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Sound Recordings and Oral Histories: A (4)

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Academic Affairs Records

Academic Affairs Records, 1942-2012

The Academic Affairs Records consist, in the main, of materials documenting curriculum coordination and development as well as awards, reviews of academic programs, materials from the Curriculum Council, and announcements.
RG 022
57.86 cubic feet; 41 archives boxes, 16 records boxes, and 8 document boxes
University History, Multicultural Archives / Sound Recordings and Oral Histories 

Alumni Association Records

Alumni Association Records, 1888-2011

The Alumni Association Records document the alumni of Oregon State University and the Association's administration, programs and activities, and publications. An alumni organization was established at Corvallis College (now Oregon State University) in 1873.
RG 035
13.4 cubic feet, including 1400 photographs, 6 floppy diskettes and 2 CDs; 20 boxes, including 6 oversize boxes; 13 microfilm reels
University History / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooksBorn-Digital Materials 

Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection

Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection, 2005-2008

The Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection documents an oral history project coordinated by the Oregon State University Archives and interviews conducted with three Oregon State alumni - Richard Gilkey, Robert Mace, and Jean Starker Roth. The collection includes sound recordings of interviews, transcriptions, release agreements, and related materials.
OH 13
0.15 cubic foot, including 22 photographs; 1 box; 12 compact discs, 7 sound files and 5 document files; 47 Mbytes
University History, Natural Resources, Local History / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesPhotographsBorn-Digital Materials 

History of Atomic Energy Collection

History of Atomic Energy Collection, 1896-1991

The History of Atomic Energy Collection, containing more than 3,000 items, is a valuable resource for research on the development of nuclear technologies in the twentieth century. Highlights of the collection include the first published account of the discovery of radioactivity in 1896 by Nobel Prize winning physicist Henri Becquerel; writings on the Manhattan Project; materials concerning the congressional hearings of J. Robert Oppenheimer; and formerly classified government reports. Cultural aspects of the atomic age are also explored through fictional works, poetry, drama, and music.
RB Energy
231 linear feet; 3,108 items
History of Science, Natural Resources / PhotographsSound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideos