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Theodore Rockwell Papers, 1915-2013

By Finding aid prepared by Trevor Sandgathe

Collection Overview

Title: Theodore Rockwell Papers, 1915-2013

Predominant Dates: 1940-2010

ID: MSS Rockwell

Primary Creator: Rockwell, Theodore

Extent: 28.0 cubic feet. More info below.

Arrangement: The Theodore Rockwell Papers are arranged into eight series: 1. Correspondence, 1966-2011; 2. Biographical Materials, 1931-2010; 3. Early Development of Nuclear Energy, 1940-2011; 4. U.S. Navy, 1949-2012; 5. MPR Associates, Inc., 1963-2013; 6. Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc., 1981-2009; 7. Nuclear Power, 1915-2013; 8. Parapsychology, 1924-2011; and 9. Electronic Records, 1945-2013.

Languages of Materials: English [eng]


The Theodore Rockwell Papers document the life and career of Ted Rockwell, a member of the Manhattan Project, technical director for the U.S. Navy's nuclear propulsion initiative under Admiral H. G. Rickover, and co-founder of engineering firm MPR Associates, Inc. and nuclear advocacy group Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc. The collection includes correspondence, publications, research files, administrative documents, and memorabilia from his career. The collection also documents Rockwell's interest in parapsychology and includes extensive research materials on consciousness studies, telekinesis, dowsing, extraterrestrials, and other phenomena.

Access to the Edward J. Bauser medical records in Series 7 is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.

Scope and Content Notes

The Theodore Rockwell Papers are comprised of materials representing the career and personal interests of nuclear engineer, author, biographer, and parapsychology researcher Ted Rockwell. The collection includes personal and professional correspondence, extensive subject files, lecture and speech materials, engineering design documents, professional literature, biographical data, organizational administrative materials, photographs, and memorabilia documenting Rockwell's career in the field of nuclear engineering. These materials represent his work at Oak Ridge National Laboratories during and after the Manhattan Project, his role as Technical Director of the U.S. Navy's nuclear propulsion initiative, his work as co-founder and director of the engineering firm MPR Associates, Inc., and his service as Vice President of Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.

Also included is an extensive body of material in the field of parapsychology including literature from scores of research and education organizations, articles, clippings, correspondence, and publications. Topics include psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, faith healing, and extraterrestrial life. The collection also represents significant organizations and individuals within the parapsychology community including the Parapsychological Association and the American Society of Dowsers, James Randi, Anne Gehman, and Bruce and John Klingbeil.

A record of Rockwell's extensive publishing history is also present within the collection and includes documents from his work on The Rickover Effect (a biography of Admiral Rickover), Creating the New World (an autobiographical history of early nuclear engineering), and The Virtual Librarian (a futuristic mystery novel), as well as numerous technical and popular articles in the fields of nuclear engineering, radiation health and safety, nuclear power, and parapsychology.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Theodore Rockwell was an engineer deeply involved in the genesis of atomic energy through his participation in the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge and, later, the development of the United States' nuclear-powered naval fleet. He co-founded MPR Associates, Inc., an engineering firm, and served as vice president of Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc., a not-for-profit special interest group supporting the development and adoption of nuclear energy as a power source. He was widely recognized as an authority on nuclear power, a prominent pro-nuclear activist, a respected biographer of Admiral Hyman Rickover, and an active member of the international parapsychology community.

Rockwell was born in Chicago in 1922 and raised in Winnetka, Illinois where he attended New Trier High School. In 1939, he entered the chemical engineering program at Princeton University. He received his bachelor's degree in 1943 and his master's in 1944. Beginning in 1943, Rockwell worked as a process improvement engineer in the Electromagnetic Separation Pilot Plant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Later, he was promoted to head of Radiation Shielding Engineering. In December 1945, the Saturday Evening Post published an article by Rockwell entitled "Frontier Life Among the Atom Splitters," one of the first accounts of work on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge. Rockwell wedded his wife, Mary, at Oak Ridge in 1946.

In 1949, Rockwell left ORNL to begin work at the U.S. Naval Reactors Headquarters where he worked with the U.S. Navy and the Atomic Energy Commission to develop the world's first nuclear-powered fleet. In 1953, he became director of the Navy's Nuclear Technology Division where he oversaw the design of cooling and shielding systems for reactors. In 1955, he was named Technical Director of the Navy's nuclear program and reported directly to Admiral Hyman Rickover. Rockwell was instrumental in the design and construction of numerous historically significant vessels including the USS Nautilus, the USS Enterprise, and the USS Long Beach. In the course of his work with the Navy, Rockwell edited several important offerings in nuclear reactor design including The Reactor Shielding Design Manual and The Shippingport Pressurized Water Reactor, participated in nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier sea trials, and observed the detonation of a nuclear weapon at the Nevada Test Site.

In 1964, Rockwell co-founded MPR Associates, Inc. with fellow Navy Reactors alums Harry Mandil and Robert Panoff. The firm helped the U.S. Navy design a maintenance program for its nuclear submarine fleet, designed and tested components of the Loss-of-Fluid Test (LOFT) reactor facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, and conducted operations on post-meltdown Three Mile Island Reactor Two. During this time, Rockwell was also a research associate for the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Chairman of the Atomic Industrial Forum’s Reactors Safety Task Force, and Consultant to the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy. He retired from MPR in 1987 but continued in an active role in the company until his death. In 1996, James Muckerheide and Ted Rockwell co-founded Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc as president and vice president respectively. RSH was conceived as a direct response to the anti-nuclear movement and intended to influence regulatory reform within the nuclear power industry. Among RSH's activities was a 2000-2003 legal challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency's regulation of radionuclides in drinking water.

In addition to his long career in nuclear science and engineering, Rockwell was also a successful author. He published The Rickover Effect (a biography of Admiral Rickover), Creating the New World (an autobiographical history of early nuclear engineering), The Virtual Librarian (a futuristic mystery novel) and Vice Versa (a triology of plays), as well as numerous scientific and popular articles. Rockwell also cultivated an interest in the field of parapsychology, loosely defined as the study of paranormal phenomena including but not limited to extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, and psychic healing. Rockwell was an avid participant in the parapsychology community and maintained membership in numerous related organizations, published widely within the field, and even conducted research into psychokinesis.

Rockwell was the recipient of numerous awards and honors during his lifetime including the first American Nuclear Society Lifetime Achievement Award (1986), a Distinguished Service Medal from the U.S. Navy and the Atomic Energy Commission (1964), an honorary doctorate from Tri-State College (1960), and the Edward Teller Award (2006), and also held several patents in the field of nuclear engineering. Rockwell passed away on March 31, 2013.

Administrative Information

More Extent Information: 85 photographs, 7 microfiche, and 5 audiocassette tapes; 8 gigabytes of digital files including 615 digital images; 84 boxes, including 1 oversize box

Statement on Access:

Access to the Edward J. Bauser medical records in Series 7 and is restricted due to the presence of confidential information. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist. All other materials in this collection are open for research.

Electronic records may be accessed via the electronic records kiosk in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center Reading Room. File formats include Microsoft Word (doc), Rich Text Format (rtf), Portable Document Format (pdf), HTML (htm and html), JPEG (jpg), MP4 (mp4), and video object (vob), information (ifo), and backup (bup) files.

Acquisition Note: The Theodore Rockwell Papers were donated to the OSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center by the Rockwell estate in 2013.

Related Materials:

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In 2002, the Atomic Heritage Foundation conducted an oral history interview with Rockwell. A transcript and footage from the interview can be found on the Voices of the Manhattan Project site.

Preferred Citation: Theodore Rockwell Papers (MSS Rockwell), Oregon State University Special Collections & Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Processing Information: Electronic files received on hard drive and DVD were transferred for digital preservation. While temporary files were removed, all permanent files were maintained in their original arrangment except for the Rockwell family photos (on Rockwell 001) which were consolidated for preservation and access purposes. Files containing account credentials, health records, and financial information were removed from the access copy of the electronic records.


