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Registrar's Office Records, 1870-2011

By Finding aid prepared by Anna Stewart, Michael Dicianna, and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Registrar's Office Records, 1870-2011

Predominant Dates: 1920-2000

ID: RG 053 - SG 1

Primary Creator: Oregon State University. Registrar's Office

Extent: 32.5 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Registrar's Office Records consists of 10 series: 1. Reports and Statistics, 1910-2005; 2. Military Programs and ROTC Records, 1916-1979; 3. Policies and Procedures, 1921-2000; 4. Committee Files, 1922-1976; 5. Tuition and Fees Documents, 1922-1973; 6. National Youth Administration, 1933-1943; 7. Commencement, 1870-2011; 8. Book Plans, 1970-1992; 9. Subject Files, 1895-1991; and 10. Map, circa 1908.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Registrar's Office Records document in extensive detail student enrollment, academic programs and degrees granted, admissions, tuition and fees, scholarships and honors, and academic regulations and procedures at Oregon State University. The Records also document military training and the National Youth Administration employment program for Oregon State students. The Registrar's Office was established in 1903; Professor John B. Horner was the first Registrar for Oregon State.

Access to the Decile Grade Point Average Reports in Series 1 for 1934-1976 is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to these materials should be directed to the University Archivist.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Scope and Content Notes

The Registrar's Office Records provide extensive detailed documentation on student enrollment, admissions, academic achievements, and administrative activities of the Office of the Registrar at Oregon State University. Documents include reports, directories, correspondence, minutes, statistics, and building floor plans created or used by the Registrar's Office or the Admissions Office.

The bulk of the collection consists of reports and statistics produced by the Registrar's Office. These include summary annual reports, geographic directories, registration and admission statistics, grade distributions, and other specific reports. The documents offer both individual and summary information and often provide academic year and term comparisons. Detailed reports pertaining to tuition and fees and National Youth Administration activities at Oregon State are also available.

The collection also houses information on military training programs at Oregon State University. Documents include files on training curriculum and courses completed by individuals, correspondence, and statistics on those registered for military training. The records document the Student Army Training Corps (during World War I) and the Army Specialized Training Program (during World War II) as well as the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). The collection also includes extensive documentation of the National Youth Administration "work-study" employment program at Oregon State from the mid-1930s to early 1940s.

The Registrar's Office is largely responsible for Oregon State University's annual commencement ceremony. These records include commencement programs as well as procedures, reports, statistics, and other documentation. Commencement programs are available online in Oregon Digital.  Book plans used by the Registrar for classroom space planning and scheduling are also included in the collection and offer information on campus buildings' internal dimensions, useable spaces, features, and overall layouts. The plans also include layout for farms, research buildings, and other facilities used by the university.

Subject files, which are primarily on microfilm, address a variety of topics including curriculum, academic regulations, procedures, and daily activities. These files include special reports as well as class schedules for the late 1890s through 1910s.

The collection also includes a map showing Oregon Agricultural College attendance by Oregon county for 1906-1907.

Items from this colleciton have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Prior to 1900, the Clerk of the College kept all student records in ledger books. This early office in the Administration Building (now Benton Hall) was part of the President’s Office. The Registrar’s Office as an official function is first mentioned in the Oregon Agricultural College Catalog of 1903. The Registrar’s Office originally had responsibility for recruitment of students, admissions, registration, and maintenance of student permanent academic records. In 1960, a separate Admissions Office was established at Oregon State University.

Professor John B. Horner was the first to have the title of Registrar at Oregon Agricultural College and held the position from 1901 to 1910. The following individuals have been Registrar at Oregon State University: Juanita Rosendorf (Acting), 1910-1911; Harold Manley Tennant, 1911-1922; Erwin Bertran Lemon, 1922-1946; Daniel Thomas Ordeman, 1946-1962; Wallace Eugene Gibbs, 1962-1991; Barbara S. Balz, 1991-2007; Thomas K. (Kent) Kuo, 2007-2013; and Rebecca Mathern, 2013-.

Eva Blackwell began working in the Registrar's Office in 1924, after graduating from Oregon Agricultural College. She held various positions, including Assistant Registar, until her retirement in 1965. She returned to work for the Registrar's Office in May of each year through 1981 to compile statistical data for the graduating class.

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additions to the collection are expected.

More Extent Information: 1 videotape, 1 DVD, and 1 map; 35 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes and 1 roll storage box; 6 microfilm reels

Statement on Access: Access to the Decile Grade Point Average Reports for 1934-1976 in Series 1 is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to these materials should be directed to the University Archivist. All other materials in this collection are open for research.

Acquisition Note: These records were transferred to the University Archives in numerous accessions from the 1960s through 2010. Several items were transferred from Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections Vault Collection in 2005-2008.

