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Information Services Records, 1991-2012

Scope and Content Note

The Information Services Records include e-mail correspondence, memoranda, and announcements. Also within the collection are administrative and planning records generated by the Associate Provost for Information Services, grant proposals, committee records, survey reports, and other related documentation. Likewise included are materials pertaining to budgets; goals, visioning, and reorganization; staff, grants, and multi-media; and classroom technology.

This collection includes a Transition Team Report-Stage 1 Reorganization. It also includes three announcements to OSU faculty/staff concerning both the retirement of the university's "hex" logo and adoption of a new wordmark as well as a university telephone system upgrade designed to minimize the impact of year 2000 migration problems. It also includes messages e-mailed to the OSU community through various listservs regarding: the Service Improvement Initiative, new policies for acceptable use of university computing resources, and the annual community network customer survey.

Also included are announcements and memoranda e-mailed to various employees in Information Services as well as other OSU faculty and staff regarding the decision to end free internet dial up service for OSU faculty (the modem pool), the Microsoft Campus License Agreement for OSU, and a new Community Network security policy. An announcement e-mailed to OSU faculty, staff, and students through various listservs about the submission of proposals to the Technology Resource Fee Committee and the Summer and Fall 2008 editions of the Media Services Newsletter, and an announcement e-mailed to faculty and staff in Information Services concerning the OSU 2007 Strategic Plan and the recommendation outlined in the plan to transfer the University Libraries from Information Services to Academic Affairs are also included.

Two other announcements e-mailed to OSU employees via various listservs by Curt Pederson, Director of Information Services (IS) is also a part of this collection. One of the messages describes structural changes in Information Services stemming from budget reductions. The other relates to SPAM e-mail messages and a tool developed by IS called "greylisting" to block unwanted SPAM.

Also found are records from the Planning for Instructional Technology Committee and a survey of student computer needs. The collection also documents team training workshops, the OSU Library expansion campaign, development of the FIS accounting system, distance education policy planning, and webpage development. Likewise included are two e-mailed memoranda relating to the change of the internet domain name of the university from "orst.edu" to "oregonstate.edu" and the fiscal year 2002 and 2003 budgets for Information Services.

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