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Centro Cultural César Chávez Records, 1973-2015View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1990s-2000s

The Centro Cultural César Chávez (4Cs) Records document activities and events sponsored by the Center; Oregon State University students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Center; and the campus environment for Latino/a students at Oregon State. The 4Cs was established at Oregon State University in 1972.

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

ID: RG 248
Extent: 1.5 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Centro Cultural César Chávez Records (RG 248), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: This collection was established in 2013. The photograph albums were digitized by Special Collections and Archives Research Center staff in 2012-2013; the original albums were retained by the Centro Cultural César Chávez. An addition to the collection was received in 2015.
Acquired: Additions to the collection are expected.
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Series 1: Administration, 1973-2015 Add to Shelf
Series 1 consists of administrative records generated by the Centro Cultural César Chávez and groups affiliated with the Centro. The series consists of administrative notes, meeting minutes, staff notes, agendas, maintenance procedures, staff bios, and files pertaining to the other cultural centers on campus. Administrative documents consist primarily of advisory board policies, correspondence, and schedules for the Memorial Union Board of Directors, Office of Student Affairs, and the Hispanic Cultural Center. Other documents include information regarding catering services, program planning, and event reservations. Examples of maintenance include additions to the Centro over the years, janitorial duties, and event planning forms. The staff documents range from staff lists to job applications and bios.
Box-Folder 1.1: Chicano Student Union, 1975-1978 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.2: Hispanic Cultural Center, 1976-1990 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.3: Hispanic Cultural Center, 1991-1994 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.4: Office of Student Affairs, 1990-1992 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.5: Memorial Union Board of Directors, 1993-1996 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.6: Meetings/Correspondence/Notes and Misc, 1997-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.7: Program Evaluations, 2012-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.8: Blank Forms, 2005-2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.9: Maintenance, 1973-2003 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.10: Product Information, 1990-2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.11: Program Planning/Summary Worksheets, 2000-2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.12: Facility Reservation Policies and Reservation Confirmations, 2001-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.13: Staff at the Cultural Centers and Staff Retreat, 1996 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.14: Documents on Running the Cultural Centers, 1999-2004 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.15: Staff Applications and Interview Forms, 1992-2003 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.16: Staff Bios, 2014-2015 Add to Shelf
Series 2: Community Outreach, 1975-2014 Add to Shelf
Series 2 consists of records pertaining to the Centro Cultural César Chávez community outreach. The records include a syllabus, daily journals, and minority group information as part of the Cultural Resource Center Coordinator Success Class, a course taken by future cultural center coordinators. Also included are materials pertaining to events organized by the Centro including planning forms, flyers, purchase requests, receipts, notes, and newspaper clippings. Events represented in the collection include the Centro Cultural César Chávez Groundbreaking, Connect Week events, “Danny” a Chicano play, multiple Día de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead events, and the César Chávez Tribute Celebration, among others. The series also consists of two guest books dating from 1970 to the mid-2000s as well as resources for Chicano/Latino students such as educational and scholarship materials from the 1970s.
Box-Folder 1.17: Cultural Resource Center Coordinator Success Class, 2005 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.18: Day of Action Rally Signatures, 2006 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.19: Events, 1986-2014 Add to Shelf
Folder 1 of 2
Box-Folder 1.20: Events, 1986-2014 Add to Shelf
Folder 2 of 2
Box-Folder 1.21: Guest Books, 1977-2000 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.22: Chicano Materials and Media Sources for Educators, 1975-1976 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.23: Scholarship Resources for Latino/Hispanic Students, undated Add to Shelf
Series 3: Finances, 1976-2014 Add to Shelf
Series 3 contains the budget requests, invoices, pay roll, purchase requests, and statement documents of the Centro Cultural César Chávez. All documents are in chronological order from oldest to most recent and range from 1990 to 2014. The purchase requests contain receipts and some may contain flyers that correspond to the purchase request event.
Box-Folder 1.24: Budget Requests, 1976-2005 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.25: Invoices and Receipts, 2002-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.26: Memorial Union Payroll, 1997-1998 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.27: Purchase Requests, 1996-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.28: Purchase Requests, 2010-2012 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.29: Purchase Requests, 2013-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.30: Operating Statements/Transactions/Detail Activity, 1996-2002 Add to Shelf
Series 4: Photographs and Digitized Photograph Albums, 1990-2012 Add to Shelf
Series 4 consists of 16 digitized photograph albums and a folder with 30 color photographs documenting activities and programs of the Centro Cultural César Chávez. The photographs are dated 1999, but not all photographs belong to the same event. Digital albums range from 9 to 68 pages; most are 25-40 pages. The albums include about 1350 photographs as well as several brochures, posters, newsletters, and a few newspaper clippings.
