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Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs, 1957-1965

By Finding aid prepared by Megan Guerre and Elizabeth Nielsen.

Collection Overview

Title: Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs, 1957-1965

Predominant Dates: 1957-1960

ID: P 066

Primary Creator: Corvallis Gazette-Times

Extent: 0.15 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs are arranged in 2 series: I. Film Negatives, 1957-1965 and II. Photographic Prints, circa 1960 - 1965.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs consist of images documenting activities and events held by student groups and other organizations affiliated with Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis during the 1950s-1960s.

Scope and Content Notes

The Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs consist of images (primarily film negatives) documenting activities and events that took place in the late 1950s to mid 1960s on and around the Oregon State College (OSC) campus. Many of the images were published in the newspaper, either in the society section or accompanying feature stories.

Many of the depicted events were held by organizations and groups affiliated with OSC or the City of Corvallis. Some organizations represented in this collection include the College of Home Economics, OSC Corvallis Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Society, OSC Cosigners Club, Masque and Dagger (a University drama club), OSC Civic Music Association, the College Folk Club, and local 4-H clubs. Members and alumnae of Delta Zeta, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Sigma Phi, and Euterpe are pictured as well as women participating in rush week activities. Also depicted within the collection are parties for faculty and students, reunions, recreational activities, plays, and other events.

Most of the photographs were taken by Gazette-Times photographers; however, the collection includes some submitted photographs. The film negatives are primarily 4x5 format; some 120 format and a few 35 mm negatives are also included. All of the negatives and prints are black-and-white. Original descriptive cards and negative envelopes are available with the negatives; many of these indicate the publication date for the associated photograph.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The Corvallis Gazette (1862) and consolidated with the Corvallis Times, which was formed in 1893 by the merger of the Corvallis Times— it kept the latter name.

From 1915 to 1950, Claude E. Ingalls was the voice of the Corvallis Gazette-Times. He was a publisher and editor, producer of political rhetoric, and an individual devoted to Oregon State College and the community. Upon his retirement, his son, Robert C. Ingalls, became the new publisher.

In 1969, the Gazette-Times was sold to Lee Enterprises, Inc. which remains the current owner and operator of the newspaper.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 195 photographs; 1 box

Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.

Acquisition Note: The photographs were acquired by the University Archives in the 1960s.

Related Materials:

Additional Corvallis Gazette-Times photographs can be found within the J. Kenneth Munford Collection (MSS Munford). This collection also contains weekly columns pertaining to local and regional history written by Munford for the Corvallis Gazette-Times in 1979-1996. The Judith Carol Carlson Oral History Interview with Robert C. Ingalls (OH 002) was conducted in 1977 with the owner and publisher of the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

The OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center holdings include many other materials pertaining to OSU history as well as local and regional history.

Preferred Citation: The Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs (P 066), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.


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Forms of Material

Film negatives.
Photographic prints.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Film Negatives, 1957-1965
Series I consists of film negatives produced by the Corvallis Gazette-Times depicting events held on the Oregon State campus as well as other venues throughout the town. Some organizations represented in this series include the School of Home Economics, OSC Corvallis Symphony Orchestra, OSC Cosigners Club, Masque and Dagger (a University drama club), OSC Civic Music Association, and the College Folk Club. Members and alumnae of Delta Zeta, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Sigma Phi, and Euterpe are pictured as well as women participating in rush week activities. This series also includes images of the Class of 1909 50th reunion, a number of parties held and plays performed on campus, Summer Session events, a mother-daughter swim event, and other OSU recreational events, such as a game of volleyball.
Extent: 179 negatives and 2 prints

Box-Folder 1.1
Item P066:001-P066:002: Farewell reception honoring Wendell Van Loan; Superintendent of Corvallis Schools as he leaves staff to join OSC faculty, 1958
Negatives S-2589 and S-2590.
Item P066:003: Mrs. Charles Stino; former resident, now of Cairo, Egypt, 1960
Negative S-3691.
Item P066:004-P066:006: Delta Zeta Alumnae; honor visiting national officer, 1958
Negatives S-2432, S-2363 and S-2364.
Item P066:007: Alpha Xi Delta; province confab here, 1960
Negative S-3831.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:008: Home economics Christmas tea held to raise funds for foreign student scholarship, 1959
Negative S-3588.
Item P066:009: British consul and vice consul are served tea at premiere of prints of Great Britain at Memorial Union, 1958
Negative S-2387.
Item P066:010: OSC visitors take garden club tour, 1959

Pictured: Mrs. B.M. Guthrie, Mrs. R.W. Pohl, Mrs. Allen Brewster Scott and Mrs. Alexander Smakula.

Negative S-3405.

Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:011-P066:016: OSC/Corvallis Symphony Orchestra, 1958

The negatives depict a posed group shot of the symphony as well as views of musicians and the conductor during rehearsal.

Negatives S-2876, S-2877, S-2878, S-2879, S-2880 and S-2881.

Item P066:017: Euterpe, OSC music honorary, Christmas party, 1958

The Christmas party was planned by the Corvallis Associate members for actives and pledges.

Negative S-2912.

Item P066:018: Alpha Sigma Phi housemother, Mrs. Hazel Matresse, 1958
Negative S-2392.
Item P066:019-P066:020: "OSC foreign students attend parties and firesides during the holidays.", 1960
Negative S-3631 and S-3632.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:021: Foreign students tea, 1957
Negative S-2023.
Item P066:022: Mrs. H.E. Blakely and collection of old Valentines, 1959
Negative S-3017.
Item P066:023: Planning fashion show at Lipmans; two Corvallis high girls model, 1960
Negative S-3757.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:024-P066:028: Housewives register for new TV Junior College classes, 1960
Negatives S-3657, S-3658, S-3659, S-3660 and S-3661.
Item P066:029: OSC Cosigners Engineering Student Wives fashion show, 1960
Negative S-3809.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:031-P066:035: OAC Class of 1909 Golden Jubilee Reunion, 1959

The images depict a welcome sign and visitor book as well as images of OAC alumni.

Negatives S-3244, A-3245, S-3246 and S-3247.

Extent: 8 negatives

Item P066:036-P066:038: OSC Christmas party at Memorial Union, 1959
This annual party was held for the children of OSC faculty members and married students. Negatives S-3584, S-3585 and S-3586.
Extent: 6 negatives

Item P066:039-P066:040: OSC Christmas party held at the Memorial Union, 1958
Negatives S-2910 and S-2911.
Item P066:041: OSC play "Antigone", 1960
Two Corvallis girls, Jean Wood and Judy Roth, starred in the play. Negative S-3759.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:042: OSC play, Annie Get Your Gun first night, 1959

The images depict individuals in costume.

Negative S-3559.

Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:043-P066:044: Masque and Dagger awards presented "Oscar" style, 1960
Negatives S-3946 and S-3947.
Extent: 6 negatives

Item P066:045: College Playhouse presents A Roomful of Roses, 1959

Depicted in these negatives are images taken during the play, actors putting on makeup and costumes, and what appear to be rehearsals.

Negative S-3341.

Extent: 15 negatives

Item P066:046: OSC rush week session, 1957
Negative S-2114.
Item P066:047: OSC rush week open house, waiting in the rain, 1959
Negative S-3412.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:048-P066:049: Junior Panhellenic banquet at OSC, 1958
Negatives S-2434 and S-2435.
Item P066:050: OSC rushing, activity at Panhellenic office, 1959
Negative S-3406.
Item P066:051: OSC Music Association, coffee party series, 1960
Negative S-3859.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:052: OSC Music Association banquet attendees, 1960
Negative S-3891.
Extent: 3 negatives

Item P066:053-P066:057: OSC Music Association kick-off dinner and drive start, 1960

The images depict musicians and their instruments as well as a flier produced by the OSC Music Association announcing membership.

Negatives S-3883, S-3884, S-3885, S-3886 and S-3887.

Extent: 9 negatives

Item P066:058-P066:061: Civic Music Association, opening concert of the year, "The Rivalry", 1957

Raymond Massey, Agnes Moorehead, and Martin Gabel are pictured.

Negatives S-2119, S-2120, S-2121 and S-2122.

Item P066:062: Robert Walls, Mrs. David Davis, and W.E. Babcock of Elks Lodge looking at music pamphlets, 1959
Negative S-3172.
Item P066:063-P066:066: Civic Music Association dinner for new president, Mrs. Charles Neville, 1959
Negatives S-3174, S-3175, S-3176 and S-3176A.
Item P066:067: Civic Music Association, new officers leaving kick-off banquet, 1958
Negative S-2546.
Item P066:068-P066:070: Civic Music Association, annual membership drive, 1958
Negatives S-2535, S-2536 and S-2537.
Item P066:071-P066:074: Civic Music Association, first concert, 1959
Negatives S-3479, S-3480, S-3481 and S-3482.
Item P066:075-P066:077: Civic Music Association, Oberkerchin choir, 1959
Negatives S-3483, S-3484 and S-3484A.
Item P066:078-P066:079: Concert series opening, 1958
Negatives S-2810 and S-2811.
Item P066:080-P066:082: OSC summer session open house, 1958
Negatives S-2670, S-2671 and S-2672.
Item P066:083-P066:085: OSC summer session open house, 1959

The images depict individuals gathered in the main hall of the Memorial Union as well as other locations.

