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Adolph Ziefle Photograph Collection, circa 1890-1945View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: circa 1910s-1920s
The Adolph Ziefle Photograph Collection consists of images documenting the life of Ziefle as well as images pertaining specifically to the School of Pharmacy at Oregon Agricultural College. Adolph Ziefle was the Dean of the School of Pharmacy from 1914 until his retirement in 1945.
ID: P 076
Extent: 0.05 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Adolph Ziefle Photograph Collection (P 076), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: The photographs were received by the University Archives in the 1960s.
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Container List

Series 1: Photographs, circa 1890 - circa 1945 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.1: Prints Add to Shelf
Item P076:02-P076:12: North Dakota State College, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Includes images of campus buildings and grounds and one image of a track event.
Item P076:13: Woman riding bicycle on Oak Creek Bridge Add to Shelf
Item P076:14: House on Jackson street with woman standing on porch Add to Shelf
Item P076:15: Woman sitting on porch "reading Dolph's letter" Add to Shelf
Item P076:16: Pharmacy building, circa 1930 Add to Shelf
Item P076:17-P076:19: Snow scenes on Oregon Agricultural College campus, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
Includes Benton Hall.
Item P076:20: Willie Fehr, 1896 Add to Shelf
Studio portrait photograph of Fehr holding a football. Photograph taken by a photographer in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and labeled "St. Cloud Normal, '96". Willie Fehr may have been Adolph Ziefle's wife's brother.
Item P076:21-P076:32: Scenes of rivers, streams, and bridges Add to Shelf
Prints and nitrate negatives are available for some images and only nitrate negatives for others. Several of the images include people (perhaps children?).
Item P076:33: Ziefle in laboratory with test tube Add to Shelf
Item P076:34: Ziefle with microscope Add to Shelf
Extent: 4 postcard prints
Item P076:35: Composite of pharmacy graduates, 1919 Add to Shelf
Individuals in this composite photo include Laura Zeigler, Dr. J.W. Barcroft, James O. Foley, Katherine Waite, L.E. Scott, H.B. McWilliams, President W.J. Kerr, Dean Adolph Ziefle, Harold Stevenson, Guy A. Staiger, Paul Robinson, John Gillmore, Erwin P. Stone, Paul W. Jewell, and Clyde D. Horner.
Item P076:36: Composite of pharmacy graduates with faculty, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
Individuals pictured: F.A. Gilfillan, H.B. McWilliams, A.E. Douglas, M.O. Rawson, President W.J. Kerr, Dean Ziefle, M.C. Kaegl, W.W Gordon, P.W. Jewell, W.K. Belt, L. Resing, M.J. Root, B.A. Straw, D.E. Rackleff, E.E. Grubbe, O.L. Ireland, L.C. Kramien, M.A. Thomas, F. Fish, C.F. Cathey, M.V. Holmes, V.H. Haller, W.W. Parsons, V.L. Staats, O.M. Lemmon, E.T. Moon, L.C. Wright, J.A. Pargell, C.O. Hatfield, S.A. Thompson, E.A. Graham, and G. Staiger.
Item P076:37: Ziefle standing between two women Add to Shelf
Item P076:38: Ziefle in laboratory Add to Shelf
Item P076:39: Ziefle outdoors in winter Add to Shelf
Probably not at Oregon Agricultural College.
Item P076:40-P076:42: Ziefle posing in his laboratory, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Self portraits made by Ziefle that he sent to his wife, Crescence Fehr, with notes to her on the back.
Item P076:43-P076:54: Portrait photographs of Ziefle, circa 1900 - circa 1945 Add to Shelf
Several of the portraits were made by a photographer in Ann Arbor, Michigan; one of thie images was made by Ball Studio in Corvallis. There is no image numbered P076:47.
Item P076:55: Ziefle in laboratory with two unidentified men, circa 1910 Add to Shelf
Item P076:56-P076:57: Group posing on the steps of a building, circa 1940 Add to Shelf
Ziefle pictured front row right.
Box-Folder 2.1: Glass copy negatives Add to Shelf
Item P076:01: Ziefle family, circa 1890 Add to Shelf
This family portrait includes mother and father, one girl and 3 boys. It is probably Ziefle's family. These images are copy negatives of a family portrait print.
Extent: 2 5x7 glass copy negatives
Box-Folder 3.1: Nitrate negatives Add to Shelf
P076:21 nitrate negative; P076:22-P076:26 nitrate negatives; P076:27-P076:32 nitrate negatives.