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Pete Dunlop Papers, 1852-2020View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1980-2020

The Pete Dunlop Papers consists of both born digital materials and electronic copies, which were assembled by Dunlop in the course of researching and writing the book Portland Beer: Crafting the Road to Beervana. Dunlop is a Portland resident and has an active blog called Beervana Buzz where he talks about Oregon's micro breweries.

This collection includes born-digital materials. The Pete Dunlop Blog, which is described in Series 5, is available online. Reference access to the digital files in Series 2 and 3 are available upon request.

ID: MSS Dunlop
Extent: 8.7 gigabytes
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Scope and Content Notes
Biographical / Historical Notes
Statement on Access: Collection is open for research. All photographs held in this collection are protected by copyright and are not for publication without written permission of Pete Dunlop.
Preferred Citation: Pete Dunlop Papers (MSS Dunlop), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: Pete Dunlop donated the collection to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center.
Acquired: 2014.
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Series 1: Research Documents, 1985-1994 Add to Shelf
Information on the Brewpub Bill and early use of the word "Beervana" to describe Portland.
Series 2: Photographs, 1852-2013 Add to Shelf
Photographs used in the book Portland Beer. There are published and unpublished pictures of beer bottles, people, flyers, and buildings. Reference access to the digital files described in this series is available upon request.
Digital Folder 1: Photographs from Book, 1852-2009 Add to Shelf
Photographs used in the book Portland Beer, including pictures of beer bottles, people at events and gathering hops, flyers, pubs, and memorabilia.
Digital Folder 2: Unpublished Photographs, 1905-2013 Add to Shelf
Photographs that were collected for the book, but were not included. The photographs consist of beer bottles, cups, flyers, old photos, documents, and buildings.
Series 3: Oregonian Articles, 1903-2010 Add to Shelf
The series contains article clippings from the Oregonian that were used by Dunlop in writing the book Portland Beer. The clippings focus on alcohol in Oregon from the late 19th century to the repeal of Prohibition, World War II and alcohol, how the culture around alcohol changed, and the rise of craft brewing in Oregon. Reference access to the digital files described in this series is available upon request.
Digital Folder 3: Articles, 1903-1908 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on the Anti Saloon League, petitions, boycotting dry counties, and Prohibition.
Digital Folder 4: Articles, 1914-1917 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on Dry Laws being passed, enforcing the laws, and the state going dry.
Digital Folder 5: Articles, 1922-1928 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on bootleg poisons and the 1928 elections.
Digital Folder 6: Articles, 1932-1939 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on end of Dry Law, rise of breweries, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Northwest Brewing company, Portland beer, beer war, and union unrest.
Digital Folder 7: Articles, 1941-1949 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on Blitz-Weinhard and beer shortages.
Digital Folder 8: Articles, 1951-1958 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on Anti-Liquor League, Blitz-Weinhard, Max H. Zimmerman, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and Brownson distributors.
Digital Folder 9: Articles, 1961-1968 Add to Shelf
Articles topics include Blitz-Weinhard expansion to compete with other companies like Coors and Bill Wessinger.
Digital Folder 10: Articles, 1975-1979 Add to Shelf
Articles topics include boycotting plaintiffs who are against new bottle and can deposit law. There are articles about Blitz-Weinhard new beers, plans, and competing with other major beer corporations. Article about Miller Brewing Company and Olympia Brewing Company trying for number 1 in the state.
Digital Folder 11: Articles, 1980-1987 Add to Shelf
Articles focus on breweries Blitz-Weinhard, Cartwright, Pabst, Ponzi, Widmer Brothers, Coors, and Blue Boar. The articles also looked at the beer wars, arrival of microbrewers, Red Hook Ale, Senate Bill 813, House Bill 2284, Coors Bill, Brewpub Bill, and the writer Fred Eckhardt.
Digital Folder 12: Articles, 1991-1999 Add to Shelf
Article topics include brewery development and expansion, branding, business buyouts, and community relations. Breweries include McMenamins, Norwester, Full Sail, Portland Brewing, Bridgeport, the Raccoon Lodge, Saxer, and Widmer.
Digital Folder 13: Articles, 2000-2010 Add to Shelf

Articles focus on chefs turned brewmasters, Jim Kennedy, American ales, growth of craft beer sales, Oregon Brewers Guild, organic beer, mergers, and opening/closing of breweries.

Breweries and brewpubs include McMenamins, Pyramid Breweries, Portland Brewing, Deschutes, Hair of the Dog, Roots Brewing, Raccoon Lodge, and Widmer.

Series 4: Interview Materials, 2010-2013 Add to Shelf
Interviews conducted for the Portland Beer book. Alan Sprints, Art Larrance, Brian McMenamin, Chris Crabb, Dick and Nancy Ponzi, Fred Bowman, Gary Fish, Jeff Alworth, Jerry Fechter, John Foyston, John Harris, Karl Ockert, Kurt and Rob Widmer, Lisa Morrison, Paul Romain, and Tom Mason. There is also a transcript from DVD on the Bagdad presentation from History Pub.
Series 5: Pete Dunlop Blog, Beervana Buzz, 2011-2020 Add to Shelf
Beervana Buzz website was crawled in April 2020 using Archive-It. This website documents the full scope of Pete Dunlop's blog about breweries in Portland and the surrounding area. The captured and preserved website is available online.
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