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Class Sessions Photograph Collection, 1907-1961View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1907-1918

The Class Sessions Photograph Collection depicts Oregon State University students and faculty in classroom settings and engaged in various learning activities in the early to mid-1900s. Classes pictured include farm mechanics, pharmacy, business, engineering, home economics, and other subjects.

Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

ID: P 047
Extent: 0.01 cubic feet
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Scope and Content Notes
Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Statement on Description: A preliminary container list for this collection was published in 2012. This finding aid has been updated to reflect current arrangement and description practices.
Preferred Citation: Class Sessions Photograph Collection (P 047), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: This collection was received by the Oregon State University Archives in the 1960s and appears to have been assembled from multiple sources. Image P047:03 was accessioned from the Oregon Stater magazine; P047:04 was accessioned from Kate Failing; P047:05 was accessioned from the Oregon State College News Bureau. P047:02 is not extant.
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Container List

Series 1: Photographs, circa 1907-1961 Add to Shelf
The Class Sessions Photograph Collection is comprised of 19 unique black and white photographic prints depicting class sessions at Oregon State University (then Oregon Agricultural College and Oregon State College) from 1907-1961. Photographs in the series have been assigned numbers P047:01-P047:20. P047:02 is not extant.
Item P047:01: Farm mechanics students working on farm machinery, circa 1915 Add to Shelf
Item P047:03: Two students posing with apparatus in a pharmacy class, 1952 Add to Shelf
Item P047:04: Group photo of a camp cookery class, 1913 Add to Shelf
Includes: Clifford H. Spalding, Foster McKinley Murphy, David Morris Johns, Robert Laurie Waddell, Wayne Walter Coe, Donald Edgar Brown, Ernest F. Crouchley, Eric William Neale, George Richmond Whitter, James Odye Beck, George Mahlon Stambach, Fredrick Aram Holmes, Owen H. Johnston, Glenn Shoemaker, Harold William Tinker, Wilson, Leon Myer Bernstein, Sereno Elmer Brett, and G. Millage Montgomery.
Item P047:05: Female students typing in a business class, 1951 Add to Shelf
Includes: Professor Fred E. Winger
Item P047:06: Group photo of an engineering class, 1961 Add to Shelf
Includes: W. J. Wright, Jim Leonard, Gary Jaros, Larry Reierson, Ray Sanders, Rich Walker, Doug Johnson, D. M. Montgomery, Neil Samuels, R. E. Evans, J. R. Wessek, Robin Harrison, C. J. Davson, K. L. Makie, Ralph Thompson, D. C. Chambers, W. H. Paul, Cliff Jacobsen and Richard Kaufman.
Item P047:07: Bacteriology class, circa 1910 Add to Shelf

Includes: Theodore Beckwith and Day [?].

Image by L. W. Jones Commercial Photographer, Portland, Oregon.

Item P047:08: Woodshop class, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Item P047:09: Two students working in a soil science laboratory, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Image annotation: "Studying soil and moisture."
Item P047:10: Home economics students working on weaving and needlepoint projects, circa 1925 Add to Shelf
Item P047:11: A woman holding an infant watches as another woman sews a baby bib during a home management class, circa 1940 Add to Shelf
Item P047:12: Students in a chemistry laboratory, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Includes: Harding and Charles "Shrimp" Reynolds.
Item P047:13: Outdoor camp cookery class for women, circa 1918 Add to Shelf
Item P047:14: Men cooking over fire in camp cookery class, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Item P047:15: Summer Session class in communications, circa 1955 Add to Shelf
Item P047:16: Participants in a geography class studying a wall-mounted map, circa 1950 Add to Shelf
Item P047:17: Dr. Hans Plambeck in session with a sociology class, circa 1960 Add to Shelf
Item P047:18: Women sitting on the front porch of Alpha Hall, circa 1907 Add to Shelf
2 photographic prints.
Item P047:19: Student sketching a male model in art class, 1909 Add to Shelf
Item P047:20: Blacksmithing students in the blacksmith shop, circa 1908 Add to Shelf