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College Student Services Administration (CSSA) Program Records, 1950-2014View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1972-2002
The College Student Services Administration (CSSA) Program Records document the development and administration of the CSSA graduate program at Oregon State University.  The CSSA program is a graduate program that was founded in 1966. The curriculum has emphasized administrative leadership and management of student programs and services for two- and four-year colleges and universities.
ID: RG 233
Extent: 2.5 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: College Student Services Administration (CSSA) Program Records (RG 233), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: Records were received from the College Student Services Administration program by several transfers from 2006 through 2015.  Publications that were previously part of the University Publications and the Student Affairs Records (RG 102) were incorporated into this collection in 2017.
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Series 1: Publications, 1969-2002 Add to Shelf
Series 1 consists of several publications including  a monthly program newsletter for current students, faculty, and staff published in 1978-2001; a report and update to alumni published once or twice per year from 1972 to 2002 that includes information about the program and news from alumni; two annotated bibliographies; a humorous student newsletter published in 1969-1970; and information about the 1972 graduates of the College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA) program.
Box-Folder 1.01: Program Notes, 1978-1980 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.02: Program Notes, 1980-1985 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.03: Program Notes, 1985-1990 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.04: Program Notes, 1990-1995 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.05: Program Notes, 1995-2001 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.06: Alumni News, 1972-1979 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.07: Alumni News, 1980-1987 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.08: Alumni News, 1987-2002 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.09: Annotated Bibliographies, 1976-1980 Add to Shelf
Includes two items:  (1) An annotated bibliography of publications on student activities administration edited by Donald R. Sanderson and published in 1976 and (2) an expanded bibliography (identified as volume 2) that also includes publications on college unions.  It was edited by Sanderson and George F. Stevens and published in 1980.
Box-Folder 1.10: The Piston, 1969-1970 Add to Shelf
A humorous student newsletter.
Box-Folder 1.11: College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA) Candidates, 1972 Add to Shelf
Series 2: Correspondence, 1968-2010 Add to Shelf
Series 2 includes memoranda and announcements regarding the status of the CSSA program, administrative re-organization, and functioning of the program.  Greeting cards and announcements, primarily from former students, are also included.
Box-Folder 1.12: General, 1968-2002 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.13: Cards, 1983-2000 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.14: Internship Announcement, 2010 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.15: Program Transition, 1991-1994 Add to Shelf
Series 3: Program Evaluations and Reviews, 1965-2004 Add to Shelf
Series 3 consists of reports, correspondence, and self reviews assembled and prepared in the course of several evaluations and  graduate program reviews of the CSSA program.  The bulk of the materials pertain to reviews conducted in 1988, 1992, and 2004.
Box-Folder 1.16: Reports and Correspondence, 1965-1988 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.17: Reports and Correspondence, 1974-1997 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.18: Program Self Review, 1992 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.19: CSSA Graduate School Review, 1990-2004 Add to Shelf
Series 4: Subject Files, 1950-2014 Add to Shelf
Series 4 consists of materials documenting the CSSA academic program; its administration; and the faculty, staff, and students affiliated with CSSA.  Reference materials pertaining to legal decisions impacting student services as well as a compilation of survey and assessment tools are included in the series.  The series includes documents summarizing the history of CSSA and biographical information for former CSSA Directors.  Records pertaining to recruitment events for potential graduate students (Campus Days), alumni gatherings, and summer workshops are also included.  This series includes a small quantity of born-digital records which consist of files for a 2002 marketing brochure, 2002 biographies of former CSSA directors, and a 2002 historical overview of the CSSA program.
Box-Folder 4.01: Posters, circa 1975-2000 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.20-1.23: Survey and Assesment Tools, 1950-1990 Add to Shelf
Consists of exmples of survey instruments and assessment tools developed by Oregon State University, other universities, and testing organizations such as the Educational Testing Service.  These surveys and tools gather information on graduating senior perspectives, learning styles, student diversity, alumni leadership, commuter students, and institutional goals.  Most of the materials were prepared in the 1970s and 1980s.  These were likely assembled by a CSSA faculty member for reference use and perhaps instruction.
Box-Folder 2.01-2.04: Legal Decisions, 1961-1983 Add to Shelf
These materials document legal decisions that impact colleges and universities, especially students and student services.  Topics addressed include due process, drugs, firearms, freedom of expression, student records, student press, speakers, tuition and fees, and trespass.  The materials include correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, press releases, and court documents.  These materials were likely assembled by one of the CSSA faculty or directors as a reference and for instruction.
