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World War II Poster Collection, 1941-1945

Scope and Content Note

The World War II Poster Collection is comprised of propaganda posters generated by U.S. government agencies including the Office of War Information, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Office of Civil Defense, Department of Agriculture, the Office of Facts and Figures, War Department Safety Council, Federal Security Agency, Office for Emergency Management, Office for Economic Stabilization, and the Department of the Treasury; civilian organizations including the American Red Cross, American Library Association, and the American Legion; and foreign agencies including the British Information Service, Canadian Wartime Information Board, and the New Zealand Legation. This collection features poster artwork by R.M. Chapin, John Philip Falter, James Montgomery Flagg, Norman Rockwell, Valentino Sarra, Georges Schreiber, Kenneth W. Thompson, and others. Posters in this collection address war production efforts (including worker safety and participation of women), anti-espionage measures, wartime austerity, the U.S. Treasury's War Loan campaigns, charitable efforts in support of troops and civilians, military recruiting, civil defense, and general pro-U.S. propaganda. The collection is composed of 216 unique items and 79 duplicates, totalling 295 items.

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