Block House
Box-Item 1.606: Neah Bay
Box-Item 1.607: North Head Lighthouse
Box-Item 1.608: The Harp, North Beach, 1916
Box-Item 1.609: Beach at La Push, showing James Island
Box-Item 1.610: Beach at La Push, 1943
Box-Item 1.611: Rosario Beach
Box-Item 1.612: Old Fort Nisqually, Tacoma
Box-Item 1.613: Tacoma Aerial View
Box-Item 1.614: View from Seattle's Waterfront
Box-Item 1.615: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Box-Item 1.616: Puget Sound Area, 1952
Box-Item 1.617: Sunset on the Sound, Seattle
Box-Item 1.618: Big Log Section, Forks
Box-Item 1.619: Mt. Seattle, 1941
Box-Item 1.620: Olympic Inn on Hood Canal, Brinnon, 1956
Box-Item 1.621: Olympic Mountains from Hood Canal, 1947
Box-Item 1.622: Quinault Lake
Box-Item 1.623: Mt. Olympus from High Divide
Box-Item 1.624: Sportsman and Tourist Map of the Olympic Peninsula
Box-Item 1.625: U.S. Boundary Post Sumas
Box-Item 1.626: Point Roberts
Box-Item 1.627: Peace Arch from U.S. Customs and Immigration, Blaine
Box-Item 1.628: International Peace Arch, Blaine
Box-Item 1.629: Mount Saint Helens and Spirit Lake
Box-Item 1.630: Mount Saint Helens and Spirit Lake
Box-Item 1.631: Sleeping Beauty Lookout Station, Columbia National Forest
Box-Item 1.632: Sunset Falls
Box-Item 1.633: Log Drive near Carson
Box-Item 1.634: Wind Mountain on Evergreen Highway
Box-Item 1.635: Bridge near Mt. Adams, 1906
Box-Item 1.636: Beacon Rock Trail
Box-Item 1.637: Wind River Suspension Bridge, Carson
Box-Item 1.638: Wind River Falls near Carson, 1944
Box-Item 1.639: Wind River at Shepherd's Springs, Carson
Box-Item 1.640: Salmon Jumping at Wind River Falls, Carson
Box-Item 1.641: Log Drive over Wind River Falls, Carson
Box-Item 1.642: Wind River Falls, 1934
Box-Item 1.643: Wind River near Government Mineral Springs, Carson
Box-Item 1.644: The Gorge at Ohanapecosh Hot Springs
Box-Item 1.645: Galeway Inn, Rainier National Park, 1955
Box-Item 1.646: End of the Nisqually Glacier
Box-Item 1.647: Mt. Rainier from Longmire
Box-Item 1.648: The Government Road, Rainier National Park
Box-Item 1.649: Lightning over Mount Rainier
Box-Item 1.650: Sluiskin Falls, Rainier National Park
Box-Item 1.651: Mt. Index, Index, 1909
Box-Item 1.652: Mt. Index, 1935
Box-Item 1.653: Snoqualmie Falls
Box-Item 1.654: Blewett Pass Summit Station
Box-Item 1.655: Near the Summit of Stevens Pass
Box-Item 1.656: Monte Cristo
Box-Item 1.657: Dormitory and Administration Building, Ellensburg
Box-Item 1.658: Highline Diversion Dam near Easton
Box-Item 1.659: Horse Shoe Bend, Chelan River, 1931
Box-Item 1.660: Lightning on Lake Chelan
Box-Item 1.661: Steamers at Wenatchee Dock, 1907
Box-Item 1.662: Wenatchee
Box-Item 1.663: Blewett Pass, 10 miles East of the Summit
Box-Item 1.664: Mt. Shuksan
Box-Item 1.665: Mt. Shuksan
Box-Item 1.666: Mt. Baker Lodge
Box-Item 1.667: Mt. Baker
Box-Item 1.668: Diablo Dam
Box-Item 1.669: Diablo Power House
Box-Item 1.670: Upstream Side of Grand Coulee Dam, 1949
Box-Item 1.671: Steamboat Rock, Grand Coulee
Box-Item 1.672: Flocks of sheep cross Grand Coulee Dam
Box-Item 1.673: Blue Lake, Grand Coulee
Box-Item 1.674: North End Grand Coulee, 1926
Box-Item 1.675: Blue Lake, Grand Coulee
Box-Item 1.676: Kettle Falls
Box-Item 1.677: Old Block House, near Marcus
Box-Item 1.678: Camping Trip at Sullivan Lake
Box-Item 1.679: View up Spokane River
Box-Item 1.680: Sunset on Lake Pend Oreille, 1950
Box-Item 1.681: Conconully Reservoir, Methow Range in Background
Box-Item 1.682: Mouth of Okanogan River
Box-Item 1.683: Corral Lake, below O'Sullivan Dam, 1956
Box-Item 1.684: Yakima River, Prosser
Box-Item 1.685: Wilson Hall, W.S.C., Pullman
Box-Item 1.686: Rocks of Paradise Canyon, 1913
Box-Item 1.687: "Washington Toothpicks"
Box-Item 1.688: Logging in the Pacific Northwest
Box-Item 1.689: Logging Tall Timber, 1904
Series 3: California, 1898-1954
Series 3 is comprised of 179 postcards depicting locations in California. Most of the postcards depict scenes in northern California, many of which were made by Frank Patterson. Of note are images of the redwood forests of northern California and Mt Shasta.
