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Urban League of Portland Records, 1910-2014

By Finding aid prepared by Avery Sorensen, James Gotchall, and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Urban League of Portland Records, 1910-2014

Predominant Dates: 1940-2014

ID: MSS UrbanLeague

Primary Creator: Urban League of Portland (Portland, Or.)

Extent: 35.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Urban League of Portland Records are arranged in 3 subgroups: Subgroup 1. Records, 1910-2014; Subgroup 2. Photographs and Visual Materials, 1945-2005; and Subgroup 3. Audio and Video Materials, 1962-2003. Subgroup 1 (Records) consists of 8 series: 1. Administration, 1947-2010; 2. Committees, 1947-2009; 3. Correspondence, 1977-1998; 4. Financials, 1951-2004; 5. Meeting Minutes, 1945-2003; 6. Newspaper Clippings, 1944-2013; 7. Reports and Publications, 1940-2014; and 8. Subject Files, 1910-2013. Subgroup 2 (Photographs and Visual Materials) consists of 4 series: 1. Photographs, 1945-2005; 2. Posters, 1997-1999; 3. Scrapbooks and Photograph Albums, 1991-1996; and 4. Plaques, 1984-1990. Subgroup 3 (Audio and Video Materials) consists of 2 series: 1. Video, 1981-2003 and 2. Audio, 1962-1998.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Urban League of Portland Records document the administration and programs of the League from its founding in Portland, Oregon, in 1945.  The Records reflect the League’s outreach to the community through various programs and activities, fund-raising, interaction with the National Urban League, and African American life in Portland.  The collection includes extensive paper records as well as visual documentation in the form of photographs, videotapes, and sound recordings.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Scope and Content Notes

The Urban League of Portland Records consist of records generated by the League and its board, officers, staff, and affiliated organizations. The records document the administration of the organization and reflect the League's outreach to the community through various programs and activities, fund-raising, interaction with the National Urban League, and African American life in Portland. The subject files constitute the bulk of these materials and include information regarding housing, history of the League, minorities in business, urban renewal programs, various events and programs, education, and different League centers and services. The reports include annual and presidential reports as well as reports on race relations in Portland, African American children in Portland, and Northeast Portland neighborhood revitalization. The publications include League newsletters, brochures, and reports on various topics from the National Urban League office and branches in other cities. The records include constitutions and bylaws, committee information, correspondence, financial statements, surveys, event materials and press releases, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, photograph albums, photographs, posters, scrapbooks, sound recordings, videotapes, award plaques, and a building plaque.

The photographs include prints, negatives, slides, and digital photographs and are only minimally arranged and described. The images, which date from the 1940s to 2005, depict League meetings, League representatives meeting with Oregon politicians, community events, League directors and board members, and League staff at National Urban League conferences. The images also document League outreach events such as job fairs, activities at the Multicultural Senior Center, programs at Okley Green Middle School, and fields trips for students to Willamette University and other locations. Many of the photographs are arranged chronologically.

The videotapes and sound recordings primarily document League events such as conference presentations, annual dinners, workshops, and award ceremonies in the 1990s, with a few recordings made in the 1980s. The sound recordings also include public service announcements and broadcasts of radio programs.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital. The contents of box-folders 1.21 - 1.23, 1.25 - 1.26, 1.29, 1.31, 1.39, 2.1 - 2.3, 2.07, 9.05, 9.07 - 9.08, 9.25 - 9.26, 10.13, 10.15, 11.28, and 12.29 - 12.30 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Urban League of Portland was established in 1945 as an affiliate of the National Urban League. It is a non-profit, community-based organization whose mission has been to "enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power, and civil rights". The League has emphasized educational opportunity for African Americans and other youth, advocated for fair housing laws, and offered employment assistance.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 6200 photographs, 30 sound recordings, and 125 videotapes; 34 boxes, including 3 oversize boxes; 650 Mbytes (250 files)

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The records were donated by the Urban League of Portland to the University Archives and the Special Collections & Archives Research Center in several accessions from 2007 through 2014.

Related Materials:

This collection is a component of the Oregon Multicultural Archives, which also includes the Harold C. Williams Papers (MSS WilliamsH). Meeting minutes, newsletters, reports, constitutions, and memos are available online. Selected images are available online in the Oregon Multicultural Archives Digital Collection.  Oral history interviews pertaining to the Urban League of Portland are part of the Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18).

See also: The Urban League of Portland Digital Collection, a site providing access to the Urban League of Portland Records guide, digitized content from the collection, and historical background on the organization.

Preferred Citation: Urban League of Portland Records (MSS UrbanLeague), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Urban League of Portland (Portland, Or.)
National Urban League

People, Places, and Topics

African Americans--Oregon--Portland.
Older people--Services for--Oregon--Portland.
Oregon Multicultural Archives
Portland (Or.)--Race relations.
Portland Public Schools (Or.)
Urban League of Portland (Portland, Or.)

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Film negatives.
Photograph albums.
Photographic prints.
Slides (photographs).
Sound recordings.
Video recordings (physical artifacts)

Box and Folder Listing

Subgroup 1: Records, 1910-2014
Subgroup 1 consists of records assembled by the Urban League of Portland and created by the Urban League of Portland, the National Urban League, affiliates thereof, and community organizations. These materials include newspaper clippings, correspondence, and reports and publications. A few photographs are also dispersed throughout. The majority of these files reflect the organization's actions and missions both internally and externally, leadership, programs, projects, centers, issues, and its interaction with the community. The bulk of the materials are from the 1940s through early 2000s. Meeting minutes, newsletters, reports, constitutions, and memos are available online.
Extent: 11.8 cubic feet

Series 1: Administration, 1947-2010
Series 1 consists of information pertaining to the Urban League of Portland's Board of Directors. Materials include correspondence, membership lists, member evaluations, guideline packets, and official statements. Both board members and staff are represented in this series. While several specific staff members are highlighted, there is also information pertaining to staff members in general and evaluations thereof. The Administration records also consist of organizational charts, handbooks, constitutions, and resolutions. The materials in this series were produced both by the Urban League of Portland and the National Urban League. The Urban League of Portland also created a handbook that provides information on the CEO, the organization's structure, and position descriptions for staff.
Box-Folder 1.1: Articles of Incorporation, 1965
Sub-Series 1: Board of Directors, 1977-2004
Box-Folder 1.2: Appointments, 2000-2001
Box-Folder 1.3-1.4: Members, 1977-2004
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 1.5: Member Surveys, 1983
Box-Folder 1.6: New Member Packet, 1994-1999
Box-Folder 1.7: New Member Selection, 1995
Box-Folder 1.8: Responsibilities and Evaluations, 1985-1987
Box-Folder 1.9: Retreat, 1987-1998
Box-Folder 1.10: CEO, Margaret Carter, 2000
Box-Folder 1.11-1.12: Constitution and Bylaws, 1983-2004
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 1.13: General Staff Retreat, 1997
Sub-Series 2: Handbooks and Manuals, 1982-1999
Box-Folder 1.14-1.15: Affiliate Operations Manual, 1982-1987
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 1.16: Manual of Standards, 1985
Box-Folder 1.17: Personnel Policies, 1999
Box-Folder 1.18: Membership Drives, 1969-1998
Box-Folder 1.19: Mission and Philosophy Statement, 1985
Box-Folder 1.20: Organizational Charts, 1975-2001
Sub-Series 3: Personnel, 1947-2010
The contents of box-folders 1.21 - 1.23, 1.25 - 1.26, 1.29, and 1.31 have been digitized and are available upon request.
Box-Folder 1.21: Edwin Carlos Berry, 1955
Box-Folder 1.22: Ralph Bunche, 1949
Box-Folder 1.23: Clifford Campbell, 1948
Box-Folder 1.24: Lawrence Dark, 1997-1998
Box-Folder 1.25: E. Shelton Hill, 1947-1974
includes 27 photographs
Box-Folder 1.26: Faye Lyday, 1967-2010
Box-Folder 1.27: Darryl S. Tukufu, 1993
Box-Folder 1.28: Ron Sykes, 1985
Box-Folder 1.29: Resolutions, 1986-2000
Box-Folder 1.30: Staff, 1975-1988
Box-Folder 1.31: Urban League Affiliates, circa 1970s-1998
Box-Folder 1.32-1.33: Urban League of Portland Overview, 1984
Extent: 2 folders