Related Materials:

The History of Commencement website includes a chronology and images of commencement at Oregon State from 1870 to 2001. The Student Academic Records (RG 053 - SG 2) document students enrolled at Oregon State University from the late 1880s through early 2000s, and include official transcripts, applications for admission, and related documents. The General Catalogs are available online. The Special Collections and Archives Research Center's holdings include the John B. Horner Papers (MSS Horner), E. B. Lemon Papers (MSS LemonEB), the Eva Blackwell and William A. Frater Family Collection (MSS BlackwellFrater), and the Office of Admissions Records (RG 163). The Facilities Services Records (RG 193) include additional book plans.

See also: History of Commencement.

Preferred Citation: Registrar's Office Records (RG 053 - SG 1), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: One reel of microfilm, originally designated as reel 6, has been removed from the collection because the materials on it (Geographical Directories) are all available in original paper form in Series 1. The reel formerly designated as reel 7 is now identified as reel 6. Reels 5 and 6 include a few Geographical Directories that are also available in original paper form in Series 1.


Oregon State University. Registrar's Office
Blackwell, Eva (1900-1987)
Gibbs, Wallace E.
Horner, John B. (1856-1933)
Lemon, E. B. (Erwin Bertran) (1889-1979)
Oregon State Agricultural College. Registrar
Oregon State College. Registrar

People, Places, and Topics

College registrars--Oregon--Corvallis.
College student records--Oregon--Corvallis.
College students--Oregon--Corvallis.
Military education--Oregon--Corvallis.
Oregon Agricultural College--Students.
Oregon State Agricultural College--Students.
Oregon State College--Students.
Oregon State University--Students.
Student registration--Oregon--Corvallis.
Universities and colleges--Curricula--Oregon.
University History

Forms of Material

Maps (documents)
Video recordings (physical artifacts)

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Reports and Statistics, 1910-2005
Series 1 consists of reports and registration statistics and includes geographical directories, grade distribution reports, decile grade point average reports, reports on classroom and laboratory use, and student credit hour reports. The bulk of the materials are in paper form. Geographical directories, grade distribution reports and grade point average reports for the 1980-1990s are available as computer output microfiche (COM fiche).
Box-Folder 1.1 - 1.36: Annual Report from the Office of the Registrar, 1912-1990
Reports summarize details such as enrollment, registration, geographical distribution, degrees conferred, and grades for academic years ranging between 1912-1988. Reports primarily span from 1912-1940 and from 1961-1990, with reports from 1912-1918 written biannually.
Sub-Series 2: Geographical Directories, 1922-2000
Arranged chronologically, these reports list students by county, state, or country of origin with information on students' class standing and major. The reports are primarily based on the fall class although some years include supplementary reports for winter, spring and summer students.
Box-Item 1.37 - 7.3: Paper Directories, 1922-1980, 1998-2000
Extent: 6 cubic feet

Box-Folder 21.1: Microfiche Directories, 1981-1993
Box-Folder 7.4 - 12.8: Registration Statistics, 1919-1991
Ranging from 1919 through 1991, these reports provide information on student body demographics through enrollment numbers. Information includes registration statistics by gender, class, major, matriculation, veterans, and status within the university. Many years provide details for individual terms within the academic year.
Extent: 5 cubic feet

Box-Folder 12.9 - 12.17: Summer Registration Statistics, 1910-1970
Similar to the Registration Statistics document these provide information on student body demographics but for the summer term. In addition they include information on geographic distributions, instruction credit hours, and teaching loads.
Sub-Series 5: Grade Distribution Reports, 1929-2001
Box-Item 12.18 - 14.9: Bound Paper Reports, 1929-1957
These reports offer in-depth statistics on grade distributions by college, class subject, and instructor. Information includes number of grades given and percentage within each category, for a given academic term.
Extent: 2 cubic feet

Box-Folder 22.2: Loose Paper Reports, 1957-1981
These reports summarize grade distributions by college for each academic term for 1957-1958 and 1980-1981. In addition to letter grades, these reports record the average GPA and total credit hours for each college as well as university totals.
Extent: 1 oversized folder

Box-Folder 21.2: Microfiche Reports, 1980-1991
Similar to the above reports these summarize the grades distributed by college and class subject.
Box-Folder 14.10 - 16.6: Paper Reports, 1995-2001
These reports summarize grade distributions by college and individual courses for each academic term within this time frame. In addition to letter grades, these reports record the average GPA and total hours for each college as well as university totals.
Extent: 34 folders

Sub-Series 6: Grade Point Averages Reports, 1957-1991
Box-Folder 16.7 - 16.20: Paper Reports, 1957-1980, 1997-2001
These reports offer in depth statistics on grade point averages (GPAs) by college, class subject, and student organization. Information includes hour totals, awarded grade point totals, and average GPAs. Some records include Honor Roll statistics, Greek house averages, and specific courses.
Extent: 14 folders

Box-Folder 21.3: Microfiche Reports, 1980-1991
Similar to the above reports these summarize the grades point averages by college and class subject.
Sub-Series 7: Decile Grade Point Average Reports, 1934-2001

Reports include statistics on number of students graduating within a GPA (grade point average) range for a given academic year. University totals and college specific information is provided with total graduating class size and average GPA.