Box-Folder 1.31: Photos, 1999 Add to Shelf
Item 1: Album 1, circa early 1990s Add to Shelf
Album 1 includes 66 scanned album pages with a total of 124 photographs. The images depict 4Cs' events and activities such as dinners and dances, a Teatro Mestizo performance, a boat trip, the building of the 4Cs' deck, various gatherings at and within the 4Cs, and the event Noche Bohemia El Encuentro de Dos Mundos / The Encounter of Two Worlds on January 31, 1992. The album also includes photographs of Center staff in the early 1990s.
Item 2: Album 2, circa 1990-1995 Add to Shelf
Album 2 includes 32 scanned album pages with a total of 71 photographs. The photographs depict 4Cs staff posing by the new Center sign, dance and guitar performances, and various gatherings at and within the Centro Cultural César Chávez.
Item 3: Album 3, 1991-1994 Add to Shelf
Album 3 includes 25 scanned album pages with a total of 62 photographs. The photographs depict a variety of events and activities including a retreat to Otter Crest (1991-1992); camping in Madras (1992); a retreat to the Oregon Coast (1993); Cinco de Mayo festivities (1991-1992 and 1992-1993); a ski trip (1992-1993); Bohemia Night, How to Build a Nation in Indigenous Ways (1993); cooking for Hispanic Month (1993); the MeChA conference in Portland (1993); a camping trip (1993); summer Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) freshmen (1993-1994); and the Fall Cultural Centers Open House (1993-1994).
Item 4: Album 4, 1994-1995 Add to Shelf
Album 4 includes 49 scanned album pages with a total of 150 photographs. The photographs depict the Student Activities Fair; the first Hispanic Student Association (HSU) meeting of 1994-1995; the Bolivian sweater sale fundraiser in October 1994; a concert by Condor; the HSU thank you meeting in February 1995; a protest march regarding immigration; and various other gatherings. The album includes numerous images of the annual Hispanic Night event including a display in the Memorial Union East, ticket sales, a rehearsal, cooking, preparing decorations and setting up, serving food, and dancing.
Item 5: Album 5, 1997-1998 Add to Shelf
Album 5 includes 68 scanned album pages with a total of 99 photographs. The photographs depict Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars; the interior of the Center; Día del Amor y la Amistad (Valentine's Day) preparation and celebration; a volleyball game; and various unspecified gatherings and events. This album also includes a document with the Center's mission statement, a brief history, and services provided by the Center as well as several issues of the Center's newsletter, El Mensajero. The album only includes the first page of the October 1997 and January 1998 issues; all of the spring issue (April 1998) is included.
Item 6: Album 6, 1998 Add to Shelf
Album 6 includes 20 scanned album pages with a total of 19 photographs. This album documents El Mensajero. Photographs depict preparation for the event; speaker Dolores Huerta with students and Center staff; and the dinner and lecture in the Memorial Union Ballroom.
Item 7: Album 7, 2000 Add to Shelf
Album 7 includes 9 scanned album pages with a total of 33 photographs. The photographs depict the Kick Off barbecue in June; Summer Outdoor Olympics in July; and the All-Cultural-Center Garage Sale in August. Photographs of staff members of the 4Cs as well as other Cultural Centers are included.
Item 8: Album 8, 2000-2001 Add to Shelf
Album 8 includes 20 scanned album pages with a total of 48 photographs. The photographs depict the All-Cultural-Center Staff Retreat in Lincoln City, January 2001; Día del Amor y la Amistad (Valentine's Day), February 2001; and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) preparation and celebration including an Aztec Dancers performance, November 2000. Images of 4Cs staff and attendees at various events are also included; many of these individuals are identified.
Item 9: Album 9, 2002-2003 Add to Shelf
Album 9 includes 19 scanned album pages with a total of 63 photographs. The photographs depict the Christmas Gift Exchange; Midnight Breakfast; Valentine's Day festivities; a demonstration at the Oregon State Capital in support of Senate Bill (SB) 10; a tour of the 4Cs for young students; and dance performances. Photographs of the Center staff are also included.