Series 2: Committees, 1947-2009
Series 2 consists of the records of external and internal committees. The external committees are those outside the Urban League organization with which the Urban League of Portland participated, was a member, or collaborated. In some cases, the files for external committees consist solely of information that the Urban League gathered, such as for the House Un-American Activities Committee. The internal committees were established by the Urban League of Portland or the National Urban League. The internal committee records document the Equal Opportunities Day Dinner, nominations, membership drives, and administration and functioning of the organization.
Sub-Series 1: External Committees, 1947-2009
Box-Folder 1.34: American Friends Service Committee, 1947-1967
Box-Folder 1.35: American Jewish Committee, 1966-1986
Box-Folder 1.36: American Veterans Committee, 1959-1962
Box-Folder 1.37: Citizens' Committee (Portland, Oakland, CA, New York), 1963-1970
Box-Folder 1.38: Commission on Human Relations (Philadelphia, Ohio, Chicago, Oklahoma), 1964-1969
Box-Folder 1.39: Committee for Economic Development, 1968
Box-Folder 1.40: Council on the Aging (National, New York, Maryland, Multnomah County), 1958-1969
Box-Folder 1.41: General Advisory Committee for Social Work, 1965
Box-Folder 1.42: Governor's State Committee on Children and Youth, 1964
Box-Folder 1.43: Metropolitan Interfaith Commission on Race, 1963
Box-Folder 1.44: Multnomah County's Human Relations, 1966-1975
Box-Folder 1.45: National Committee for Support of Public Schools, 1966-1970
Box-Folder 1.46: Oregon Committee on Legal Termination of Pregnancy, 1964-1970
Box-Folder 1.47: Oregon Council on Civil Rights, 2008-2009
Box-Folder 2.1: Portland Commission on Intergroup Relations, 1953-1968
Box-Folder 2.2-2.3: Portland Metropolitan Steering Committee of the Economic Opportunity Act, 1966-1973
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 2.4: Public Affairs Committee (Portland), 1968
Box-Folder 2.5: State Manpower and Training Advisory Committee, 1963-1968
Box-Folder 2.6: House Un-American Activities Committee, undated, 1947
Box-Folder 2.7: Youth Development Committee, 1964
Sub-Series 2: Internal Committees, 1960-1999
Box-Folder 2.8: Advisory Task Force on Senior Affairs, 1987
Box-Folder 2.9: CEO Search Committee, 1987-1988
Box-Folder 2.10: Committee Assignments, 1984-1988
Box-Folder 2.11: Committee Responsibilities and Functions, circa 1980s-1990s
Box-Folder 2.12: Executive Committee, 1960-1983
Box-Folder 2.13: Finance Committee, 1984-1988
Box-Folder 2.14: Fundraising Committee, 1985-1988
Box-Folder 2.15: Job Development and Employment Committee, 1963-1964
Box-Folder 2.16: National Urban League's Commerce and Industry Council, 1961
Box-Folder 2.17: Nominating Committee, 1984-1988
Box-Folder 2.18: Personnel Committee, 1984-1986
Box-Folder 2.19: Program and Planning Committee, 1984-1989
Box-Folder 2.20: Quality of Life and Equality Committee, 1998
Box-Folder 2.21: Technology Committee, 1983-1984
Box-Folder 2.22: Vision Committees, 1998-1999
Series 3: Correspondence, 1977-1998
Series 3 consists of correspondence to and from the Urban League of Portland, the National Urban League, and several Urban League Affiliates. Topics include finances, the Equal Opportunities Day Dinner, resignations, meeting notices, and threats to the Urban League.
Box-Folder 2.23: James O. Brooks (Executive Director), 1977
Box-Folder 2.24: Budget Deficit, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 2.25-2.26: Herb Cawthorne (President and CEO), 1985-1987
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 2.27: Medical/Dental Plan, 1988
Box-Folder 2.28: Memos and Incident Reports, 1998
Box-Folder 2.29: National Urban League Headquarters, 1987-1989
Box-Folder 2.30: Performance Assessment, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 2.31: Linda Rasmussen (Board Chairperson), 1985-1987
Box-Folder 2.32: General, 1983-1984
Box-Folder 2.33: General, 1985-1986
Box-Folder 2.34-2.35: General, 1987
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 2.36: General, 1988-1989
Series 4: Financials, 1951-2004
Series 4 consists of the Urban League of Portland's financial information, including grants, donor information, scholarship recipients, scholarship funds, account ledgers, financial statements, and audits.
Box-Item 3.1: Account Ledger, 1961
Box-Item 3.2: Account Ledger, 1963
Box-Item 3.3: Account Ledger, 1964
Box-Item 4.1: Account Ledger, 1965
Box-Item 4.2: Account Ledger, 1965
Box-Item 4.3: Account Ledger, 1965-1966
Box-Item 4.4: Account Ledger, 1966
Box-Item 4.5: Account Ledger, 1966-1967
Box-Item 3.4: Account Ledger, 1967
Box-Folder 5.1: Budgets, 1986-1999
Box-Folder 5.2: Donors, 1952-2001
Box-Folder 5.3: Dues to the Council of Board Presidents, 1986-1987
Box-Folder 5.4-5.5: Financial Reports, 1986-1998
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 5.6-5.7: Financial Statements with Auditors' Report, 1972-2004
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 5.8: Fundraising, 1985-2000
Box-Folder 5.9: Fundraising: Capital Fund Drive, 1987-1988
Sub-Series 1: Grants, 1985-2001
Box-Folder 5.10: Borden Corporation, 1995
Box-Folder 5.11: Cultural Leadership Program Grant Proposal, 1994
Box-Folder 5.12: Gates Foundation, 2000
Box-Folder 5.13-5.14: Meyer Memorial Trust, 1992-1996
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 5.15: National Endowment for the Humanities, 1995
Box-Folder 5.16: National Grant for Service on MLK Holiday, 1997
Box-Folder 5.17: Northwest Area Foundation, 1996
Box-Folder 5.18: Oregon Community Foundation, 1997
Box-Folder 5.19-5.20: United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, 1985-2001
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 5.21: Insurance Policies, 1987-1988
Box-Folder 5.22: Scholarships, 1980-1987
Box-Folder 5.23: Scholarships: Debnam Scholarship, 1970-1971
Box-Folder 5.24: Scholarships: Will C. Davis Scholarship, 1951-1957
Box-Folder 5.25: Tax Exemption Information, 1985-1987
Box-Folder 5.26: United States Treasury Reimbursement, 1997
Box-Folder 5.27-5.28: Will C. Davis Loan Fund, 1951-1956
Extent: 2 folders

Series 5: Meeting Minutes, 1945-2003
Series 5 consists of meeting minutes from the Urban League of Portland's Board of Directors, who met monthly. The dates of these meeting minutes range from 1945 to 1949 and 1964 to 2003. Most of the materials in this series are the actual meeting minutes. However, meeting agendas are also included in these materials. All of the meeting minutes are scanned, full text searchable, and available online.
Extent: 43 folders

Box-Folder 6.1: Board of Directors Meeting Agendas, Undated
Box-Folder 6.2-8.4: Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1945-1949, 1964-2003
Series 6: Newspaper Clippings, 1944-2013

Series 6 consists of newspaper clippings collected by the Urban League of Portland. Most of these materials are arranged by decade. Some of the files are arranged by subject, as organized by Urban League staff. Topics include black cultural leaders, the organization itself, athletics, and issues of concern for communities of color.