Access to the Decile Grade Point Average Reports for 1934-1976 in Series 1 is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to these materials should be directed to the University Archivist.

Box-Item 34.1 - 34.9: RESTRICTED: Decile Grade Point Average Reports, 1934-1976
Extent: 9 volumes

Box-Folder 16.21 - 16.23: 1977-2001
Reports for 1977-1979 are attached to the commencement program for that year.
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 17.1 - 17.2: Student Credit Hours by Schools and Departments, 1928-1963
These reports summarize the student credit hours taken during each term by schools and departments, not individual courses.
Extent: 0.5 cubic foot

Box-Folder 17.3 - 19.10: Student Credit Hours by Class and Section, 1946-1999
These reports summarize the student credit hours taken during each term by individual courses and sections, and include information on class sizes, times offered, and location. Reports for 1946-1947 and 1991-1999 are included.
Extent: 2 cubic feet

Box-Folder 22.1: Student Credit Hours by Class and Section, 1946-1999
These reports summarize the student credit hours taken during each term by individual courses and sections, and include information on class sizes, times offered, and location. Reports for 1946-1947 and 1991-1999 are included.
Extent: 1 oversize folder

Box-Folder 19.11: School and Department Instruction Credit Hour and Clock Hour Costs, 1932-1935
These summarize the per hour costs of credit and clock hours for students by both schools and departments.
Box-Folder 19.12 - 19.16: Teaching and Carrying Loads by School and Department, 1931-1941
These documents provide information on the hourly commitments for teaching for individual professors, departments, and school averages. It also includes individuals like graduate assistants who assisted in the instruction.
Box-Folder 19.17: Credit Distribution Charts, 1930
Details credit distribution by department subjects required for various degree curricula.
Box-Folder 19.18: Report of Classroom Use for Fall Term, 1935-1936
This document provides an hourly breakdown of use for each classroom for the fall term of the 1935-1936 academic year. It includes the class and its size that will be using it as well as noting features pertaining to the classroom like capacity, size, primary department and any special equipment.
Box-Folder 19.19: Final Examination Schedules, 1924-1940
These schedules provide information on the date, time, and location of individual class finals.
Box-Folder 20.1 - 20.2: Daily Registration Reports, 1963-1983
These reports summarized the number of students registered on specific days in 1963-1983. Many reports offer summaries with details on students registered by major, standing, gender, and matriculation for that period and compare it with the correlating term from the previous year.
Box-Folder 20.3: Schedule Adjustments, 1937-1988
These schedules detail changes in courses for individual terms by school. Course cancellations, additions, change of hours or locations are all noted with their appropriate changes for that term. Reports for 1937-1938 and 1964-1988 are included.
Box-Folder 20.4 - 20.8: Enrollment Statistics for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1923-1963
Reports provide information on the annual status of the university largely focused on enrollment statistics although they also detail changes on campus and general information from that year.
Box-Folder 20.9 - 20.10: Enrollment Statistics for other Agencies, 1948-1967
These include general enrollment statistics like students within each degree program, schools, and overall university enrollment.
Box-Folder 20.11: Commencement Data, 1915-1922
Reports include information on enrollment, and graduation numbers by department and geographical distribution of graduates. They also include information on where graduates transferred in from and comparisons of degrees conferred during previous years.
Box-Folder 20.12: Degrees Conferred by Major, 1967-1969
These reports summarize the number of degrees conferred for individual majors within a given academic year. Data are provided by subject, degree type, gender, and totals.
Box-Folder 20.13 - 20.17: OSU Awarded Degree Lists, 2000-2005
These lists detail degrees awarded by college and graduation term for individuals who graduated between 2000 and 2005. Also included is a document on guidance for release of student records.
Box-Folder 20.18: Summary of New Transfer Students, 1987-1991
These summarize the new transfer students within each term by their previous school.
Box-Folder 20.19: Summary of New Freshmen, 1987-1991
Reports summarize incoming freshmen by geographic region and include reports that summarize these students' SAT scores, high school grade point averages, and ACT scores.
Box-Folder 20.20: Grade Distribution Study Covering 1926-1936, 1936
This report provides a summary of grades by school for that 10 year period with an accompanying graph of the results. In addition there are graphic grade distribution charts, school ranking and department summaries.
Box-Folder 20.21: Term Reports of Failing Grades and Academic Deficiencies, 1970-1983
Reports summarize the number of "F" grades, students placed or on probation, and students suspended. Statistics are further listed by class standing and school.
Box-Folder 20.22: Subject-Matter Analysis of the Curricula Listed in the 1935-1936 Catalog, 1936
This report summarizes the distribution of subject studies and credits for each curriculum. It also provides information on the total credit hours for each curricula, and the elective credits associated with each one.
Box-Folder 20.23: Scholastic Rating of Schools, Classes, Honorary and Professional Societies and Other Groups, 1931-1933
This report includes a summary of grades by department and school but also offers detailed information on grade point averages by class standings as well as scholastic rating for members of fraternities, sororities, living organizations, and other student organizations.
Box-Item 20.24: Miscellaneous Special Reports, 1928-1939
