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Ellen J. Moore Papers, 1909-2003

By Finding aid prepared by Clare Sobotka and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Ellen J. Moore Papers, 1909-2003

Predominant Dates: 1950-2003

ID: MSS MooreE

Primary Creator: Moore, Ellen

Extent: 2.3 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Ellen J. Moore Papers are arranged in 5 series: 1. Correspondence, 1937-2003; 2. Publications and Research, 1977-2000; 3. Employment Records, 1942-1995; 4. Photographs, 1909-2000; and 5. Personal, 1918-2002.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Ellen J. Moore Papers document Moore’s professional career and personal life through her correspondence, publications, photographs, employment forms, and her childhood scrapbook. Ellen Moore was a Geologist for the U. S. Geological Survey from 1950 through 1987, specializing in Tertiary Paleontology with a focus on mollusks. She was a courtesy Research Associate at Oregon State University in the late 1980s through the 1990s.

Access to the A.V. Zhirmunskiy correspondence in Series 1 and the Personnel Action and Travel Vouchers and Authorizations materials in Series 3 are restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.

Scope and Content Notes

The Ellen J. Moore Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Moore documenting her professional career and personal life. They include professional and personal typed and handwritten correspondence, reports, forms, employment records, publications and research documents, a scrapbook, two autograph books, and certificates. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence.

The main publication of Ellen’s is a copy of her book Fossil Shells from Western Oregon: A Guide to Identification, 2000. Other publications are primarily photocopies of her published work or the work of others, or manuscript drafts she reviewed or had reviewed for her.

There are 217 photographs in the collection, primarily documenting Moore's personal and professional lives. Most of the photographs are color or black-and-white prints; one film negative and one color slide are also included. The photographs depict family members, Ellen at various stages of life, colleagues, Ellen at a USGS open house, and retirement parties.

A scrapbook and two autograph journals document Ellen's childhood and youth in Oregon.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Ellen Moore was a Geologist for the U. S. Geological Survey from 1950 through 1987, specializing in Tertiary Paleontology with a focus on mollusks. She was a courtesy Research Associate at Oregon State University in the late 1980s through the 1990s. Moore attended Oregon State College and completed her undergraduate degree in geology at Oregon State in the mid-1940s.

Ellen Louise James was born February 6th, 1925 in Portland, Oregon, where she spent her childhood. She graduated from Oregon State College in 1946 with a BA and major in Geology, earned a MS from the University of Oregon in 1950, and studied at Johns Hopkins University from 1953-1954. From 1950-1987 she was employed with the U. S. Geological Survey as a Geologist in Menlo, California. Most of her time at the USGS was spent with the Branch of Paleontology and Stratigraphy where she was assistant Branch Chief from 1979 to 1982; her main scientific area of interest was Tertiary Paleontology with a focus on mollusks. Other jobs include working as a Curatorial Science Advisor for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Deep Sea Drilling Project from 1974 to 1975, and working as an Associate Curator for the San Diego Natural History Museum Department of Invertebrate Paleontology from 1966 to 1967.

She retired from the USGS in 1987, but became a Geologist Emeritus with them that same year. Ellen and her husband George W. Moore moved to Corvallis in 1987 and were involved with OSU and the Corvallis community. From 1990 through 2003 Ellen was an Oregon State University Thrift Store volunteer. Ellen was a courtesy Research Associate at Oregon State University from 1987 through 2003. George Moore was courtesy Professor of Geology at Oregon State University. Ellen and George had two children: Geoff and Leslie.

Moore used several names in her correspondence: Ellen L. (Louise) James, Ellen J. Trumbull, and Ellen J. Moore.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 217 photographs; 5 boxes, including 1 oversize box

Statement on Access: Access to the A.V. Zhirmunskiy correspondence in Series 1 and the Personnel Action and Travel Vouchers and Authorizations materials in Series 3 are restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist. All other materials in this collection are open for research.