The contents of box-folder 14.2 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Box-Folder 8.5-8.19: General, 1944-2013, undated
Extent: 14 folders

Box-Folder 14.1: General: Oversize Photocopies, 1942-1971
Box-Folder 14.2: General: Scrapbook, 1953-1980
Primarily clippings from the mid-1950s.
Sub-Series 1: Subject, 1946-1979
Original folder titles are used and enclosed in quotation marks. The contents of box-folders 9.05, 9.07, 9.08, 9.25, 9.26, and 9.30 have been digitized and are available upon request.
Box-Folder 9.1: "Adam Clayton Powell", 1969-1972
Box-Folder 9.2: "Afro-American Culture", circa 1970s-1980s
Box-Folder 9.3: "Aid to Dependent Children Mothers", 1972
Box-Folder 9.4: "Albina Citizens Together (Community Action Center)", 1971
Box-Folder 9.5: "Albina Community Conference", 1960
Box-Folder 9.6: "Albina Corporation", 1971-1972
Box-Folder 9.7: "Albina Housing", 1961-1963
Box-Folder 9.8: "Albina Misc.", 1960
Box-Folder 9.9: "All Negro Towns", 1947
Box-Folder 9.10: "Arthur Fletcher", 1970-1972
Box-Folder 9.11: "Assassinations/Killings", 1972
Box-Folder 9.12: "Black Caucus", 1972
Box-Folder 9.13: "Black Militants", 1971
Box-Folder 9.14: "Black Monitor", 1979
Box-Folder 9.15: "Black Panthers", 1967-1971
Box-Folder 9.16: "Boise School Problem", 1973
Box-Folder 9.17: "Busing", 1972
Box-Folder 9.18: "Cheryl James Case", 1972
Box-Folder 9.19: "Civil Rights", 1969
Box-Folder 9.20: "Clara Peoples", 1972
Box-Folder 9.21: "Communist Party of Oregon", 1961-1964
Box-Folder 9.22: "Concentrated Employment Program", 1969
Box-Folder 9.23: "Dr. DeNorval Unthank", 1970-1971
Box-Folder 9.24: "Dr. Martin Luther King", 1961-1976
Box-Folder 9.25: "Freedom Riders", 1961
Box-Folder 9.26: "'Green Thumb Project' Albina", 1969-1970
Box-Folder 9.27: "Imamu Sukumu", 1972
Box-Folder 9.28: "Joan Little Case", 1974-1975
Box-Folder 9.29: "Leadership Conference on Civil Rights", 1970
Box-Folder 9.30: "Mr. Ira C. Keller", 1972
Box-Folder 9.31: "Muslims", 1961-1963
Box-Folder 9.32: "NAACP", 1955-1972
Box-Folder 9.33: "NAACP Portland Branch", 1969
Box-Folder 9.34: Negro in the Armed Services, 1946-1957
Box-Folder 9.35: "Negro Mothers", 1946-1957
Box-Folder 9.36: "Negro Teachers", 1946-1957
Box-Folder 9.37: "Negroes and Vice", 1953-1959
Box-Folder 9.38: "Negroes and Progress", 1956
Box-Folder 9.39: "Negroes in the Court of Law", 1949-1966
Box-Folder 9.40: "Negroes in Politics and the Negro Vote", 1956-1969
Box-Folder 9.41: "Negroes in Sports", 1947-1957
Box-Folder 9.42: "Newgate", 1969
Box-Folder 9.43: "Noted Negroes in News", 1968-1969
Box-Folder 9.44: "Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969
Box-Folder 9.45: "Opportunities Industrial Center", 1968
Box-Folder 9.46: "Oregon Politicians", 1956-1966
Box-Folder 9.47: "Outstanding Americans", 1948-1956
Box-Folder 9.48: "Paul Robeson", 1946-1956
Box-Folder 9.49: "Portland Public Schools", 1969-1972
Box-Folder 9.50: "Portland Youth Development Comm.", 1970
Box-Folder 9.51: "Race Relations", 1961
Box-Folder 9.52: "Republican Party", 1970-1972
Box-Folder 9.53: "Riots (Cities, Districts)", 1969
Box-Folder 9.54: "SATCHMO Louis Armstrong", 1971
Box-Folder 9.55: "School Boundaries", 1957-1970
Box-Folder 9.56: "School Integration", 1961-1969
Box-Folder 9.57: "Southern Christian Leadership Conference", 1970
Box-Folder 9.58: "Summer Student Program", 1969
Box-Folder 9.59: "United States Air Corps, 1972
Box-Folder 9.60: "Urban Coalition", 1968-1972
Box-Folder 9.61: "Women's Forum and Moss-Adams Award Luncheon", 1973
Box-Folder 9.62: "Women's Lib. Movement", 1972
Series 7: Reports and Publications, 1940-2014
Series 7 consists of publications in the forms of bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, and proposals. The producers of these materials include the National Urban League, the Urban League of Portland, other Urban League branches, and community clubs and organizations. The reports include internal and external reports that reflect topics ranging from routine updates, the goals of the CEO, social and economic problems, and race relations.
Box-Folder 9.63: Bulletins: Portland City Club, 1957-1995
Box-Folder 9.64: Bulletins: Urban League of Portland, 1976
Sub-Series 1: Newsletters, 1967-2011
Box-Folder 9.65: Creating Community Solutions, 1993-1994
Box-Folder 9.66: The Drum, 1986-1987
Box-Folder 9.67: The Multicultural Senior Center Newsletter, 1999-2005
Box-Folder 9.68: National Urban League Newsletter, 1967
Box-Folder 9.69: Our Children Our Destiny, 1996-1998
Box-Folder 9.70: Update, 1991-1994
Box-Folder 9.71: The Urban Express, 2004-2005
Box-Folder 9.72: Urban League of Portland Newsletter, 1980
Box-Folder 9.73: Urban News Monthly, 1977
Box-Folder 9.74: The Urban Senior, 2008-2011
Box-Folder 9.75: Urban Voice, 1998-2008
Box-Folder 9.76: View, 1992-1996
Box-Folder 9.77: News Releases, 1968 -2003
Box-Folder 9.78: Pamphlets (Outside Producers), 1950-1996
Box-Folder 9.79: Pamphlets (Urban League Produced), 2010-2013
Sub-Series 2: Plans/Proposals, 1964-2003
Box-Folder 9.80: "10 Year N/NE Portland Comeback Plan", 1988
Box-Folder 9.81: Business Plan, 2001-2002
Box-Folder 9.82: "Cultural Diversity Plan", 1994
Box-Folder 9.83: "Liberty City Renaissance", circa 1990
Box-Folder 9.84: "Moving Forward, 1994-1995
Box-Folder 9.85: "Needs Assessment 5 Year Plan, 1992-1997", 1992
Box-Folder 9.86: "Statement of the Case for Increased Support of the Urban League of Portland", 1964
Box-Folder 9.87: "Strategic Plan, 2003-2010", 2003
Box-Folder 9.88: "Strategy for a More Effective Urban League Movement", 1985
Box-Folder 9.89: Publications (Outside Producers), 1940-1958
Sub-Series 3: Reports, 1945-2014
Box-Folder 10.1: Activity Reports, 1971-1973
Box-Folder 10.2-10.3: Annual Reports, 1945-2012
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 10.4: "Chattanooga: In Black and White", 1986
Box-Folder 10.5: "National Urban League Guidelines for Self-Evaluation by Urban League Affiliates", 1986
Box-Folder 10.6: Monthly Reports, 1971-1985
Box-Folder 10.7: "National Priorities Report", 1984
Box-Folder 10.8: PACT Business Report, 1964
Box-Folder 10.9-10.10: Presidential Reports, 1987-1989
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 10.11: "Profile of Urban League President and Affiliates", 1994
Box-Folder 10.12: Quarterly Report, 1969-1974
Box-Folder 10.13: "Report of the Dialogue on Race Relations", 1998
Box-Folder 10.14: "Report on the Goals of the CEO", 1986
Box-Folder 10.15: "Socio-Economic Problems Affecting the Negro-White Relationship in Richmond, California", 1952
Box-Folder 10.16-10.18: "The State of Black Oregon", 1986-2014
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 10.19: "The State of Our Children", 1997-1998
Box-Folder 10.20: "The State of Race Relations in Springfield, Illinois", 1993
Box-Folder 10.21: "To be Equal", 1999
Series 8: Subject Files, 1910-2013

Series 8 consists of information regarding the Urban League of Portland's centers and conferences held and attended by the National Urban League and the Portland branch. A substantial amount of material in this series pertains to the Urban League of Portland's events. Materials include fund-raising information, memos, flyers, reports, and newspaper clippings. Issues the Urban League community faces along with the topics of health and housing are reflected in brochures, informational packets, legislative materials, write-ups, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. Series 8 also reflects programs/projects of the League, historical information, and community and internal surveys. Some materials encompass external programs and organizations. The bulk of the records are for the 1940s thru 1990s.

The contents of box-folders 12.4, 12.5, 12.29, 12.30, 13.7 and 13.13 have been digitized and are available upon request.