Rockwell, Theodore

People, Places, and Topics

American Nuclear Society
Antinuclear movement.
Backster, Cleve
Extrasensory perception.
Gehman, Anne, 1936-
History of Science
Klingbeil, Bruce
Klingbeil, John
Mandil, Isaac Harry
Manhattan Project (U.S.)
MPR Associates (Washington D.C.)
Muckerheide, James
National Institute for Discovery Science
Nuclear energy--Environmental aspects--United States.
Nuclear energy--Law and legislation--United States.
Nuclear industry.
Nuclear propulsion.
Nuclear reactors--Shielding (Radiation)
Nuclear reactors--United States--Safety measures.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant
Panoff, Robert Michael
Parapsychological Association
Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.
Radiation--Safety measures.
Radioactive waste disposal.
Rickover, Hyman George
Rockwell, Theodore
Spindrift, Inc.
Spiritual healing.
Unidentified flying objects.
United States. Navy
Wegner, William

Forms of Material

Born digital.
Compact discs.
Photographic prints.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Correspondence, 1966-2011

Series 1 is composed of correspondence to and from Ted Rockwell and spans his career at MPR Associates, Inc. through his retirement. This series is largely comprised of correspondence relating to Rockwell's two primary interests--nuclear power and parapsychology. Correspondents include friends, family, colleagues, journalists, policymakers, organizational representatives, and fellow parapsychology enthusiasts. Of particular note is correspondence with Jim Muckerheide (RSH, Inc. co-founder), William Wegner (Naval Reactors alum and colleague), and Teed Rockwell (son and coauthor). Subjects include Admiral Rickover and the development of the United States' nuclear navy, nuclear power and energy production in the United States and abroad, developments in parapsychology research, and Rockwell's participation in nuclear energy and parapsychology organizations and initiatives such as the American Nuclear Society, the Naval Reactors alumni group, the Parapsychological Association, and the National Institute for Discovery Science.

The series also includes materials relating to Rockwell's book and article publishing efforts consisting of correspondence with the U.S. Naval Institute Press and iUniverse, publisher solicitations, draft reviews, reader inquiries, and marketing and sales information.

Box-Folder 1.1: Correspondence, 1966-1969
Box-Folder 1.2: Correspondence, 1970-1971
Box-Folder 1.3: Correspondence, 1976
Box-Folder 1.4: Correspondence, January-June 1977
Box-Folder 1.5: Correspondence, July-December 1977
Box-Folder 1.6: Correspondence, January-June 1978
Box-Folder 1.7: Correspondence, 1978
Box-Folder 2.1: Correspondence, January-July 1979
Box-Folder 2.2: Correspondence, August-December 1979
Box-Folder 2.3: Correspondence, January-June 1980
Box-Folder 2.4: Correspondence, July-December 1980
Box-Folder 2.5: Correspondence, January-June 1981
Box-Folder 3.1: Correspondence, July-December 1981
Box-Folder 3.2: Correspondence, 1982
Box-Folder 3.3: Correspondence, January-June 1983
Box-Folder 3.4: Correspondence, July-December 1983
Box-Folder 3.5: Correspondence, 1984
Box-Folder 3.6: Correspondence, 1985
Box-Folder 4.1: Correspondence, 1986
Box-Folder 4.2: Correspondence, 1987
Box-Folder 4.3: Correspondence, 1989-1990
Box-Folder 4.4: Correspondence, 1993
Box-Folder 4.5: Correspondence, 1994
Box-Folder 4.6: Correspondence, 1995
Box-Folder 4.7: Correspondence, 1996
Box-Folder 4.8: Correspondence, 1997
Box-Folder 4.9: Correspondence, 1998
Box-Folder 5.1: Correspondence, 1999
Box-Folder 5.2: Correspondence, 2000
Box-Folder 5.3: Correspondence, January-June 2001
Box-Folder 5.4: Correspondence, July-December 2001
Box-Folder 5.5: Correspondence, 2002
Box-Folder 5.6: Correspondence, 2003
Box-Folder 6.1: Correspondence, 2004
Box-Folder 6.2: Correspondence, 2005
Box-Folder 6.3: Correspondence, 2006
Box-Folder 6.4: Correspondence, 2009
Box-Folder 6.5: Correspondence, 2010
Box-Folder 6.6: Correspondence, 2011
Series 2: Biographical Records & Published Materials, 1931-2010

Series 2 is comprised of materials documenting Rockwell's personal life. Included are biographical sketches and transcripts from two oral history interviews with Rockwell; coursework and materials from his primary school education, New Trier High School, and Princeton University; fifteen notebooks generated by Rockwell containing to-do lists, contact information, and records of day-to-day activities; a series of essays on literature and writing collected by Rockwell; and an assortment of ephemera including two journal entries and a small "Victoria Para la Democracia" leaflet documenting his 1947 trip to Havana, Cuba, a ticket stub from the 1961 U.S presidential inauguration, a ticket stub from a 1961 dinner honoring Republican Congressional members, a series of souvenir letters from the Dionne Quintuplets, and a photocopied collection of sensational newspaper headlines featuring individuals with the Rockwell surname.

The series also includes materials written by Rockwell for publication in the New Trier News, Winnetka Talk, and the Princeton Sunday News; an article entitled "Bred for Fury", on cockfighting published in True Magazine; and drafts, correspondence, research materials, and promotional items from several other books and articles authored by Rockwell including The Virtual Librarian, a mystery novel pitting a group of psychics against sentient library software, Us vs. Them, an exploration of conflict in modern society, and Vice Versa, a trilogy of one-act plays.

Box-Folder 6.7: Articles and Newsclippings, 1942-1993
Box-Folder 6.8: Class Reunions, 1997-2000
Box-Folder 6.9: Disaster Plan, 1999-2008
Box-Folder 6.10: Early Education, 1931-1939
Box-Folder 7.1: Ephemera, 1943-1961
Box-Folder 7.2: Essays, circa 1957-1964
Box-Folder 7.3: Notebooks 1-4, 1989-1994
Box-Folder 7.4: Notebooks 5-8, 1994-2000
Box-Folder 7.5: Notebooks 9-12, 2000-2006
Box-Folder 7.6: Notebooks 13-15, 2006-2010
Box-Folder 7.7: Personal and Organizational Contact Information, circa 1980-2009
Box-Folder 7.8: Princeton University Course Materials, 1933-1943
Box-Folder 8.1: Princeton University Coursework, 1939-1940
Box-Folder 8.2: Princeton University Coursework: "The Laboratory Development for the Manufacture of a Lightfast Lead Chromate Pigment", 1942
Box-Folder 8.3: Princeton University Coursework: "Hard Rubber Reclamation by Catalytic Removal of Sulphur with Hydrogen", 1943
Box-Folder 8.4: Princeton University Coursework: "Design of an Ethylene Plant", 1944
Box-Folder 8.5: Princeton University Coursework: Nuclear Physics, 1944
Box-Folder 8.6: Princeton University Coursework: "A Descriptive and a Mathematical Analysis of the Subject of Automatic Control and Instrumentation", 1945
Box-Folder 8.7: Princeton University War Research: "Rubber Reserve Company Monomer Recovery Project", 1944
Box-Folder 8.8: Princeton University, The Princeton Engineer, 1943-1990
Box-Folder 8.9: Resumes and Biographical Sketches, circa 1976-2000
Box-Folder 8.10: Rockwell Biographical Sketches, 1959-2010
Box-Folder 8.11: Rockwell Book Reviews, 1978-1993
Box-Folder 9.1: Rockwell Oral History Interview Transcript, 1996
Box-Folder 9.2: Rockwell Oral History Interview Transcript, 2007
Box-Folder 9.3: Rockwell Publication Clippings, 1939-1987
Box-Folder 9.4: Rockwell Publications: New Trier High School, 1938-1939
Box-Folder 9.5: Rockwell Publications: Princeton University, 1940
Box-Folder 9.6: Rockwell Publications, 1968-2004
Box-Folder 9.7: Rockwell Publication: "The 100th Monkey Effect", 1977-1979
Box-Folder 9.8: Rockwell Publication: "Background", circa 2003
Box-Folder 9.9: Rockwell Publication: Us vs. Them Correspondence, 1981-1989
Box-Folder 9.10: Rockwell Publication: Us vs. Them Drafts, 1983
Box-Folder 9.11: Rockwell Publication: Us vs. Them Drafts, 1985
Box-Folder 10.1: Rockwell Publication: Us vs. Them Drafts, 1985
Box-Folder 10.2: Rockwell Publication: Us. vs. Them Research Materials, 1950-1989
Box-Folder 10.3: Rockwell Publication: Vice Versa: Three One Act Plays, 1990
Box-Folder 10.4: Rockwell Publication: The Virtual Librarian, 1995-2009
Box-Folder 10.5: Rockwell Publication: The Virtual Librarian Publication and Promotional Materials, 2007-2009
Box-Folder 10.6: Rockwell Publication: The Virtual Librarian Research Materials, 1992-2007
Box-Folder 84.1: Rockwell Publication: Winnetka Talk Cover Photo, 1939
Box-Folder 11.1: Skiing, circa 1977-1985
Box-Folder 11.2: Tri-State College Honorary Doctorate, 1960
Box-Folder 11.3: University of Virginia Student Problem Contest, 1943
Box-Folder 11.4: Wisdom Hall of Fame, Wisdom Award of Honor, 1999
Series 3: Early Development of Nuclear Energy, 1940-2011