Acquisition Note: The Papers were donated to the University Archives by Ellen Moore in 2003 and 2004.

Related Materials: The Special Collections and Archives Research Center's holdings include the papers of Ellen's husband, the George W. Moore Papers (MSS MooreGW), as well as several other geologists affiliated with Oregon State University including the Earl L. Packard Papers (MSS Packard), William H. Taubeneck Papers (MSS Taubeneck), and Roger L. Nielsen Papers (MSS Nielsen).

Preferred Citation: Ellen J. Moore Papers (MSS MooreE), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


Moore, Ellen
Calkins, Frank C.
Moore, George William (1928-)

People, Places, and Topics

Geological Survey (U.S.)
History of Science
Mollusks, Fossil--Oregon.
Moore, Ellen
Oregon State University. Department of Geosciences
University History
Women paleontologists.

Forms of Material

Film negatives.
Photographic prints.
Slides (photographs).

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Correspondence, 1937-2003

Series 1 consists of personal and professional correspondence. The series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent, with professional and personal correspondents interfiled. The bulk of Ellen's professional correspondence is from her time as a U. S. Geological Survey geologist beginning in the 1950s through her time at Oregon State University as a courtesy Research Associate in the 1990s. Correspondents included her current and former colleagues, international colleagues, institutions such as museums, geology and paleontology students, and private corporations. The correspondence itself is related to borrowing and lending types (fossils) from other institutions, meetings with colleagues, the review of scholarly papers and manuscripts, status of and funding for projects, international travel for conferences, lectures and awards, organizational activities, and memorials for deceased colleagues and mentors. Personal correspondence was usually with friends and family members, but also included members of the OSU Thrift Shop and past colleagues. The bulk of it is from the 1990s through 2003. Topics include daily life, travel, health, relationships, and life in Corvallis. Documents typically include typed and handwritten letters, cards, photographs, printouts of e-mails, manuscripts of scholarly work, photocopies of professional publications or articles, and newspaper clippings. The following list provides the names of correspondents grouped by folder.

Access to the A.V. Zhirmunskiy correspondence is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.

