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Student Affairs Records, 1924-2012

Scope and Content Note

Accession 1991:047 includes records of the office of New Student Programs including annual reports and materials related to Beaver Open House, Dads Club, and the Summer Orientation-Advising Program (SOAP).

Accession 1992:035 includes policy and procedure directives, correspondence, meeting minutes, and miscellaneous materials of the Student Conduct Committee. The Student Conduct Committee was created in 1956.

Accession 1992:035a includes the "Student Personnel Piston" - a humorous newsletter produced by students enrolled in the College Student Personnel Administration program (now the College Student Services Administration Graduate Program).

Accession 1992:037 includes correspondence of and data compiled by the Women's Study Group. They pertain primarily to the establishment of an Affirmative Action program at Oregon State University. The Women's Study Group was founded in 1972 and became the nucleus of the Women's Center and the Women Studies Program.

Accession 1992:049 includes annual reports; materials related to committees (including Student Conduct and University Discipline); form letters; materials related to fraternities and sororities; newsletters; policies; student death files; and subject files (accessibility, closing hours for women, and student conduct reports).

Accession 1992:061 includes lists of registered student activities for a 2-week period prepared weekly by the Student Activities Center. The lists include name of the event, sponsoring organization, location, and time.

Accession 1992:067 includes a 1986 mission statement for the Division of Student Affairs.

Accession 1993:007 includes polices and procedures of the Student Conduct Committee.

Accession 1993:019 includes a report to Vice President Jo Ann Trow of a consultative visit and review of operations of the Financial Aid Office by Jerome A. Sullivan, Director of Financial Aid from the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Accession 1993:074 includes records of the Vice President (now Vice Provost) for Student Affairs Office. They include annual reports, committee records, department head meetings, and subject files.

Accession 1994:060 includes a variety of records of the Dean of Students Office pertaining to fraternities and sororities; cooperative living groups; student housing; the Child Care Advisory Committee; and student organizations such as Handicapped Students Unlimited. The Dean of Students Office ceased to exist as a separate unit of Student Affairs on 1 August 1997; the office's responsibilities were distributed among existing Student Affairs units. Nancy Vanderpool was Assistant Dean of Students and Acting Director of the Office prior to the closure.

Accession 1994:087 includes records of the Vice President for Student Affairs Office pertaining to admissions and new student programs and includes correspondence, reports, and related documentation.

Accession 1995:009 includes records related to the Minority Students Affairs Advisory Council including meeting announcements and agendas, a report supporting creation and funding for Black, Hispanic, and Native American Cultural Centers at OSU, and related documentation.

Accession 1995:024 includes annual and biennial reports (some of which may have been previously microfilmed); policies; a long range plan for the Student Affairs Division for the period 1986-1989; and files pertaining to a variety of issues and incidents addressed by or of concern to Student Affairs. Notable subjects include cultural diversity; incidents of discrimination and harassment; alcohol policy; a child care center; incidental fees; the Student Information System (SIS); and student records.

Accession 1995:032 includes records of the office of Vice Provost (formerly Vice President) for Student Affairs and primarily of Jo Ann J. Trow's administration (1983-1995). It includes annual and biennial reports to the VP from constituent units and summary reports to the President; quarterly reports to President; committee records for committees that report to the VP for Student Affairs as well as other committees, councils, and boards on which the VP served; and subject files pertaining to a variety of issues and incidents addressed by or of concern to Student Affairs. The accession also includes a Mortar Board Candlestick used in initiation ceremonies in the 1940s-1960s.

Accession 1996:025 includes files from the Dean of Students office pertaining to former Dean of Men, Dan Poling; the history of the Saferide program; and clippings and newspaper articles about fraternities and sororities on campus (Greeks) and the services provided to disabled students.

Accession 1997:001 includes policy correspondence regarding the organizational transfer of the Educational Opportunities Program and the Services for Students with Disabilities to Student Affairs and the Office of Financial Aid to Academic Affairs. The Services for Students with Disabilities Office was established in 1974 soon after the passage of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, which required that colleges and universities that receive federal funding make their programs accessible to students with physical limitations.