Series 3 includes correspondence, design documents, and reference materials from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where Rockwell worked as a process improvement engineer and a radiation shielding engineer between 1943 and 1949. Of particular note is a series of correspondence from Rockwell to his parents documenting his life and work from 1940-1946 at Princeton and ORNL, including observations of life at ORNL, descriptions of his day-to-day activities, and newsclippings and discussion of the significance of atomic energy following the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The series also includes a file on security at ORNL; technical reports authored on Rockwell's work in radiation shielding; documentation from the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology, including a mock diploma granting a "Doctor[ate] of Nuclear Husbandry"; an article by Rockwell entitled "Frontier Life Among the Atom Splitters" that appeared in a December 1945 issue of The Saturday Evening Post; and drafts of "Putting Wings on the Atom," a later article discussing nuclear-powered aircraft. Also included are materials from the Association of Scientists for Atomic Education and the Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists documenting efforts to place the United States' atomic energy program under civilian control. The series also contains several images of housing and work at Oak Ridge during and after the war years in both print and photocopy format.

This series also contains extensive informational and promotional materials documenting the role of the Manhattan Project in ending World War II and includes materials from Rockwell's book Creating the New World, records of Oak Ridge's 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1992, issues of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review, and materials from the Atomic Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association, the National Atomic Museum, and the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and a file on former ORNL Director Clarence Edward Larson.

Box-Folder 11.5: Association of Scientists for Atomic Education / Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists, 1946-1974
Box-Folder 11.6: Atomic Heritage Foundation, 2002-2011
Box-Folder 11.7: Atomic Heritage Foundation, 2002-2003
Box-Folder 11.8: Correspondence (Binder I), 1940-1945
Box-Folder 12.1: Correspondence (Binder II), 1945-1947
Box-Folder 12.2: Correspondence, 2003-2010
Box-Folder 12.3: Larson, Clarence Edward, 1996-2003
Box-Folder 12.4: Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association, Inc., 2003-2006
Box-Folder 12.5: Manhattan Project Informational and Promotional Materials, 1991-2008
Box-Folder 12.6: Manhattan Project Informational and Promotional Materials, circa 2000-2010
Box-Folder 12.7: National Atomic Museum, 2008-2009
Box-Folder 12.8: National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, 2009
Box-Folder 12.9: Newsclippings, 1945-1947
Box-Folder 12.10: Oak Ridge 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1992
Box-Folder 13.1: 1976-2001
Box-Folder 13.2: Oak Ridge Raw Materials Purchasing, 1947
Box-Folder 13.3: Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology, 1946-1953
Box-Folder 84.2: Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology "Doctor of Neutron Husbandry" Certificate, 1953
Box-Folder 13.4: Photographs of Oak Ridge, circa 1945-1980
Box-Folder 13.5: Rockwell Publication: Creating the New World, 2001-2010
Box-Folder 13.6: Rockwell Publication: Creating the New World, 2001-2011
Box-Folder 13.7: Rockwell Publication: "Frontier Life Among the Atom Splitters," The Saturday Evening Post, 1945
Box-Folder 13.8: Rockwell Publication: "Putting Wings on the Atom", 1947-1948
Box-Folder 14.1: Rockwell Technical Reports, 1946-1950
Box-Folder 14.2: Rockwell Technical Reports, 1953-1955
Box-Folder 14.3: Security at Oak Ridge, 1945-1949
Series 4: U.S Navy, 1949-2012

Series 4 is comprised of materials relating to Rockwell's involvement in the development of the U.S. Navy's nuclear-powered fleet from 1949-1964. The series includes design documents; correspondence, including letters from Admiral Rickover; technical reports authored by Rockwell; Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program Reports; materials from the U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships (BuShips); and nuclear reactor case histories. The series also includes materials generated and collected by William Wegner and John W. Crawford, Jr., both members of Admiral Rickover's administrative team comprising professional correspondence, reports, speeches, and reference materials dating from their Navy careers, biographical sketches, and personal correspondence with Rockwell. Also included are subject files relating to the Sasebo, Japan contamination incident and the capture of German submarine U-234.

The series also contains extensive Navy memorabilia including invitations and programs from numerous Navy events such as keel layings, launchings, and decommissionings; promotional booklets and pamphlets; ship and shipyard newsletters; photographs; presskits; and documents provided to non-crewmen aboard ships. The collection also includes commemorative envelopes, or cachets, honoring Navy events and historical moments in ocean exploration and flight. Many envelopes were sent to Rockwell courtesy of Admiral Rickover and include letters from Rickover and other Navy personnel, photographs, and memorabilia. Vessels represented in the collection include the USS Enterprise, Nautilus, Sea Wolf, Skipjack, and Triton, among others.

The series also represents Rockwell's interest in the achievements of Admiral Hyman G. Rickover which culminated in The Rickover Effect, a 1992 biography of the Admiral published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press. The series includes correspondence, drafts, reviews, and promotion and publishing files relating to The Rickover Effect, an extensive collection of reports, newspaper clippings, publications, speeches, and correspondence reflecting the life and work of Admiral Rickover, documents from the PBS documentary Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power, and materials from an incomplete project concept to produce a motion picture film on the life of Rickover.

