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Irwin Betzel Papers, 1911-1920View associated digital content.

The Irwin Betzel Papers are comprised of materials assembled and generated by Irwin Betzel during his years as an Oregon Agricultural College student and OAC Instructor of Pharmacy. Included are two scrapbooks, a photograph album, several loose photographs, three pharamcy notebooks, and a small collection of pharmacy ephemera.
ID: MSS Betzel
Extent: 1.2 cubic feet
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Statement on Access: The collection is open for research.
Preferred Citation: Irwin Betzel Papers (MSS Betzel), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: The scrapbooks and photograph album were obtained by the OSU College of Pharmacy and the OSU Alumni Association in January 1998 and transferred to the OSU Archives. The notebooks and accompanying ephemera were donated to OSU by Northwest Christian University in 2013. The collection now resides in OSU's Special Collections & Archives Research Center.
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Series 1: Scrapbooks and Photographs, 1911-1920 Add to Shelf
Series I consists of two scrapbooks, a photo album, and several loose photographs documenting Irwin Betzel's time as a student and instructor at Oregon Agricultural College. Included are photographs of OAC students, faculty, and events, newsclippings, brochures, pamphlets, grade reports, dance cards, and other ephemera often accompanied by handwritten notations.
Box-Item 1.1: Scrapbook I, 1911-1914 Add to Shelf

This scrapbook is comprised of photographs, newsclippings, pamphlets, programs, certificates, grade reports, dance cards, and other ephemera representing OAC students, faculty, and events from 1911-1914. Photographs and ephemera document the activities of Betzel, including his participation in the Oxford Club, OAC Cadets, and various Class of 1915 social activities including class picnics, plays, dances, and bonfires. Also included are photographs of OAC football and women's tennis; the cast of A Case of Suspension; a May Day pageant; and scenes of Corvallis including campus, the Corvallis steel bridge, the Oregon Electric Station, and the surrounding countryside.

Students pictured in the scrapbook include Jack and Oliver Groce, W. E. Metzger, John Wilhelm, Ann Rutledge, Florence Knight, "Tubby" Wright, "Chuck" Williamson, Ann Rutledge, Dick Case, Elvia Lagg, Charles L. Robinson, E. J. Scudder, Ralph Wright, P. J. Hennesey, Ralph Chenault, Otto Ballhorn, Tom Rice, "Ollie" Hayes, "Chet" Packey, Esther Harumg, Roy Miller, Rose Mason, Karen Hansen, "Doe" Allan, A. O. Mangold, A. Freeman Mason, Ben Culver, Henry O'Deen, and Jim Everdon, Shirley and Berry Hamilton, and others. Featured faculty members include E. T. Reed, S. H. Peterson, G. W. Peavy, W. F. Gaskins, G. F. Sykes, Ida Kidder, E. D. Ressler, H. L. Beard, A. B. Cordley, "Jim" Arbuthnot, and J.B. Horner.

Subject/Index Terms:
Oregon Agricultural College
Box-Item 1.2: Scrapbook II, 1914-1917 Add to Shelf

This scrapbook contains photographs, newsclippings, patches, brochures, dance cards, and other ephemera representing life at OAC during the 1910s. Included are materials documenting OAC football; the 1916 prom; commencement for 1914, 1915, and 1916; OAC Glee Club, Cadet Band, and Theater productions; and various other social events. Of particular note are materials, including photographs, documenting Betzel's participation in Oxford Club, OAC Cadet Corps, Senior Class (1915), and Pharmacy events and activities. Also included are photographs of the Betzel family home in Portland, OR; his Oregon Board of Pharmacy exam results and membership card; course registration cards and grade reports; and Betzel's American Pharmaceutical Association certificate of membership.

Also included are photographs of Florence Knight, Mrs. G.L. Swafford, Josephine Smith, Ernest Knight, Adolph Ziefle, and Sergeant Dugger; scenes of Corvallis after snowfall and a major flood; the Oregon State Game Farm; the Albany State Bank; storefronts in Great Britain; the Paris, France waterfront; and South Market Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Box-Item 2.1: Photograph Album, circa 1911-1920 Add to Shelf

This photograph album is composed predominately of portraits of OAC staff and students in the 1910s. Photographs also capture the Oxford Club members (1911-1917) and the Oxford Club house; activities of the Class of 1915; an OAC theatrical production; pharmacy students visiting Portland (1915 and 1916); and the Parke-Davis and Co. posting class (1920).