Box-Item 2.001: Redwood Empire Sign, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.002: The Founder's Tree plaque
Box-Item 2.003: The Founder's Tree plaque, 1950
Box-Item 2.004: Lanes Redwoods Flat office
Box-Item 2.005: Interior of the Fraternal Monarch Tree
Box-Item 2.006: The Family Tree, Wonderland Park, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.007: Flowers of the Forest
Box-Item 2.008: Camping among the Big Trees, 1907
Box-Item 2.009: Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.010: Near Lanes Redwood Flat
Box-Item 2.011: Cottage at Wonderland Park
Box-Item 2.012: "Natures Harp", Wonderland Park, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.013: Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.014: Falls at Lane's Redwood Flat
Box-Item 2.015: A Redwood Crosscut
Box-Item 2.016: Giant Tree in Bull Creek, 1928
Box-Item 2.017: Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.018: A Fallen Monarch
Box-Item 2.019: Big Trees of the West
Box-Item 2.020: Logging in the West, Hauling Big Logs
Box-Item 2.021: The Woodman's Attack, 1898
Box-Item 2.022: Redwood Logs on the way to the Saw, 1935
Box-Item 2.023: Humboldt Redwoods, 1898
Box-Item 2.024: Six Men in the Butt Cut of a Redwood Tree
Box-Item 2.025: A Forest Ranger by California Big Trees
Box-Item 2.026: Portals of California's Greatest Play Ground
Box-Item 2.027: Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.028: Redwood Highway on Eel River, 1930
Box-Item 2.029: Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.030: Redwood Highway, Humboldt County, 1928
Box-Item 2.031: Redwood Highway, Oregon-California Line
Box-Item 2.032: Redwood Highway, Van Duzen River
Box-Item 2.033: Dan Creek Bridge, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.034: Douglas Memorial Bridge, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.035: Douglas Memorial Bridge, Klamath River, 1929
Box-Item 2.036: Douglas Memorial Bridge, Klamath River, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.037: Where the Redwood Highway touches the Beach
Box-Item 2.038: View of the beach from the Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.039: Sand and the Sea, Redwood Highway, 1929
Box-Item 2.040: Endert's Beach on Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.041: South end of Endert's Beach, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.042: Crescent Beach, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.043: Crescent Beach, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.044: Conveyor Belt at Trinity Dam Site
Box-Item 2.045: Trinity Centre Hotel
Box-Item 2.046: A Freight Schooner at Weaverville
Box-Item 2.047: Saw Mill at Weaverville
Box-Item 2.048: Prospector and Pack Leaving on Prospecting Tour
Box-Item 2.049: View from Alta Peak, Sequoia National Park
Box-Item 2.050: West Side of Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park
Box-Item 2.051: General's Highway, Sequoia National Park
Box-Item 2.052: Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe, 1940
Box-Item 2.053: Truckee River, Tahoe
Box-Item 2.054: State Road to Lake Tahoe near Placerville
Box-Item 2.055: Tahoe Tavern among the Pines
Box-Item 2.056: Entrance to Mammoth Cave, Modoc Lava Beds
Box-Item 2.057: Monument Rock in Lava Beds National Park
Box-Item 2.058: Monument Rock in Lava Beds National Park
Box-Item 2.059: Natural Bridge in Modoc Lava Beds National Monument
Box-Item 2.060: Lava Beds National Monument
Box-Item 2.061: Lava Cave in Lava Beds National Monument
Box-Item 2.062: Camp Ground in Lava Beds Monument
Box-Item 2.063: Wildlife at Pomona
Box-Item 2.064: Twin Firs at Grizzly Park
Box-Item 2.065: Burney Falls, McArthur Memorial State Park
Box-Item 2.066: Richardson Grove State Park
Box-Item 2.067: Heather Lake, El Dorado National Forest
Box-Item 2.068: The Gifford Pinchot Tree, Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods
Box-Item 2.069: The Gifford Pinchot Tree, Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods
Box-Item 2.070: Gateway to Muir Woods, Marin County
Box-Item 2.071: Fallen Monarch, General Lee General Grant Park
Box-Item 2.072: Through the Pines, General Grant Park
Box-Item 2.073: Mammoth Lakes
Box-Item 2.074: Indian Marking on the Rocks at Little Lakes, 1934
Box-Item 2.075: Topaz Lake
Box-Item 2.076: Mono Lake
Box-Item 2.077: Blue Lakes
Box-Item 2.078: Clear Lake Boulevard
Box-Item 2.079: Convict Lake and Tree
Box-Item 2.080: Placer Mining in the West, 1910
Box-Item 2.081: Delano Quarry, Rocklin, 1908
Box-Item 2.082: Dunsmuir
Box-Item 2.083: Big Tree, Santa Cruz, 1939