This includes a variety of reports bound together. Reports include teaching and carrying load reports, building and proposed building reports, scholastic rankings of schools and organizations, and reports to the college president and scholarship committee. Many of these reports have similar reports listed elsewhere in this series.
Series 2: Military Programs and ROTC Records, 1916-1979
Series 2 documents military programs at Oregon State during World War I (Student Army Training Corps) and World War II (Army Specialized Training Program) as well as the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) military training program. The records include correspondence, reports, statistics, and descriptions of courses. Of special note are materials documenting service information during World War I and the minutes of the College Committee on Deferment during World War II. This Series 1ncludes 1 reel of microfilmed records.
Box-Folder 23.1: World War Service Information, 1918-1919
Material includes company information for individuals, memorial service programs honoring faculty, alumni, and students, and service flag information.
Box-Folder 23.2: SATC, Student Army Training Corps, World War I, 1917-1918, 1979
Materials assembled to explain the nature and operation of the SATC at Oregon Agricultural College in 1917-1918. By Russell G. Dix, Associate Registrar.
Box-Folder 23.3: Army Specialized Training Program Curricula, 1943-1945
This includes catalogs of curricula and courses, reports and instruction, academic procedures, and statistics.
Box-Folder 23.4: Army Specialized Training Program Policies and Procedures, 1943-1944
Includes the initial business and financial policies and procedures for military training contracts and 21 supplementary bulletins.
Box-Folder 23.5: Army Specialized Training Program Registration Statistics, 1943-1946
Box-Folder 23.6: Army Specialized Training Program Schedules, 1943-1946
Box-Folder 23.7: Minutes of College Committee on Deferment, 1941-1943
Minutes include individual decisions for whether or not deferment was recommended by the college and scholastic standings. In addition there are statements from Office Production Management requesting occupational deferments, and Headquarter Bulletins.
Box-Folder 23.8: Specialized Military and Defense Courses, 1941-1945
This includes bulletins describing training courses and individual class completion memorandums which detail scope and subject of the class and who received certificates from the class.
Box-Folder 23.9: Civilian Pilot Training Courses, 1939-1948
Documents include records for students who were never registered to Oregon State College but attended pilot training courses.
Box-Folder 23.10: Veteran's Aid (State), 1919-1947
Documents includes legislation, correspondence, and bills pertaining to Oregon State Veterans Aid.
Box-Folder 23.11: USAFI, Military Credit, 1952-1967
Box-Folder 23.12: Miscellaneous Military Correspondence, 1940-1945
Reel-Folder 1.1: ROTC, 1928-1933
Reel-Folder 1.2: Military Loss and Damage, 1923-1931
Reel-Folder 1.3: Military, 1920-1933
Reel-Folder 1.4: Armory Bleachers, 1916
Reel-Folder 1.5: Receipts and Budgets, 1918-1924
Reel-Folder 1.6: Insurance, 1923
Reel-Folder 1.7: Naval Unit SATC, 1918
Reel-Folder 1.8: Navy VI Program, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 1.9: Navy V7 Program, 1943
Reel-Folder 1.10: Navy V12 Program, 1943
Reel-Folder 1.11: Marine Corps, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 1.12: Army Reserve, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 1.13: Army Enlisted Reserve Corps, No Date
Reel-Folder 1.14: Air Corps Enlisted Men, No Date
Reel-Folder 1.15: Service Procurement Committee, 1942
Reel-Folder 1.16: Military Fischer Bros. Milling, 1933-1934
Reel-Folder 1.17: Navy Reserve, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 1.18: General Information and Procedures, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 1.19: Armed Service Representative, 1942
Reel-Folder 1.20: Signal Corps, 1943-1944
Reel-Folder 1.21: Meteorology, 1943
Reel-Folder 1.22: ASTP, 1943-1944
Reel-Folder 1.23: Selective Service, 1943-1944
Series 3: Policies and Procedures, 1921-2000
Series 3 consists of policies and procedures and associated correspondence related to student information disclosure, admissions, scholarships, curriculum, and scheduling.
Box-Folder 23.13: Release of Information Policy, 1971-2000
Includes actual policy documents and correspondence surrounding information release.
Box-Folder 23.14: Committee on Educational Policies and Procedures, 1929-1931
Primarily is composed of meeting minutes from the committee.
Box-Folder 23.15: Registration Procedures, 1922-1953
Box-Folder 23.16 - 23.17: Curriculum Procedures, 1923-1966
Box-Folder 23.18: Final and Midterm Examination Procedures, 1994
Box-Folder 23.19: Revised Entrance Requirements and Admission Procedures, 1929
Box-Folder 23.20: Vocational Education, 1923-1937
Box-Folder 23.21: Notices to Faculty, 1921-1931
Box-Folder 24.1: Correspondence Relating to Policies and Procedures, 1952-1958
Box-Folder 24.2: Annual Schedule of Duties for Registration and Commencement, circa 1965
Prepared by Eva Blackwell in a generic annual appointment diary
Series 4: Committee Files, 1922-1976
Series 4 includes the records of several committees pertaining to curriculum and academic programs as well as academic regulations and policies, scholarships, and student recruitment. The files include membership lists, minutes, correspondence, and reports. Some of the materials were assigned file numbers by the Registrar's Office which are provided here before the folder title.
Box-Folder 24.3: Examination Committee Policies, 1971-1976
Box-Folder 24.4: Ad-Hoc Committee Report, 1967
Box-Folder 24.5: Annual Report of the Registrar to the Scholarship Committee, 1927-1928
Box-Folder 24.6: Student Honesty Committee, 1923-1962
Box-Folder 24.7: Survey Commission: Studies Furnished, 1929-1932
Box-Folder 24.8 - 24.9: Academic Requirements Committee, 1922-1954
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 24.10: Committee on Crown-Willamette Paper School, 1952-1953
Box-Folder 24.11: Registration and Scheduling Committee, 1953-1959
Box-Folder 24.12 - 24.15: Personnel Committee, 1933-1956
Extent: 4 folders