Box-Folder 14.4: Articles and Newsclippings, 1954-2010
Box-Folder 14.5: Barnes, Willis C., 1986-1993
Box-Folder 14.6: Commemorative Envelopes: Air, Sea, and Space Events, 1960-2000
Box-Folder 14.7: Commemorative Envelopes: SSN-571 - SSN-709, 1958-2004
Box-Folder 14.8: Commemorative Envelopes: SSBN-598 - SSBN-658, 1959-1965
Box-Folder 14.9: Commemorative Envelopes: ARS-40, CGN-9, CVAN-65, DLGN-25, DLGN-35, NR-1, SSGN-587, 1959-1969
Box-Folder 15.1: Congressional Hearings, 1956-1995
Box-Folder 15.2: Correspondence, 1952-1962
Box-Folder 15.3: Correspondence, 1995-2010
Box-Folder 15.4: Crawford, John W.., 1954-1996
Box-Folder 15.5: Design Documents, 1954-1960
Box-Folder 15.6: Heppenheimer, Tom, Countdown: A History of Space Flight Draft, 1997
Box-Folder 15.7: Memorabilia: U.S. Navy, circa 1953-2012
Box-Folder 84.3: Memorabilia: U.S. Navy (oversized), 1954-1962
Box-Folder 84.4: Memorabilia: USS Nautilus (SSN-571) Needlepoint Design, circa 1990
Box-Folder 84.5: Newsclippings (oversized), 1952-1974
Box-Folder 84.6: Hyman G. Rickover (oversized), 1959-1982
Box-Folder 15.8: Memorabilia: USS Enterprise (CVAN-65), 1960-2010
Box-Folder 16.1: Memorabilia: USS Nautilus (SSN-571), 1952-2005
Box-Folder 16.2: Memorabilia: USS Sea Wolf (SSN-575), 1953-1957
Box-Folder 16.3: Memorabilia: USS Skipjack (SSN-585), 1958-1959
Box-Folder 16.4: Memorabilia: USS Triton (SSRN-586), 1958-1960
Box-Folder 16.5: Memorabilia: CGN-9, DLFN-25, and SSGN-587, 1957-1962
Box-Folder 16.6: Memorabilia: SSBN-598 - SSBN-664, 1959-1964
Box-Folder 16.7: Memorabilia: SSN-578 - SSN-709, 1956-1995
Box-Folder 16.8: Naval Reactors Group Reunion, 1992
Box-Folder 17.1: Naval Reactors Group Reunion Photographs, 1992
Box-Folder 17.2: Naval Reactors Group Reunion Photographs, 1992
Box-Folder 17.3: Naval Reactors Group 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1997-2001
Box-Folder 17.4: Oliver Jr., David R., "Managing a Culture of Success", 2012
Box-Folder 17.5: Photographs, circa 1955-1970
Box-Folder 17.6: Promotional Materials, circa 1954-2000
Box-Folder 18.1: Hyman G. Rickover, 1952-2003
Box-Folder 18.2: Hyman G. Rickover, 1955-2004
Box-Folder 18.3: Hyman G. Rickover, 1956-2008
Box-Folder 18.4: Hyman G. Rickover, 1958-1990
Box-Folder 18.5: Hyman G. Rickover, circa 1960-2000
Box-Folder 18.6: Hyman G. Rickover, 1982-2011
Box-Folder 19.1: Hyman G. Rickover Articles, 1957-1981
Box-Folder 19.2: Hyman G. Rickover Awards and Memorial, 1959-1986
Box-Folder 19.3: Hyman G. Rickover Correspondence, 1949-1972
Box-Folder 19.4: The Admiral H. G. Rickover Foundation, 1984-1992
Box-Folder 19.5: Hyman G. Rickover motion picture film, 1997-2004
Box-Folder 19.6: Hyman G. Rickover Speeches, 1955-1957
Box-Folder 20.1: Hyman G. Rickover Speeches, 1958-1959
Box-Folder 20.2: Hyman G. Rickover Speeches, 1960-1963
Box-Folder 20.3: Hyman G. Rickover Speeches, 1974-1979
Box-Folder 20.4: Hyman G. Rickover Television Documentary: Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power, 2010-2012
Box-Folder 20.5: Rockwell Patent: "Thermal Neutron Shield and Method for Making Same," 2,727,996, 1955-1958
Box-Folder 20.6: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1954-1990
Box-Folder 20.7: Rockwell Publication: "Naval Reactors Program: A Joint Navy-Atomic Energy Commission Program", 1963
Box-Folder 20.8: Rockwell Publication: "Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Water Chemistry", 1955
Box-Folder 20.9: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Correspondence, 1990-1992
Box-Folder 21.1: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Correspondence, 1992-1993
Box-Folder 21.2: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Correspondence, 1992-1994
Box-Folder 21.3: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Correspondence, 1993-2009
Box-Folder 21.4: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Draft, circa 1991
Box-Folder 21.5: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Excerpts, circa 1992
Box-Folder 21.6: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Figures and Photographs, 1992-1995
Box-Folder 21.7: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Permissions Agreements, 1993-2005
Box-Folder 22.1: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Promotional Materials, 1992-2012
Box-Folder 22.2: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Publication and Sales, 1991-2010
Box-Folder 22.3: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Reviews, 1992-2000
Box-Folder 22.4: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Review Letters, 1991
Box-Folder 22.5: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect Review Letters, 1991-1992
Box-Folder 23.1: Rockwell Publication: The Rickover Effect, 1992-1999
Box-Folder 23.2: Rockwell Publication: "Some Problems in the Application of Nuclear Propulsion to Naval Vessels, circa 1958
Box-Folder 23.3: Rockwell Speeches, 1960-1994
Box-Folder 23.4: Rockwell Speech Notes, circa 1993-1994
Box-Folder 23.5: Sasebo, Japan Contamination Incident, 1968
Box-Folder 23.6: Shippingport Atomic Power Station, 1954
Box-Folder 23.7: Submarine Force Library and Museum Association, 1984-2010
Box-Folder 23.8: Submarine Force Library and Museum Association, The Klaxon, 1994-2010
Box-Folder 23.9: U-234 Capture, 1945-1993
Box-Folder 23.10: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1955-1960
Box-Folder 23.11: U.S. General Accounting Office, "Nuclear Submarines: Navy Efforts to Reduce Inactivation Costs", 1992
Box-Folder 23.12: U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program Reports, 1987-1997
Box-Folder 23.13: U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program Reports, 2011
Box-Folder 24.1: U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programs Reports, 2012
Box-Folder 24.2: U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships, 1944-1960
Box-Folder 24.3: U.S. Navy Nuclear Reactors Case Histories, circa 1955
Box-Folder 24.4: USS Nautilus Alumni Association, 1985-2006
Box-Folder 24.5: William Wegner, 1959-2010
Series 5: MPR Associates, Inc., 1963-2013
Series 5 is comprised of documents relating to the operation of MPR Associates, Inc., a nuclear engineering firm founded in 1964 by Naval Reactors alumni Harry Mandil, Robert Panoff, and Theodore Rockwell. The series includes information on a proposed partnership between MPR and Toshiba to develop and evaluate Dr. Sadao Hattori's 4S Reactor; a file on MPR employee Norman Cole, Jr.; company correspondence and meeting minutes; a proposed partnership between MPR and the Lewis-Sigler Genomics Institute; a series of documents collected by Rockwell reflecting MPR's company philosophy; and MPR promotional materials including event invitations, an informational pamphlet, several issues of company publication MPR Profile, and essays on professional engineering by Panoff and Rockwell. The series also includes files on nuclear medicine, reactor safety, Ranque-Hilsch vortex tubes, a diagram of an MPR design for a nuclear-powered merchant ship, and transparencies from a speech titled "On Being a Professional" given by Rockwell at an MPR informational meeting.
Box-Folder 24.6: 4S (Super Safe, Small and Simple) Reactor, 2001
Box-Folder 24.7: Cole Jr., Norman M., 1993-1998
Box-Folder 24.8: Correspondence and Meeting Minutes, 1969-2012
Box-Folder 24.9: Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, 2001-2002
Box-Folder 25.1: MPR Philosophy, 1963-2013
Box-Folder 25.2: MPR Promotional Materials, 1967-2009
Box-Folder 25.3: Nuclear Medicine, 2000
Box-Folder 25.4: Nuclear Merchant Ship Design, circa 1980
Box-Folder 25.5: Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube, 1934-1971
Box-Folder 25.6: Reactor Safety, 1967-1987
Box-Folder 25.7: Rockwell Speech: "On Being a Professional", 2002
Series 6: Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc., 1981-2009

Series 6 is comprised of documents from Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc., a not-for-profit nuclear power advocacy organization founded by James Muckerheide (president) and Ted Rockwell (vice president) in 1996. RHS was founded as a tool for independent radiation experts to influence radiation policy, especially relating to restrictions governing low level radiation. The series includes internal correspondence and documents; promotional correspondence to RSH members and supporters; lobbying correspondence to legislators and other government officials; subject files on radiation exposure; reports from the National Research Council (NRC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and documents regarding partnerships with the Washington Legal Foundation and Eagle Alliance.

Of particular interest are materials documenting RSH's 2000-2003 challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency's rules on radionuclides in drinking water. This includes several editions of RSH's report "Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data," an official response to the EPA's drinking water policy, and documentation from a lawsuit filed against the EPA by the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, the Nuclear Energy Institute, Inc., the National Mining Association, and RHS, Inc.