Box-Folder 2.05: Campus Days, 2004 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.06: Campus Days, 2007 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.07: E-Campus, 2012-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.08: CSSA Historical, 1963-2002 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.09: CSSA Summer Workshop, 1974-1986 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.10: CSSA Alumni Gathering, 2003 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.11: Enrollment Data, 1973-1990 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.12: CSSA Program Handbook, 2009 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.13: Biographies of Deans, 2002 Add to Shelf
Materials assembled for photographs of former CSSA Directors.  Original photographs with captions are in Series 6 (Box-Folder 4.02).  Includes information about the history of the CSSA program and biographical information on J. Roger Penn, Robert Chick, Art Tollefson, and Jo Ann Trow.  Also includes 17 photographs.
Digital Folder 1: Biographies of Deans, 2002 Add to Shelf
Consists of electronic versions (Word documents) of biographies of former deans Trow, Penn, Tollefsson, and Chick and an historical overview of the CSSA program.
Box-Folder 2.14: Certificates, 1985-1992 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.15: Flyers, 1994-1999 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.16: Newspaper Articles, 1996-1997 Add to Shelf
Includes an obituary for George F. Stevens (1996) and an article about the closure of the Dean of Students Office as of August 1, 1997.
Box-Folder 2.17: Alumni Directories, 1985-2002 Add to Shelf
Also includes staff and faculty directories.
Box-Folder 5.01: Alumni Directory, 2002 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.18: College Caricatures, circa 1975 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.19: Drawings - Wren Building, undated Add to Shelf
At College of William and Mary.
Box-Folder 2.20: Poems, 2001 Add to Shelf
"Ode to CSSA Class of 2001" by Angela Austin-Haney, Megan Horst, Gretta Mincer, Kris Winter, and Zea Wood, June 2001.
Box-Folder 2.21: Information Management  and Archive, 1999 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.22: Library Holdings, 1991-1995 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.23: Programs of Study, 1991-1992 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.24: Marketing, 1993-2002 Add to Shelf
Digital Folder 2: Marketing, 2002 Add to Shelf
Digital files for Path of CSSA brochure; consists of 2 files.
Box-Folder 2.25: Unit Information and Procedures, 1977-1980 Add to Shelf
Series 5: Course Materials, 1987-1990 Add to Shelf
Series 5 consists of course packets of readings for CSSA classes.
Box-Folder 2.26: Applying Student Development, 1987 Add to Shelf
Robert Rice, Editor.
Box-Folder 2.27: Student Development Theory, 1990 Add to Shelf
Volume 3; Robert Rice, Jr., Editor.
Series 6: Photographs, circa 1970 - 2002 Add to Shelf
Series 6 consists of photographs depicting CSSA Program faculty, staff, and students as well as affiliated staff and faculty in the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Student Services.  The bulk of the images are of groups at special events, holiday parties, graduation celebrations, retirement parties, and other gatherings.  Numerous images of Judy Brazee, Roger Penn, Jo Anne Trow, and Nancy Vanderpool are part of this series. With a few exceptions, all of the images are color prints or negatives.  Most are snapshots.  The bulk of the images were made in the 1980s and 1990s.  The series includes 1179 items  (845 photographic prints and 334 film negatives).
Box-Folder 4.02: CSSA Directors, 2002 Add to Shelf
4 photographs.  Portrait photographs of four CSSA directors:  Robert W. Chick, Arthur Tollefson, Jo Anne Trow, and J. Roger Penn.  The mounted photographs were prepared for display in 2002; the original photographs were taken prior to 2002.
Box-Folder 2.28: Baby Photos, circa 1990s Add to Shelf
15 photographs; children of CSSA students and alumni.  Theses images may have been sent to CSSA faculty and staff by former students.
Box-Folder 2.29: Class Celebrations, 1997 Add to Shelf
33 prints and 21 negatives
Box-Folder 2.30: CSSA Class, 1999 Add to Shelf
9 prints and 4 negatives.  Includes a chart identifying the individuals in the photographs.
Box-Folder 2.31: Faculty and Staff Photos, circa 1990s Add to Shelf
72 photographs; trimmed prints that had been used in a display and removed from mounting paper; most of the photographs are of individuals that are not identified.
