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InterACTION Project Records, 1994-2002

Historical Note

Established through a W. K. Kellogg Foundation grant in 1994, the InterACTION Project was one of fourteen programs nationwide that make up the W. K. Kellogg Foundation's Food Systems Professions Education (FSPE) Initiative. With its objective described as being to help OSU "become a more responsive institution and to prepare the university to be an effective contributor to the world's food system in the 21st century," the InterACTION Project organized workshops and conferences oriented toward promoting conversational skills and teambuilding within institutions.

The focus of Phase I of the InterACTION project was a visioning and learning process with small, diverse groups from communities within Oregon. Phase II was primarily involved in cultural change within the institution by delivering workshops in conversational skills, meeting design and team building. This university-wide project was administered through the College of Agricultural Sciences. It ended its eight-year funding cycle in September 2002 and ceased operation in June 2002.

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