Box-Folder 10.22: Awards, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 10.23: Adult and Senior Services, 1969 -2009
Box-Folder 10.24: Affirmative Action, 1970 -1995
Box-Folder 10.25: Affirmative Action: "Pursuit of a Meritocracy", 1995-1996
Box-Folder 10.26: Centers: Center for Career Development, 1994-1995
Box-Folder 10.27: Centers: Center for Self Development, 1986-1987
Box-Folder 10.28: Centers: Related to All, 1988
Box-Folder 10.29: Centers: Whitney Young Learning Center, 1986-1999
Box-Folder 11.1: Centers: Youth Service Center, 1984-1986
Sub-Series 1: Conferences, 1910-1999
Box-Folder 11.2: Annual Conference on Dropout Prevention/At Risk Youth, 1987
Box-Folder 11.3: Annual Delegate Assembly, 1984-1985
Box-Folder 11.4: Black Leadership Conference, 1986
Box-Folder 11.5: NAACP, 1910
Box-Folder 11.6: National Urban League Conference, 1967
Box-Folder 11.7: National Urban League Conference Speeches, 1967
Box-Folder 11.8: National Urban League Western Regional Assembly, 1982-1999
Box-Folder 11.9: Education, 1946-2001
Box-Folder 11.10: Education: Ethnicity and Education, 1976
Box-Folder 11.11: Education: Legislation, 1966-1967
Box-Folder 11.12-11.13: Education: Relations with Colleges, 1946-1972
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 11.14: Employment, 1952-1989
Sub-Series 2: Events, 1961-2013
The contents of box-folders 12.4 and 12.5 have been digitized and are available upon request.
Box-Folder 11.15: 50th Anniversary, 1982-1995
Box-Folder 11.16: Annual Dinner, 1971-2011
Box-Folder 11.17: Career Awareness Day, 1978-1998
Box-Folder 11.18: Career Fair, 1997-1999
Box-Folder 11.19: CEO Transfer, 2012
Box-Folder 11.20: Do The Right Thing Day, 1996-1998
Box-Folder 11.21: The Earth We Share, 2001
Box-Folder 11.22: Equal Opportunities Day, 1961-2013 (bulk: 1985-2013)
Box-Folder 11.23: Hand in Hand, 1996-1998
9 photographs
Box-Folder 11.24: Legislative Action Day, 2013
Box-Folder 11.25: Related to all, 1996
Box-Folder 11.26: State of Race Relations in Portland, OR, 1997
Box-Folder 11.27: Freedom Bank of Finance, 1968-1971
Box-Folder 11.28: Health: AIDS, 1987-1988
Box-Folder 11.29: Health: Easter Seal Society, 1972
Box-Folder 11.30: Health: Health Agencies, 1985
Box-Folder 11.31: Health: Health Care, 1964-1979
Box-Folder 11.32: Health: Sickle Cell, 1972-1978
Box-Folder 12.1: Historical Information: National Urban League, 1985-1994
Box-Folder 12.2: Historical Information: Portland's African American Community, 1945-1993
Box-Folder 12.3: Historical Information: Urban League of Portland, undated, 1950
Box-Folder 12.4-12.5: Housing, 1949-1997
Extent: 2 folders

Sub-Series 3: Issues, 1950-1996
Box-Folder 12.6: Drug Abuse, 1966-1973
Box-Folder 12.7: Energy Conservation, 1978-1979
Box-Folder 12.8: Environmental Justice, 1995
Box-Folder 12.9: Lead Poisoning, 1996
Box-Folder 12.10: Minstrel Shows, 1950-1957
Box-Folder 12.11: White Privilege and Race Relations, 1962-1993
Box-Folder 12.12: Women, circa 1960
Box-Folder 12.13: Legislation: Bills, 1949-2003 (bulk: 1987-1989)
Box-Folder 12.14-12.15: Legislation: Economic Opportunities Act, 1963-1968
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 12.16: Maps and Directions, 1966-circa 1970s
Box-Folder 12.17: Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD., 1987-2006
Box-Folder 12.18: Metropolitan Economic Development Corporation, 1976-1977
Box-Folder 12.19: Minorities and Media, 1975-1978
Box-Folder 12.20: Minorities in Business, 1971-1977
Box-Folder 12.21: Minorities in Business: Census, 1972
Box-Folder 12.22: Minorities in Business: "Minority Potential", 1980
Box-Folder 12.23-12.24: Minorities in Business: Proposals and Contracts, 1966-1977
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 12.25: Office of Economic Opportunity, 1964-1970
Box-Folder 12.26: Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group, 1978
Sub-Series 4: Programs and Projects, 1955-1999
The contents of box-folders 12.29, 12.30, 13.7 and 13.13 have been digitized and are available upon request.
Box-Folder 12.27: Adolescent/Parent Treatment Program, 1986-1988
Box-Folder 12.28: African American Leadership Program, 1998-1999
Box-Folder 12.29: Albina District Program, 1963-1970
Box-Folder 12.30: Albina Community Action Program, 1964-1965
Box-Folder 12.31: Big Brother/Big Sister Programs, 1991-1997
Box-Folder 12.32: Developmentally Delayed Impact Program, 1987
Box-Folder 12.33: Food Share Program, 1987-1988
Box-Folder 12.34: Forestry Project, 1998
Box-Folder 12.35: Hispanic Outreach Program, circa 1980s-1990s
Box-Folder 12.36-12.37: Job Development Program, 1963-1968
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 13.1: Labor Education Advancement Program, 1971-1973
Box-Folder 13.2: Metropolitan Community Action Homeless Program, 1989-1990
Box-Folder 13.3: Related to All, circa 1990s
Box-Folder 13.4: Summer Youth Employment Program, 1994-1998
Box-Folder 13.5: Summer Youth Employment Program Secretary Anderson Visit, 1998
Box-Folder 13.6: Urban Plaza Building Project, 1984
Box-Folder 13.7: Urban Renewal Program, 1955-1957
Box-Folder 13.8: Volunteer Services Awards Program, circa 1980s
Box-Folder 13.9-13.10: Properties and Maintenance, 1983-1992
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 13.11: Religious Affiliates, 1957-1969
Box-Folder 13.12: Site Visit (Portland), 1992-2002
Box-Folder 13.13: Student Papers, 1936-1968
Sub-Series 5: Surveys, undated, 1983-1994
Box-Folder 13.14: Attitudes Toward Minorities, circa 1960s-1970s
Box-Folder 13.15: Community Surveys, 1993-1994
Box-Folder 13.16: Female Responsibility Program, 1994
Box-Folder 13.17: NE Portland Residents, 1988
Box-Folder 13.18: Survey of Compensation Practices for the National Urban League, 1986-1987
Box-Folder 13.19: Wage Comparability Study, 1984
Box-Folder 13.20: Tour of Hawaii, 1967
Box-Folder 13.21: Urban League of Portland Guild, 1987-1998
Subgroup 2: Photographs and Visual Materials, 1945-2005
Subgroup 2 consists of photographs and other visual materials, including scrapbooks, posters, and plaques documenting the programs and activities of the Urban League of Portland.
Extent: 8.85 cubic feet

Series 1: Photographs, 1945-2005
Series 1 consists of approximately 6,200 photographic prints, 900 film negatives, 358 digital photographs, 30 slides, and 30 collages. This series is only minimally arranged and described. Some of the photographs are arranged by date; others by topic; and others by format. Topics include personnel, meetings, activities and programs, and buildings. A selection of the photographs are available online in Oregon Digital.
Box-Folder 15.1: Photographs, 1940s
Box-Folder 15.2: Photographs, 1945-1949
Box-Folder 15.3: Photographs, 1950s
Box-Folder 15.4: Photographs, Audrey Selis Photography, 1950s
Box-Folder 15.5: Photographs, 1950-1954
Box-Folder 15.6: Photographs, 1955-1959
Box-Folder 15.7: Photographs, 1960s
Box-Folder 15.8: Photographs, 1960-1964
Box-Folder 16.1: Photographs, 1965-1969
Box-Folder 16.2: Photographs, 1960s and later
Box-Folder 16.3: Photographs, 1970s
Box-Folder 16.4: Photographs, 1970-1974
Box-Folder 16.5: Photographs, 1975-1979
Box-Folder 16.6: Photographs, 1980s
Box-Folder 16.7: Photographs, 1980-1984
Box-Folder 16.8-18.9: Photographs, circa 1980s-2000s
Extent: 32 folders

Box-Folder 24.1: Children and Youth at King School, 1976
Photographs by Nancy McKurlens (sp?).
Extent: 10 matted prints

Box-Folder 24.2: Oversized Prints, circa 1960s-1990s
Box-Folder 18.10: 50th Anniversary Dinner, 1995
Box-Folder 18.11: Achievement Matters Event, 1998
Box-Folder 18.12: Achievement Matters Press Conference, 1998
Box-Folder 18.13-18.18: Annual Dinner, 1991-1998
Extent: 6 folders

