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Oregon State University Extension Association/4-H Records, 1977-1996View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1980-1992
The Oregon State University Extension Association/4-H Records document the members, programs, and activities of the professional association of 4-H extension agents in Oregon. The organization was established in 1975 and is affiliated with the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) and the Oregon State University Extension Association.
Extent: 0.7 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Oregon State University Extension Association/4-H Records (MSS OSUEA4H), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: The records were transferred to the University Archives in several accessions from 1990 thru 1997.
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Series 1: Budgets and Treasurer's Reports, 1987-1992 Add to Shelf
Series I documents the financial status of the Association, including annual reports of income and expenses and account balances.
Box-Folder 1.1: Budgets and Treasurer's Reports Add to Shelf
Series 2: Committees, 1990-1991 Add to Shelf
Series II includes lists of committee members as well as committee reports and proposals.
Box-Folder 1.2: Committees Add to Shelf
Series 3: Correspondence, 1992 Add to Shelf
Series III consists of a letter from the OSUEA/4-H President, Pamela Olsen, to OSU Extension Director, O.E. Simpson, regarding a professional exchange program.
Box-Folder 1.2: Correspondence Add to Shelf
Series 4: Professional Improvement Conference, 1991 Add to Shelf
Series IV provides information on the Professional Improvement Conference held in Bend in 1991.
Box-Folder 1.2: Professional Improvement Conference Add to Shelf
Series 5: Historical Documents, 1989-1990 Add to Shelf
Series V includes summaries of the history of the OSUEA/4-H organization and recognition of Oregon 4-H Agents by the national organization prior to the establishment of the Oregon affiliate.
Box-Folder 1.3: Historical Documents Add to Shelf
Series 6: Rules of Operation - Bylaws, 1980-1989 Add to Shelf
Series VI includes the constitution, bylaws, and rules of operation for the organization.
Box-Folder 1.3: Rules of Operation Add to Shelf
Series 7: Minutes, 1980-1992 Add to Shelf
Series VII includes minutes and agendas for the Executive Committee, Board, and Annual Business Meeting of the organization. These includes reports from committees and officers as well as summaries of programs and activities.
Box-Folder 1.3: Minutes Add to Shelf
Series 8: Newsletter, 1988-1991 Add to Shelf
Series VIII consists of the organization's newsletter, News 'n Notes, which was issued several times per year.
Box-Folder 1.3: Newsletter Add to Shelf
Series 9: Membership Lists, 1977-1991 Add to Shelf
Series IX includes lists of members of the OSUEA/4-H as well as Oregon members of the NAE4-HA. Several of the lists indicate the county in which the 4-H Agent was working at the time. Lists of OSUEA/4-H officers are also included.
Box-Folder 1.3: Membership Lists Add to Shelf
Series 10: Handbooks, 1986-1991 Add to Shelf
Series X consists of an OSUEA/4-H handbook (1991) with information about the organization for the membership and a handbook for state associations prepared by the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) in 1986.
Box-Folder 1.4: Handbooks Add to Shelf
Series 11: Survey, 1986 Add to Shelf
Series XI documents a survey of the membership conducted in 1986 to identify potential leaders and future program needs.
Box-Folder 1.5: Survey Add to Shelf
Series 12: National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), 1980-1986 Add to Shelf
Series XII consists of two issues of the NAE4-HA newsletter, including the 40th anniversary issue (November 1986), and campaign materials (including buttons) for Oregon members seeking national office.
Box-Folder 1.6: 1983-1986 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.7: Oregon members' campaigns, 1980-1984 Add to Shelf
Series 13: NAE4-HA 1983 Conference, Rainbows and Roses, 1980-1984 Add to Shelf
Series XIII documents planning and preparation for and hosting of the 1983 national conference by OSUEA/4-H in Portland and includes programs, a final report, information about tours and donors, bid materials, guidelines, committee records, correspondence, planning calendars, budgets and financial documents, thank you notes and letters, and ephemera (suspenders and buttons).