The album includes photos of Irwin Betzel, Florence Knight, C. A. Dickey, W. E. Metzger, M. P. Cook, Frank W. Kehrli, Lena Godfrey, Carrie Baleom, Boyd Bridges, S.R. Brown, Connor W. Edwards, J. Wilhelm, Leo A. Shaver, Ralph Chenault, Neal C. Jamison, Dick Case, Otto Ballhorn, Earl F. Tee, Virginia Hajack, Roy Miller, Joy Scudder, James E. Norton, Ralph V. Wright, Chas J. Williamson, Hiram Currey, J.W. "Tubby" Wright, H. C. Belton, E. E. Brown, Henry C. Gilbert, Paul Harvey, G. E. Hollowell, J. H Edwards, W. J. Koenig, Clifton T. Smith, G.E. McCollum, Ernest F. Knight, Glen H. Roberts, William R. Stow, G.M. Gragg, Nick Tarter, Henry C. Richter, Roy E. Samuel, Paul M. Lewis, Helen McDonald, Florence Kopan, Charles A. McCollum, Dutch Kooreman, Herschel M. Cummings, L.J. Tolls, A. W. McComb, Levi A. Wheeler, and Ruth Jacobs.

Also pictured are the 1915 pharmacy graduates (Carmin Hittson, I. L. Betzel, C. A. Fryer, Stella Dean, V. H. Leweaux, C. S. Smith, E. Tucker, J. L. Shirley, W. D. Hamilton, Beryl Camp, J. E. Chinn, N. L. Tarter, C. L. McFadden, C. C. Daylord, and E. J. Seeley) and the 1916 pharmacy graduates and faculty (I. Downs, A. D. Foster, I. L. Betzel, H. R. Shields, F. Codey, I. Codey, C. E. Storz, Prof. Ziefle, Pres. Kerr, Mr. Seeley, R. R. Palmer, F. Waterman, E. J. Scudder, K. F. Hammerly, W. E. Wright, J. L. Mackel, and N. E. Mamock); and ROTC Company H.

Box-Folder 3.1: Loose Photographs, 1915 Add to Shelf
Included are three portrait photographs of Betzel (two by Ball Studio and one uncredited) and a photograph of the 1914/15 Oxford Club members (as featured in the 1916 Beaver Yearbook.
Series 2: Notebooks and Ephemera, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
Series II contains three notebooks and several items of ephemera that appear to date from Betzel's time as a professional druggist. The notebooks include formulas for health treatments and household chemicals, chemical bottle labels, and other notes. The ephemera includes instructions and advertisements for an assortment of patent medicines.
Box-Folder 3.2: "Druggist's Formulary" Notebook, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
This notebook is comprised predominately of handwritten formulas for assorted treatments, hygiene products, and household chemicals. Included are recipes for cold cream, toothpaste and tooth powder, shampoo, hair tonic, washes, antiseptic powder, and Betzel's own liniment. Also included are treatments for asthma, eczema, lumbago, poison oak, gonorrhea, and other ailments. Other recipes include baking powder, rose jelly, glove cleaner, shellac varnish, gin, and oil of pines. Many recipes include measurements written in a shorthand script. Also included are pasted-in labels from various chemical bottles, instructions for examining urine specimens, several poems, and notes on U.S. state and federal political structures. The notebook is arranged alphabetically and includes a complete index of its contents.
Box-Folder 3.3: Untitled Notebook I, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
This notebook is comprised of handwritten formulas for assorted treatments and hygiene products including treatments for rheumatism, halitosis, oily hair, sore throat, and dyspepsia. The notebook also includes recipes for flash powder for photo-taking and instructions for beer brewing. Many recipes include measurements written in a shorthand script.
Box-Folder 3.4: Untitled Notebook II, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
This notebook is comprised of handwritten formulas for pharmaceutical goods and household chemicals. Included are treatments for chilblains, corns, delirium tremens, earaches, and freckles, among other ailments. The notebook also includes notes on poisons and "explosives in medicine" and contains recipes for pesticides, silver polish, a wide range of colored paints, and developer and fixing solutions for photography. It also includes a table containing data on radiator capacities by automobile make. The contents have been removed from their original three-ring notebook. The recipes and notes are arranged alphabetically and contain measurements written in a shorthand script.
Box-Folder 3.5: Ephemera, circa 1920 Add to Shelf
This folder is comprised of loose ephemera from Betzel's notebooks. It includes advertisements and instructions for pharmaceutical treatments for rheumatism, gynecological ailments, constipation, dyspepsia, urinary tract and blood infections, sexual disorders, respiratory diseases, and parasites, and bottle labels for Marmola, Concentrated Pine Mixture, and Toris Compound Mixture. This folder also contains Betzel's certificate of membership from the C. C. Co. Spatula Club of Good Mixers, a professional organization for druggists designed to "prevent the evils of substituting and price-cutting" and promote the pharmaceutical industry.