Box-Folder 18.19-18.21: Annual Meetings, 1960-1998
Extent: 3 folders

Box-Folder 18.22: Bill Berry, 1958-1974
Box-Folder 18.23: Big Hats, 1950s-1960s
Box-Folder 18.24: Building Remodels/Flooding, circa 1995
Box-Folder 18.25-19.4: Career Connections, 1992-2004
Extent: 7 folders

Box-Folder 19.5: CEO Photos, circa 1982-1995
Box-Folder 19.6-19.7: Do The Right Thing Day, 1996-1997
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 19.8-19.9: Do The Right Thing Day Parades, 1997-1998
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 19.10-19.13: Equal Opportunities Day, 1962-1994 (inclusive), 1993-1994 (bulk)
Extent: 4 folders

Box-Folder 19.14-19.21: Equal Opportunities Day Dinner, 1991-1999
Extent: 8 folders

Box-Folder 19.22: Graduation Ceremonies, 1998
Box-Folder 19.23: Grand Opening of the Ride Connection Service, circa 1990s
Box-Folder 23.1: Group Photograph of Staff and Youth, 1990
Box-Folder 19.24: Halloween Party, 1989
Box-Folder 19.25: History Book Photos, 1960s
Box-Folder 19.26: E. Shelton Hill, 1951-1973
Box-Folder 19.27: Holiday Parties: Kwanzaa and Christmas, 1995-1997
Box-Folder 19.28: John Holly, 1959
Box-Folder 19.29-19.30: Housing, undated
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 19.31: Malcolm X Film Benefit Event, circa 1970s
Box-Folder 19.32: Miss Black America Lunch and Reception for L. Dark, 1994
Box-Folder 19.33: Multicultural Senior Center's 6th Anniversary, 1997
Box-Folder 19.34: Multicultural Senior Center Fairs and Seniors Fishing Trip, 1991-1995
Box-Folder 19.35: National Urban League Conference, 2003
Box-Folder 20.1: National Urban League Leadership Meeting, 2004
Box-Folder 20.2-20.3: Newsletter Photos, circa 1950s-1990s
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 24.3: Our Children Our Destiny Display, 2004
Extent: 23 photos

Box-Folder 20.4: Presentation By Coretta Scott King, 1995
Box-Folder 20.5: Regional National Urban League Meetings, 1995-1996
Box-Folder 20.6: Senior Citizen and Youth Programs: Outings and Field Trips, 2003
Box-Folder 20.7: Senior Citizen Programs, 2005
Box-Folder 20.8: Summer Youth Employment Program, 1993-1997
Box-Folder 20.9: Trailblazers Visit to Senior Center, 1997
Box-Folder 20.10: Norval Unthank, circa 1970s
Box-Folder 20.11: Unidentified Conference and Staff/Visitors, circa 2005
Box-Folder 20.12: Unidentified Events, 2005
Box-Folder 20.13: "Urban Forest" Youth Outing to Mt. Hood, 1991
Box-Folder 20.14: Urban League Computer Training Center, 1997
Box-Folder 20.15: Urban League Dinners, circa 1980s
Box-Folder 20.16: Urban League Guild, 1990-1993
Box-Folder 20.17: Urban League Picnics, 1990-1992
Box-Folder 20.18: Urban League Regional Conference, 1995
Box-Folder 20.19-20.20: Urban League Staff, 1945-1997
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 20.21-21.4: Various Events and Activities, circa 1990s
Extent: 11 folders

Box-Folder 21.5: Various Events and Urban League Staff, 1980-1983
Box-Folder 21.6: Whitney Young Learning Center, 1986-1992
Box-Folder 22.1: Yearbook Information, circa 1990s
Box-Folder 22.2: Young Professionals Event, 2004
Box-Folder 22.3: Youth Program: Basketball Game, 2004
Box-Folder 22.4: Youth Program: Outing to Willamette University, 2004
Box-Folder 22.5: Youth Program: NULITES Outing to the Zoo, 2004
Box-Folder 22.6: Youth Program: Oakley Green Middle School Outreach, 2004
Digital photographs of this program are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Box-Folder 22.7: Type: Slides for Anniversary Presentation, circa 1950s-1990s
Extent: 142 slides

Box-Folder 22.8: Type: Negatives, undated
Extent: 2

Box-Folder 22.9: Type: Color Slides, circa 1970s
Extent: 14 slides

Box-Folder 22.10: Type: Images with Velcro, 2000-2001
Extent: 10 images

Box-Folder 23.2-23.4: Type: Photo Collages, circa 1990s
Includes 30 collages of photographic prints.
Extent: 3 folders

Sub-Series 1: Digital Photographs, 2004
These digital photographs are available for viewing in the Reading Room.
Extent: 358 files; 650 MBytes

Item 001: Urban League Dinner, 2004
These images of individuals attending the annual dinner include Harold C. Williams and the following individuals from Oregon State University: President Ed Ray, Phyllis Lee, and Teryl Ross.
Extent: 251 files; 601 Mbytes

Item 002-004: Youth Program, 2004
These images document outreach activities at the Oakley Green Middle School. Photographic prints and film negatives of these images are available in box-folder 22.6.
Extent: 83 files; 48 Mbytes

Item 005: Melon Fest, 2004
Extent: 24 files; 1.4 Mbytes

Series 2: Posters, 1997-1999
Series 2 consists of 5 laminated posters and newspaper headlines, 50 "Gifts of the Elders" informational sheets, 4 unlamenated posters, and 4 stationary mockups. Some of the items are undated.
Extent: 4 folders

Box-Folder 23.5-23.8
Series 3: Scrapbooks and Photograph Albums, 1991-1996
Series 3 consists of both bound and loose-leaf scrapbooks and photograph albums that include about 900 photographs. In addition to photographs, the scrapbooks include newsletters, collages of photographs, and memorabilia. Descriptions are included for some of the photographs. Urban League of Portland personnel, renovations, and events are reflected in these scrapbooks.
Extent: 900 photographs

Box-Folder 25.1: Event Photograph Album, 1991-1992
Box-Folder 25.2: Untitled Photo Album
Box-Item 25.3: Portland Urban League Guild, 1991-1992
Box-Item 25.4: Untitled Photo Album
Box-Folder 26.1: Employees Photo Album
Box-Folder 26.2: WYLC Photo Album
Box-Item 26.3-26.4: Urban Plaza Rehabilitation/Alteration Photo Album
Box-Item 26.5: The Urban League of Portland E. Shelton Hill Achievers Corps Photo Album, 1997-1998
Box-Item 27.1: Urban League of Portland Annual Dinner Photo Album, 1996
Box-Item 27.2: Kwanza Event Photo Album
Box-Folder 27.3: Untitled Photo Album
Box-Folder 27.4: Urban League of Portland 50th Anniversary Scrapbook, 1995
Series 4: Plaques, 1984-1990
Series 4 consists of 4 items including 3 Certificates of Appreciation awarded to the Urban League of Portland by the African American Festival, One Church One Child, and the Bureau of the Census. This series also includes a plaque dedicated to the Urban Plaza by the Urban League of Portland.
Box-Item 28.1: African American Festival certificate of appreciation, 1990
Box-Item 28.2: One Church, One Child certificate of appreciation, 1990
Box-Item 28.3: Census '90 certificate of appreciation, 1990
Box-Item 28.4: Urban Plaza dedication plaque, 1984
Subgroup 3: Audio and Video Materials, 1962-2003
Subgroup 3 consists of video and sound recordings produced by the National Urban League and the Urban League of Portland as well as outside producers that document the Urban League. Topics include conferences, events, promos, service centers, interviews, and annual dinners. Running times for video and audio recordings are provided with descriptions of the items.
Extent: 125 video and 30 audio recordings