Box-Folder 1.1: Abbott - Awards
Item 1: R. Tucker Abbott, 1956-1958
Item 2: The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1978-1987
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Item 3: Warren Addicott, 1968-1988
Includes correspondence related to the Raymond C. Moore award.
Item 4: Tanya Agunovich, 1990
Includes one photo of Tanya.
Item 5: Paul F. Allen, 1984-1985
Pertaining to the disposition of the S. Stillman Berry collection.
Item 6: Richard Allison, 1974-1983
Item 7: Warren D. Allmon, 1985
Item 8: John M. Armentrout, 1970-1984
Item 9: Awards, 1980-1998
Includes awards for Research Associate positions and an outline of the Earl L. Packard award created by Ellen.
Box-Folder 1.2: Baldwin - California Academy of Sciences
Item 1: Ewart M. Baldwin, 1951-1964
Item 2: Lawrence G. Barnes, 1982-1986
Item 3: John A. Barron, 1986
Includes Barron's acceptance of the 1986 Schuchert award.
Item 4: Bay Area Malocologists, 1981
Item 5: Frederick M. Bayer, 1963
Item 6: Barbara A. Bedette, 1979-2002
Item 7: Jean and Betsy Berdan, 1987-1989
Item 8: Frank R. Bernard, 1976-1982
Item 9: Allen Beu, 1984
Item 10: Sherman Bloomer, 1997-1999
Includes e-mail exchange with Bob Brown.
Item 11: Art Boucot, 1981-1982
Item 12: Thomas Bown, 1986
Item 13: Earl Brabb, 1980-2002
Item 14: Branch Representative, P and S Branch, 1979-1981
Item 15: Bob Brown, 2000
Item 16: Ronald W. Brown, 1959-1960
Item 17: Dave Bukry, 1982-1995
Item 18: John Byrne, 1998
Item 19: California Academy of Sciences, 1983-1984
Box-Folder 1.3 - 1.4: Frank C. Calkins, 1952-1987
Includes photos of Calkins (1 negative, 10 photos) as well as biographical information on Calkins and his memorial by Max D. Crittenden, Jr. Includes letters exchanged with John Turula.
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 1.5: Campbell - Cloud
Item 1: Russ Campbell, 1985
Item 2: Claire Carter, 1987-2000
Item 3: Chintimini Press, 1998
Item 4: Kiyo Chinzei, 1980-2002
Item 5: Preston Cloud, 1959-2000
Includes four photos, correspondence and ephemera on Cloud's publications, and the dedication of the Preston Cloud library.
Box-Folder 1.6: Coan - Cooper
Item 1: Eugene Coan, 1987-2001
Includeds printouts of photos.
Item 2: Beth Coats, 1995-1996
Includes memorial for Robert Coats.
Item 3: Tom Cockburn, 1998-1999
Item 4: Condon Lectures (Carolyn Shoemaker), 1995-2001
Item 5: G. Arthur Cooper, 1981-2001
Box-Folder 1.7: Leslie A. M. Coray, 1967-2003
Includes articles cut from newspapers.
Box-Folder 1.8: Corgan - Feldman
Item 1: James X. Corgan, 1978
Item 2: Anita Dilles, 2002
Item 3: Anthony D'Attilio, 1994
Item 4: Tom Deméré, 1980-1982
Item 5: Dave Doerner, 1979
Item 6: J. Wyatt Durham, 1950-1982
Item 7: Tom Dutro, 1997
Item 8: Bill Emerson, 1983-1989
Item 9: John Fam, 2001
Item 10: R.M. Feldman, 1985-1986
Box-Folder 1.9: Ferrusquia - Goedert
Item 1: Ismael Ferrusquia, 1975-1978
Item 2: Cy Field, 1990-2001
Item 3: John E. Fitch, 1973
Item 4: Dan Fleming, 1985
Item 5: Thomas Gibson, 1961
Item 6: Donald Giles, 1969-1989
Item 7: Charles C. Gillispie, 1968-1971
Correspondence regarding notices Ellen wrote for the Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
Item 8: Charles R. Givens, 1988
Item 9: Yuri Gladenkov, 1976-1987
Item 10: Bill Glen, 1982
Item 11: Jim and Gail Goedert, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 1.10: Groves - Grunder
Item 1: Lindsey T. Groves, 1988-2000
Item 2: Anita Grunder, 1998-2001
Box-Folder 1.11: Marion Arlene Haan (niece), 1987-2003
Includes one photograph.
Box-Folder 1.12: Russ Haan (great nephew), 1999-2001
Includes spiral bound booklet.
Box-Folder 1.13: Hall - Hickman
Item 1: Roberta (Bobbi) Hall, 1999-2000
Item 2: H. W. Harry, 1983-1984
Item 3: J. E. Hazel, 1973-1976