Accession 1997:061 includes the Dean of Students Office administrative records documenting the programs and activities of the office especially pertaining to student organizations, student living groups, and services to students offered by the Dean of Students staff. Records include publications, policies and procedures, reports, subject files, correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, sound recordings, and related documentation.

Accession 1997:076 includes annual reports of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and constituent units, including Counseling and Psychological Services; the Dean of Students; Career Planning and Placement; the Memorial Union, Student Activities and Media, and Recreational Sports; Student Health Services; and University Housing and Dining Services for 1992/93 through 1994/95.

Accession 1998:001 includes the final report of the Student Affairs Task Force on Greek Life.

Accession 1998:100 includes materials pertaining to the Oregon Student Public Interest Group (OSPIRG) and includes correspondence, petitions, ASOSU Judicial Board rulings, budgets, clippings, and related documentation.

Accession 1998:111 includes records of the Dean of Students Office, primarily from Nancy Vanderpool. The records pertain to commuter students, non-traditional (older than average) students, services to students in crisis, student deaths, student retention, surveys of adult learner needs, and other programs of the Dean of Students Office.

Accession 1999:001 includes the Student Life Policies and Regulations for 1999/2000 and correspondence to the faculty about the National Campus Week of Dialogue on Race.

Accession 1999:064 includes correspondence regarding a program for retention of freshman in residence halls (1980); Student Personnel Research Report number 1: "A Study of the Attitudes and Opinions of Parents, Faculty, and Students Concerning OSU Student Services and Policies" (1968); and a Counseling Center report, "A Study of Certain Factors in the Education of Physically Handicapped Students in Oregon" (1978).

Accession 1999:088 includes records pertaining to the establishment of a Child Care Center at OSU including child care committees and campus childcare development; center planning, approval, design, and construction; the groundbreaking and grand opening events; and selection of a contract chlidcare provider.

Since its establishment in 1991, the OSU Child Care Center has offered daycare services to the children of OSU students and faculty/staff, as well as the general public when open spots have been available. With the operation of the center contracted out to Kindercare Inc. since 1991, former Assistant Dean of Students Nancy Vanderpool served as liaison between the Kindercare and the university until 2000. One of two child care facilities at OSU, the Growing Oaks Child Development Center was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lab on campus in 1990 to serve the needs of federal government employees on campus and the community. When declining enrollment resulted in the loss of federal funding in 2001, OSU stepped in to take over operation of the center. Located at 3731 SW Jefferson Way, the center is primarily designed to provide child care services to OSU students, faculty, and staff but is also open to community members when space is available. Staffing and other daily administrative tasks at Growing Oaks have been managed by the nonprofit agency Corvallis Community Children's Center (CCCC) since 1994. Women's Center Director Beth Rietveld has served as OSU's coordinator for Growing Oaks from 1997 until this year.

Accession 1999:109 includes a report "OSU Reviews Student Incidental Fees" (1978) and a report of an OSU U.S. Minority Students Survey (1988).

Accession 1999:111 includes records of Alpha Lambda Delta and includes membership lists, annual chapter and financial reports, newsletters, constitutions, and handbooks. It also includes a folder of materials (1941-1973) that were microfilmed by the University Archives in 1982 and are also available on reel 26, accession 80:28, folder 2. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national academic honor society for freshmen. Until 1999, it was administered by the College Student Services Administration Program and the Dean of Students Office (prior to its closure). In 1999, oversight of the organization was transferred to the University Scholars Program.

Accession 1999:143 includes materials pertaining to the establishment of a University Child Care Center including a request for bid on a design concept and correspondence pertaining to other child care facilities.

Accession 2000:001 includes special event announcements from the Minority Education Office, Vice Provost, and the Office of Student Conduct and Mediation Programs sent by e-mail to various OSU managers, deans, and Dept. heads.

