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Curriculum Coordination Records, 1924-1981

Historical Note:

The Curriculum Coordination Office was established in 1971. OSU has had several curriculum committees or councils since the 1920s: the Course Revision Committee, Curriculum Committee, Curriculum Council, and Council on Curriculum and Academic Affairs.

Delmer Goode began his career at Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State University) in 1919 as assistant college editor and served as Director of University Publications from 1943 to 1956. In this role, he served as editor of the general catalog and actively participated in curriculum matters as secretary of the curriculum committees.

In 1929, the state-supported institutions of higher education in Oregon were unified under a single board, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, which assumed control of all state (public) institutions of higher education. A survey of higher education in Oregon was conducted in 1930 which resulted in a reorganization of the Oregon State System of Higher Education in 1932. As a consequence there was a consolidation of academic programs and administration units. The School of Science and the Lower Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences were established at Oregon State College. The School of Commerce was transferred to the University of Oregon; Landscape Architecture and Structural Design in Architecture became a joint curriculum of Oregon State and the University of Oregon; and the School of Mines was discontinued. H.S. Rogers, Dean of Engineering, was chair of the Clearing Committee on Curricula Adjustment which reviewed and reported on recommendations for consolidation of academic programs between Oregon State College and the University of Oregon.

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