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Co-Resident Women, Inc., Records, 1943-1985

Historical Note:

Co-Resident Women, Inc., an independent housing corporation, was founded in 1938 to provide female students at OSU with inexpensive cooperative housing. In 1943, the organization was formally incorporated as a non-profit corporation. That year, the organization operated seven houses: Jameson House, The Pines, Hazelrae, Katherine Veatch Kottage, Heather House, Linden Hall, and Edith Pernot. Other houses that Co-Resident Women, Inc. operated included Winston House, and Heather Rae House.

Over time, rental agreements with the University were not renewed and other houses were sold when they could not be run efficiently. In 1985, faced with financial difficulties, the corporation deeded its remaining house, Anderson House, to the OSU Foundation and was dissolved.

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