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Herbarium Records, 1891-1997

Historical Note:

The collecting of plant specimens by the university dates back to at least 1882, when professor B. J. Hawthorne reported that the USDA had donated a number of plant specimens to the college, and that he had collected around 500 specimens from around the region. The Herbarium grew from 2601 specimens in 1891 to 153,000 in 1967. In 1993, the herbarium of the University of Oregon was added to the OSU Herbarium, bringing the total number of specimens to more than 336,000. In the 1910s, the first special quarters for the herbarium were developed in Agriculture (now Strand) Hall. Since 1957 the Herbarium has been located in Cordley Hall. Herbarium curators have included E. R. Lake, 1886-1891 & 1899-1910; Helen M. Gilkey, 1918-1951; and Kenton L. Chambers, 1960-1990.

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