Item 4: Leo G. Hertlein, 1954-1971
Item 5: Carole S. Hickman, 1969-1995
Box-Folder 1.14: Hietanen - Kafanov
Item 1: Anna Hietanen, 1988
Item 2: Peter R. Hoover, 1978
Item 3: Henry V. Howe, 1954
Item 4: David Howell, 1988-2000
Includes print outs of oil paintings by Howell.
Box-Folder 4.4: David Howell, 1988
Pastel Portrait
Item 6: Ralph Hunter, circa mid 1980s-1990s
Item 7: Richard W. Hurst, 1986
Item 8: James C. Ingle, 1980-1987
Item 9: Caroline Isaacs, 1987-1988
Includes four photos that go with a story by Isaacs.
Item 10: John Isaacs, 1978-1981
Includes three photos.
Item 11: Mary Carol Isaacs, 1988-1997
Includes three photos.
Item 12: David Jablonski, 1998
Item 13: J. A. Jeletzky, 1974
Item 14: J. E. Johnson, 1981-1987
Item 15: Miriam Johnson, 1995-2002
Item 16: David Jones, 2000
Item 17: Alexander Kafanov, 1985-2000
Box-Folder 1.15: Kanno - Keen
Item 1: Saburo Kanno, 1977
Item 2: E. Alison Kay, 1984-1985
Item 3: Myra Keen, 1951-1987
Includes memorials to Keen and one photo.
Box-Folder 1.16: Keller - McLean
Item 1: George Keller, 2000
Item 2: Vida C. Kenk, 1978
Item 3: George Kennedy, 1971-1976
Item 4: Porter M. Kier, 1980-1987
Item 5: Frank H. Kilmer, 1980-1981
Item 6: F. Stearns MacNiel, 1952-1959
Item 7: V. S. Mallory, 1981
Item 8: Koichiro Masuda, 1980-1984
Item 9: Louie Marincovich, 1985-2001
Item 10: Donald Martell, 1983
Item 11: Mary Ann McCall, 1987-1988
Item 12: Thane H. McCulloh, 1979-1990
Item 13: James H. (Jim) McLean, 1984-2001
Box-Folder 1.17-1.18: Miscellaneous Professional, 1949-1995
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 1.19: Miscellaneous Personal, 1937-2002
Includes family tree and Ellen's Curriculum Vitae. Includes one photo.
Box-Folder 2.1: Geoffrey James Moore, 1966-2003
Includes printouts of Geoffrey's web pages.
Box-Folder 2.2: Moore - Natural History Museum, San Diego
Item 1: George W. Moore, 1989-2001
Includes printout of photo. Primarily George's, and not Ellen's, correspondence with others.
Item 2: Doug Morton, 1980-1983
Item 3: Museum of Comparative Zoology, 1978
Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Harvard University.
Item 4: Jeffrey Myers, 2001-2002
Item 5: National Museum of Natural History, 1978-1989
Located in Washington, D. C.
Item 6: National History Muesum of Los Angeles County, 1979-1987
Item 7: Natural History Museum, San Diego, Collection Review Committee, 1988
Item 8: Natural History Museum, San Diego, SDNM Types, 1978-1980
Box-Folder 2.3: Nelson - Niem
Item 1: Cliff Nelson, 1971-1999
Item 2: Liz Nesbitt, 1981-2002
Item 3: Alan R. Niem, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 2.4: Noda - Ogasawara
Item 1: Hiroshi Noda, 1978-2002
Includes two photos.
Item 2: Torrey Nyborg, 2000
Item 3: Kenshiro Ogasawara, 1986-1989
Box-Folder 2.5: O'Hara - Perry
Item 1: Sakae O'Hara, 1979-1998
Item 2: Terufumi Ohno, 1987-1988
Item 3: Kazuo Okamoto, 1977-1987
Item 4: OSU Thrift Shop, 1996-2002
Item 5: W. N. and Liz Orr, 1982-2000
Item 6: Packard Award, 1997-2001
Item 7: E. L. Packard, 1952-1959
Item 8: K. V. W. Palmer, 1960-1980
Item 9: Dallas and Shirley Peck, 1984-1995
Item 10: Joseph H. Peck, 1954-1976
Item 11: Daniel E. Penttila, 1984
Item 12: Frank Perry, 1985-1989
Box-Folder 2.6: Pierson - Pyle
Item 1: Guy E. Pierson, 1982-1989
Item 2: R. Z. Poore, 1980
Item 3: Charles Powell, 1980-2001
Includes two photos.
Item 4: Donald Prothero, 2001
Item 5: Reiner Protsch, 1979
Item 6: J. R. Pyle, 1986-1988
Box-Folder 2.7: Rau - Rodda
Item 1: Weldon E. Rau, 1956-1980
Item 2: Clayton Ray, 1985
Item 3: Charles Repenning, 1986-2002
Item 4: Retirees Newsletter, 1998-2001
Item 5: Horace G. Richards, 1956-1970
Item 6: J. Keith Rigby, 1981-1982
Item 7: H. Radclyffe Roberts, 1957-1961