Box-Folder 24.16: Executive Personnel Committee, 1934-1937
Box-Folder 24.17: Committee on Vocational Guidance, 1934
Box-Folder 24.18: Teacher Certification Committee, 1938-1941
Box-Folder 24.19: High School Contacts Committee Conferences, 1935-1938
Box-Folder 24.20 - 24.22: Catalog Committee, 1922-1960
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 24.23: Rating Agencies, 1924
Box-Folder 24.24: General College Committee, 1930-1939
Box-Folder 24.25: Curriculum Committee, 1940-1941
Box-Folder 24.26: Special Committee Study of Grades and Examinations, 1928-1930
Box-Folder 24.27 - 24.29: Chancellor's Executive Council, 1935-1949
Extent: 3 folders

Series 5: Tuition and Fees Documents, 1922-1973
Series 5 includes reports for academic years detailing tuition and fees per term in addition to other charges like room and board costs and student health service fees. There are additional files that detail other fees charged for items like cap and gown rentals and related correspondence. These materials were assigned file numbers by the Registrar's Office which are provided here before the folder title.
Box-Folder 25.1 - 25.5: Fees Files, 1922-1964
Extent: 5 folders

Box-Folder 25.6 - 25.11: Tuition, Fees, and Related Charges Reports, 1950-1973
Extent: 6 folders

Series 6: National Youth Administration, 1933-1943
Series 6 includes annual reports detailing student employment and provides information on rates of pay, distribution of National Youth Administration (NYA) funds and NYA students by schools and classes, distribution of labor between college divisions, and projects that employed students. This Series 1ncludes microfilmed records. Reel 6 also includes Geographical Directories, which are available in original paper form in Series I. Two additional folders pertaining to the NYA are on microfilm reel 3 in Series 9. The National Youth Administration was a New Deal agency that provided work and education for young people from 16 to 25 years; the NYA was founded in 1935 and continued to operate until the early years of World War II.
Box-Folder 25.12 - 25.13: National Youth Administration Annual Reports, 1933-1943
Reel-Folder 6.1: NYA Payrolls, 1934-1942
Reel-Folder 6.2: Employment Assignment Register, 1940-1941
Reel-Folder 6.3: Employment Affidavits, 1942
Reel-Folder 6.4: NYA Projects, 1941
Reel-Folder 6.5: Requests for NYA Students, 1942
Reel-Folder 6.6: State Scholarships, 1942-1943
Reel-Folder 6.7: Miscellaneous, 1940-1942
Series 7: Commencement, 1870-2011
Series 7 includes data, correspondence, and procedures documenting annual commencement ceremonies held at Oregon State University. The bulk of the series consists of the commencement programs for each year. In addition to a program for the commencement ceremony, these include lists of graduates, honors and awards, and major gifts to the university during the previous academic year. Beginning in the 1960s, the Registrar published an "official" program that was distributed several weeks after the commencement event and included corrections, additions, and deletions. The "official" programs are imprinted with "Official Copy". Video recordings of the 2002 and 2003 ceremonies are included in this series.  Commencement programs are available online in Oregon Digital.
Box-Folder 25.14 - 25.16: Commencement Data, 1936-1967
These are annual reports which offer a summary of degrees granted by degree designation, and list degrees awarded by school.
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 25.17: Procedures and Related Files, 1933-1965
These documents offer details on commencement planning, including ticket design, faculty processions, notes from the President's degree conferring ceremony, and correspondence. Also included are documents on cap and gown history and rental order forms.
Box-Folder 26.1 - 27.3: Commencement Programs, 1870-2011
Commencement programs include official and unofficial copies, and detail graduating students by school, award and prize recipients, honorary degrees, and gifts.  Commencement programs are available online in Oregon Digital.
Extent: 28 folders

