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Biology Club Records, 1915-1951

Historical Note:

The Biology Club (also called the Biological Club) was formed in 1915 and was a resurrection of an earlier Biological Club. The club membership was open to all students who were enrolled in botany, zoology or entomology classes at the college, and to staff members of the Oregon Agricultural College, or the Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1921 the constitution was amended to read "men only" for members, a restriction that continued until at least 1948. Some women expressed interest in joining as early as 1936, but the suggestion was tabled without any further discussion.

The club held monthly meetings that usually included a speaker who gave a talk on a subject related to biology. In most years the club went on a picnic and/or a field day in May for their final meeting of the school year. In 1948, the invitation and minutes noted that while this event was for men only, 1948 would probably be the last year for that restriction. The club apparently ceased to exist in 1951. In 1997 a new Biology Club was formed at OSU, one that is open to both men and women.

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