Item 10: Album 10, 2003-2004 Add to Shelf
Album 10 includes 18 scanned album pages with a total of 97 photographs. The photographs depict various gatherings during October 2003; a food demo, February 2004; bowling night, February 2004; computer classes for adults and daycare for attendees' children, February 2004; and an awards ceremony.
Item 11: Album 11, circa 2005 Add to Shelf
Album 11 includes 38 scanned album pages with a total of 104 photographs. All of the images in this album depict a protest march against House Resolution (HR) 4437, the Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005. The photographs show the march from the Oregon State University campus to the Benton County Courthouse in downtown Corvallis.
Item 12: Album 12, 2007-2008 Add to Shelf
Album 12 includes 40 scanned album pages with a total of 156 photographs. The album includes photographs of César Chávez Tribute Month activities, in April 2008, including the César Chávez Tribute Dinner, symposium, and candle light vigil; a keynote speech and workshop regarding Latinos in the Media by Lalo Alcaraz and a presentation on Che Guevara by OSU Professor Joseph Orosco. Images of an open police forum and discussion on racial profiling, February 2008; an "I Heard It in Class" conference, April 2008; the 4Cs open house, October 2007; the OSU Talent Show; Baila con Mexico / Dance with Mexico; Spanish conversation nights, February and March 2008; Condoms and Candies, February 2008; All Centers Retreat, January 2008; Ropes Course event; and Loteria Night are also part of the album. Photographs of a presentation by Professor Dan Goldrich, "Stop Blaming the Victim: Immigration in Historical Context"; Cumbia lessons; Día del Niño / Children's Day; and 4Cs staff are included.
Item 13: Album 13, 2008-2009 Add to Shelf
Album 13 includes 34 scanned album pages with a total of 76 photographs. The photographs depict various events and activities during the year including a women's self-defense course, October 2008; Noche Caliente, November 2008; Stress Reliever Day, December 2008; "Welcome Back!" event, January 2009; "Candies and Condoms" sex education event, February 2009; Chicana Feminist Fair, February 2009; OSU Talent Show, March 2009; and "Fear Factor Live" event, March 2009. Tribute Month Events in April 2009 included a dinner and dance; blood drive; candlelight vigil; Día de los Niños; Viva La Causa movie discussion; Professor Joseph Orosco lecture and book signing on César Chávez; and a tree planting and rededication ceremony. The album also includes photographs of 4Cs staff members: Emanuel Magaña, external coordinator; Hunn An Pope, internal coordinator; Leo Soto Jr., activities; Yessenia Alarcon, activities; Mike Shingle, publications coordinator; Cindy Hernandez, community outreach coordinator; Yesenia Leon, activities office assistant; Valerie Ortega, activities office assistant; Patrici Baez, office assistant; Christina Bein, office assistant; Nancy Perez, office assistant; and Wolof, G.T.A.
Item 14: Album 14, 2009-2010 Add to Shelf
Album 14 includes 30 scanned album pages with a total of 111 photographs. The photographs depict various events and activities during the year, including the 4Cs open house, October 2009; "Cupcakes and Condoms" Valentine's Day event, February 2010; fried ice cream workshop, February 2010; and Tribute Month with keynote speakers Patty Sakuri and Jesus Jaime Diaz, April 2010. Brochures or posters for the following events are included in the album: Salsa con Sabor, November 2009; "Test and Time Management" workshop, October 2009; "Stress and Homesickness" presentation, November 2009; Transforming Columbus Day, October, 2009; and "Systems of Oppression" presentation with Philosophy Professor Lani Roberts. Photographs of 4Cs staff members are part of the album: Juana D. Luna, activities coordinator; Tomas Cortes, publications coordinator; Pepe Zamora, office assistant; Letty Rodriguez, office assistant; Valerie Ortega, activities coordinator; and Yesenia Chavez, office assistant.
Item 15: Album 15, 2010-2011 Add to Shelf
Album 15 includes 24 scanned album pages with a total of 47 photographs. A variety of Center events and activities are depicted in the album: 4Cs Open House; Los Tres Reyes Magos / The Three Wise Men celebration; Día de los Muertos / The Day of the Dead celebration, November 2010; Cupcakes and Condoms, February 2011; Corridos presentation by Jim Garcia; How to Build a Burrito event; Pachucos presentation by Pedro Arenas; César Chávez Tribute Dinner, April 2011. Posters for Cumbia dance lessons, November 2011, and a Traditional Posada Night, November 2011, are included. Photographs of 4Cs staff for 2010-2011 are part of the album.