Box-Folder 27.4: Candidate Graduation Details, 1936-1950
These documents detail information on ceremony rehearsals, tickets, and graduation fees.
Box-Folder 27.5 - 27.6: Formalities and Applicants for Graduation, 1931-1966
These include lists of graduation applicants, procedures for finishing course work, and information for faculty who will be in the commencement ceremony.
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 27.7: Correspondence and General Documents, 1932-1967
Box-Item 22.3: VHS of 2002 Baccalaureate Ceremony, 2002
Extent: 1 VHS

Box-Item 22.4: DVD of 2003 Ceremony (Advanced and Baccalaureate), 2003
Extent: 2 DVDs

Series 8: Book Plans, 1970-1992
Series 8 consists of floor plans for buildings on the Corvallis campus and other structures used by the university. Information on the plans include room names, dimensions, usable area, and features of the buildings. The majority of plans are arranged alphabetically by building name or speciality with a separate section for dormitory buildings. The books plans were used for space planning, classroom and laboratory scheduling, and analysis of classroom use.
Box-Folder 32.1 - 33.4: Books plans, 1970-1992
Series 9: Subject Files, 1895-1991
Series 9 consists of correspondence, reports, and other materials arranged by subject. Topics addressed in this Series 1nclude curriculum, scholarships and honors, and academic regulations. Of special note are detailed reports pertaining to the School of Commerce prepared in the early 1930s and schedules for lectures, recitations, and laboratories for selected years between 1895 and 1915. Some of the materials, both paper and microfilm, were assigned file numbers which are provided here before the folder title. This Series 1ncludes 5 reels of microfilm. Reel 5 includes some Geographical Directories that are also available in original paper form in Series 1.
Box-Folder 27.8: General Numerical File Guide, 1965
Box-Folder 27.9: Office of the Registrar Files, 1954-1969
Box-Folder 27.10 - 27.12: President's Office, 1916-1959
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 27.13: Administrative Council, 1923-1953
Box-Folder 27.14 - 27.15: Athletic Conference Rules, 1923-1964
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 27.16: Student Activities, 1965-1967
Box-Folder 27.17: Fraternities, Sororities, and Clubs, Comparative GPAs, 1928-1945
Box-Folder 27.18: Staff Notices, 1931-1944
Box-Folder 27.19 - 28.3: New Student Week, 1923-1962
Extent: 5 folders

Box-Folder 28.4 - 28.5: Room and Table Schedules, 1926-1954
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 28.6: Examination and Term Schedules, 1928-1958
Box-Folder 28.7: Use of Classrooms, 1935-1936
Box-Folder 28.8: Office of the Registrar Budget, 1920-1954
Box-Folder 28.9: Academic Regulations: Excess Credits, 1937-1948
Box-Folder 28.10: Honorary Degrees, 1922-1952
Box-Folder 28.11: A Report of the State Grange Committee on Student Costs, 1926-1927
Box-Folder 28.12: School of Agriculture Short Courses, 1915-1955
Box-Folder 28.13: School of Education, 1927-1953
Box-Folder 28.14 - 28.15: School of Engineering, 1922-1955
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 28.16: School of Forestry, 1941-1942
Box-Folder 28.17: School of Science, 1942
Box-Folder 28.18: J.A. Hansen Scholarship, 1935-1937
Box-Folder 28.19: Cooperative Extension, 1921-1954
Box-Folder 28.20 - 28.22: Short Courses Agriculture, 1910-1957
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 28.23 - 28.25: Short Courses Engineering, 1937-1958
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 28.26 - 28.27: Business Office, 1922-1952
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 28.28: Library Files, 1964-1967
Box-Folder 29.1: Educational Activities, 1924-1931
Box-Folder 29.2: News Bureau, 1924-1944
Box-Folder 29.3: Department of Publications, 1936-1953
Box-Folder 29.4: Leonora Kerr, 1935
Box-Folder 29.5: Catalog Requests, 1932-1940
Box-Folder 29.6 - 29.7: Institution and Organizations Catalog Requests, 1931-1944
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 29.8: Committee to Study Relative Instructional Costs, 1938-1939
Box-Folder 29.9 - 29.10: Non- resident Tuition Fee Legislative Investigation, 1928-1939
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 29.11 - 29.14: Curriculum Council for Oregon State, 1930-1950
Extent: 4 folders