Negatives S-3284, S-3285 and S-3286.

Extent: 6 negatives

Item P066:086: OSC summer session, children at the college, 1959
Negative S-3334.
Extent: 6 negatives

Item P066:089-P066:090: OSC summer session open house, 1960
Negatives S-3980, S-3981, S-3982 and S-3983.
Extent: 6 negatives

Item P066:091: OSC summer session, party for wives of chemistry teachers attending the National Institute of Science, 1959
Negative S-3336.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:092-P066:095: College Folk Club, thrift shop moves, 1958
Negatives S-2771, S-2772, S-2773 and S-2774.
Item P066:096: College Folk Club, new committee heads, 1957
Negative S-2006.
Item P066:097-P066:098: College Folk Club, opening fall welcome party, 1957
Negatives S-2147 and S-2148.
Item P066:099: College Folk Club, preparing for February party, 1958
Negative S-2354.
Item P066:100: College Folk Club, Annual Spring Installation luncheon, 1958
Negative S-2539.
Item P066:101: College Folk Club, Annual Installation luncheon, decorations story, 1958
Negative S-2544.
Item P066:102-P066:103: College Folk Club, Installation luncheon, 1958
Negatives S-2562 and S-2563.
Item P066:104-P066:106: College Folk Club, Welcome dessert, 1958
Negatives S-2813, S-2814 and S-2815.
Item P066:107: College Folk Club, old fashioned party line, 1960
Negative S-3671.
Item P066:108-P066:109: College Folk Club, opening dessert party, 1959
Negatives S-3477 and S-2478.
Item P066:110: College Folk Club, reservation committee for first big dessert, 1959
Negative S-3465.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:111-P066:112: College Folk Club spring luncheon and installation, Mrs. Hal Schudel, new president, 1959
Negatives S-3166 and S-3167.
Item P066:113: College Folk Club, Leonora Kerr scholarship tea honors four, 1960
Negative S-3927.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:114: College Folk Club, mailing invitations for spring luncheon, circa 1959
Negative S-3121.
Item P066:115: College Folk Club, fashion show is planned for spring luncheon, 1959
Negative S-3157.
Item P066:116: College Folk Club, passports to spring luncheon and fashion show, 1960
Negative S-3843.
Extent: 2 negatives

Item P066:117: College Folk Club, spring installation luncheon and fashion show, 1960
Negatives S-3888 and S-3889.
Extent: 4 negatives

Item P066:124: Mother-daughter swim, 1965
Extent: print and 2 negatives

Item P066:125: OSC recreation, summer program, 1965
The images depict a volleyball game and a woman and two men preparing a camp dinner.
Extent: print and negative

Series 2: Photographic Prints, circa 1960 - 1965
Series II consists of photographic prints produced by the Corvallis Gazette-Times depicting individuals at events on the OSU campus and throughout Corvallis. Many of these were held by or involved an organization, such as the Symphony Society or Civic Music Association. Several images of 4-H foods and clothing clubs are also included. The series also depicts individuals arriving at an OSC-Oregon broadcast party.
Extent: 14 prints

Box-Folder 1.2
Item P066:118: Symphony Society at the Arts Center, 1965
Philip Robley and three other individuals are pictured.
Item P066:119: "Tranquilizers", 1965
The image depicts four women investigating the contents of a box.
Item P066:120: Mrs. Walter Schmidt, Pam Eggers, Patty Schmidt, and Jennifer Veek of the Foods Club, 1965
Champion foods judging club, "Pots and Pins Forever", under the leadership of Mrs. Walter Schmidt were presented the food judging trophy sponsored by Meier & Schmidt Jewelers, May 1965.
Item P066:121-P066:122: Clothing club, Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Judy Milbrath, Karen Nordyke, Lynn Johnson, 1965
The champion clothing judges in the 1965 4-H Spring Fair were from Mrs. Lyle Ellis' clothing club, "The Messkiteers", May 1965.
Item P066:123: Caryl Sciuchetti, 1965
Item P066:126: Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Schudel posing with another couple, 1965
Item P066:127: Music Association, 1965
Pictured: Mrs. Richard High-Smith, Mrs. Marvin Dubbe, and one other.
Item P066:128: Music Association, elected officers, 1965
Pictured: Mr. Lawrence and one other.
Item P066:129-P066:130: Women receiving scholarships, 1965
Item P066:131: "Club reports", 1965
The image depicts three women reviewing the Bloomington Herald.
Item P066:132: Frances Marshall and Phil Terry, late arrivals at the OSC-Oregon broadcast party, circa 1960
Item P066:133: Mrs. Esther Guerbe posing with a man and woman, 1965

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