Box-Item 2.084: Hauling Wood with Oxen Team, Santa Cruz
Box-Item 2.085: Scotia
Box-Item 2.086: In the Luther Burbank Gardens, Santa Rosa
Box-Item 2.087: General Vallejo's Old Homestead, Sonoma
Box-Item 2.088: Legend and Statue, Buena Vista Vineyard
Box-Item 2.089: Cabins at Diestelhorst Auto Camp, Redding
Box-Item 2.090: Crescent City
Box-Item 2.091: Canyon Trail at Geysers
Box-Item 2.092: Seizlers Hot Springs, 1938
Box-Item 2.093: Wheelers Hot Springs, 1910
Box-Item 2.094: Dinkey Creek, 1953
Box-Item 2.095: In Kern River Canyon
Box-Item 2.096: Kings River near Mouth of Roaring River, Kings Canyon National Park
Box-Item 2.097: Walker River
Box-Item 2.098: Sentinel Rock, Crooked River Canyon
Box-Item 2.099: Russian River
Box-Item 2.100: Russian River, 1948
Box-Item 2.101: Smith River between Grants Pass and Crescent City
Box-Item 2.102: Castle Rock, Smith River
Box-Item 2.103: Eel River, Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.104: Eel River, Richardson Grove State Park, 1947
Box-Item 2.105: Main Building Forest Service Quincy
Box-Item 2.106: Cascade Ranger Station
Box-Item 2.107: U.S. Forest Service, Newhall
Box-Item 2.108: Forest Service Headquarters, Downieville
Box-Item 2.109: U.S. Forest Service Public Camp Grounds, Bucks Lake
Box-Item 2.110: The California Bear
Box-Item 2.111: The Trinity Alps
Box-Item 2.112: California Desert Wild Flowers
Box-Item 2.113: Alta Meadow
Box-Item 2.114: Volcanic Drive, Death Valley National Monument
Box-Item 2.115: Overhug Hanging Rock and Yosemite Falls
Box-Item 2.116: Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena, 1938
Box-Item 2.117: Pinnacles National Monument
Box-Item 2.118: Relief Peak, Sonora Pass Highway
Box-Item 2.119: Loop the Loop, Siskiyou Mountains
Box-Item 2.120: Eureka Inn
Box-Item 2.121: At the Stump House, Eureka, 1952
Box-Item 2.122: In Sequoia Park, Eureka
Box-Item 2.123: The Elk Tree, Prairie Creek State Park
Box-Item 2.124: Richardson Grove State Park, 1946
Box-Item 2.125: Corkscrew Tree, Prairie State Park
Box-Item 2.126: Cross Cut in Prairie State Park
Box-Item 2.127: Crater in Lassen Peak, 1914
Box-Item 2.128: Chaos Crags and Mt. Lassen from Manzanita Lake
Box-Item 2.129: Mt. Lassen Eruption from Red Bluff
Box-Item 2.130: Look-out Station on Broke Off Mt. in Lassen National Park
Box-Item 2.131: Mt. Lassen Eruption, 1914
Box-Item 2.132: Lava Flow on Mt. Lassen, 1940
Box-Item 2.133: Summit of Mt. Lassen
Box-Item 2.134: Sacramento River and Mt. Lassen from Red Bluff
Box-Item 2.135: Westwood
Box-Item 2.136: In the Snowsheds, Sierra Nevada Mountains
Box-Item 2.137: Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the Vicinity of Yosemite
Box-Item 2.138: Observation Station, Donner Summit
Box-Item 2.139: Lake Alpine on Ebbetts Pass Highway, 1954
Box-Item 2.140: Lake Alpine on Ebbetts Pass Highway
Box-Item 2.141: Mineral King
Box-Item 2.142: Monarch Lakes, Mineral King
Box-Item 2.143: Mineral King
Box-Item 2.144: Tulelake
Box-Item 2.145: Presbyterian Church, Tulelake
Box-Item 2.146: Tulelake
Box-Item 2.147: Crop of Klamath Gems near Tulelake
Box-Item 2.148: Klamath Lake, Dallas
Box-Item 2.149: Casting for Salmon at Klamath River Mouth
Box-Item 2.150: Klamath River from Redwood Highway
Box-Item 2.151: At the Mouth of the Klamath River, 1941
Box-Item 2.152: Klamath Lake and Mt. Shasta
Box-Item 2.153: Mt. Shasta from Black Butte Lookout, 1946
Box-Item 2.154: Mt. Shasta from Pacific Highway
Box-Item 2.155: Mt. Shasta from Pacific Highway
Box-Item 2.156: Mt. Shasta from Pacific Highway
Box-Item 2.157: Mt. Shasta
Box-Item 2.158: Base of the Shasta Dam, 1941
Box-Item 2.159: Sacramento River at Shasta Dam Site, 1939
Box-Item 2.160: Shasta Daisies near Mt. Shasta
Box-Item 2.161: Cell of Jail in Old Court House, Shasta
Box-Item 2.162: Freighting Trail, Shasta
Box-Item 2.163: Early Day Freight Teams on Shasta Divide
Box-Item 2.164: In Siskiyou Mountains, Pacific Highway, 1935
Box-Item 2.165: McCloud River, Pacific Highway
Box-Item 2.166: Highest Point on the Pacific Highway, Siskiyou Mountains
Box-Item 2.167: Sacramento River on Pacific Highway
Box-Item 2.168: Sacramento River, Shasta Springs
Box-Item 2.169: Castle Crags from Sacramento River
Box-Item 2.170: National Irrigation Congress in Sacramento Advertisement, 1907
Box-Item 2.171: Aerial View of Sacramento
Box-Item 2.172: San Francisco-Oakland Bridge
Box-Item 2.173: From the hills of Sausalito
Box-Item 2.174: San Francisco
Box-Item 2.175: San Francisco Night View, 1944
Box-Item 2.176: Highway on Mount Laguna
Box-Item 2.177: Franciscan Fathers, Santa Barbara Mission
Box-Item 2.178: Public Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains
Box-Item 2.179: Busy Oil Field, Los Angeles
Series 4: Other States and International, 1895-1959
Series 4 consists of 196 postcards depicting natural features, activities, and notable sites in states other than Oregon, Washington, and California and locations outside the United States; images documenting forestry, logging, and rural activities predominate. The postcards are arranged alphabetically by state, followed by locations outside the United States.  Many of the postcards depict scenes in the western United States; the series includes only a few postcards depicting locations outside the United States.  A high proportion of the postcards are photographic postcards.
Box-Item 2.180: Horse Block Tower, Talladega National Forest, Alabama
Box-Item 2.181: Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Box-Item 2.182: Kaibab National Forest, Arizona
Box-Item 2.183: Logs of Stone, Petrified Forest, Arizona, 1938
Box-Item 2.184: Papago Indian Homes, Tucson, Arizona
Box-Item 2.185: Forester's Cabin in Walnut Canyon, Arizona
Box-Item 2.186: Forester's Cabin in Walnut Canyon, Arizona
Box-Item 2.187: Forester's Cabin in Walnut Canyon, Arizona
Box-Item 2.188: Saguaro Forest, Arizona, 1944
Box-Item 2.189: Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas
Box-Item 2.190: Road in Ouachita National Forest near Mena, Arkansas
Box-Item 2.191: Mt. Magazine, Highest Point in Arkansas
Box-Item 2.192: Continental Divide, Monarch Pass, Colorado
Box-Item 2.193: Uncompahgre Peak, Colorado, 1903
Box-Item 2.194: Mt. Ypsilon from the Trail Ride, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Box-Item 2.195: Switchbacks on Trail Ridge Road near Iceberg Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Box-Item 2.196: Going Through the Royal Gorge, Colorado, 1920
Box-Item 2.197: Saw Mill, Durango, Colorado
Box-Item 2.198: Vallecito Reservoir near Durango, Colorado
Box-Item 2.199: Gold Mining near Durango, Colorado
Box-Item 2.200: Devil's Head Lookout, Pike National Forest, Colorado
Box-Item 2.201: Sand Dunes, San Isabel National Forest, Colorado
Box-Item 2.202: Sangre de Cristo Range in San Isabel National Forest, Colorado, 1933
Box-Item 2.203: Wagon in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Box-Item 2.204: Rose Garden, Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Connecticut
Box-Item 2.205: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, 1956
Box-Item 2.206: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schultz, Resident Supervisors for Alexander Springs in Ocala National Forest, Lake County, Florida
Box-Item 2.207: Old Water Mill and Stream in Chattahoochee National Forest, Northeast Georgia
Box-Item 2.208: Keep Idaho Green
Box-Item 2.209: Lumberjacks of Potlatch Forest, Idaho
Box-Item 2.210: Log Pond at Potlatch Lumber Co., Idaho
Box-Item 2.211: Forest Ranger in Kaufman, Idaho
Box-Item 2.212: Headquarters of Challis National Forest, Challis, Idaho
Box-Item 2.213: Smoke Jumper, McCall, Idaho
Box-Item 2.214: Cougar Point Forest Camp, Williams Creek near Salmon, Idaho
Box-Item 2.215: Lewiston Hill at Dusk, Idaho, 1959
Box-Item 2.216: Hay Grain and Cattle Raising in Idaho
Box-Item 2.217: Marshall Field & Co.'s Retail Store, Chicago, Illinois
Box-Item 2.218: Hotel Chautauqua, Illinois, 1906
Box-Item 2.219: Hotel Chautauqua, Illinois, 1906
Box-Item 2.220: Capitol at Springfield, Illinois
Box-Item 2.221: Limberlost Cabin, Home of Gene Stratton-Porter, Indiana
Box-Item 2.222: Logging on the Kentucky River, Kentucky
Box-Item 2.223: Bogalusa at Plant of Great Southern Lumber Company, Louisiana
Box-Item 2.224: Logging, Maine
Box-Item 2.225: Kennebec River of the Forks Hotel, The Forks, Maine
Box-Item 2.226: Sand Dunes, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Box-Item 2.227: Sand Dunes, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Box-Item 2.228: City Hall, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1927
Box-Item 2.229: Old Nims House and Old Frary House, Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1915
Box-Item 2.230: Main Street, Looking East, Showing New Bank Building, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 1912
Box-Item 2.231: The Common, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 1912
Box-Item 2.232: The Bridge, Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts, 1915
Box-Item 2.233: Boston and Maine Station, South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, 1913
Box-Item 2.234: Salem Willows, Massachusetts
Box-Item 2.235: Revere Beach, Massachusetts, 1911
Box-Item 2.236: Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts, 1910