Box-Folder 29.15: Senior Honors, 1940-1954
Box-Folder 29.16: Honors and Awards, 1963-1965
Box-Folder 29.17 - 29.18: Foreign Students, 1941-1968
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 29.19: Non-Quota Students, 1943-1948
Box-Folder 29.20: Parent and Alumni Groups, 1965-1968
Box-Folder 29.21: Name of Oregon State College, 1926
Box-Folder 29.22 - 29.27: Special Reports, 1939-1944
Includes an A.C.E. Decile Study, Analysis of Credits Submitted for Graduation, Available Recitation and Laboratory Classrooms, Predictive Measures Versus Total GPA in Oregon Higher Institutions, Scholastic Status of Transfer Students, and Science and Mathematics in Oregon.
Extent: 6 folders

Box-Folder 29.28 - 29.30: State Board of Higher Education, 1925-1928
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 29.31: Student Interviews by High School Principals, 1930-1931
Includes 1 photograph.
Box-Folder 29.32: Extempore Speaking Contest, 1931-1932
Box-Folder 29.33: Division of Information, 1937-1950
Box-Folder 29.34: Budget Officer and Statistician, 1928-1929
Box-Folder 29.35: State Systems of Higher Education, Comptroller, 1933-1959
Box-Folder 29.36: Inter-Institute Fee Committee, 1949-1957
Box-Folder 29.37 - 29.39: General and Portland Extension Centers, 1931-1961
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 29.40: State System of Higher Education Correspondence Study, 1928-1953
Box-Folder 30.1 - 30.2: College's and University's General Correspondence, 1940-1958
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 30.3 - 30.5: American Association of Collegiate Registrars, 1926-1965
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 30.6: The Hazen Conference, 1941
Box-Folder 30.7 - 30.9: Pacific Coast Association of Collegiate Registrars, 1922-1963
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 30.10 - 30.12: University of Oregon, 1922-1961
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 30.13: Oregon College of Education, 1937-1953
Box-Folder 30.14: Southern Oregon College, 1938-1958
Box-Folder 30.15: Eastern Oregon College, 1937-1954
Box-Folder 30.16: University of Oregon Medical School, 1937-1951
Box-Folder 30.17: Junior Colleges, 1932-1954
Box-Folder 30.18: Out of State High Schools, Colleges and Universities, 1924-1954
Box-Folder 30.19: High School Commencement Speakers, 1923-1957
Box-Folder 30.20: Faculty Visitations to High Schools, 1925-1938
Box-Folder 30.21: High School Seniors Interested in OSU, 1937-1945
Box-Folder 30.22: Commerce and Business Administration, 1930-1932
Box-Folder 33.6: School of Commerce Credits Completed by Graduating Classes of 1930 and 1931, 1931
Compilation of the number of credits completed by School of Commerce graduates by academic department. Men and women are compiled separately for the Class of 1930 and the Class of 1931. Compiled by the Office of the Registrar in September 1931.
Box-Folder 33.7: Student Credit Hour Costs in Departments of the School of Commerce, 1931
Student credit hour costs calculated for individual courses, in departments of the School of Commerce, based on salary costs, requisitions, and library expenditures, for fall terms of 1930 and 1931. Also includes a tables comparing direct and indirect costs and direct and unit costs for upper division work at the University of Oregon and Oregon State Agricultural College for Fall 1930 and Fall 1931.
Box-Folder 31.1: Stevens Cost Study, 1923
Box-Folder 31.2: Report to the Senate and Supplementary Report, 1929
Box-Folder 31.3: Student Personnel Organization, 1936-1937
Box-Folder 31.4: Student Mortality Report, 1935
Box-Folder 31.5: Oregon State System of Higher Education Enrollment Files, 1967-1991
Box-Folder 31.6: Oregon State University New Student Reports, 1965-1967
Box-Folder 31.7: Joint Education Department Programs with OSU, UO, and PSU, 1979-1987
Box-Folder 31.8: Joint Counselling Program with OSU and OCE, 1979-1982
Box-Folder 31.9: Summer Term Files, 1964-1966
Box-Folder 31.10: Registration Files, 1947-1967
Box-Folder 31.11: New Administration Building Plans, 1966-1971
Box-Folder 31.12: Coliseum Pavilion Project, 1941-1942
Box-Folder 31.13: "Spectator Controversy" on Standards, 1927
Box-Folder 31.14: A Numerical Grade Equivalent in Grade Points, 1929
Box-Folder 31.15: Admission Reports Correspondence, 1957-1958
Box-Folder 31.16: Registrar Office Letterhead, ca. 1930