Accession 2000:047 includes administrative records from the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and includes correspondence, memoranda, minutes, annual reports, position descriptions, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. Half of the materials pertain to University Committees, including the Commuter Student Committee, Family and Parental Concerns Committee, Student Fees Committee, and the Student Recognition and Awards Committee. The other records relate to departmental reorganization and various programs and organizations on campus such as the College Student Services Administration Graduate Program, the Native American Longhouse, Women's Center, and Minority Cultural Centers. This accession also contains personal correspondence of JoAnne Trow.

Accession 2001:003 includes records from the Dean of Students Office which pertain to the OSU Greek community, administrative policies regarding campus security measures and the AIDS/HIV virus, and the transfer of the Dean of Students office into the Kerr Administration Building. The materials relating to the Greek community includes sorority rush lists, Panhellenic Council minutes, copies of the "Greek Columns" newspaper, Interfraternity Council officer lists, and records from the Student Affairs Task Force on Greek Life.

Accession 2002:001 consists of announcements and memoranda e-mailed to various OSU faculty and staff regarding events and workshops sponsored by various Office of Student Affairs committees. The activities described in these announcements primarily relate to cultural diversity and include a listing of the "Mosaic" weeklong series of events celebrating "art and culture", a gathering in front of the MU in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., and several events in remembrance of the 60th anniversary of the order to intern Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Accession 2002:070 includes records generated by the Services for Students with Disabilities Office and includes building accessibility summaries, committee records, grant proposals, memoranda, and student handbooks. Among the topics covered in these records are: priority registration for the disabled for classes, testing services and options for the learning disabled on campus, contributions to the office, disabled student organizations and groups, grant funding from the CETA program, and wheelchair access to games in Gill Coliseum. The committee records consists of minutes and bylaws from the Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

Accession 2002:078 includes records collected and generated by the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program (DPD) and includes conference and workshop materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, and a report. In addition to the history of the program and its directors Ann Popkin and Barbara Paige, these records also pertain to DPD's program evaluation retreat, the Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs, an Oregon Women in Higher Education conference, and DPD's formation of a Faculty Development Seminar. The report is "Achieving Parity for Women at OSU." Formed in 1992 by the Faculty Senate, the Difference, Power, and Diversity (DPD) program seeks to help faculty develop coursework that address issues of diversity and discrimination. By 1994, within two years of its establishment, enough DPD courses were in place for the DPD requirement to become a part of the Baccalaureate Core for all incoming first-year students.

Accession 2002:084 includes annual reports and statistical information generated by the Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSD). In addition to yearly reports on services provided by SSD, there is also accounting information, student survey results, and data pertaining to the OSU Minority Scholar program. In addition, there are two scrapbooks compiled by the OSU Disabled Students Organization and Handicapped Students Unlimited . Containing newspaper clippings, photographs, and correspondence, the scrapbooks document campus events such as Handicapped Awareness Week and athletic contests. The clippings, primarily from The Barometer and The Gazette Times, pertain to services offered to the disabled at OSU and building accessibility. The images depict group members.

Accession 2003:001 consists of a memorandum from the Office of Student Conduct and Mediation Programs sent to various faculty concerning new reporting procedures for recording academic dishonesty and cheating. Included with the memorandum is a copy of the academic dishonesty report form designed to be used by instructors and administrators to document cheating under the new procedures.

Accession 2003:016 includes a copy of a covenant signed by representatives from the four OSU Cultural Centers as well as President Risser, the ASOSU President, and various administrative staff. The covenant, titled "A Statement of Vision Charter Commitment", outlines OSU's role in enhancing diversity through support of the campus Cultural Centers and their mission of building leadership throughout various communities. Accompanying the covenant are two documents. One contains the text of the covenant itself and the other is an agenda for the events at the signing ceremony that occurred on January 22, 2002.

