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Facilities Services Records, 1888-2010

Scope and Content Note

The Facilities Services Records provide in-depth documentation of the physical campus of Oregon State University in Corvallis and OSU facilities throughout the state of Oregon. The records include architectural drawings and plans for structures used in teaching, research, and administration; athletic events; and student housing and dining.

Documentation of the design and construction of major buildings, major renovations, and minor remodeling projects are available in several series and include building specifications, contracts, project manuals, and agreements with architects and engineers. Information about major campus systems, such as electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and heating, are also included. For new construction and major renovations, records of proposals for the Percent for Art public art program are available.

The records include documentation of campus planning; capital expenditures and funding; policies and procedures; land acquisition and ownership; space use; and planning, transportation projects, and other development for the City of Corvallis.

In addition to architectural drawings and plans for individual structures and campus-wide systems, the records include book plans; campus, farm, and property maps; and aerial photographs. The records include plans by numerous architects and designers including John V. Bennes; the Olmsted Brothers; Charles H. Burgraff; Lee Thomas; Burns, Bear, McNeil, Schneider, Bloodworth, and Hawes; Hewlett and Jamison; and Jeppsen and Miller.

The bulk of the records pertain to facilities on the OSU campus in Corvallis. However, materials pertaining to facilities at other locations are also available, including Camp Adair and Adair Village; United States Department of Agriculture buildings at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest; and research vessels, docks, and buildings at the the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

The Gordon V. Skelton correspondence in Series X includes materials pertaining to Skelton's role as chair of the Civil Engineering Department, including curriculum, graduate programs, and interactions with the Dean of Engineering and other campus administrators.

Accession 2007:095 consists of records generated by Facilities Services that document capital construction, building maintenance, and remodel projects of OSU structures and is made up of architectural drawings, agreements, contracts, correspondence, notes, project manuals, and publications. Also reflected in these records is interaction between OSU and architectural and engineering firms in the selection process for contracts and negotiation of agreements. Included in this transfer are minutes from meetings of the Campus Planning Committee and correspondence about the move of Facilities Services staff to Adams Hall.

Accession 2010:075 consists of architectural drawings/plans, reports, and an aerial photograph collected by the OSU Office of Facilities Services. The two reports in this transfer pertain to square footage of building space on campus and the OSU Campus Historic Preservation Plan. Housed at OC 83.03, OC 83.06, and AC, the drawings document construction and renovation projects related to the following structures/sites: the Veterinary Hospital building, the Family Study Center, and Coleman Field. The two drawings generated as part of campus-wide planning reflect sign location and a study of exterior lighting and site furniture.The aerial view (at OC 83.10) depicts campus and a segment of Corvallis (ca. 1997).

Accession 2012:029 consists of materials generated by Facilities Services that document renovation, repair, and maintenance projects for various campus structures and landscape features such as parking lots. Many of these projects pertain to the installation and replacement of lighting, HVAC systems, and electrical wiring. In addition to project manuals and architectural drawings, these records include bookplans, correspondence, photographs, and studies. There are also materials reflecting the management of the project paperwork flow, mission statements for guiding campus engineering staff, and the interaction between OSU and regional energy providers.

Accession 2012:066 consists of materials generated by the Office of Facilities Services that include architectural drawings, budgetary records, building specifications, contracts, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, policy statements, project manuals, and reports. In addition to documenting building repair and renovation projects, these records pertain to budgetary management, surveys, safety deficiency correction projects, monitoring of campus water usage, energy system management, parking needs, interaction with the City of Corvallis, awards, staff meetings, and the Oregon State System of Higher Education. Numbering 5030 images in total (1900 prints, 3000 negatives, 130 slides) the photographs depict campus structures, various building renovation and construction projects, Facilities Services staff portraits, retirement parties, award ceremonies, and the office areas of various departments within Facilities Services.

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