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Honors Program Records, 1962-1991

Historical Note:

In 1959 Honors work began in the School of Science which developed into a joint program between the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1964. The University Honors Program was established campus-wide in 1966 and offered enriched educational opportunities to students of superior scholastic ability or of particular academic focus. In addition to participation in extra-curricular honors colloquia and seminars, students were required to complete a Senior Honors Thesis. The Honors Program was terminated at the end of the 1990-1991 academic year due to budget constraints. A new University Honors College was established for fall 1995. Today, the Honors College operates as a small degree-granting college, within Oregon State University, which offers an Honors Baccalaureate Degree in any undergraduate major.

In September 1965 Leonard J. Weber, Professor of Engineering, was the chair of the newly established All University Honors Committee. This committee was initially assigned to study the feasibility of establishing a University-wide honors program at Oregon State University. Once the University Honors Program was established, the Honors Committee became responsible for the general oversight of the program. In the fall of 1970 Leonard J. Weber became the director of the Honors Program.

The Facets of Honor, also known as FACETS, was established for students in the University Honors Program. FACETS recognized and encouraged superior academic achievement, promoted fellowship and the exchange of ideas, faciliated communication between students and faculty associated with the Honors Program and offered advisement to faculty concerning the program.

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