Box-Folder 25.8: Administrative Documents, 1996-2002
Box-Folder 25.9: Comby, Bruno, "Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy", 1996
Box-Folder 25.10: Correspondence, 1995-1996
Box-Folder 26.1: Correspondence, 1996-2000
Box-Folder 26.2: Correspondence, 1997-2002
Box-Folder 26.3: National Research Council, "Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR VII), 2006-2009
Box-Folder 26.4: Promotional Correspondence, 1998-2000
Box-Folder 26.5: Radiation Exposure, 1956-2000
Box-Folder 27.1: Radiation Exposure, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 27.2: Radiation Exposure, 1997-2001
Box-Folder 27.3: RSH Organizational Records, 1996-2007
Box-Folder 27.4: RSH Publication Drafts, 1996-2001
Box-Folder 27.5: RSH Published Statements, 1997-2008
Box-Folder 27.6: RSH Report: Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data," Revision 1, 1998
Box-Folder 28.1: RSH Report: Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data," Revision 2, 1999
Box-Folder 28.2: RSH Report: Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data," Revision 3, 2000
Box-Folder 28.3: RSH Report: Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data," Revision 4, 2001
Box-Folder 28.4: RSH/Eagle Alliance Cooperation, 1998-2002
Box-Folder 28.5: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Radionuclides in Drinking Water Rule, RSH Response, 2000
Box-Folder 28.6: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: "Radionuclides Notice of Data Availability Technical Support Document", 2000
Box-Folder 28.7: Washington Legal Foundation Proposal, 2000
Box-Folder 28.8: Waukesha, Wisconsin et al v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Joint Reply Brief Petitioners, 2002
Box-Folder 28.9: Waukesha, Wisconsin Water Contamination, 1999-2000
Series 7: Nuclear Power, 1915-2013

Series 7 is comprised of research materials generated, collected, and assembled by Rockwell relating to nuclear energy and is reflective of his pro-nuclear position. The series includes correspondence; clippings, photocopies, and web articles from popular media sources such as Newsweek, Time, and Science; informational and promotional materials from pro- and anti-nuclear interest groups; technical reports; newsletters; and an extensive body of material written for speaking events and publications by Rockwell.

Much of the collection addresses the role of nuclear power as an energy source in the late 20th and early 21st centuries and the health and environmental effects of exposure to low level radiation. Other topics include regulation and regulatory reform in the nuclear power industry; nuclear disasters including Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima Daiichi; the utility of non-nuclear fuel sources; public opinion, fear, and misinformation regarding radiation safety; nuclear waste management; nuclear terrorism; and nuclear legislation. The series includes materials from a variety of special interest groups such as the Atomic Industrial Forum, Americans for Nuclear Energy, the American Nuclear Society, Eagle Alliance, and Greenpeace. Also included are publications and correspondence from professionals in the nuclear power industry including T.D. Luckey, Jim Muckerheide, Jerry Cuttler, Myron Pollycove, John Cameron, Jovan Jovanovich, and Sadao Hattori. Materials in the collection also address the effects of radiation therapy and include publications and firsthand accounts documenting the treatment of Edward J. Bauser, a Navy colleague of Rockwell.

The series also includes drafts and published copies of articles, books, and speeches written by Rockwell in support of increased reliance on nuclear energy on a global scale. Included are materials from his book Power to the People, notes from his participation in a 2009 GOP Senate hearing, and copies of numerous articles published in industry and popular publications.

Documents containing unpublished information regarding Edward J. Bauser's health and medical treatment are restricted. All requests for access to this material should be directed to the University Archivist.