Series 1: Video, 1981-2003
Series 1 consists of 125 video recordings produced by the National Urban League, the Urban League of Portland, other Urban League Affiliates, and outside producers. Topics include conferences, special events such as the annual Urban League Dinner and the Equal Opportuniy Day Dinner, interviews, family and race relations, youth employment, and schools. The series includes duplicate DVDs, made in about 2010 by the University Archives. Portions of several of the video recordings are available online. Links are provided from the individual descriptions to the streaming video. The bulk of the videos are VHS format; U-matic, Betacam and DVDs are also included.
Sub-Series 1: National Urban League, 1981-2001
Box-Item 29.1: Kellogg's National Urban League Advertisement: "Rightfield", undated
VHS, Advertisement for Kellog's cereal with the National Urban League's summer baseball footage. (0:01:00)
Box-Item 29.2: Mission Statement, 1997
VHS, Discusses the reasons for changing the mission statement to "Our Children = Our Future." (0:14:00)
Box-Item 29.3: National Urban League and the Congress of National Black Churches, undated
VHS, Over 2,000 youth across America are inducted into the Thurgood Marshall Achievers Society, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, DC. (0:28:00)
Box-Item 29.4: National Urban League President, John E. Jacob Interview, 1981
VHS, Interview of newly elected NUL President, John E Jacob, by Coy Eklund. December 17, 1981 (0:30:30)
Box-Item 29.5: Oseola McCarty, 1995
VHS, Oseola McCarty gives her own savings to help young Urban League students. November 14, 1995 (0:10:00)
Box-Item 29.6: State of Black America Press Conference, 1994
VHS, National Urban League President speaks. January 20, 1994 (1:03:00)
Box-Item 29.7: Youth Services Department: "Shaping the Future, Creating a Vision", undated
VHS, Footage taken at workshops and other events at a National Urban League Youth Conference, meant to provide youth with exposure to various cultures. (0:17:00)
Box-Item 29.8: Conference, 1991
VHS, Highlights from the 1991 National Urban League Conference on Making a Difference in the 1990's. (2:00:00)
Box-Item 29.9: Conference, 1993
U-matic, Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
Box-Item 29.10: Conference, 1993
VHS, Keynote Speech from the 1993 Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. August, 1993 (0:25:00)
Box-Item 29.11: Conference, 1993
VHS, Footage from the 1993 National Urban League Conference. August, 1993 (0:30:00)
Box-Item 29.12: Conference, 1993
VHS, "Making the Transition," Civil rights challenges are discussed in the keynote speeches, Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. August, 4, 1993 (0:50:00)
Box-Item 29.13: Conference, 1996
VHS, Keynote Speaker, Hugh B. Price. August 11, 1996 (0:53:00)
Box-Item 29.14: Conference, 1996
VHS, Introductions, Hugh B. Price, 6:00pm. August 11, 1996 (2:00:00)
Box-Item 29.15: Conference, 1996
VHS, Keynote Speaker Kweisi Mfume, "Political Action Now for the 21st Century Results." August 14, 1996 (0:39:00)
Box-Item 29.16: Conference, 2001
VHS, Reverend Kirbyjohn Caldwell, Family Session, relaxed. July 29, 2001 (2:40:00)
Box-Item 29.17: Award Recipients: Jaki Walker, Dr. Vivian Bull, 1995
U-matic, February, 1995
Box-Item 29.18: Award Recipients: Jaki Walker, Dr. Vivian Bull
U-matic, February, 1995
Box-Item 29.19: Award Recipients: Jaki Walker, Dr. Vivian Bull, 1995
VHS, Jaki Walker remodels older homes for those with very low income; President of Linfield College increases minorities' communities and students' freedom of speech. February, 1995 (0:07:21)
Box-Item 29.20: Award Recipients: Jefferson Winners' Profile, 1991
VHS, (0:10:50)
Box-Item 29.21: Award Recipients: McCoy, Page, Prophet, undated
VHS, News profiles. (0:26:24)
Box-Item 29.22: "Achievement Matters", 1988
VHS, Urban League of Portland, Sheds light on the positive achievements blacks have made. March 18, 1998 (0:15:46)
Box-Item 29.23: Automotive Training Centers' Partnership with Los Angeles Urban League, undated
VHS, Overview of the Toyota Training Center. (0:12:57)
Box-Item 29.24: AAMCP: African American Male Connection Program, 1992
VHS, AAMCP talks about how African American males are portrayed in the media. (0:20:10)
Box-Item 29.25: Americorps Young Black History Committee: "I Have a Dream", undated
VHS (0:23:46). Documentary created by ten local eighth graders about African American history in Portland. Danica Fierman ws project organizer for the Youth Black History Committee. Kim Moreland, Portland History Specialist, was narrator. Includes interview with community members Laura Jenkins and Susie Stokes.
Box-Item 29.26: Bingo with the Blazers, 1997
VHS, A bingo game with the Blazers and Seniors at the Urban League of Portland's Senior Center. October, 1997 (1:16:47)
Box-Item 29.27: Black Baccalaureate, 1998
VHS, Adult graduation ceremony, raw footage. (1:45:35)
Box-Item 29.28: Bridging the Communications Gap, undated
VHS, An informational video about mushroom pickers and how the US Forest Service attempts to help them. (0:10:14 )
Box-Item 29.29: Bridging the Gap, undated
VHS, Nike teaches students business skills and how to be positive and affective workers. (0:05:56)
Box-Item 29.30: Career Awareness Day, 1993
Betacam, PSA. November 2, 1993 (0:01:00)
Box-Item 29.31: Career Connections, 1996
VHS, KOIN-TV covers Career Connections event at the Urban League of Portland. (0:01:00)
Box-Item 30.32: Career Day, Reel to Reel, Edited.
Box-Item 30.33: Choice Not Chance, undated
U-matic, African American Male Connection Program. (0:20:00)
Box-Item 30.34: City Scope: Urban League, undated
VHS, Cityscope talks about the Urban League of Portland's Rainbow Center. (0:08:22)
Box-Item 30.35: Conference Day 1, 1994
VHS, Workshops from day 1 of the Urban League Conference. August 26, 1994(0:56:48)
Box-Item 30.36: Conference Day 2, 1994
VHS, Workshops from day 2 of the Urban League of Portland Conference. August 27, 1994 (1:13:13)
Box-Item 30.37: Conference, 1994
VHS, Highlights from the Urban League of Portland Conference. August 26, 1994 (1:51:25)
Box-Item 30.38: Careers in Caring, 1990
VHS, PSA for the family support center. August 30, 1990 (0:00:30)
Box-Item 30.39: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1992
Reel to Reel, PSA, January 20, 1992 - February 11, 1992 (0:00:30)
Box-Item 30.40: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1992
VHS, PSA, January 20, 1992 - February 11, 1992 (0:00:30)
Box-Item 30.41: Annual Dinner, 1992
DVD (1 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of July 1992 Annual Dinner (item 43).
Box-Item 30.42: Annual Dinner, 1992
DVD (2 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of July 1992 Annual Dinner (item 43).
Box-Item 30.43: Annual Dinner, 1992
VHS; recorded and produced by Paragon Cable (2:00:00). Recording of Annual Dinner on July 9, 1992 with the theme of "Celebration of our Youth: Youth Revitalization in Our Community". Cleo Fields, Louisiana State Senator, was the keynote speaker. Also includes footage of James Francesconi, Master of Ceremonies; Kevin Fallen, Urban Leage Board of Directors member; Kyra Parker, Urban League scholarship winner; Tawan Paris, minister; Judith Ramaley; Charles Jordan; Bill Wyatt, Chair of Urban League Board of Directors; Darryl S. Tukufu, President and CEO of the Urban League of Portland; and Michelle Burch, former Southern University student who introduced Cleo Fields. DVD duplicates of this recording are available in the collection (items 41-42).
Box-Item 30.44: Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, 1993
DVD (1 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of February 1993 Equal Opportunity Day Dinner (item 46).
Box-Item 30.45: Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, 1993
DVD (2 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of February 1993 Equal Opportunity Day Dinner (item 46).
Box-Item 30.46: Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, 1993
VHS; recorded and produced by Paragon Cable; February 1993 (1:42:00). E. Shelton Hill, longtime Director of the Urban League of Portland, from 1956 to 1973, died several days before the event. Recording includes footabe of Gina Wood, Master of Ceremonies; John Mack, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League, as keynote speaker; Dr. Darryl S. Tukufu, President and CEO of the Urban League of Portland; Carry Clayton, NE Assistant Director, Youth Services Center (signs Black National Anthem); Rev. Robert J. Eaddy, Highland United Church of Christ; Barbara Roberts, Oregon Governor; Vera Katz, Portland Mayor; Daniel Moriarty, Portland Community College; and Robert Ridgely, President and CEO of Northwest Natural Gas Company. Portland Mayor Vera Katz read proclamations declaring February 19, 1993 as Shelly Hill Day and February 25, 1993 as Portland Equal Opporutnity Day. DVD duplicates of this recording are available in the collection (items 44-45).
Box-Item 30.47: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1994
VHS, News Coverage of awards. (0:11:00)
Box-Item 30.48: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1994
U-matic, Edna Robertson, Fred Stickel, Ed Jenson.
Box-Item 30.49: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1996
U-matic, February 20, 1996 (0:07:00)
Box-Item 30.50: Equal Opportunity Dinner, 1996
VHS; speech footage; February 22, 1996 (1:50:00). The theme was "Building Communities through Education, Employment, and Equality". The program included a video of the Urban League of Portland missions near the end of the dinner event. Keynote speaker was Ron Daly, who spoke of his experience of working his way to the President of Communications for R.R. Donnelly & Sons Co. Footage also includes Brenda Braxton, Master of Ceremonies; Rev. Denis Bell; Dr. Judith Ramaley, Urban League of Portland Co-Chair; Keith Lovett, Fred Meyer vice president and Urban League of Portland Co-Chair; Lawrence J. Dark, President and CEO of Urban League of Portland; Michael Lewellen and Jidi Petre, award presenters; Bill Prows, US West; Avel Gordley, Oregon State Representative; Tony Hopson, Self Entertainment, Inc.; and Gerald McFadden, Volunteers of America. DVD duplicates of this recording are available in the collection (items 53-54).
Box-Item 30.51: Annual Dinner, 1996
VHS; recorded and produced by Paragon Cable; July 10, 1996 (1:02:00). The theme was "The Celebration of our Youth". Keynote speaker was Rev. Ron Sailor, Jr. Footage also includes Donna Johnson, Mistress of Ceremonies; James. R. Boehlke, Urban Leage of Portland Board Chair; Kay Toran, Dinner Co-Chair; Hilson and Sweeta Darrow, Whitney M. Young students; Bob Boyer, Oregon Senator and Dinner Co-Chair; and Norma Paulus, Superintendent of Public Instruction. A DVD duplicate of this recording is available in the collection (item 55).
Box-Item 30.52: Annual Dinner, 1996
VHS, July 10, 1996 (1:56:00)
Box-Item 30.53: Equal Opportunity Dinner, 1996
DVD (1 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of February 1996 Equal Opportunity Dinner (items 50 and 56).
Box-Item 30.54: Equal Opportunity Dinner, 1996
DVD (2 of 2) duplicate of VHS recording of February 1996 Equal Opportunity Dinner (items 50 and 56).
Box-Item 30.55: Annual Dinner, 1996
DVD duplicate of VHS recording of July 1996 Annual Dinner (items 51-52).
Box-Item 30.56: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1996
VHS, Unedited footage from the Urban League of Portland's Equal Opportunity Dinner. February 22, 1996 (2:01:00) See description of item 50 for contents of the recording. DVD duplicates of this recording are available in the collection (items 53-54).
Box-Item 30.57: Equal Opportunities Dinner, 1998
VHS, speeches (1:12:00)
Box-Item 30.58: Equal Opportunities Dinner, undated