Accession 2003:107 includes records generated and collected by the Director of the Student Involvement Office and includes brochures, correspondence, flyers, manuals, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, and publications. In addition to documenting the publication of the annual "Guide to Student Life" and the organization of campus events, these materials also relate to the administration and funding of student organizations and cultural centers, Snell Hall renovations/remodels, department long range planning, policy and procedure development, various student retention and orientation programs, the Broadcast Media Committee, and space allocation in Snell Hall and the Memorial Union. Also included in this accession are records from the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission.

Accession 2004:015 contains records relating to the establishment and operation of the OSU Child Care Center and includes brochures, contracts/agreements, correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, press releases, quarterly review documentation, reports, and survey materials. Among the subjects covered in these records are: grant funding options, the Growing Oaks Child Care Center, Kindercare Inc. contract renewals, and fund raising through the "Child Care Friend Raisers" group. In addition to records generated by the OSU Child Care Center, there are also materials from the OSU Women's Center that were found in this accession. These items include: correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, photographs, publications, reports, five videotapes, and one guestbook/log.

Accession 2006:001 includes two announcements e-mailed to the OSU community through various listservs by the Student Affairs office regarding the OSU enrollment plan and campus events highlighting the Rita Project (to combat student suicide). Attached to the message about enrollment are data comparing Fall 2005 and 2006 enrollment figures and summaries of overall trends in registration.

Accession 2007:027 includes materials generated by the Office of Student Services and the Dean of Students Office. Included in this transfer are correspondence, employee directories, flyers, staff meeting minutes, and newsletters. In 1988, the Office of Student Services became the Dean of Students Office.

Accession 2007:059 includes materials generated by the Growing Oaks Child Development Center (GOCDC) and the Corvallis Community Children's Center (CCCC) and includes bylaws, contracts, correspondence, financial records, handbooks, meeting minutes and agendas, newsletters, newspaper clippings, reports, requests for proposals, and tax information. Pertaining to the administration of the Growing Oaks day care center, these records document the transition of the center's sponsorship from the EPA to OSU, the process of selecting new officers/board members, and the search for a contractor to manage the center after the departure of the Joyful Noise Inc. pending financial mismanagement.

Accession 2008:001 includes two announcements e-mailed by the Association of Office Professionals (AOP) to OSU faculty and staff through various listservs. The messages pertain to the October issue of the AOP newsletter and guidelines for the 2008/09 student scholarship.

Accession 2008:004 includes policy and procedure statements issued by the following OSU administrative offices and departments: Business Affairs (RG 17), Public Safety (RG 82), Student Affairs (RG 102), Human Resources (RG 126), International Education (RG 164), Research Office (RG 170), Affirmative Action (RG 172), University Advancement (RG 210), University Archives (RG 220). Among the topics covered by these statements and handbooks include: the campus AIDS policy, guidelines for employee political activity, hiring foreign faculty, the Family Leave and Medical Act, handling of scientific and scholarly misconduct allegations, and the management of Extension Service/Experiment Station records.

Accession 2009:001 includes announcements e-mailed to OSU employees from the Student Affairs office through various listservs, department minority action plans, and the handbook "Safe Space Training" from the LGBT Advocacy Team.

Accession 2009:098 includes files documenting the administration of student organizations and clubs at OSU and is mostly made up of annual recognition forms, constitutions, and correspondence. Reflecting the membership and mission of over 400 different student groups, these records are arranged in alphabetical order by organization and represent a variety of interests: religious, political, recreational, academic, ethnic/cultural, honorary, and professional development. Materials reflecting the Talons Honorary Society in these records also include meeting minutes, membership rosters, flyers, and newsletters.

Accession 2010:001 includes announcements e-mailed to OSU employees through various listservs by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs. Both of the messages pertain to campus resources for students undergoing social and economic difficulties. The specific services mentioned are the ASOSU Human Services Resource Center and the Student Care Team.

Accession 2011:001 includes announcements e-mailed to OSU faculty and staff through various listservs by the Provost for Student Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Student Life. These messages pertain to campus resources in the wake of a major earthquake/tsunami in Japan, workshops and lectures on civility, and campus support services available to parents and families.

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