Box-Item 2.237: Chickering Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, 1911
Box-Item 2.238: St. Ann's Cathedral, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1912
Box-Item 2.239: Fitton Field, Holy Cross College and South Worcester, Massachusetts
Box-Item 2.240: Old Fellows Home, Worcester, Massachusetts
Box-Item 2.241: Wyman Nursery, Manistique, Michigan
Box-Item 2.242: U.S. Forestry Office, East Tawas, Michigan
Box-Item 2.243: Bears in Whitehall, Michigan
Box-Item 2.244: Manistee National Forest near Whitehall, Michigan
Box-Item 2.245: View of Soldier's Home, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Box-Item 2.246: Plantation in Huron National Forest, East Tawas, Michigan
Box-Item 2.247: Lumberman's Monument, Huron National Forest, Michigan
Box-Item 2.248: Forest Ranger Station and Harbor, Lake Kabetogama, Minnesota, 1949
Box-Item 2.249: Forestry Station, Remer, Minnesota, 1938
Box-Item 2.250: U.S. Forestry Exhibit Walker Museum, Walker, Minnesota
Box-Item 2.251: Paper Mill Logs, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Box-Item 2.252: Cut Over Land. Minnesota
Box-Item 2.253: Monument to the 400 Victims of the Great Forest Fire of 1894, Hinkley, Minnesota
Box-Item 2.254: Forest Fire Memorial, Moose Lake, Minnesota
Box-Item 2.255: West Virginia 150th Regimental Band, Camp Shelby, Mississippi
Box-Item 2.256: West Virginia Company M, 150th Infantry, Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1918
Box-Item 2.257: Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri
Box-Item 2.258: Eads Bridge, St. Louis, Missouri, 1906
Box-Item 2.259: U.S. Forest Service Clark National Forest, Lake Killarney, near Ironton, Missouri, 1948
Box-Item 2.260: Shut-Ins, Clark National Forest, in the Beautiful Arcadia Valley, Missouri
Box-Item 2.261: Summit, Green Springs, Montana
Box-Item 2.262: Missoula, Montana
Box-Item 2.263: Northern Rocky Chalet, Whitefish, Montana
Box-Item 2.264: Summit of the Cabinet Range near Noxon, Montana
Box-Item 2.265: Station of Oregon Short Line, Yellowstone, Montana
Box-Item 2.266: Scotts Bluff, famous Oregon Trail Landmark, Nebraska
Box-Item 2.267: Stage Hill, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
Box-Item 2.268: Franklin Pierce Homestead, Hillsboro, New Hampshire
Box-Item 2.269: U.S. Forest Service Ski Shelter, Tuckerman Ravine, New Hampshire
Box-Item 2.270: Wilson Boulder, Farmington, New Hampshire, 1908
Box-Item 2.271: The Monadnock, Colebrook, New Hampshire
Box-Item 2.272: Lake Winnepesaukee, near Mirror Lake, New Hampshire
Box-Item 2.273: Rutger's College, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1908
Box-Item 2.274: Main Street, Madison, New Jersey
Box-Item 2.275: West Point Batteries and Hudson River, New Jersey
Box-Item 2.276: St. Catherine's Bay, New Jersey, 1908
Box-Item 2.277: U.S. Forest Ranger at Capillo Peak, Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Box-Item 2.278: Air View Showing Road to Top of Capulin Mountain National Monument, New Mexico
Box-Item 2.279: View of Sandia Mountains from Santa Fe National Forest, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1937
Box-Item 2.280: Santa Fe Lake in Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico
Box-Item 2.281: Santa Fe Lake in Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico, 1951
Box-Item 2.282: Flatiron Building, New York City, New York, 1912
Box-Item 2.283: Skyline of Downtown New York City as seen from Hudson River, New York, 1948
Box-Item 2.284: Headquarters of the United Nations, New York
Box-Item 2.285: Grant's Tomb, New York City, 1927
Box-Item 2.286: Grant's Tomb, New York
Box-Item 2.287: Grave and Monument of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hyde Park, New York
Box-Item 2.288: Ansley Wilcox Residence, Buffalo, New York
Box-Item 2.289: Towerman's  Cabin and Fire Tower, Allegheny National Forest, New York, 1940
Box-Item 2.290: Pisgah National Forest Inn, North Carolina
Box-Item 2.291: Pisgah National Forest Inn, North Carolina
Box-Item 2.292: Biltmore House Approach, Biltmore, North Carolina, 1909
Box-Item 2.293: Biltmore Mansion Showing Lily Pools, North Carolina, 1940
Box-Item 2.294: John Byrne Memorial Tower on Wayah Bald Mountain, Nantahala National Forest, Wester North Carolina
Box-Item 2.295: Freighting from the Mines, Ohio
Box-Item 2.296: Interior Harding Memorial, Marion, Ohio
Box-Item 2.297: Gray and Violet Room, Taft Museum, Cincinnati
Box-Item 2.298: T. & O. C. Depot, Fostoria, Ohio
Box-Item 2.299: Wagon Wheel Cave near Turner Falls
