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Continuing Education and Summer Term Records, 1925-2004

Scope and Content Note

Accession 1992:004 includes evening classes program status reports (1972-1975) and summer student surveys (1974-1977).

Accession 1992:008 includes a memorandum, dated 22 Jan 1986, that reports the results of the Individualized Directed Learning Program for Summer 1985, requests lists of classes to be scheduled for Summer 1986, requests lists of classes to be scheduled for Summer 1986, and outlines the purpose and function of the program.

Accession 1993:004 includes Oregon State System of Higher Education Summer Sessions statistical reports for 1939 and 1942-1946. The annual reports include enrollment by campus and by class taught, out-of-state registration, and a summary of promotion - brochures, catalogs, news releases and advertisements. Correspondence study was administered by the General Extension Division at the Oregon State System of Higher Education, which provided adult education for all residents of Oregon through extension classes, correspondence study, visual instruction, and radio.

Accession 1993:019 includes reports and schedules of evening classes; Individualized Directed Learning Program reports; instructions for preparation of the Summer Term bulletin; a report on the 1973 summer student survey; a report on summer class scheduling; and a report to the Faculty Senate on summer term operation.

Accession 1994:070 includes announcements and brochures of the Endeavors for Excellence professional development seminar series. One-day, non-credit seminars on more than 40 topics of interest to business and professional people, secretaries, public officials, and educators were offered in various locations throughout Oregon and other western states.

Accession 1995:051 includes monthly correspondence study reports which include the total number of students enrolled as well as numbers enrolled for each course. It also includes a "Practical Demonstration of Extension IQ" test concerning the programs and staff of the General Extension Division.

Accession 1995:053 includes records of the Youth at Risk seminar offered in June 1990, including an agenda and participant list. It also includes a list of continuing higher education courses offered in Fall 1990 through Summer 1991.

Accession 1998:001 includes a mission statement for Distance and Continuing Education and an announcement of Melanie Fahrenbruch as the OSU Statewide Program Director.

Accession 1999:103 includes records pertaining primarily to Distance Education and include program plans, committee records, classroom and facilities plans, evaluations of distance education classes, Ed-Net records, and related materials.

Accession 1999:109 includes a status report for evening classes (1975); a Summer Term enrollment report for 1974 and enrollment projections for 1975-1979; and OSSHE reports on summer sessions at all institutions (1969-1970).

Accession 2000:001 includes two publications printed for distribution by the Office of Distance and Continuing Education: the "2000-2001 Handbook" and the "2000 Professional Certificate Programs Schedule."

Accession 2004:001 includes an announcement e-mailed to OSU employees regarding the integration of Summer Session as an administrative unit into OSU Extended Campus.

Accession 2004:005 includes a business plan for the Distance Education program.

Accession 2004:059 includes materials generated and collected by the Office of Distance and Continuing Education and includes minutes from an Oregon State System of Higher Education board meeting, memoranda, project proposals, reports, and student enrollment statistics. In addition to annual reports and a five-year historical summary, the subjects addressed in the reports include: organizational demand for cable television in Corvallis, extended education in Jackson and surrounding Southwestern Oregon counties, and OSU's involvement in the Portland area.

Accession 2004:071 includes documentation relating to Distance Education courses and includes correspondence, course proposals, curriculum vitae, syllabi and informational materials.

Accession 2007:103 includes a set of architectural drawings that document building modifications and additions to the Capital Regional Education Center in Beaverton, Oregon. The plans, numbering 34 sheets in total, detail the construction of classroom space and offices for OSU E-Campus and Extension.

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