Item 16: Album 16, 2011-2012 Add to Shelf
Album 16 consists of 31 scanned album pages with a total of 87 photographs. The album includes photographs of staff training; Multicultural Tailgater; Transforming Columbus Day event; Día de los Muertos / The Day of the Dead celebration, November 2011; Posada Night; Cumbia Night; Indigenous People of The Americas event; Secret Santa / Christmas celebration, December 2011; Valentine's Day, February 2012; Latin@ Heroes presentation; Tribute Month Events flyer, April, 2012; Occupy Movement and Latin@s presentation by OSU Professor Joseph Orosco, April 2012; Single Parenting Factors Affecting Child Development presentation by CASA – Voices for Children Executive Director Maria Chavez-Haroldson; and the César Chávez Tribute Dinner, April 2012. A group photograph of the staff for 2011-2012 is part of the album.
Series 5: Films and Event Recordings, 1994-2006 Add to Shelf
Series 5 consists of event recordings and films belonging to the Centro Cultural César Chávez including: the films Walkout and César E. Chávez Celebration of Life as well as the event recordings “Chiapas Guest Speaker”, “The Candle Ceremony”, and “Bailes de Mexico.” Four of the five recordings are available online; Walkout is available in DVD format.
Item 1: Bailes de Mexico, undated Add to Shelf
Bailes de Mexico (01:31:00) showcases a number of Mexican folk dances. Toward the end of the video there are step by step instructions of the dances.
Item 2: César E. Chávez Celebration of Life, 1994 Add to Shelf
César E. Chávez Celebration of Life (00:14:42) highlights the vigil and funeral services held for César E. Chávez after he passed away in April 23, 1993. The video was produced by volunteer staff of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO in 1994.
Item 3: Chiapas Guest Speaker, 1994 Add to Shelf
Chiapas Guest Speaker (1:05:29) features guest speaker Agricultural Engineer Pablo Montero Santos from Chiapas, Mexico. On November 28, 1994 he led a small talk regarding the Zapatista movement of Emiliano Zapata during the Mexican Revolution and the at the current time Zapatista movement.
Item 4: The Candle Ceremony, 1995 Add to Shelf
The Candle Ceremony (00:12:49) by the César E. Chávez Foundation was an event that took place on March 31, 1995, in honor of César Chávez. The short video features Latino/a celebrities such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos, Cheech Marin, Rosanna DeSoto, and Martin Sheen. All are honoring César Chávez’s lucha/struggle by lighting candles as they recite excerpts from César Chávez’s memoirs.
Box-Folder 1.32: Walkout, 2006 Add to Shelf
Walkout (01:51:03) is a 2006 film produced by HBO about the East Los Angeles Walkouts (Chicano Blowouts) of 1968. The walkouts were in protest of the poor quality of education being offered to Mexican American students; it was also one of the first mass mobilizations by Mexican Americans in Southern California. 1 DVD
Series 6: Publications, 1977-2015 Add to Shelf
Series 6 consists of brochures, flyers, newsletters, and newspaper clippings published by or about the Centro Cultural César Chávez. Many of the flyers are of events hosted by the 4Cs or one of the cultural centers on campus; there are also Memorial Union and University events. Flyers are sorted by year; those without dates are at the front followed by oldest to most recent. Most of the brochures have information on the 4Cs such as its purpose, history, mission statement, and contact information. Also included are a dozen or so newsletters published by the 4Cs, these range from 1989 to 2010. The first of the newsletters was published when the 4Cs was still referred to as the Hispanic Cultural Center. Across the years the newsletter changed names from El Obrero to El Mensajero and finally kept as Newsletter. The newsletters have information of interest to the Latino/a community in Corvallis and especially Latino/a students attending Oregon State University. There are a number of newspaper clippings that were collected by the 4Cs over the years, mostly from OSU’s The Barometer. Some of the articles focus on issues that impact the Latino/a community, others mention events hosted by the 4Cs, and some deal specifically with the Centro.
Box-Folder 1.33: Brochures, 2005 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.34: Event Flyers, 1992-2014 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.35: Newsletters, 1989-2010 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 1.36: Newspaper Clippings, 1977-2012 Add to Shelf
Box-Folder 2.1: Posters, 2010-2015 Add to Shelf