Box-Folder 28.10: Alternative Energy Sources, 1986-2009
Box-Folder 28.11: Alternative Energy Sources: Biofuel, 2009
Box-Folder 29.1: Alternative Energy Sources: Coal, 1979-2009
Box-Folder 29.2: Alternative Energy Sources: Solar, 1979-2009
Box-Folder 29.3: Alternative Energy Sources: Wind, 1984-2010
Box-Folder 29.4: American Nuclear Society, 1986-2013
Box-Folder 29.5: American Nuclear Society, Nuclear News, 2004-2007
Box-Folder 29.6: American Nuclear Society, Radiation Protection and Shielding Division, 2001-2011
Box-Folder 29.7: Americans for Nuclear Energy, Inc., The Nuclear Advocate, 1983-1995
Box-Folder 29.8: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1977-1997
Box-Folder 30.1: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1978-1986
Box-Folder 30.2: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1979-1997
Box-Folder 30.3: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1979-1998
Box-Folder 30.4: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1980-1997
Box-Folder 30.5: Anti-Nuclear Campaign, 1990-2000
Box-Folder 31.1: Background Radiation, 1976-2001
Box-Folder 31.2: Background Radiation, 1991-2002
Box-Folder 31.3: Chernobyl Disaster, 1986-2011
Box-Folder 31.4: Chernobyl Disaster, 1987-2010
Box-Folder 31.5: Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, Newsletter, 2007-2010
Box-Folder 31.6: Eagle Alliance, 1995-2003
Box-Folder 32.1: Electric Vehicles, 1994-1996
Box-Folder 32.2: Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, 1996-2001
Box-Folder 32.3: Environmentalism, 1970-1996
Box-Folder 32.4: Environmental Health, 1979-2005
Box-Folder 32.5: Foulke, Larry, 2004-2012
Box-Folder 32.6: Fukushima Daiichi Disaster, 2011-2012
Box-Folder 32.7: Global Energy Needs, 1940-2010
Box-Folder 32.8: Global Energy Needs, 1979-2000
Box-Folder 33.1: Global Energy Needs, 1980-1983
Box-Folder 33.2: Global Warming, 1990-2009
Box-Folder 33.3: Green, Wayne, Cold Fusion, 1994
Box-Folder 33.4: Green, Wayne, Cold Fusion, 1994-1995
Box-Folder 33.5: Hanford Site, 1996
Box-Folder 33.6: Hanford Site, 1997
Box-Folder 33.7: Hayden, Howard, The Energy Advocate, 2000-2005
Box-Folder 34.1: Hayden, Howard, The Energy Advocate, 2005-2012
Box-Folder 34.2: Health Physics Society, 1995-2011
Box-Folder 34.3: Ladd, Anthony E., "A Social Movement Analysis of the of the American Antinuclear Movement", 1981
Box-Folder 34.4: Liburdy, Robert P., Scientific Misconduct, 1995-1999
Box-Folder 34.5: Morrell, Prior, 1996-2000
Box-Folder 34.6: National Capital Union Presbytery Task Force on Energy, 1975-1981
Box-Folder 34.7: National Capital Union Presbytery Task Force on Energy, 1979-1981
Box-Folder 35.1: National Council for Environmental Balance, 1978-1985
Box-Folder 35.2: National Council on Radiation Protection, 1995-2004
Box-Folder 35.3: Natural Resources Scarcity, 1977-1995
Box-Folder 35.4: New York Academy of Science, circa 1990-2012
Box-Folder 35.5: Northeast Regional Environmental Public Health Center, BELLE Newsletter, 1992-1997
Box-Folder 35.6: Northeast Regional Environmental Public Health Center, BELLE Newsletter, 1998-2000
Box-Folder 36.1: Northeast Regional Environmental Public Health Center, BELLE Newsletter, 2000-2004
Box-Folder 36.2: Nuclear Energy Institute, 1994-2002
Box-Folder 36.3: Nuclear Industry Promotional Materials, 1950-2010
Box-Folder 36.4: Nuclear Power, 1960-1993
Box-Folder 36.5: Nuclear Power, 1967-1995
Box-Folder 37.1: Nuclear Power, 1974-1994
Box-Folder 37.2: Nuclear Power, 1977-1997
Box-Folder 37.3: Nuclear Power, 1977-2000
Box-Folder 37.4: Nuclear Power, 1978-2006
Box-Folder 37.5: Nuclear Power, 1979-1986
Box-Folder 38.1: Nuclear Power, 1979-1997
Box-Folder 38.2: Nuclear Power, 1980-1997
Box-Folder 38.3: Nuclear Power, 1981-1997
Box-Folder 38.4: Nuclear Power, 1986-2002
Box-Folder 38.5: Nuclear Power, 1988-2003
Box-Folder 39.1: Nuclear Power, 1995-1997
Box-Folder 39.2: Nuclear Power, 1996-2010
Box-Folder 39.3: Nuclear Power, 1996-2011
Box-Folder 39.4: Nuclear Power, 1997-2003
Box-Folder 39.5: Nuclear Power, 1997-2011
Box-Folder 40.1: Nuclear Power, 2007-2010
Box-Folder 40.2: Nuclear Power (German-language texts), 1986-1998
Box-Folder 40.3: Nuclear Power, Environmental Impact, 1979-2004
Box-Folder 40.4: Nuclear Power, Ethics, 1975-2000
Box-Folder 40.5: Nuclear Power, Ethics, 1976-2000
Box-Folder 40.6: Nuclear Power, Ethics, 1991-2005
Box-Folder 41.1: Nuclear Reactor Design, 1951-2011
Box-Folder 41.2: Nuclear Reactor Design, 1955-2010
Box-Folder 41.3: Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 1972-2011
Box-Folder 41.4: Nuclear Reactor Regulation, 1979-2004
Box-Folder 42.1: Nuclear Science Education, circa 1990-1998
Box-Folder 42.2: Nuclear Science Education, circa 2000
Box-Folder 42.3: Nuclear Weapons, Historic, 1945-2002
Box-Folder 42.4: Nuclear Weapons, Historic, 1945-2010
Box-Folder 42.5: Nuclear Weapons, Modern, 1977-1997
Box-Folder 43.1: Paducah, Kentucky, 1999-2001
Box-Folder 43.2: Physicians for Civil Defense, Civil Defense Perspectives, 2007-2010
Box-Folder 43.3: President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, 1997
Box-Folder 43.4: Radiation Exposure, 1915-2007
Box-Folder 43.5: Radiation Exposure, 1957-1999
Box-Folder 43.6: Radiation Exposure, 1966-2000
Box-Folder 44.1: Radiation Exposure, 1967-2000
Box-Folder 44.2: Radiation Exposure, 1972-1980
Box-Folder 44.3: Radiation Exposure, 1973-2000
Box-Folder 44.4: Radiation Exposure, 1973-2011
Box-Folder 44.5: Radiation Exposure, 1977-1982
Box-Folder 45.1: Radiation Exposure, 1977-1997
Box-Folder 45.2: Radiation Exposure, 1977-1997
Box-Folder 45.3: Radiation Exposure, 1979-2009
Box-Folder 45.4: Radiation Exposure, 1980-1999
Box-Folder 45.5: Radiation Exposure, 1980-1999
Box-Folder 46.1: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2000
Box-Folder 46.2: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2000
Box-Folder 46.3: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2002
Box-Folder 46.4: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2006
Box-Folder 46.5: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2010
Box-Folder 47.1: Radiation Exposure, 1980-2010
Box-Folder 47.2: Radiation Exposure, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 47.3: Radiation Exposure, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 47.4: Radiation Exposure, 1981-2010
Box-Folder 47.5: Radiation Exposure, 1982-2000
Box-Folder 48.1: Radiation Exposure, 1982-2005
Box-Folder 48.2: Radiation Exposure, 1985-2000
Box-Folder 48.3: Radiation Exposure, 1991-1999
Box-Folder 48.4: Radiation Exposure, 1991-2009
Box-Folder 48.5: Radiation Exposure, 1992-1999
Box-Folder 49.1: Radiation Exposure, 1994-2000
Box-Folder 49.2: Radiation Exposure, 1996-2002
Box-Folder 49.3: Radiation Exposure, 1999-2011
Box-Folder 49.4: Radiation Protection, 1979-2000
Box-Folder 49.5: Radiation Therapy, 1958-2004
Box-Folder 49.6: Radiation Therapy, 1979-2003
Box-Folder 50.1: Radiation Therapy, 1999-2000
Additional documents addressing the medical care of Edward J. Bauser from 1999-2002 are restricted and housed separately in box 85.
Box-Folder 85.1: RESTRICTED: Edward J. Bauser medical records, 1999-2002
Unrestricted materials related to Edward J. Bauser's medical history and treatment are available to the public and housed in Box 50.
Box-Folder 50.2: Radioactive Waste Management, 1974-2004
Box-Folder 50.3: Radioactive Waste Management, 1980-2008
Box-Folder 50.4: Radioactive Waste Management, 1990-2004
Box-Folder 50.5: Radioactive Waste Management, 1995-2010
Box-Folder 51.1: Radioactive Waste Management: Plutonium, 1980-1998
Box-Folder 51.2: Radioactive Waste Management: Plutonium, 1991-2000
Box-Folder 51.3: Radioactive Waste Management: Ward Valley, 1995-1999
Box-Folder 51.4: Radioactive Waste Management: Ward Valley, 1996-2000
Box-Folder 51.5: Radon, 1958-2000
Box-Folder 51.6: Radon, 1979-1999
Box-Folder 52.1: Radon, 1981-2000
Box-Folder 52.2: Radon, 1994-2003
Box-Folder 52.3: The Realism Project, 2004
Box-Folder 52.4: Rhodes, Richard, 2000-2001
Box-Folder 52.5: Risk Assessment, 1969-2000
Box-Folder 52.6: Risk Assessment, 1979-1997
Box-Folder 53.1: Risk Assessment, 1979-1999
Box-Folder 53.2: Risk Assessment, 1980-1999
Box-Folder 53.3: Risk Assessment, 1980-2010
Box-Folder 53.4: Robinson, Arthur, Access to Energy, 1978-2000
Box-Folder 53.5: Robinson, Arthur, Access to Energy, 2000-2007
Box-Folder 54.1: Robinson, Arthur, Access to Energy, 2007-2012
Box-Folder 54.2: Rockwell Publication: "Heresy, Excommunication and Other Weeds in the Garden of Science", 1981
Box-Folder 54.3: Rockwell Publication: "Isotope Dope", circa 1950
Box-Folder 54.4: Rockwell Publication: "Nuclear Facts Report", 2009
Box-Folder 54.5: Rockwell Publication: "Nuclear Power: The Cursed Gift", 2010
Box-Folder 54.6: Rockwell Publication: Power to the People, 1993-2001
Box-Folder 54.7: Rockwell Publication: Power to the People Draft Reviews, 1993-1995
Box-Folder 54.8: Rockwell Publication: Power to the People Draft Reviews, 1994
Box-Folder 55.1: Rockwell Publication: Power to the People Draft Reviews, 1995
Box-Folder 55.2: Rockwell Publication: Power to the People Draft Reviews, 1995
Box-Folder 55.3: Rockwell Publication: "We're Planning the Wrong Future", 1996-2006
Box-Folder 55.4: Rockwell Publications, 1960-2010
Box-Folder 55.5: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1980-1990
Box-Folder 55.6: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1980-1990
Box-Folder 56.1: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1990-2010
Box-Folder 56.2: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1990-2010
Box-Folder 56.3: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1990-2010
Box-Folder 56.4: Rockwell Publication Drafts, circa 1990-2010
Box-Folder 56.5: Rockwell Speeches, 1996-2009
Box-Folder 57.1: Rockwell Speech Notes, circa 1998-1999
Box-Folder 57.2: Satin, Mark, The Mark Satin Report/Radical Middle, 1999-2004
Box-Folder 57.3: Scientific Integrity, 1979-2007
Box-Folder 57.4: Scientific Integrity, 1986-2003
Box-Folder 57.5: Scientific Papers and Articles (assorted), 1973-2007
Box-Folder 57.6: Simon, Julian L., 1983-1984
Box-Folder 57.7: Tennessee Valley Authority, 1986
Box-Folder 57.8: Technology and Society, 1971-1983
Box-Folder 57.9: Terrorism, 1981-1994
Box-Folder 58.1: Terrorism, 2001-2002
Box-Folder 58.2: Terrorism, 2001-2002
Box-Folder 58.3: Terrorism, 2003-2010
Box-Folder 58.4: Three Mile Island Disaster, 1981-2001
Box-Folder 58.5: United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation: "Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation", 1994
Box-Folder 58.6: U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Strategy, 1990
Box-Folder 58.7: U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Strategy, 1991-1998
Box-Folder 59.1: Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, "International Organizational Agreements for the united States Proposal for a Verified Agreement to Halt Production of Fissionable materials for Weapons Purposes", 1966
Box-Folder 59.2: Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, "International Organizational Arrangements to Verify Compliance with Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements", 1966
Box-Folder 59.3: World Nuclear Association, 2005-2010
Box-Folder 59.4: World Nuclear University Summer Institute, 2006-2007
Series 8: Parapsychology, 1924-2011

Series 8 is comprised of materials collected and generated by Rockwell pertaining to the field of parapsychology. Topics include conciousness studies; extrasensory perception; psychokinesis; healing (energy, faith, psychic, etc.); acupuncture, chiropractic, and Rolfing; homoeopathy, dietary supplementation, and herbal remedies; dowsing; energy manipulation; forecasting; time manipulation; and UFOs, alien abductions, and extraterrestrial life.