Box-Item 2.300: Swimming Pool, Whirls End State Forest Park near Dushore, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.301: Greetings from Dushore, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.302: Office and Entrance to Recreation Area, Whirls End State Forest Park near Dushore, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.303: Residence of the Hon. Gifford Pinchot, Greytowers, Milford, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.304: Residence of the Hon. Gifford Pinchot, Greytowers, Milford, Pennsylvania, 1895
Box-Item 2.305: Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.306: Log Boom on the Susquehanna River at Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.307: Grand Canyon in Pennsylvania
Box-Item 2.308: Raccoon at Home in Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania, 1944
Box-Item 2.309: The Loop, Newfound Gap Highway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
Box-Item 2.310: The Newfound Gap Highway from the Chimney Tops, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, 1940
Box-Item 2.311: On Top of Backbone Rock, Unaka National Forest, Tennessee, 1940
Box-Item 2.312: Wild Boar Killed by Ben Ellis, Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee
Box-Item 2.313: Quinn Springs, Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee
Box-Item 2.314: Illinois Monument at General Bragg's Headquarters, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Box-Item 2.315: White Sands of Texas, near Monahans, Texas
Box-Item 2.316: Assassination Scene of President Kennedy, Texas
Box-Item 2.317: His First Ride, Mexican Scene, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1910
Box-Item 2.318: Windows, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Box-Item 2.319: Cache National Forest, near Ogden and Logan, Utah
Box-Item 2.320: U.S. Forest Service Building, Ogden, Utah
Box-Item 2.321: Painter Hall, Middlebury College, Vermont, 1961
Box-Item 2.322: Londonderry, Vermont
Box-Item 2.323: The Square, South Londonderry, Vermont
Box-Item 2.324: Amsden Lime Co. Kilns, Amsden, Vermont
Box-Item 2.325: Amsden Lime Co. Saw Mill, Amsden, Vermont
Box-Item 2.326: Amsden Lime Co. Store, Amsden, Vermont
Box-Item 2.327: Whitting Library, Chester, Vermont
Box-Item 2.328: High School, Chester, Vermont
Box-Item 2.329: Grave's Restaurant, So. Vernon, Vermont, 1915
Box-Item 2.330: Picnic Area, Texas Falls, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont
Box-Item 2.331: Entrance to Elizabeth Furnace Forest Camp, Virginia
Box-Item 2.332: Entrance to Jefferson National Forest, Virginia
Box-Item 2.333: Arlington National Cemetery
Box-Item 2.334: Monticello, The Jefferson Graveyard, Virginia
Box-Item 2.335: Monticello, Mantel in Reception Hall Designed by Thomas Jefferson, Virginia
Box-Item 2.336: Jefferson's Tomb at Monticello, Virginia
Box-Item 2.337: Family Dining Room, Mt. Vernon, Virginia
Box-Item 2.338: Barn at Mount Vernon, Virginia
Box-Item 2.339: On the White House Grounds, Washington D.C., 1907
Box-Item 2.340: White House Showing Executive Offices, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.341: Union Station, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.342: Sister Ship of the "Spirit of St. Louis" Flying over Washington D.C., 1930
Box-Item 2.343: Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.344: Smithsonian Institute and Agriculture Building, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.345: Soldier's Home, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.346: Vault Where Millions of Money are Stored, U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.347: Press Room, U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C., 1908
Box-Item 2.348: Examining Newly Made Money, U.S. Treasury, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.349: Examining Newly Made Money, U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.350: Counting and Packing Currency for Shipment, U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.351: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.352: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C., 1910
Box-Item 2.353: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.354: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.355: Press Room, Washington D.C., 1914
Box-Item 2.356: Large Press Room, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C., 1909
Box-Item 2.357: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.358: Bureau of Printing and Engraving, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.359: Cutting Machine, U.S. Treasury, Washington D.C., 1909
Box-Item 2.360: Great Falls, Washington D.C.
Box-Item 2.361: Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
Box-Item 2.362: Forestry Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin
Box-Item 2.363: Triangle X Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Box-Item 2.364: Main Street, Sheridan, Wyoming, 1946
Box-Item 2.365: United States Forestry Office, Saratoga, Wyoming, 1909
Box-Item 2.366: Grand Teton, Teton National Forest, Wyoming
Box-Item 2.367: Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming
Box-Item 2.368: The Gros Ventre Slide, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Box-Item 2.369: Shoshone Canyon, Wyoming
Box-Item 2.370: Monument Commemorating the Opening of Queen Elizabeth Way, Toronto, Canada, 1955
Box-Item 2.371: Lime Kiln Road, Bridlington, England
Box-Item 2.372: Braemar from Morrone, Scotland
Box-Item 2.373: Perth from Bridend, Wales, 1907
Box-Item 2.374: Champery, Switzerland
Box-Item 2.375: National Forest Nurseries at El Yunque, Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Series 5: Oregon Trail Monument Expedition Series, 1906-1911
Series 5 consists of 14 postcards that were issued in 1911 to commemorate the 1906 Oregon Trail Monument Expedition by Ezra Meeker.
Box-Item 2.376: Ezra Meeker and the Expedition Team
Portrait of Meeker and other team members.
Box-Item 2.377: President Roosevelt Viewing the Team, 1907
Box-Item 2.378: On the Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1910
Box-Item 2.379: Shoeing the Oxen, Seattle, 1906
Box-Item 2.380: A Difficult Drive, Snake River, Idaho, 1910
Box-Item 2.381: A Sage Plain, Snake River, Idaho, 1910
Box-Item 2.382: Jim, a dog on the trail
Box-Item 2.383: View on the Oregon Trail near Thirty Two Mile Creek Crossing, Nebraska
Box-Item 2.384: Oregon Trail Map
Box-Item 2.385: Planting a Marker on the Trail
Box-Item 2.386: Oregon Trail Monuments
Box-Item 2.387: President Roosevelt Viewing the Team, 1907
Box-Item 2.388: Ezra Meeker at Aviation Meet, Los Angeles, 1910
Box-Item 2.389: Ezra Meeker as Frontiersman
Series 6: Unidentified Scenic Postcards, 1914-1937
Series 6 consists of 21 postcards of scenes at unidentified locations.  Most of the items are photographic postcards.  Several of the images were made by Frank Patterson.
Box-Item 2.390: Blacksmith Stump
Box-Item 2.391: Rainbow Trout
Box-Item 2.392: Porcupine
Box-Item 2.393: White House Hotel
Box-Item 2.394: The Wee Hoose
Box-Item 2.395: Veteran's Memorial Building, 1937
Box-Item 2.396: Cemetery
Box-Item 3.397: Geese
Box-Item 3.398: Illumination of Fleet
Box-Item 2.399: Mountain and Ski Chalet
Box-Item 2.400: Unnamed Pier
Box-Item 2.401: Beach Scene
Box-Item 2.402: Camp Scene
Box-Item 2.403: Pine Tree Forest
Box-Item 2.404: Aftermath of a Forest Fire
Box-Item 2.405: Baling Hay
Box-Item 2.406: Baling Hay
Box-Item 2.407: Farm Scene
Box-Item 2.408: David Wilson Hauling Wool, 1914
Box-Item 2.409: Black Bear at Casey's Camp
Box-Item 2.410: Unnamed Building
Series 7: Advertisements and Greeting Cards, 1905-1927
Series 7 consists of 45 postcards, many of which depict humorous or holiday greetings.  Of note is a postcard promoting the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland, Oregon, in 1905.
