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Activities of Women Scrapbook

Activities of Women Scrapbook, 1909-1930

The Activities of Women Scrapbook consists of programs, brochures, and announcements for women's activities at Oregon State College, including pageants, dance performances, concerts, teas, and banquets.
MSS ActivitiesWomen
0.03 cubic foot; 1 box
University History / Scrapbooks 

Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook

Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook, 1939-1942

The Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook was assembled by Adamson and reflects her student experience at Oregon State College. Doris Adamson attended Oregon State College in 1939-1943 as a student in secretarial science.
MSS Adamson
0.25 cubic foot, including 2 photographs; 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

College of Agricultural Sciences Records

College of Agricultural Sciences Records, 1895-1999

The College of Agricultural Sciences records document teaching, research (through the Agricultural Experiment Station), and extension programs in agriculture at Oregon State University. The records consist predominantly of the materials generated or assembled by the Dean's Office and reflect the relationships between the College and federal and state agencies and the significant role of the College in Oregon agriculture.
RG 158
22.3 cubic ft.; 5 microfilm reels
University History, Natural Resources / Scrapbooks 

Alpha Epsilon Oregon Upsilon Chapter Records

Alpha Epsilon Oregon Upsilon Chapter Records, 1975-1995

The records of the Oregon Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon, an honor society for biological and agricultural engineers, document the establishment and membership of the chapter at Oregon State University.
MSS AlphaEpsilon
0.25 cubic foot; 1 box
University History / Scrapbooks 

Alpha Lambda Delta Records

Alpha Lambda Delta Records, 1933-1952

The Alpha Lambda Delta Records document the members and activities of this honor society for sophomore women at Oregon State College and include a scrapbook, meeting minutes, and an initiation book. Alpha Lambda Delta was established at Oregon State in 1933.
MSS AlphaLambdaDelta
0.3 cubic foot, including 325 photographs; 2 boxes, includeing 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Alumni Association Records

Alumni Association Records, 1888-2011

The Alumni Association Records document the alumni of Oregon State University and the Association's administration, programs and activities, and publications. An alumni organization was established at Corvallis College (now Oregon State University) in 1873.
RG 035
13.4 cubic feet, including 1400 photographs, 6 floppy diskettes and 2 CDs; 20 boxes, including 6 oversize boxes; 13 microfilm reels
University History / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesScrapbooksBorn-Digital Materials 

Edna P. Amidon Papers

Edna P. Amidon Papers, 1924-1979

The Edna P. Amidon Papers are comprised of materials relating to Amidon's efforts as an international leader in home economics. Included are materials documenting her work as Regional Agent (1929-1938) and Chief (1938-1964) of the Home Economics Education Service, particularly during the Great Depression and World War II; drafts of speeches and publications given in support of home economics; records of professional activities in Germany (1947), Sweden (1947), and France (1954); professional literature; and biographical materials.
MSS Amidon
2 cubic feet, including 71 photographs; 7 boxes and 1 map folder

Associated Men's Halls Scrapbook

Associated Men's Halls Scrapbook, 1934-1940

The Associated Men's Halls Scrapbook documents the activities of the male students in the five housing clubs that resided in Weatherford Hall, together known as the Associated Men's Halls.
MSS AssocMensHalls
0.25 cubic foot; 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Records

Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Records, 1917-2014

The Associated Students of OSU Records document the administration of student government and its interaction with other campus organizations, offices, and bodies primarily for the 1960s through the 1990s.
RG 011
40 cubic feet; 44 boxes, including 10 oversize boxes and 1 map folder; 10 microfilm reels
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosMapsScrapbooks 

Associated Women Students Scrapbook

Associated Women Students Scrapbook, 1966-1967

The Associated Women Students Scrapbook documents activities and programs for women at Oregon State University and includes clippings, programs, flyers, and photographs.
0.15 cubic foot, including 3 photographs; 1 oversize box
University History / PhotographsScrapbooks 

Association of Latin American Students Records

Association of Latin American Students Records, 1994-1999

The Association of Latin American Students Records consist of administrative records, scrapbooks, and videotapes documenting the activities of this organization of Oregon State University international students.
1 cubic foot, including 370 photographs and 3 videotapes; 1 box
University History, Multicultural Archives / PhotographsVideosScrapbooks 

Association of Office Professionals Records

Association of Office Professionals Records, 1961-2008

The Association of Office Professionals (AOP) Records document the membership and programs of the organization for office personnel at Oregon State University. The records include constitutions and bylaws, membership lists, newsletters and publications, board records, and scrapbooks. The Association of Office Professionals was established in 1961 as the Oregon State University chapter of the Oregon Association of Educational Secretaries. In 1977, the chapter became the Office Personnel Association (OPA) and, in 2004, the name was changed to Association of Office Professionals.
2.6 cubic feet, including 8 photographs and 1 CD; 4 boxes, including 1 oversize box; 16 document files; 10.5 MBytes
University History / PhotographsScrapbooksBorn-Digital Materials 

Winfred M. Atwood Scrapbook

Winfred M. Atwood Scrapbook, 1893-1907

The Atwood Scrapbook documents student life at Cornell College (Mt. Vernon, Iowa) in the 1900s. The scrapbook was assembled by Winfred M. Atwood, who graduated from Cornell College in 1907 and served as Oregon State College botany professor from 1913 until 1950.
MSS Atwood
0.5 cubic ft.; The Atwood Scrapbook is housed in one 14x18 oversize box.
University History, Natural Resources / Scrapbooks 

Audiovisual Education Scrapbook

Audiovisual Education Scrapbook, 1930-1939

The Audiovisual Education Scrapbook consists of clippings from newspapers throughout Oregon that document the film library housed at Oregon State College as part of the Visual Instruction Department. The clippings describe new films acquired as well as showings throughout the state.
MSS Audiovisual
0.2 cubic foot; 1 oversize box
University History / Scrapbooks 

Avery Lodge Records

Avery Lodge Records, 1966-2014

The Avery Lodge Records document the residents of Avery Lodge Cooperative House as well as many of the activities that the house sponsored. A cooperative house for men, Avery Lodge was open on the OSU campus from 1966-2014.
MSS Avery
7.5 cubic feet; 6 archives boxes and 4 oversize boxes (1 12x17; 2 14x18; 1 16x20); 1 map
University History / Born-Digital MaterialsPhotographsScrapbooksVideos 

Azalea House Records

Azalea House Records, 1953-1970

The Azalea House Records document the establishment, construction, and funding of this women's cooperative residence at Oregon State College as well as the programs and activities of the residence after it opened in 1953.
MSS Azalea
0.08 cubic ft.
University History / Scrapbooks