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John C. Ringle Papers, 1960-2012

Biographical Note:

John C. Ringle was born in Kokomo, Indiana in 1935. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the electrical engineering program at the Case Institute of Technology where he earned his BS in 1957 and his MS in 1959. Ringle then began work in the nuclear engineering doctoral program at the University of California, Berkeley. While attending the University of California, Ringle designed instrumentation for Project Pluto, a missile-based nuclear reactor. He also worked as a physicist at the Air Force Cambridge Research Labs where he created instrumentation for use in satellites. Ringle earned his doctorate in 1964.

In 1966, Ringle accepted a position as Associate Professor in the Oregon State University Department of Nuclear Engineering. There, he taught courses in nuclear reactor engineering, nuclear safety, kinetics, reactor analysis, and reactor operation. Notably, he also served as the Assistant Reactor Administrator from 1966 to 1980. He oversaw the final construction of OSU’s TRIGA reactor, operated and maintained both the TRIGA and AGN-201 reactors, supervised upgrades to the TRIGA reactor and the decommissioning and dismantlement of the AGN-201 reactor, and provided training and supervision to student and civil service reactor operators. Ringle also maintained a vigorous research agenda and produced numerous papers and presentations on nuclear reactor safety, the environmental impact of nuclear power, nuclear waste storage, and the operation of research reactors. In July 1980, Ringle was appointed Assistant Dean of the OSU Graduate School and, in 1981, became Associate Dean of the Graduate School. His duties included oversight of graduate programs, monitoring progress of graduate students, assisting in the development of programs within the school, and acting as an administrative liaison for students and faculty members.

John Ringle is now a Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physics at Oregon State University.

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