Box-Item 2.411: Lewis and Clark Centennial and American Pacific Expedition and Oriental Fair Advertisement, 1905
Box-Item 2.412: New Year Card, 1907
Box-Item 2.413: St. Patrick's Day Card
Box-Item 2.414: St. Patrick's Day Card
Box-Item 2.415: Easter Card with Flowers, 1907
Box-Item 2.416: Easter Card with Bunny, 1907
Box-Item 2.417: United States Flag
Box-Item 2.418: The Good Shepherd
Box-Item 2.419: Christmas Card
Box-Item 2.420: May Irwin and Her Company
Box-Item 2.421: Children Playing with Mule, 1906
Box-Item 2.422: Couple on the Beach
Box-Item 2.423: Pasture Scene Drawing, 1911
Box-Item 2.424: Children and Chickens Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.425: Drawing of Couple Outside, 1909
Box-Item 2.426: Milk Maids, 1909
Box-Item 2.427: Cattle at the Stream
Box-Item 2.428: Drawings of Landmarks on the Columbia River
Box-Item 2.429: Pears Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.430: Teddy Bear Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.431: Diving Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.432: Cartoon Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.433: Drawing of a Couple Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.434: "I Was Deeply Touched" Cartoon Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.435: "Dear Dutchy..." Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.436: "A Schooner..." Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.437: Donkey Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.438: "Misfortunes Should Always be Expected" Cartoon Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.439: "An American Beauty" Greeting Card, 1907
Box-Item 2.440: Fisherman on a Dock
Box-Item 2.441: "The Beauty and the Beast" Greeting Card
Box-Item 2.442: The Last Supper in Vermont Marble, 1927
Box-Item 2.443: Interior of a Church
Box-Item 2.444: "Good Sport" Greeting Card, 1907
Box-Item 2.445: "Try This on Your Piano" Greeting Card, 1907
Box-Item 2.446: "Matrimonial Bliss" Greeting Card, 1907
Box-Item 2.447: Advertisement for Fireman's Hand Lanterns
Box-Item 2.448: Miss Evers, a Bank Official Greeting Card, 1910
Box-Item 2.449: Kittens in a Basket Greeting Card, 1906
Box-Item 2.450: "King Spruce"
Box-Item 2.451: Beryl Cosnay, from India
Box-Item 2.452: A Wild Live Grouse
Box-Item 2.453: Southern Oregon Pelican
Box-Item 2.454: Southern Oregon Pelican
Box-Item 2.455: Squirrel
Series 8: Native American Culture, 1912-1954
Series 8 consists of 20 postcards depicting Native American persons and activities.  Several of the postcards are high quality photographic postcards; most of the postcards are typical mid-20th century picture postcards. Of special note is a photographic postcard by Frank Patterson (The Indian Mother).
Box-Item 2.456: Florida Seminole Indians, Silver Springs, Florida
Box-Item 2.457: Flathead Indian Maidens, 1954
Box-Item 2.458: Buckskin Charley, The Chief of the Utes
Box-Item 2.459: Modoc Indian Leaders
Box-Item 2.460: Pottery Vendor, Pueblo Indians
Box-Item 2.461: San Ildefonso Indian Pueblo, near Santa Fe, New Mexico
Box-Item 2.462: Whirling Log, Sand Painting of the Navajo Indians, 1945
Box-Item 2.463: Indian Girl Molding Navajo Rain Gods
Box-Item 2.464: How Navajo Indian Rugs are Made
Box-Item 2.465: Navajo Indian Rug Weaver
Box-Item 2.466: Cree Indians and Camp, 1912
Box-Item 2.467: Grand Parade of Blackfoot Indians
Box-Item 2.468: Native American Babies
Box-Item 2.469: Sioux Indian Crazy Horse
Box-Item 2.470: Sioux Indian Chiefs
Box-Item 2.471: White Mountain Apache Hoops and Javelin Game
Box-Item 2.472: Apache Indian and her Papoose
Box-Item 2.473: The Horn Society of Alberta Indians
Box-Item 2.474: Wallowa Lake and the Nez Perce, 1954
The postcard image is a reproduction of an 1874 photograph of Wallowa Lake made 3 years before the retreat of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce.
Box-Item 2.475: The Indian Mother, 1936
Series 9: U.S. Presidents and Politicians, 1902-1948
Series 9 consists of 12 postcards depicting United States Presidents and other political figures.  The postcards include reproductions of well-known portraits.  Several of the postcards are of Theodore Roosevelt; one of these is a colored bas-relief postcard.  Most of the postcards are undated.
Box-Item 2.476: Portrait of George Washington by Charles Willson Peale
Box-Item 2.477: J. Q. Adams
Box-Item 2.478: President Lincoln
Box-Item 2.479: Garfield
Box-Item 2.480: Theodore Roosevelt, 1902
Box-Item 2.481: President Roosevelt
Box-Item 2.482: Theodore Roosevelt Political Cartoon
Box-Item 2.483: Theodore Roosevelt Cartoon
Box-Item 2.484: President Wilson
Box-Item 2.485: President Truman, 1948
Box-Item 2.486: Patrick Henry, 1st Governor of Virginia
Box-Item 2.487: William J. Bryan and John W. Kern for Office

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