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Facilities Services Records, 1888-2010

Historical Note:

Facilities Services at Oregon State University is reponsible for planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of campus facilities and providing a safe environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Until the early 1990s, Facilities Services was known as the Physical Plant. Until the 1940s, it was common for the head of the physical plant to also be a faculty member in the School of Engineering.

Gordon V. Skelton, a Professor of Highway Engineering, was Superintendent of Surveys, Maps, Roads and Walks, and Fire Protection from 1932 until 1940. From the early 1900s until 1932, he functioned in this role as Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Mark Clyde Phillips, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, served as Superintendent of Heating from 1910 to 1933 and 1940-1947; he was Superintendent of the Physical Plant from 1933 to 1940. Louis N. Traver served as General Superintendent of the Physical Plant from 1940 to 1947, when Richard A. Adams was appointed to the post. Adams held the position until his retirement at the end of 1971. Subsequent Directors were Everett H. Lillig (1971-1981) and Howard A. Wells, Jr. (1981-1988); and Kathleen Mulligan (1988-1999).

Prior to 1932, there were individual superintendents for heating, buildings, campus and greenhouses, light and power, and plumbing and no general superintendent or head of the Physical Plant.

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