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Bernard Malamud Papers

Bernard Malamud Papers, 1949-2007

Bernard Malamud (1914-1986), a major American novelist and short story writer, taught at Oregon State University from 1949-1961. A prolific author, he received a Pulitzer Prize (The Fixer, 1966) and two National Book Awards (The Magic Barrel, 1959; The Fixer, 1966) for his work. The Malamud Papers include an assortment of personal correspondence relating to Malamud's tenure as professor and writer at Oregon State University. In addition, the collection features several boxes of newspaper clippings, as well as signed first editions and published translations of his books.
MSS Malamud
20 linear feet; 15 boxes; 130 books
University History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos 

Fritz Marti Papers

Fritz Marti Papers, 1909-2009

Fritz Marti (1894-1991), was a Swiss-born philosophy professor highly regarded as an expert on post-Kantian idealism. His papers contain a significant trove of correspondence, including letters with such figures as Jacques Barzun, Walter Lippman and John F. Kennedy. The archive likewise features a wide swath of biographical items, research notebooks and unpublished manuscripts. One particular highlight of the collection is an annotated manuscript of Marti's unpublished translation of F. W. J. Schelling's The Method of University Studies.
MSS Marti
19.4 linear feet; 32 boxes

Media Services Moving Images

Media Services Moving Images, 1957-2002

The Media Services Moving Images consist of motion picture films produced by the Classroom Television department; videotapes recorded or produced by the Communication Media Center; raw film footage and media elements; and streaming video files produced by Media Services. They include recordings of classroom lectures for hygiene and health education classes; commencement and other special events; and lectures by faculty and visiting speakers at Oregon State University as well as training and informational tapes pertaining to a variety of topics including cultural diversity, computer graphics, and multimedia technology.
FV P 119
13 cubic feet, including 130 films reels, 57 videotapes, 12 sound recordings, and 40 color slides; 12 boxes and 21 film cans
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesBorn-Digital Materials 

Memorial Union Videotapes

Memorial Union Videotapes, 1977-1990

The Memorial Union Videotapes consist of recordings made of the Ceramics 80 Conference held in 1980; a videotape orientation to the Memorial Union prepared in 1989; and several recordings pertaining to George Stevens. The Memorial Union was dedicated in 1929 as the student union for the Oregon State campus and provides services and facilities to the campus and Corvallis communities. George Stevens served as director of the Memorial Union from 1963 until his retirement in 1990.
FV P 198
1.45 cubic feet, including 25 videotapes and 3 U-Matic tapes; 2 boxes
University History / Videos 

Microbiology Department Motion Picture Films

Microbiology Department Motion Picture Films, 1969-1970

The Microbiology Department Motion Picture Films document the department's laboratories and offices; the lift-slab construction of the Bioscience Building; and the department's move to the new building.
FV P 117
0.25 cubic ft.; 8 film reels; 200 ft.
University History, History of Science / Videos 

Milagro (Miracle Theatre Group) Records

Milagro (Miracle Theatre Group) Records, 1966-2014

The Milagro (Miracle Theatre Group) Records consist of the theatre's administrative records, production files, and community outreach work. Also included is the company's artwork, videos and audio of performances, correspondence, and promotional materials. Established in 1985 by José González and Dañel Malán, Milagro is the premier Latino arts and cultures program in the northwest. The theatre produces both classical and contemporary performances that are English, Spanish, or bilingual. Milagro is still active to this day.
MSS Milagro
21 cubic feet, including 2,250 photographs, 118 videotapes, 130 CDs and DVDs, 20 cassettes, and 151 floppy disks; 21 boxes, including 2 oversize boxes, and 4 map folders
Multicultural Archives / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideosBorn-Digital Materials 

Jimmie Morris Papers

Jimmie Morris Papers, 1920-2008

The Jimmie Morris Papers reflect Morris' life-long interest in broadcasting, his decades of service to KOAC radio and television, and the broader evolution of the station itself. The collection is particularly strong in its documentation of the emergence of television as a tool for statewide education, a development that came about after much debate in the mid-1950s. An Oregon Agricultural College graduate, Morris was on the staff of KOAC from 1932-1963 and is the author of a history of the station, The Remembered Years..., published in 1972.
MSS MorrisJ
1.5 cubic feet, including 170 photographs, 2 reel-to-reel sound recordings, 1 motion picture film, and 1 vinyl sound recording; 4 boxes including 1 film box and 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideosScrapbooks 

Music Department Records

Music Department Records, 1899-2014

The Music Department Records document music instruction at Oregon State as well as performances by Oregon State bands, choirs, and other musical groups as well as individual students, faculty, and guest artists. The Records include sound recordings in a variety of formats.
RG 148
10.45 cubic feet, including 1 DVD and 400 photographs; 21 boxes, including 6 oversize boxes; 1 microfilm reel; 60 feet
University History / VideosSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooksBorn-Digital Materials