The series is comprised largely of promotional and informational materials from organizations in the field of parapsychology including interest and research groups, manufacturers and retailers, and educational programs. Organizations represented in this series include the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, the Institute for Noetic Sciences, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, the Monroe Institute, and the Parapsychological Association. The series also reflects Rockwell's role as Vice President of the United States Psychotronic Association and advisory council member of the National Institue of Discovery Science. Personalities within the parapsychology community featured in the Rockwell Papers include Anne Gehman, Christopher Bird, Cleve Backster, Robert A. Nash, James Randi, Dean Radin, Robert Jahn, and Rhea White. Of particular note is an extensive collection of materials documenting Rockwell's friendship with Bruce and John Klingbeil, a father-son pair of faith healers and founders of Spindrift, Inc., a research group based out of Salem, Oregon. Materials include publication drafts, cassette tapes, and informational materials from Spindrift and the Grayhaven School of Christian Science Nursing, as well as correspondence addressing the Klingbeils' faith healing research and personal struggles within the First Church of Christ, Scientist, the publication of The Spindrift Papers, and the deaths and legacy of the two men.

Included in this series are correspondence, newsletters, serial publications, informational materials, and advertisements from numerous organizations and educational programs, and an extensive body of newsclippings. Also included is a dream journal kept by Rockwell from 1975-1976, a notebook recording experiments in psychokinesis conducted by Rockwell with celebrity psychic Anne Gehman, and a small collection of bent spoons. The series also includes records from Rockwell's robust publishing history focusing on the relationship between science and parapsychology.