Item 8: Marion Roberts (sister), 1988-2000
Includes small book and copy of photo. Some materials related to Marion's memorial.
Item 9: Robert Robertson, 1986
Item 10: Pete Rodda, 1981-2001
Box-Folder 2.8: Rosewater - Shi
Item 1: Joe Rosewater, 1980
Item 2: Barry Roth, 1975-2000
Item 3: Alan M. Rubin, 1959-1960
Item 4: Yasuji Saito, 1981-1982
Item 5: LouElla Saul, circa 1960s-1990s
Item 6: John and Regina Schasback, 1984
Item 7: Hubert G. Schenck, 1956-1957
Item 8: J. E. Schoellhamer, 1950-1959
Item 9: Dave Scholl, 1995
Item 10: Scientist Emeritus, 1996
Item 11: Paul Scott, 1998
Item 12: SEPM Meeting, 1985
Item 13: Jianning and Lu Shi, 1989-1999
Includes one photo. Correspondence with/or about Yangshen Shi, Shu Liangshu, Jianning Shi, and Hauafu Lu.
Box-Folder 2.9: Simpson - Taylor
Item 1: Grace Sikes, 1940
Clipping of an essay about Ellen as a 15-year-old maid featured in the Christian Science Monitor.
Item 2: Robin A. Simpson, 1959-1982
Item 3: Bill Sliter, 1980-1989
Item 4: Judy Smith, 1980-2002
Item 5: Parke D. Snaveley, 1952-1970
Item 6: C. Dale Snow, 1981
Item 7: Norman F. Sohl, 1968-1979
Item 8: Bill Stafford, 1978-1981
One slide included.
Item 9: Robert J. Stanton, 1972-1995
Item 10: Takeo Susuki, 1982
Item 11: Dwight Taylor, 1986
Item 12: Michael E. Taylor, 1983-1984
Box-Folder 2.10: Terry - Wilson, Druid
Item 1: Judy Terry, 1967-1979
Item 2: Judy Thielges, 1998-2002
Item 3: Wayne Thompson, 1987
Item 4: Harry A. Tourtelot, 1984
Item 5: James Trumbull, 1982
Item 6: Ryuichi Tsuchi, 1986-1988
One photo included.
Item 7: Karl K. Turekian, 1982
Item 8: Satoru Uozumi, 1984
Item 9: University of California Museum of Paleontology, 1978-1984
Located at Berkeley, California
Item 10: University of California, 1978-1984
Located at Los Angeles, California
Item 11: University of California, 1978
Located at Riverside, California
Item 12: University of California, 1978-1987
Located at Santa Barbara, California
Item 13: Jack Vedder, 1967-1988
Item 14: Harold E. Vokes, 1948-1982
Item 15: T. R. Waller, 1977-1994
Item 16: L. W. Ward, circa 1970s-1990s
Item 17: Bruce Welton, 1956-1973
Includes Ellen's correspondence with Courtney Werner.
Item 18: Druid Wilson, 1954-1984
Box-Folder 2.11: Edward C. Wilson, 1968-2001
Box-Folder 2.12: Wolfe - Yanagida
Item 1: Jack Wolfe, 1986
Item 2: W. P. Woodring, 1947-1989
Includes four photos.
Item 3: Juichi Yanagida, 1981
Box-Folder 2.13: Angela Yeats, 1997-2003
Includes one photo.
Box-Folder 2.14: Yeats, Bob - Zullo
Item 1: Bob Yeats, 1997-2001
Item 2: Ellis L. Yochelson, 1958-2001
Item 3: Shizuo Yoshida, 1985
Item 4: William J. Zinsmeister, 1978
Item 5: Victor A. Zullo, 1980-1983
Box-Folder 5.1: RESTRICTED: A. V. Zhirmunskiy, 1985-1986
This file includes documents with restricted access because of confidential personal information.
Series 2: Publications and Research, 1977-2000
Series 2 consists of Moore's work on projects, publications, exhibits, reports on fossils referred to Moore for examination, and responses to requests for fossil identification. Documents include a book, typed manuscripts, letters, and forms.
Box-Folder 3.1: Open House, U. S. Geological Survey, 1985
Materials and communication related to an exhibit prepared by Ellen that featured fossils, rocks, and minerals that could be experienced by touch, and that was featured at a USGS open house.
Box-Folder 3.2: Fossil Shells from Western Oregon: A Guide to Identification, 2000
Book written by Ellen Moore. Title page signed by Ellen.
Box-Folder 3.3: Projects, 1977
Project on the synthesis of Tertiary marine mollusks of California worked on by Ellen Moore and W. O. Addicott.
Box-Folder 3.4: E and R Reports, 1980-1987
Series 3: Employment Records, 1942-1995

