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College of Forestry Records, 1911-2011

The first forestry class was taught at OSU in 1896. Ten years later, the first four year degree program in Forestry was established. Forestry was elevated to school status in 1913, with George Peavy as its first dean, and became a college in 1984. Graduate work was authorized in 1921; the Ph.D. program began in 1959. The Deans of the College have included: George Peavy (1910-1940), Earl G. Mason (1936- 1942), Paul M. Dunn (1942-1955), Walter McCulloch (1955- 1966), Carl H. Stoltenberg (1967-1990), George W. Brown 1990-2000), and Hal Salwasser (2000-). Several departments have been formed within the College to address specific areas in forestry. These departments are: Forest Engineering, Forest Management, Forest Products, Forest Resources, Forest Science, and Resource Recreation Management.

Forest research in Oregon was bolstered by the 1947 passage of the Timber Harvest Tax. In 1953 the Legislature established the Forest Protection and Conservation Committee "to supervise and control forest lands and products research activities." It was composed of four members of the State Board of Forestry and one public member. Rudy Kallander was appointed administrator. In 1957, the committee and its research activities moved from the Industrial Building to new quarters, the Oregon Forest Research Center, located on the southwest edge of the OSC campus. On July 1, 1961, the Committee was absorbed by OSU; the Forest Research Center was renamed the Forest Research Laboratory. Kallander continued as administrator; he remained with the lab until his retirement in 1978. In 1999, Richardson Hall, a forestry research and teaching facility, was built. The building was named in honor of Kaye Richardson, who donated $23.7 million toward the construction.

Beginning in 1926, the College has acquired and managed a number of forest properties for the purpose of research and instruction. The largest and oldest of these tracts of land is the McDonald/Dunn Research Forest which was purchased with funds donated by Mary McDonald and currently consists of 11,000 acres. The forest resides to the west of Highway 99 just to the north of Corvallis. Other research forests administered by the College include the Blodgett Tract, the Elizabeth Starker Cameron Demonstration Forest, and the Marchel Tract.

Deans of the College

1910-1940 George Peavy
1936-1942 Earl G. Mason
1942-1955 Paul M. Dunn
1955-1966 Walter F. McCulloch
1967-1990 Carl H. Stoltenberg
1990-2000 George W. Brown
2000- Hal Salwasser

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