Box-Folder 59.5: Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Academy of Religion and Psychical Research Bulletin, 2005
Box-Folder 59.6: Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, 2004-2006
Box-Folder 59.7: Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, 2004-2007
Box-Folder 59.8: Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, 2006-2008
Box-Folder 60.1: Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, The Searchlight, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 60.2: Acupuncture, 1975-1991
Box-Folder 60.3: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1970-1986
Box-Folder 60.4: American Field Service, 1968-1972
Box-Folder 60.5: American Society for Information Science, 1973-1976
Box-Folder 60.6: American Society for Psychical Research, 1976-2004
Box-Folder 60.7: American Society of Dowsers, 1975-2001
Box-Folder 60.8: American Society of Dowsers, The American Dowser, 2004-2007
Box-Folder 61.1: American Society of Dowsers, The American Dowser, 2007-2011
Box-Folder 61.2: Audio Equipment, circa 1980
Box-Folder 61.3: Backster, Cleve, 1974-1996
Box-Folder 61.4: Bioacoustics, 1991-1994
Box-Folder 61.5: Biofeedback, 1969-1994
Box-Folder 61.6: Brain Development and Cognition, 1979-1999
Box-Folder 62.1: Chiropractic, 1976-1991
Box-Folder 62.2: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, 1977
Box-Folder 62.3: Consciousness, 1960-1988
Box-Folder 62.4: Consciousness, 1972-2000
Box-Folder 62.5: Consciousness, 1977-1984
Box-Folder 62.6: Consciousness, 1978-1994
Box-Folder 63.1: Consciousness, 1992-1997
Box-Folder 63.2: Correspondence, 1976-1978
Box-Folder 63.3: Correspondence, 1976-2000
Box-Folder 63.4: Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies, 1973-1983
Box-Folder 63.5: The Disclosure Project, 2001
Box-Folder 63.6: Dowsing, 1975-1999
Box-Folder 63.7: Dream Journals, 1975-1976
Box-Folder 63.8: Edelson, Edward. Who Goes There? uncorrected proof, 1979
Box-Folder 64.1: Electromagnetism, 1977-1992
Box-Folder 64.2: Energy Medicine, 1978-2006
Box-Folder 64.3: Energy Medicine, 1972-1986
Box-Folder 64.4: Energy Transmutation, 1975-1981
Box-Folder 64.5: Ethics, 1955-1992
Box-Folder 64.6: Extrasensory Perception, 1966-2001
Box-Folder 64.7: Extrasensory Perception, 1976-1996
Box-Folder 65.1: Extrasensory Perception, 1979-1991
Box-Folder 65.2: Faith Healing, 1973-1975
Box-Folder 65.3: Future Studies and Forecasting, 1977-2008
Box-Folder 65.4: Gehman, Anne, 1986
Box-Folder 65.5: Grant Funding, 1977-1987
Box-Folder 65.6: Grayhaven Publishing, The Home Catacomb, 2000-2001
Box-Folder 82.4: Grayhaven School of Christian Science Nursing, The Talking Catacomb Audiocassettes, 1994
Digital copies of these items are made available for use in the SCARC reading room upon request.
Box-Folder 65.7: Healing (General), 1970-1988
Box-Folder 66.1: Healing (General), 1976-1986
Box-Folder 66.2: Healing (General), 1976-1999
Box-Folder 66.3: Healing (General), 1977-2008
Box-Folder 66.4: Holistic Healing, 1977-1992
Box-Folder 66.5: Homeopathy, 1988-1989
Box-Folder 66.6: Institute for Information Studies, 1977-1981
Box-Folder 66.7: Institute for Noetic Sciences, 1984-1987
Box-Folder 67.1: Institute of Noetic Science, "Beyond Conflict" Symposium, 1989-1990
Box-Folder 67.2: International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc., 1990-2005
Box-Folder 67.3: International Association for New Science, 1983-1994
Box-Folder 67.4: International Parascience Institute, 19881-1983
Box-Folder 67.5: International Platform Association, 1992
Box-Folder 67.6: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 1991-2005
Box-Folder 67.7: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, Bridges, 1994-2006
Box-Folder 67.8: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, 2004-2006
Box-Folder 68.1: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, 2006-2007
Box-Folder 68.2: Jahn, Robert, 1983
Box-Folder 68.3: JFK University Graduate School of Consciousness Studies, 1977-1986
Box-Folder 68.4: Kirlian Photography, 1974-1981
Box-Folder 68.5: Kirlian Photography, 1974-1985
Box-Folder 69.1: Kirlian Photography, 1975-1977
Box-Folder 69.2: Kirlian Photography, 1975-1982
Box-Folder 69.3: Life Energy, 1975-1991
Box-Folder 69.4: Mankind Research Foundation / Mankind Research Unlimited, 1973-1989
Box-Folder 69.5: Meteorology, Weather Control, and Solar Activity, 1954-1987
Includes 7 microfiche.
Box-Folder 69.6: Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, 1988-1991
Box-Folder 69.7: National Institute for Discovery Science, 1995-1998
Box-Folder 70.1: National Institute for Discovery Science, 1995-2001
Box-Folder 70.2: National Institute of Discovery Science, 1996-2000
Box-Folder 70.3: National Institute for Discovery Science, 1996-2001
Box-Folder 70.4: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, 1982-1989
Box-Folder 70.5: Newsletters, 1974-2006
Box-Folder 70.6: Orgone Energy, circa 1980
Box-Folder 70.7: Parapsychological Association, Inc., 1975-1998
Box-Folder 71.1: Parapsychological Association, Inc., 1976-1984
Box-Folder 71.2: Parapsychological Association, Inc., 1980-2003
Box-Folder 71.3: Parapsychology Publication Lists, 1981-1985
Box-Folder 71.4: Parapsychology Reference Sources, 1969-1995
Box-Folder 71.5: Parapsychology Research and Education Programs, 1973-2008
Box-Folder 72.1: Parapsychology Research and Education Programs, circa 1975-1990
Box-Folder 72.2: Parapsychology Research and Education Programs, 1976-2001
Box-Folder 72.3: Plant Perception, 1971-1995
Box-Folder 72.4: Presbyterian Church Lay Academy, 1975-1980
Box-Folder 72.5: Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research, 1984-1995
Box-Folder 72.6: Princeton University Psychophysical Research Laboratories, 1974-1980
Box-Folder 73.1: Psiline Database System, 1991-1996
Box-Folder 73.2: Psi Search "Dialogues with Parapsychologists" Conference, 1979
Box-Folder 73.3: Psychic Healing, 1962-1990
Box-Folder 73.4: Psychic Healing, 1976-1999
Box-Folder 73.5: Psychokinesis, 1976-1994
Box-Folder 73.6: Psychokinesis Experiment Notebook, 1983-1994
Box-Item 84.7: Psychokinetically Altered Spoons, circa 1985
Box-Folder 73.7: Pyramid Energy, 1970-1990
Box-Folder 73.8: Quantum Mechanics, 1979-2002
Box-Folder 73.9: Quantum Mechanics, 1972-1989
Box-Folder 74.1: Radiation Exposure in Space, 1989-2004
Box-Folder 74.2: Randi, James, 1976-1983
Box-Folder 74.3: Religion and Science, 1924-1999
Box-Folder 74.4: Religion and Science, 1971-1991
Box-Folder 74.5: Religion and Science, 1981-2002
Box-Folder 74.6: Religion and Science, 1989-2007
Box-Folder 74.7: Research in Parapsychology, 1975-1979
Box-Folder 75.1: Research in Parapsychology, circa 1977-1995
Box-Folder 75.2: Rockwell Book Reviews, 1978-1994
Box-Folder 75.3: Rockwell Public Interest Program, 1988
Box-Folder 75.4: Rockwell Publication Drafts, 1975
Box-Folder 75.5: Rockwell Publication Drafts, 1977-1999
Box-Folder 75.6: Rockwell Publications, 1978-1996
Box-Folder 75.7: Rockwell Publication: Parapsychology State-of-the-Art Report, 1976-1982
Box-Folder 75.8: Rockwell Speeches, 1976-1994
Box-Folder 75.9: Rockwell Speech Notes, circa 1990
Box-Folder 76.1: Rolfing, 1977-1978
Box-Folder 76.2: Science and Parapsychology, 1900-1983
Box-Folder 76.3: Science and Parapsychology, 1972-1997
Box-Folder 76.4: Science and Parapsychology, 1977-1994
Box-Folder 76.5: Science and Parapsychology, 1978-1991
Box-Folder 76.6: Serios, Ted, 1990
Box-Folder 76.7: Sigma Xi, 1983-1990
Box-Folder 76.8: Silva Mind Control International, Inc., circa 1973-1980
Box-Folder 77.1: The Society for Basic Irreproducible Research, The Journal of Irreproducible Research, 1978
Box-Folder 77.2: The Sourcebook Project, Science Frontiers, 2005-2008
Box-Folder 77.3: Soviet Union Parapsychology Research, 1972-1985
Box-Folder 77.4: Soviet Union Parapsychology Research, 1980-1987
Box-Folder 77.5: Soviet Union Parapsychology Research, 1981
Box-Folder 77.6: Society for Scientific Exploration, 1983-1989
Box-Folder 77.7: Spindrift, Inc., 1981-1993
Box-Folder 78.1: Spindrift, Inc., 1985-1993
Box-Folder 78.2: Spindrift, Inc., 1987-1996
Box-Folder 78.3: Spindrift, Inc., 1989-1991
Box-Folder 78.4: Spindrift, Inc., 1990
Box-Folder 78.5: Spindrift, Inc., 1990-1996
Box-Folder 79.1: Spindrift, Inc., 1990-1998
Box-Folder 79.2: Spindrift, Inc., 1993-1997
Box-Folder 79.3: Spindrift, Inc., 1995-2002
Box-Folder 79.4: Spindrift, Inc., circa 1995-2005
Box-Item 82.5: Spindrift, Inc. Audiocasettes, circa 1994
Digital copies of these items are made available for use in the SCARC reading room upon request.
Box-Item 82.6: Sweet, Bill, Radio Interview, circa 1996
Digital copies of these items are made available for use in the SCARC reading room upon request.
Box-Folder 79.5: Time Manipulation, 1967-1981
Box-Folder 80.1: UFOs, 1947-1989
Box-Folder 80.2: UFOs, 1947-2001
Box-Folder 80.3: UFOs, 1954-2002
Box-Folder 80.4: UFOs, 1962-2004
Box-Folder 80.5: UFOs, 1968-2001
Box-Folder 81.1: UFOs, 1994-2002
Box-Folder 81.2: UFOs, 1996-2000
Box-Folder 81.3: UFOs, 1996-2002
Box-Folder 81.4: UFOs, 1997-2000
Box-Folder 81.5: U.S. Government, 1981-1988
Box-Folder 82.1: United States Psychotronics Association, 1992-2007
Box-Folder 82.2: University of Miami School of Continuing Education, "Science and Parapsychology in the 20th Century" Conference, 1976
Box-Folder 82.3: Yes Educational Society, 1975-1980
Series 9: Electronic Records, 1945-2013
Series 9 is comprised of approximately 8 gigabytes of electronic records which were created and collected by Rockwell between 2003 and 2013. These records, which were received on and transferred from one hard drive and three DVDS, contain photographs, draft publications, research materials, video recordings, and correspondence. Included are digitized historical reports and motion picture film documenting life and work at Oak Ridge; materials related to Rockwell's pro-nuclear advocacy work, including video of his testimony during a 2009 Republican Senate Conference hearing; family photographs; and materials from the filming of Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power. This content may be accessed in the Special Collections & Archives Research Center Reading Room.
Folder 1: Rockwell Personal Hard Drive, 2003-2013
Ted Rockwell's personal hard drive comprises more than 3,000 files including 600 digital photographs documenting activities of the Rockwell family. Contents include drafts of books and articles; correspondence; reference materials such as Wikipedia pages, online news articles, and scans of documents and photographs; materials relating to Rockwell's publishing efforts; a video recording of Rockwell reading from Creating the New World; and photos and documents from the filming of Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power. Much of the content relates to Rockwell's pro-nuclear advocacy efforts and includes materials pertaining to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the New York Academy of Sciences publication Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, nuclear regulation, hormesis, and radiation saftey.
Extent: 2.88 gigabytes

Folder 2: Testimony to Senate Republican Conference, June 22, 2009
These files comprise a video recording of a Senate Republican Conference hearing investigating a proposed cap-and-trade national energy tax and the possible expansion of nuclear power in the United States. The hearing is chaired by Senator Bob Bennett (Utah). Rockwell is one of several experts to give testimony during the hearing.
Extent: 3.23 gigabytes

Folder 3: Rickover Project: Video Footage and Documents, circa 1945-1955
This collection of electronic records is comprised of an untitled film and digital reproductions of several documents dating from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The film, which is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes in length, is comprised of color footage taken at Oak Ridge between 1945 and 1951. The film documents the construction of the Poplar Creek bridge and other structures at Oak Ridge, views of the town and surrounding area, scientists working with a test pile, and the christening of the "Sunday Punch," a B-25 airplane purchased with funds collected from the workers of ORNL. The collection also comprises technical papers and correspondence relating to the development of nuclear-powered vessels by the U.S. Navy including reports created by Farrington Daniels, H. G. Rickover, N. J. Palladino, J. H. Frye, Jr., and Ted Rockwell between 1946 and 1949. The file also includes a scan of "The Nuclear Propulsion Plant of the USS Nautilus SSN-571," an article published in 1954 by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.
Extent: 986 megabytes

Folder 4: Rickover Project: Photographic Stills, circa 1945-1955
This collection of electronic records is comprised of 93 photographs taken at Oak Ridge during and after World War II. Included are photographs of an Army-Navy "E" Award ceremony, the Daniels Experimental Power Pile, the town of Oak Ridge, research and production facilities, and several Oak Ridge personnel including Arthur Snell, Alvin Weinberg, and Eugene Wigner.
Extent: 1.10 gigabytes

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