Extent: 3 folders
Box-Folder 1.8: Programs, Final Report, Tours, and Donors Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.9: Bid Materials, Guidlines, Committees, Correspondence, Planning Calendars, Budget and Finances, and "Thank You" notes Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.10: Suspenders and Buttons Add to Shelf
Series 14: Photographs, 1979-1996 Add to Shelf
Series XIV consists of color slides (304) and color prints (318) primarily documenting Association conferences, including attendees, speakers, poster presentations, award ceremonies, and special events. The bulk of the color prints are from the 1983 national conference held in Portland, Oregon. The series also include promotional slides for the 1983 conference.
Box-Folder 2.1: Slide-Tape Program Promoting 1983 Conference, 1983 Add to Shelf
Primarily views of Oregon and Portland scenes and activities. Also includes some images of conference and 4-H activities.
Extent: 208 color slides
Sub-Series 1: Conferences, 1979-1996 Add to Shelf
These images document attendees, speakers, exhibits, award presentations, and special events at the Association's conferences. The bulk of the images are for the 1983 national conference that was held in Portland, Oregon. A name index is included with the photographs. The following individuals are depicted: John Baggott, Dick Best, Marjorie Brock, Bill Broderick, Suzi Busler, Steve Campbell, Caroline Cannon, Cheri Jo Carter, Barbara Christy, Helen Conner, Pat Coolican, Paula Dance, Patricia Dawson, Jim Douglas, Linda Ericksen, Sally Francis, Dale Friedeman, Lois Goering, Norm Goetze, Mary Ann Greeland, Roy Hamilton, Wendy Hamilton, Doug Hart, Beverly Hobbs, Maureen Hosty, Lyla Houglum, Elaine Husted, Duane Johnson, Alberta Johnston, Joy Jones, Harold Kerr, Ken Killingsworth, Carol Knothe, Ardis Koester, Karen Lang, Lillian Larwood, Miriam Lowrie, Bill Maddy, Ann Manlove, Mollie Marsh, Dan McGrath, Mitchell Gregg, Betty Morrison, Ira Mumford, Pamela Olsen, Jeff Olsen, Shelly Pagel, Jan Pahl, Terry Palmer, Clay Penhollow, Christy Price, Michelle Robinson, Dora Rumsey, Jim Rutledge, Bob Salzer, Barb Sawer, Ann Schauber, Sally Shumway, Tammy Skubinna, Ed Slocum, Bill Smiley, Janice (Broome) Smiley, Ernie Smith, Alan Snider, Lyle Speichert, Garry Stephenson, Billie Stevens, Mary Stewart, Marcelle Straatman, Mary Ann Sward, Frances Torbeck, Brain Tuck, Betty Wallace, Chris Warburton, Sandy Watts, and Shana Withee.
Extent: 318 color prints
Box-Folder 2.2: Photographs - Name Index and Prints, 1979-1983 Add to Shelf
Item 1: 1979 Add to Shelf
Extent: 1 color print
Item 2: Identified Oregon Extension Faculty Members (section 1), 1983 Add to Shelf
Extent: 53 color prints
Item 3: Identified Conference Attendees (section 2), 1983 Add to Shelf
Extent: 56 color prints
Box-Folder 2.3: Photographs - Prints, 1983 Add to Shelf
Item 1: Unidentified Attendees (section 3), 1983 Add to Shelf
Extent: 146 color prints
Box-Folder 2.4: Photographs - Prints, 1987-1996 Add to Shelf
Item 1: 1987 Add to Shelf
Extent: 1 color print
Item 2: 1989 Add to Shelf
Extent: 16 color prints
Item 3: 1990 Add to Shelf
Extent: 4 color prints
Item 4: 1995 Add to Shelf
Extent: 21 color prints
Item 5: 1996 Add to Shelf
Extent: 20 color prints
Box-Folder 2.5: Conferences, 1987-1989 Add to Shelf
These photographs depict speakers, poster presentations, meetings, and activities at OSUEA/4-H and national conferences, including the NAE 4-HA conference in Mobile, Alabama, in 1989.
Extent: 96 color slides
Series 15: Sound Recording, 1983 Add to Shelf
Series XV consists of an audiocassette tape for a slide-tape program promoting the national NAE4-HA conference held in Portland in 1983.
Box-Item 3.1: NAE4-HA Conference Promotion Add to Shelf