Box-Folder 2.32: Dr. Jo Anne Trow's Retirement, circa 1995 Add to Shelf
26 prints and 25 negatives
Box-Folder 2.33: Graduation and Retirement Party, circa 2001 Add to Shelf
50 prints and 24 negatives.
Box-Folder 2.34: Graduation Groups by Year, 1985-1997 Add to Shelf
13 photographs.  Four of the prints have individuals identified; the other prints just indicate the class year.
Box-Folder 2.35: Classrooms and Groups, 2001 Add to Shelf
34 prints and 25 negatives
Box-Folder 2.36: Group Gatherings, 1988-1989 Add to Shelf
140 prints and 49 negatives
Box-Folder 2.37: Graduation, 1999 Add to Shelf
19 prints and 24 negatives
Box-Folder 2.38: Mortar Board, 1988 Add to Shelf
1 photograph; group photograph of Mortar Board for 1987-1988; includes Roger Penn, Jo Anne Trow, and Bill Lunch.
Box-Folder 2.39: Conferences, 1999 Add to Shelf
8 photographs; perhaps student and alumni attending a social gathering at a conference.  Individuals are not identified.
Box-Folder 2.40: National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Conference in Seattle, 2001 Add to Shelf
49 prints and 25 negatives
Box-Folder 2.41: Office of Student Services, 1984-1994 Add to Shelf
21 photographs
Box-Folder 2.42: Orientation, 2000 Add to Shelf
47 prints and 25 negatives
Box-Folder 2.43: Outdoor Gathering, 1997 Add to Shelf
73 photographs
Box-Folder 2.44: General, 1972-1998 Add to Shelf
54 prints and 112 negatives; includes images of faculty, staff, students and alumni; holiday parties; special events; and group photographs.  Includes views of student services offices in the 1970s.  A snapshot of Dan Poling is part of this folder.  Includes several photographs of Nancy Vanderpool, Judy Brazee, and Roger Penn.
Box-Folder 3.01: Young Doctors in Love Softball Game, 1984 Add to Shelf
1 photograph with individuals identified.
Box-Folder 3.02: Student Services, 1973-1980 Add to Shelf
12 photographs; includes images of Student Services faculty and staff and special events.  The following individuals are depicted: Judy Brazee, Jo Anne Trow, Nancy Vanderpool, and Roger Penn.
Box-Folder 3.03: General, circa 1970-1995 Add to Shelf
144 photographs; includes photographs of faculty, staff, and students; offices and work spaces; and special events, such as graduation and department parties.
Box-Folder 3.04: CSSA Orientation, 1998 Add to Shelf
20 photographs
Series 7: Scrapbooks and Photograph Albums, 1973-1993 Add to Shelf
Series 7 consists of 2 scrapbooks and 2 photograph albums that document special events and celebrations; students, staff, and faculty affiliatated with the CSSA Program; and campus events and activities.  The series includes a total of 444 photographic prints.  Because of the close administrative relationship between the Office of Student Services and the CSSA Program and overlap of staff and faculty between the two organizations, these albums may have been created by the Office of Student Services.
Box-Folder 4.03: Scrapbook, 1973-1980 Add to Shelf
43 photographs.  This scrapbook includes images of holiday and department events, ephemera, cards, handwritten notes, and newspaper clippings.  Of special note are announcements that J. Franz Haun is the head of the New Student Programs Office and that Bill Mumford has been elected president of the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) for 1975-1976.
Box-Folder 3.05: Scrapbook, 1992-1994 Add to Shelf
47 photographs. This scrapbook includes invitations and flyers for graduation celebrations.  Most of the photographs depict the graduation party and barbecue.  Poems written by people within CSSA are also included.
Box-Folder 3.06-3.07: Photograph Album, 1987-1993 Add to Shelf
162 photographs.  This album includes photographs of department events; certificates of appreciation; personal thank you notes and cards; a marriage announcement; and other ephemera.  An award for excellence in student affairs, a 1988 newspaper clipping about a change in the Dean's Office name, and a printed banner are also included.
Box-Folder 3.08-3.09: Photograph Album, 1982-1992 Add to Shelf
192 photographs.  This album includes photographs of holiday events and the 20th anniversary celebration; achievement awards; holiday cards, limericks, songs, and ephemera; and newspaper clippings.  Of special note is an article about the OPEU strike of classified employees at Oregon State University.