Advertisements for the Urban League of Portland's Equal Opportunities Day Dinner. (0:01:00)
Box-Item 30.59: Edwin C. Berry, 1989
U-matic, February 7, 1989
Box-Item 30.60: Free Indeed: A Video Drama About Racism, 1995
VHS, A video that attempts to get youth to think deeply about racism in the USA. (0:25:11)
Box-Item 30.61: Grandparents Conference, 1994
VHS, News reel about grandparents taking on the role of parents. August 1, 1994 (0:01:53)
Box-Item 30.62: Grandparent Education, Grandparent Program, 1995
VHS, Talking with Grandparents about how to support their families if they are raising their grandchildren. May 16, 1995 (0:14:20)
Box-Item 30.63: Grandparents Meeting with Ron Wyden, 1994
VHS, Ron Wyden attends a Grandparents meeting to hear what their concerns are and address some of them. October 20, 1994 (0:44:50)
Box-Item 30.64: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, 1994
VHS, A panel of Grandmothers talk about their lives and tricks to raising their grandchildren. (0:28:05)
Box-Item 30.65: GTE Sponsor, undated
Urban League of Portland ad requesting people to sign up and be sponsors for children in need of help. (0:01:30)
Box-Item 30.66: Hand in Hand: Collected Clips, 1997
VHS, Clips include setting up for the Hand in Hand events at Clackamas Elementary School, the actual assembly, the events afterward, Channel 6 news coverage thereof, Hand in Hand advertisements, and instructional clips of how to help babies learn. (1:09:00)
Box-Item 30.67: Hand in Hand: For Kids' Sake, undated
VHS, 2 different PSAs that urge parents to take part in child's education. (0:01:20)
Box-Item 30.68: Hand in Hand PSA's, 1996
VHS, English PSAs repeated 3 times, 1 Spanish version, stars Meryl Streep, urges parents to take part in their child's education. August 9, 1996 (0:01:60)
Box-Item 31.69: Homeless Program, 1987
VHS, Presentation about the Urban League of Portland's homeless program. June 12, 1987 (0:11:00)
Box-Item 31.70: Interviews: 50th Dinner, tape 1, 1995
Betacam, Don McClave, Bobby Nunn, Hill. September, 1995
Box-Item 31.71: Interviews: 50th Dinner, tape 2, 1995
Betacam, H.J. Belton Hamilton, Rabbi Emanuel Rose, Kevin Fuller. September, 1995
Box-Item 31.72: Interviews: 50th Dinner, tape 3, 1995
Betacam, Joy Pruitt, John Holly, Donnie Adair, Myrtle Carr, L. Dark, Barb O'Hare. September, 1995
Box-Item 31.73: Interviews: Adult Employment Center, undated
VHS, Interview with those working at the Urban League of Portland's Adult Employment Center; Lelia, Donna, Nationwide. (0:42:22)
Box-Item 31.74: Interviews: CTC and Employment Department, undated
VHS, Urban League of Portland's Center for Career Development interview. (0:30:40)
Box-Item 31.75: Interview: Leah Dumas, undated
VHS, Leah Dumas is using the Urban League of Portland's Employment Center to look for a job. (0:32:42)
Box-Item 31.76: Interviews: Myron Clark, tape 1, undated
Interview with Myron Clark and his employer. (0:32:49)
Box-Item 31.77: Interviews: Myron Clark, tape 2, undated
Interview with Myron Clark. (0:32:42)
Box-Item 31.78: Interviews: Nationwide Employee, undated
Box-Item 31.79: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, tape 1, 1994
VHS, An attorney says that a CSD has the right to adopt a grandchild when the parents are unable to provide enough support for their children. (2:03:00 )
Box-Item 31.80: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, tape 2, 1994
VHS, Illustrate how books can be used to build "bridges" between people in order to keep families together. (1:48:00 )
Box-Item 31.81: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, tape 3, 1994
VHS, Panel discussion about what is breaking families apart and/or keeping them from reconnecting. (1:58:00 )
Box-Item 31.82: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, tape 4, 1994
VHS, Workshop on keeping families together, talk about how to help children get out of the adoption system. (1:02:00 )
Box-Item 31.83: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, opening speakers, 1994
VHS, (0:52:00) (1:02:00 )
Box-Item 31.84: "Keeping Families Together" Workshop, Dr. Lenora Poe, 1985
VHS, Dr. Lenora Poe discusses her struggles with raising her daughter. January 5, 1985 (0:47:00 )
Box-Item 31.85: Kwanza Celebration, 1994
VHS, Discusses the purpose of a Kwanza celebration, adult and senior services center. December 30, 1994 (1:11:06)
Box-Item 31.86: Leadership Summit, 1995
VHS, Summit explaining how to use technology for leadership, Dr. Darrell Tufuku. October 12, 1995 (1:26:00)
Box-Item 31.87: Les Brown: "Live Your Dreams", undated
VHS, Informational video about Les Brown, Brown gives a motivational speech. (2:11:46)
Box-Item 31.88: Lowell Jones, undated
VHS (0:12:20)
Box-Item 31.89: Membership Drives: Dr. Darryl Tufuku, 1991
VHS, Video inviting those in need of help to come and join the Urban League. April 24, 1991 (0:01:05)
Box-Item 31.90: Membership Drives, 1996
VHS, Video of clients. March 6, 1996 (0:06:50)
Box-Item 31.91: Membership Drives, 1996
VHS, December 23, 1996 (0:05:35)
Box-Item 31.92: Metro Beat: Civil Rights in Portland, 1992
VHS, Recording of Metro Beat, discuss civil rights in the Portland area, mention Urban League of Portland. July 12, 1992 (1:59:03)
Box-Item 31.93: Multicultural Senior Fair, undated
VHS, A fair for seniors at the Urban League of Portland's Senior center to display foreign cultures. (0:10:27)
Box-Item 31.94: Namaste Retreat and Conference Center, undated
VHS, informational video about the Namaste Conference Center just outside portland (0:04:20)
Box-Item 31.95: NE Spectrum: Do The Right Thing Day, 1996
VHS, Interview with Lawrence Dark and students of the program. September 18, 1996 (01:00:00)
Box-Item 31.96: Nike: "Black and White", 1992
VHS, Nike advertisement race relations. May 21, 1992 (0:01:00 )
Box-Item 31.97: Northwest Focus: Pastor Tellis on the Urban League of Portland, 2001
VHS, Pastor Tellis, a volunteer at the Urban League of Portland talks about the League. February 19, 2011 (0:29:40 )
Box-Item 31.98: Oregon Peace Institute: "Child Workers", undated
VHS, Promote the support of groups fighting for peace across the globe. (0:24:24)
Box-Item 31.99: One Strike, You're Out! The New Juvenile Crime Law, undated
VHS, Rules of Measure 11 are outlined for youth in this information video. (0:08:07)
Box-Item 31.100: One Stop, undated
VHS, Informational video about the Urban League of Portland's One Stop Career Center and other job application centers (0:20:50)
Box-Item 31.101: Parent Voices, undated
VHS, Informational video about the struggles of caring for children when all of the parents in the household work outside the home. (0:16:05)
Box-Item 31.102: Portland Development Commission: Homestead Program, 1991
VHS, November 4, 1991 (0:06:28)
Box-Item 31.103: Portland Public Schools Fundraiser, 1996
VHS, Private fundraising drive and march to support public schools in Portland. October 21, 1996
Box-Item 31.104: Poverty and Urban Sprawl, undated
VHS recorded and produced by Paragon Cable (1:00:36). Presents research on poverty and urban sprawl. Minnesota State Representative, Myron Orfields, presents data comparing povery and urban sprawl for the Portland metro area and a Minnesota metro area.
Box-Item 31.105: Powell, 1997
VHS, John Powell talks at the Urban League about how, in order to change any system, we must understand it's core objective. October 28, 1997 (1:16:57 )
Box-Item 31.106: PSAs, 1997
VHS, "One Goal," "We're Asking," "Walk the Walk," recruitment Videos for the Corporation for National Service. (0:14:17)
Box-Item 31.107: Red Cross: "Don't Forget Sherrie", undated
VHS, Video about sexual activity and AIDS among teenagers. (0:32:39 )
Box-Item 31.108: Regional Drug Initiative, 1998
VHS, Informational video about the Regional Drug Initiative, praising it for bringing all concerned parties to the table. January 29, 1998 (0:11:10 )
Box-Item 31.109: "Say Yes:" Bureau of Labor and Industries, undated
VHS, Informational Video about Job Corps and how it helps students. (0:13:08 )
Box-Item 31.110: State Farm Movie Trailer, undated
Box-Item 31.111: "Strive:" 60 Minutes, 1997
VHS, The STRIVE program is discussed and presented in this episode of 60 Minutes. May 4, 1997 (0:026:05 )
Box-Item 31.112: Summer Youth Employment Program, 1997
VHS, Music video about the summer youth program. (0:17:11)
Box-Item 31.113: Summer Youth Employment Program, 1997
VHS, Music video about the summer youth program (0:09:13)
Box-Item 31.114: Teaching Math and Science with Al Roker, undated
VHS, Video explaining why math and science should be taught in completely interactive environments. (0:57:26 )
Box-Item 32.1: "This Hope That You Seed:" New Harvest Foundation, 1996
VHS, Discussion about the treatment of gays, bisexuals, and lesbians with the New Harvest Foundation and how the Foundation is helping these groups of individuals. (0:14:32 )
Box-Item 32.2: Truancy Officer Mike Cruse, 1997
VHS, October 14, 1997 (0:03:13)
Box-Item 32.3: Urban League of Portland Fishing Derby, 1994
VHS, (0:54:06)
Box-Item 32.4: Urban League of Greater Miami: "Back to Basics and Beyond"
VHS, ways to help put family back together (0:17:08)
Box-Item 32.5: Urban League of Portland Youth Service Center, 1992
VHS, Informational video about the ULPDX and the services it provides. (0:22:22)
Box-Item 32.6: Urban League of Portland, undated
U-matic (0:05:00)
Box-Item 32.7: Urban Rangers, 1991
VHS; (0:10:43). A short documentary, prepared by IBEX Communication, on the U.S. Forest Service's Urban Ranger Project to expose urban youth to the National Forests. The video documents the participation of urban youth in programs to learn about the environment outside of their neighborhood and home and careers such as natural resources.
Box-Item 32.8: Urban Rangers: Careers in the Forest Service, undated
VHS, Video about what one should consider when contemplating a job and why someone should consider joining the Forest Service. (0:10:36 )
Box-Item 32.9: Welfare Reform, 1997
VHS, Review of how 1997 welfare reforms could impact a fictional family. (0:29:31)
Box-Item 32.10: Whitney M. Young Jr. Awards Dinner, 2000
VHS, Mission Video for the Los Angeles Urban League. (0:14:44 )
Box-Item 32.11: Youth Education Sports, 2003
VHS, Pictures and Video of youth participating in sports. April 2003 - October 2003 (0:31:00 )
Series 2: Audio, 1962-1998
Series 2 consists of 27 audiocassette tapes and 3 reel-to-reel sound recordings. The majority of the recordings are of speeches given at the National Urban League Conferences in 1991-1994. For the events and membership drives, the sound recordings are primarily promotional radio advertisements.
Sub-Series 1: Events, 1993-1998
Box-Item 33.1: Career Connections, circa 1990s
Promo (00:00:30)
Box-Item 33.2: Career Connections, March 2, 1993
3 promos, (00:00:30) each
Box-Item 33.3: Career Connections, March 26, 1998
Box-Item 33.4: Achievement Rally, May 1998
Box-Item 33.5: Membership Drive, July 20, 1993
Promo (00:00:50)
Sub-Series 2: National Urban League Conferences, 1991-1994
Box-Item 33.6: "Onward! To a Decade of Difference! Great Curriculum Robbery", circa 1990s
Speakers: J. Jerome Harris, Irving S. Hamer, Jr.
Box-Item 33.7: "Are We Corp. Professionals who just Happen to be Black or Blacks who Happen to be Corp. Professionals?", 1991
Box-Item 33.8: "Building Parent/Principle/Teacher Partnerhips: A Look at School-Based Management", 1991
Box-Item 33.9: "Schools for African-American Males: Will They Work?", 1991
Box-Item 33.10: "Institutional Roles in Developing African-American Children", August 2, 1993
Honored: Richard W. Riley, Evelyn K. Moons, Cornel West
Box-Item 33.11: "African-American Self-Development", August 2, 1993
Alvin F. Pouissant
Box-Item 33.12-13: "Lifestyles of African-American Youth, August 2, 1993
Extent: 2 tapes