Series 3 consists of records related to Moore's employment. Documents include job applications, notifications of personnel action, performance reports and reviews, quarterly reports and travel vouchers and authorizations.

Access to the Personnel Action and Travel Vouchers and Authorizations materials are restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.

Box-Folder 5.2: RESTRICTED: Personnel Action, 1944-1990
Box-Folder 3.5: Work Plans and Performance Reviews, 1984-1986
Box-Folder 3.6: Quarterly Reports, 1981-1983
Box-Folder 5.3: RESTRICTED: Travel Vouchers and Authorizations, 1952-1995
Series 4: Photographs, 1909-2000
Series 4 consists of photographic prints related to Moore's personal and professional lives. Photographs include color and black and white prints depicting family members, Ellen at various stages of life, colleagues, Ellen’s son Geoff, Ellen at a USGS open house, and retirement parties.
Box-Folder 3.7: General, 1909-2000
46 prints.
Box-Folder 3.8: Geoff Moore, 1967-1993
42 prints.
Box-Folder 3.9: Professional, 1985
6 prints.
Series 5: Personal, 1918-2002
Series 5 consists of autograph journals and a scrapbook from Moore's childhood and personal and professional certificates.
Box-Folder 4.1: Autograph Journals, 1934-1938
Consists of two autograph journals. The first is Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book for Children with verses by Mrs. Sale Barker, published by Frederick Warne and Co., Ltd. in London. The book has blank spaces for names to be written next to birthdates, and Ellen has several friends' and family members' names in it. In the back of the book Ellen pasted clippings of her hair from when she was nine, eleven, twelve, thirteen, and thirty-six years old. The second is a blank autograph book which has been signed by friends and family members.
Box-Folder 4.2 - 4.3: Certificates, 1938-2002
Nine certificates. Certificate for completion of the Elementary Course of Study, School District No. 1, Multnomah County, Oregon, 1938. Certificate for the College Preparatory Course of Study at the Washington High School, 1942. Certificate of Achievement from the Alumni Campus Abroad~Alumni College in Provence, 2002. Certificate for Oregon State College Bachelor of Arts Major in Geology, 1946. Certificate for The University of Oregon Master of Science, 1950. Certificate for Elderly Nutrition Program, 1990. Two certificates of Appreciation from the United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey for contributions to the Volunteer Science Program, 1987 and 1992. Certificate of appreciation and recognition of the Geologic Time of Scientist Emeritus from the Geologic Division, U. S. Geological Survey United States Department of the Interior, 1989.
Extent: 2 folders

Box-Folder 4.5: Scrapbook, 1918-1946
Scrapbook created by Ellen; documents her childhood in Portland, Oregon. Includes 85 photographic prints. Features newspaper clippings, family photographs, letters, cards and postcards, school grade reports, Ellen's baptismal certificate, childhood drawings, school papers and handwriting practice, items related to the parcel of land Ellen won from a National Housing Show, handwritten notes and copied poems.

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