Box-Folder 31.17: Desk Manual, 1968-1972
Includes information on work plans, schedule of classes, final examinations, statistics, and other reference files.
Box-Folder 31.18: General Information, 1971-1982
Includes information on policy changes, degree requirements, information release, and joint campus agreements.
Box-Folder 31.19: Part-time Student Registration Applications, 1935-1936
Box-Folder 31.20: Bio/Records of Eva Blackwell, 1941-1942
Documents include application and registration reports, in addition to the December 1952 and February 1942 Oregon Staters featuring stories on Eva Blackwell.
Box-Folder 31.21: Strand-Ordman Correspondence, 1959-1960
Box-Folder 31.22: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1918-1960
Box-Folder 31.23: Miscellaneous Files, 1931-1952
Documents include memos, some blank scholarship applications, correspondence, and files from the honors and awards committee.
Box-Folder 33.5: Schedule, Lectures, Recitations, and Laboratory Periods, 1895-1915
Bound volume that includes the following schedules: Program of Recitation, First Term 1895-1896; Schedule of Recitations, Winter and Spring Terms, 1898-1899; Faculty Directory and Schedules, First and Second Semesters 1909-1910; Schedule and Faculty Directory, 1910-1911 and 1911-1912; Schedule of Lectures, Recitations, and Laboratory Periods for 1913-1914 and 1914-1915. These include the course title, instructor, and location (building and room number).
Reel 1.082: Faculty and Staff Correspondence, 1932-1948
Reel 1.103.1: CAA (Civil Pilot Training), 1940-1943
Reel 1.104: School of Forestry, 1922-1961
Reel 1.105: School of Home Economics, 1923-1954
Reel 1.106: School of Pharmacy, 1925-1960
Reel 1.107: School of Science, 1936-1952
Reel 2.108: Business and Technology Secretarial Science, 1932-1954, 1922-1937
Reel 2.109: Lower Division, 1922-1956
Reel 2.110: Military Science, 1922-1962
Reel 2.111: Physical Education, 1922-1964
Reel 2.112: Graduate School, 1923-1959
Reel 2.121: Co-operative Extension Service, 1900-1931
Reel 2.142: KOAC, 1941-1942
Reel 2.201: Committee to Promote Honor in Academic Work, 1932-1942
Reel 2.214.1: Grants in aid, 1947-1955
Reel 2.214.2: Scholarships, 1947-1948
Reel 3.214.2: Scholarships, 1948-1954
Reel 3.214.3: Foreign Scholarships, 1947-1951
Reel 3.300: Honors and Awards - General Correspondence, 1937-1941
Reel 3.303: Honor Eligibility Lists, 1927-1964
Reel 3.305: Honors and Awards Committee, 1935-1963
Reel 3.306: Joseph H. Albert Memorial Award (now Cummings), 1928-1929
Reel 3.307: Chi Omega Award, 1927-1941
Reel 3.308: Aaron M. Frank Scholarship, 1940-1941
Reel 3.309: Lenore Kerr Scholarship, 1930-1938
Reel 3.310: E.D. Ressler Memorial Award, 1929-1941
Reel 3.311: Drucilla Shepard Smith Award, 1930-1940
Reel 3.312: Clara H. Waldo Prizes, 1913-1941
Reel 3.313: Lipman Wolfe Prize, 1930-1941
Reel 3.314: Lamplighter Award, 1939-1941
Reel 3.315: Phi Sigma Society Award, 1939-1940
Reel 3.320: Student Aid, 1929-1940
Reel 3.322: Federal Aid - NYA, 1932-1938
Reel 4.322: Federal Aid - NYA, 1938-1943
Reel 4.323: Daly Fund, 1934-1943
Reel 4.330: Industrial Accident Commission (State), 1958-1959
Reel 4.337: Wards Scholarship, 1935-1943
Reel 4.338: Sears Scholarship, 1940-1941
Reel 4.360: Foreign Students, 1930-1951
Reel 4.360.1: American - Japanese Student Conference, 1936-1937
Reel 4.360.3: Exchange Students, 1939
Reel 4.370: Mothers Club, 1936-1942
Reel 4.380.1: State Superintendent of Public Instruction - Regulations Concerning Teachers Certification, 1941-1946
Reel 4.385: Oregon State Teacher's Association, 1929-1942
Reel 4.393: Barometer (Oregon State Daily), 1924-1942
Reel 4.400: State Board of Higher Education, 1930-1935
Reel 5.400: State Board of Higher Education, 1935-1941
Reel 5.435: Dormitory Committee, 1937-1948
Reel 5.510: Scholarships and Fellowships, 1919-1941
Reel 5.1: Commerce Controversy, 1941
Reel 5.2: Science Controversy, 1941
Reel 5.3: Survey Briefs, 1925-1933
Series 10: Map, circa 1908
Series 10 consists of a map showing Oregon Agricultural College attendance by Oregon county for 1906-1907. It was prepared by JBH, probably John B. Horner, who was the College's Registrar at that time. Due to its size and condition, this map is stored in a roll-storage container.
Folder-Item 35.1: Map of OAC Attendance, circa 1908

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