Box-Item 33.14-15: "What Works in Education: Beyond the Rhetoric", August 3, 1993
Extent: 2 tapes

Box-Item 33.16: "Progress Through Pulpits", August 3, 1993
Box-Item 33.17: "Statehood for the District of Colombia", August 3, 1993
Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Mayor Sharon P. Kelly
Box-Item 33.18: "Family Session", July 24, 1994
Inspiration Message: Reverend Cecil Williams
Box-Item 33.19: "Mobilizing Parents and Communities for Educational Excellence", July 25, 1994
Box-Item 33.20: "Business and Labor Luncheon: A Sense of Community", July 26, 1994
Randall L. Tobias
Box-Item 33.21: "Child Care: Meeting Community Needs", July 27, 1994
Sub-Series 3: Outside Produced, 1990-1994
Box-Item 33.22: "The Best of Grass Root News", circa 1990s
30 minutes each side
Box-Item 33.23: "Endangered Species: Case Studies on Environmental Racism--US/Mexico Border, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico", circa 1990s
Southwest Media Productions, 28 minutes
Box-Item 33.24: "Prejudice Puzzle: Native American Youth/Education", circa 1990s
Box-Item 33.25: "Street Academy", circa 1990s
aired on KBOO
Box-Item 33.26-33.27: Promos (general), undated, March 10, 1994
4 promos, (00:00:30) each
Extent: 2 tapes

Box-Item 34.1: "New Thrust" Radio Promo, undated
James Brown, one minute spot announcement
Extent: 1 reel-to-reel audiotape

Box-Item 34.2: "Rights of Man" Program, June 24, 1962
Extent: 1 reel-to-reel audiotape

Box-Item 34.3: The Urban League of Portland, undated
Extent: 1 reel-to-reel audiotape

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